Another TCP..I felt the need to write something upbeat after that last one.
Disclaimer: I don't own the X-Men, the Marvel universe, or the idea of mutation. Just Nick 8)
Did you know that clouds don't feel like cotton candy at *all* ?

'Cause they don't.

Oh, sorry, my name's Nick. Pleased ta meet'cha...I'm ten years old, and I'm gonna be a cop someday...or
maybe a rocket big brother says that mutants don't get to be rocket scientists...or cops either.
Especially not really obvious ones with gigantic wings, but Mom says he's full of it. So I'm gonna.

Yeah..I have wings..They're not pretty ones like that X-Man I saw on TV once-but they work, so it's cool.

They're grey and don't have feathers and I think they look kinda like dragon wings-my best friend Mark
says they're awesome.
Sometimes the other kids call me names, but they call Jimmy Beton names too-'cause he's got braces. So I
don't think it's personal.

We live in a *really* small town, so we don't have a bunch of FOH guys running around-which is cool. We
also don't have a movie theater-which *isn't* cool.

What's *really* cool though is flying. Way, way up. Which is why I'm glad I have wings. That, and 'cause
otherwise I'd be really ordinary looking. I have brown eyes and brown hair and my brother says I have a
forgettable face too...he sucks sometimes.

Like yesterday..he promised me he'd take me to the arcade at the bowling alley..and instead he ditched me
to go make out with his girlfriend. Yuck!

On top of that *I* got in trouble 'cause nobody walked our dog today, and it was his turn!

I'm so glad I have wings. I can fly and nothing can bother me up here...I wish I didn't have to ever come

Well...I don't right *now*...'cause right now I'm holding a jiggly red blob in my right hand and another in
my left.

I've been waiting for awhile but it was worth sighted!

If I move just a little to the right and then sort of glide down....from up here they look kind of funny. I'm
lookin' straight down and all I can see is the top of two heads. One brown and one blonde.

Okay...left now...if the wind keeps blowing *that* way....I let go.


I fly-straight up, as fast as I can-and I hear a voice fading away behind me,

Huh. You'd think they'd have learned to look *up* by now...this is the third time this month I've dropped
water balloons on my brother and his girlfriend.

Having wings is *so* cool!