A Thousand Fathoms Down

My first TCP! Whoo!

Disclaimer: Neither the Marvel universe nor the concept of mutants belong to me. The girl in the fic does
though! So there!
When I was a little girl I used to pretend I was a mermaid...it was my favorite fantasy. In my mind it was
wonderful-music and laughter...dancing with dolphins, and catching some handsome princes eye...

Under the sea, I dreamed, were cities of lights..sunken treasures..magical things all.

And, I thought, I would be happy there...

How very wrong I was.

I wish sometimes that I could go back there again..tell that foolish child I was that she was wrong. That she
should enjoy the world she would only have a short time to know...before her breath grew short and hard
and her legs began to change.

Before she became a freak-a mutant.

Fate has a cruel sense of humor.

And the ocean is not the beautiful, magical place I once believed it to be.

Sometimes dreams come true.

I wish mine hadn't.
Oh sure. It *was* fun...at first. When I learned I could breathe under water-it was the happiest day of my
life. When my legs gradually melded together and became fins, it didn't bother me. I figured I'd learn to
control it, y'know? That I'd be able to go back and forth. That was before I lost my ability to breathe above
Oh, my parents weren't happy about that...not only did they have a freak for a daughter-they had a freak
who couldn't survive in the same environment as they.
They came to see me less and less often, and when I lost my ability to speak altogether? They stopped
I did like the dolphins.

But there are other things out here. Dangerous ones....I carry scars to prove it.

And sunken treasure sometimes comes with the bodies of the drowned.

I never realized how lonely it would be. I'm the only living sentient thing here...and even if I weren't, how
would I communicate?

I was never big on sushi either.

Right now? I'm deeper than I've ever been. There's a chasm up ahead-I've been looking for it. The pressure
here is almost unbearable-sapping my energy and strength. And it's cold. So cold.

I'm looking down now...I've been here before. Just never so deep.

It's dark. Dark and cold and eerie...but there's a light down there..somewhere.

I've seen it before.

But I was never desperate enough to go seeking it.

Until now.

I'm lonely. Too lonely. And the cold and the darkness don't seem to matter anymore. Because somewhere
down there there's a light.

What do I know? It could be Atlantis...or it could be some long sunken submarine-one light still burning.

But I've got to know.

So I'm going down there now. Into the cold, pressing depths..to meet whatever monsters lie below, or die

See you on the other side, okay?