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CHAPTER 3: The Servants



Kirei sighs as he got dressed as he tries not to let his sore body effect him, yesterday had been very taxing on his body. Kirei blushed a bit as he remembered how adventurous Akira and Shirou were in bed, he shudders closing his shirt collar to hide the love bites from view.

"Master, Tokiomi will be preforming the summing tonight," Assassin said as 'she' fades into view.

"Thank you for informing me, keep up the patrols of the church," Kirei said the servent bows before vanishing.

Arms suddenly wrapped around Kirei's waist making him jump and look to see Akira, his hair was still a little messy as he smirks and pulled Kirei into a light kiss.

"Morning, Kirei, enjoy yourself?" Akira asked pulling back as Kirei recovered from the sudden kiss.

"Um, ahem, yes I did," Kirei said as he snapped out of his daze.

"I found it to be very fun," Shirou said from the bed as he sat there shirtless.

"I heard what assassin said, Tokiomi will be summoning his servant tonight," Akira said as he moved and changed into a nice black suit with a green undershirt and black shoes and tie.

Shirou put his own priest outfit on and soon the three of them were in Tokiomi's office looking at the relic he arranged for, it was the first snakeskin of the none magical kind to be shed on the earth.

'Hang on, if he's using a relic this old then is he trying to summon?' Akira thought glancing around as he eyed the history books in the room.

The only hero he knew of to be as old as the fossil in front of him was the first hero himself, could Tokiomi be that arrogant enough to think he would be able to not only summon Gilgamesh himself but control him?

'Wait, this is Tokiomi I'm talking about, he's a brilliant mage but damn can he have his stupid moments' Akira thought with a sigh before looking over to Kirei right as he leaned over to get a better look at the relic.

Akira went from annoyed with Tokiomi to wishing he was able to spirit Kirei away for some fun because damn it did Kirei have a nice ass! Those pants of his did not help either, Shirou must have noticed his staring because he hid his chuckles while elbowing Akira snapping him from his staring.

A pecking noise then got everyone's attention making them look around before looking over to the study window to see a beautiful snowy owl with emerald green eyes, she pecks at the window wanting in.

"Hedwig! Good to see you girl," Akira said going over to the window and opening it letting the bird into the room and onto Akira's shoulder with a small bark.

"I take it this is your post owl?" Kirei asked as Akira stroked Hedwig's belly feathers.

"Actually, this is my familiar Hedwig, I have two so far, Hedwig here and a snake, a king cobra, back home called Ebony," Akira said walking over to Kirei to let Hedwig look his second lover over.

Hedwig was a smart owl, she could smell her chick's sent all over the priest and knew this was one of his chosen mates. She barks and flew onto his shoulder, he was strong and his magic was nice. He would produce some wonderful young for her chick, like the white-haired male. She leans over and began to preen and clean Kirei's hair.

"Hedwig likes you, she only does that with people she likes," Akira said with a chuckle at Kirei's bemused facial expression.

"She is a beautiful owl," Kirei said snapping from his daze to reach up and pet Hedwig as Shirou walked over and gave her some treats.

"That she is, protective too," Akira said as he went over to Tokiomi and began talking with him about the relic.

Kirei and Shirou spent that talk spoiling, Hedwig, with attention, not that she minded, she made sure to preen Shirou's hair before leaving as Akira left with his servant and Kirei where he proceeded to take Kirei to his home and there Kirei met his second familiar. Ebony liked Kirei and spent the rest of the evening on the young priest's shoulders, this also leads to Kirei wanting his own familiar.

When it became night Kirei, Akira and Shirou met Tokiomi at the church where the ritual will take place.

Akira stood beside Kirei and Shirou as he rubbed his right forearm, he had been given the leftover command seals a few days ago and his arm was a bit sore from time to time but healing. He watched on as Tokiomi began to chant and the circle glows white, it reminded him of when he summoned Shirou, the power in the room grew he felt something in his magic tug before he could investigate to see where that tug came from a flash filled the room.

When it dies down Akira blinked his eyes of the dots that now danced in them and looked over at the circle to see a man in golden armor, his skin was fair and his hair was spiked up and golden blonde in color, his eyes were red that almost reminded Akira of rubies. So, was this Gilgamesh?

His thoughts were confirmed when Tokiomi held up his arms a smile on his face.

"Behold him, Kirei, Akira, we have won the battle, victory is ours!" Tokiomi said as Kirei looked at the new servant with interest while Shirou smirks.

Akira grins as he felt the powerful aura the servant gave off, thanks to having a Ruler class servant he could identify which class a servant was. Gilgamesh was an Archer class, a powerful one. He watched as Gilgamesh came out of his daze from the summoning and looked around before looking at Tokiomi, his eyes became sharp.

"You mongrel! Are you the one who summoned me?" Gilgamesh demanded causing Tokiomi to bow.

"Yes, it was me, my king," Tokiomi said.

