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I raised my eyebrow at Walter. "A bodyguard? What on earth does Sir Integral need with a bodyguard? She's managed to keep herself alive this long, with a little help from us."

"The Round Table insisted on this. And they insist it be a person."

I know I'm not human, but I didn't know I wasn't a person. If you cut me, do I not, well, never mind.

"Is he some sort of spy for the Round Table?"

"Probably. But we can't afford any trouble right now, Alucard."

I shrugged, and thought no more about it. Until the next time I came to Integra's office, and saw a man standing across from her at the desk. He was tall and broad-shouldered with brown hair and brown eyes, which widened perceptibly when I appeared. But he soon recovered himself and attempted to stare me down.

Integra sighed. "Alucard, meet Jackson; Jackson, meet our badly kept secret, Alucard."

There was a brief silence. Integra sighed again. "Do you want something, Alucard?"

"Just a look at the new staff member."

"Well you've had it, you may disappear."

"Yes, master." I was quite unimpressed, and certain Integra would find some excuse to get rid of him soon.

But during the next week Jackson became a fixture at Hellsing. Every time I dropped in on Integra he seemed to be there, trying to look tough. He even acquired a special gun from Walter, which I suspected he had no idea how to use. But he never went out on missions or did anything truly useful.

Once he even got in my way as I was heading, on foot for once, to visit Integra.

"I check all visitors," he said stiffly.

"You are not here to protect Integra from me!" I replied sharply. I considered doing something life-threatening to him at that point but instead I merely grinned. He turned slightly pale and let me through.

I asked Walter what he thought of the man. He had an unexpected answer.

"I believe he has developed a crush on Integra."

I threw my head back and laughed. "Walter, you must be joking. Who would dare have a crush on Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing?"

Walter merely shook his head.

"She's an attractive woman, Alucard."

"That doesn't explain why she puts up with him"

"Perhaps she enjoys his company?"

I mulled over this conversation as I drank a bag of medical blood. Integra, an attractive woman? Was Jackson attracted to mannish suits and cigars? To anger and sarcasm? Perhaps he was the type who needed a woman to dominate him.

And could she really be attracted to him? That really made me wonder. Surely she had no time to waste on love and men. Not to mention that she could do much better than that so-called bodyguard.

I began to give this matter entirely too much thought. I considered taking my mind off of it by going out and making some trouble, but I had been strictly enjoined against such actions. Taking blood from humans, even if they eventually woke up with a headache and a puncture wound, was bad press. Corpses were even worse.

This was ridiculous. What did it matter to me whether my master was an attractive woman, or what Jackson thought?

(Author's note: I am not sure whether, in the Hellsing anime or manga, a vampire can feed on a person without killing them or turning them into a ghoul. For the purposes of this fanfic they can.)