After a few minutes of Tokiomi speaking with the king of heroes, mostly to calm the king so he didn't kill him, he introduced Gilgamesh to Kirei and Akira.

"These are our allies, Kirei Kotomine, the master of Assassin and the Overseer of this war, Akira Elymas and his servant Ruler," Tokiomi said as Kirei nods in respect and Akira gave a bow his lord training coming into effect.

"Greetings King Gilgamesh, welcome to the fourth Holy Grail War," Akira said keeping his tone polite but firm.

Gilgamesh watched the Overseer, he was young but powerful. His charisma was high yet controlled, the Ruler servant stood by his side and watched the king with interest his smile was polite but Gilgamesh could sense the tension in his being ready to fight and take action. The knowledge from the grail told him that Ruler servants possessed extra command seals and had the ability to use them on the other servants if need be.

"A Ruler servant? How interesting," Gilgamesh said looking Shirou over.

"I hope we can get along," Shirou said giving a bow making Gilgamesh nod.

"Let us move to the main hall, this room feels a bit cramped," Akira said getting a nod from Tokiomi as he leads everyone out.

Once in the main hall, Akira took over and gave the king a proper welcoming since Akira himself was a lord and his status and manners demanded no less than to give a proper greeting to royalty. Once this was done he let Tokiomi explain the situation to the king and of his plan, Gilgamesh did not seem amused by the plan. It took a bit of begging from Tokiomi but the King agreed to the plan if only to get some entertainment.

Now though, Akira was helping the king with getting him some modern-day clothing. Shirou was busy talking with the Assassin servant and getting a report while Kirei was talking with his father about something important, the young Overseer hums as he held up a white low V-neck top as he looked over at Gilgamesh as he looked his new snake print pants over, somehow, he pulled those off with white shoes he also had a golden necklace and bracelets on.

"Hm, I must admit these modern-day clothing are comfortable," Gilgamesh said looking up as Akira walked over.

"I'm glad you like them, your majesty," Akira said handing the top over.

The king took the item of clothing and looked it over, unaware of Akira giving him a look over. The Overseer shook his head and stepped back letting the king put the top on, the new look suited him as he let his hair go flat instead of staying spiked up.

"This clothing will do, you have good taste, Akira was it?" Gilgamesh said as he turned to Akira.

"Yes, I'm glad you like them not many people can pull off wearing snakeskin pattern clothing," Akira said while pulling out his phone as he got a text from Kirei.

May I join you for dinner? Shirou told me he is making a steak special - Kirei

Of course, shall I ask the king if he wishes to join in? - Akira

It would help him to learn more about the modern era and to try some new foods - Kirei

Okay, see you at the car - Akira

"My king, would you like to join me and Kirei for an evening meal? Ruler is making his special steak surprise," Akira asked putting his phone away.

"Ruler? Hm, very well, I will join you of only to see what kind of meal he makes," Gilgamesh said but Akira could detect a hint of interest in his tone of voice.

"Follow me then, I have a car parked outside, and knowing Ruler he's already at home cooking," Akira said leading the king through the church.

They met Kirei at the doors as Risei bid them goodnight, the young Overseer lead Kirei and Gilgamesh over to his car where Ruler was waiting.

After a quick arrangement of who would sit where Akira was soon driving to his home with guests in tow.


Akira smiled as he sat in his living room, in front of him Ruler was showing Gilgamesh the TV and Kirei was nursing a drink of wine while looking at the two servants with hidden amusement in his eyes.

The dinner went well, Gilgamesh found the meal passable and got into a debate with Ruler about the different era's they came from.

Akira raised an eyebrow when Shirou passed out after finishing his seventh cup of wine, Gilgamesh looked smug at drinking Shirou under the table. Kirei sighs finishing his own drink and got up to assist Shirou.

"I'll put him to bed," Kirei said as he yawns and picked Shirou up and with a bit of magic from Akira, they were taken to a different part of the house.

"Gotta love wards," Akira mutters before noticing the king of heroes watching him.

"Is something the matter your majesty?" Akira asked.

Gilgamesh hums as he looked the young lord over, his red eyes taking in Akira's form. He was well built and thanks to the way he was sitting the shirt had been pulled taught, it gave the king a glimpse of the six-pack Akira had. Now, Gilgamesh was attracted to both male and female forms but he did have a thing for well muscular males that only Enkidu knew about. Gilgamesh took a sip of his drink as he thought about the knowledge the grail gave him to distract himself from lustful thoughts lest he does anything drastic.

"I am curious, how did you become the Overseer? From what information the grail has given me I thought only members of the church could become this?" Gilgamesh asked as he looked at Akira.

"It is odd but due to my connections with the church and being Risei's apprentice I was chosen to take Risei's place, he is not well enough to perform the duties as Overseer," Akira said thinking back to when he was chosen.

"Connections? So you are not a member of the church?" Gilgamesh asked refilling his drink.

"I have an alliance with the church, I offer my help and aid when needed and they assist me if I ever need it," Akira said as he took a sip of his drink.

"Interesting, how did you become Risei's apprentice?" Gilgamesh asked wanting to know more, he raised an eyebrow when Akira suddenly frowns.

"Risei took me under his wing when my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin were killed in a vampire attack, I was 10-years-old," Akira said as he looks at his drink as the memories of that night hit him.

'It's been 8 years' Akira thought he was 17 going 18 in a month's time, and if he remembered correctly his former little brother would be 7 and a half years old almost 8 years old now, he wondered how spoiled the child was.

"Oh," Gilgamesh said before taking note that Akira said 'Aunt, Uncle and cousin' and nothing relating to his birth parents or any siblings.

"And what of your parents?" Gilgamesh asked making Akira give a smirk that was a bit bitter but more displeased than anything.

"My parents and I use that term loosely, are alive, along with my little brother," Akira said as he took a sip of wine.

"I'm sensing a story here," Gilgamesh said with a grin, what an interesting mongrel indeed, he leans back in his seat.

"Ah, where to begin? Hm, 8 years ago in the wizarding world in Britain a Dark Lord called Voldemort attack a cottage that belonged to the Potter Family. At the time I was known as Harrison Potter, I think I was in the nursery trying to calm down my brother when the Dark Lord came in," Akira said using what he found out and what he could faintly remember that night.

"You think? You don't sound so sure of yourself," Gilgamesh said tilting his head.

"My memories were messed with so I'm missing most of my childhood before 10-years-old, I can only remember them faintly," Akira said running a hand through his hair.

"Where was I? Ah, yes, I remember Voldemort pointing his wand at us and then a flash of green but I passed out from magical exhaustion I think, the next thing I know I'm waking up in a park at night being found by my Aunt Petunia," Akira said as he took a sip of wine remembering that night, he had been so confused, feeling so out of place.

"According to what I was able to dig up my parents left me on Dumbledore's orders since I was a 'squib' after that attack when I was actually drained, and my brother is hailed as the 'boy-who-lived' for 'defeating' Voldemort," Akira said finishing his drink and putting it down.

"What a ridiculous title, it sounds more like you destroyed the man than your brother," Gilgamesh said with a chuckle.

"Seems so," Akira said as he looked at the TV which was playing a documentary on ancient Egypt.

"So, what will do you?" Gilgamesh asked making Akira look back at him, emerald green eyes glinting with curiosity.

"Do what?" Akira asked.

"What will you do to get back at the ones who abandoned you?" Gilgamesh asked smirking as his eyes almost seemed to glow as he watched Akira intently.

"Hm, at first I wanted them to suffer but it would be over too quickly, so I decided to let them enjoy themselves for now," Akira said remembering telling Shirou and Kirei of his revenge plan against his former family.

"When the time comes I will rip everything from under them, besides, Jacob Potter may be the boy-who-lived but he is not the heir to the Potter family unless I somehow perish, and since James did not cast me out of the family before abandoning me," Akira said letting his words trail off as the king quickly caught onto what he was getting at.

"You are still able to claim the family titles, oh, how stupid some mongrels can be! Hahaha," Gilgamesh said with a laugh as Akira smirks.

"My grandfather has secretly given me his blessing to claim the title of Lord Potter when the time comes or if he dies beforehand thus adding one more title to my name," Akira said which means he would have five titles and if you include his current last name Kanbara that names six titles.

The Kanbara name would be for the mage side of his heritage, it would carry on the ideals he had learned growing up and arts he had made personally. It had been officially recognized by magic and the Goblins as well being the witnesses, plus it helped that he had a good reputation in both the mage and magical world.

"One more? How many titles do you have?" Gilgamesh asked amused, the young male certainly acted like a lord when he arrived in this era though that backbone and strong will of his was rather refreshing.

"Six, Kanbara, Ravenclaw, Elymas, Black, Potter, and Peverell," Akira said as he glanced at his right hand when he turned 20 he will gain his Lordship rings, this will also have the side effect of boosting his own magic and power if the family magics accepted him.

'Speaking of which, my inheritance will take place after the war, I wonder what surprises it will give me? Hm, it might even turn into a creature inheritance knowing my luck' Akira thought remembering his 18th, he hoped it was just a simple boost in power or something his life was crazy enough right now.

Shaking his head Akira looked at Gilgamesh, he couldn't help but wonder about the king, what was the king like compared to what was written about him?

"So, your majesty, I'm curious, what was Uruk like?" Akira asked making Gilgamesh raise an eyebrow at him before he gained a fond smile on his lips.

This launched the king into talking about him home and some of the adventures he had been on with his only friend, all the while Akira listened and enjoyed the tales with a drink of wine while for a moment, even if for a short time, he could forget about his past and eventual future and focus on the present.


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