Inspired by Brilliant Lady's story, "Harry Potter in the City of Angels" Contains mention of child rape.


Chloe Decker dealt with homicides and did her best to give every victim justice. If anything it was her religion, and one she devoted herself to with all the gifts at her disposal.

Today was going to be a bad one. The Narco Unit had busted a drug ring and found much, much more. Dead children. The bust had been successful, but the Drugs unit needed help immediately. Children, 2 little bodies that had obviously been sexually used were found on site.

She rushed there with Lucifer her partner, her friend, her something else. This was the first time he'd have to see babies, and she steeled herself for his reaction. Because while a lot of people thought Lucifer was vapid and spoiled, she knew he was more, much more. She had failed him and misjudged him in the past and had sworn never to do it again. And this would be hard for him because she knew he had been an abused child.

Realizing that she hadn't briefed him, she pulled off the freeway and parked. Turning to her handsome partner, she put a hand on his hand, a signal to listen.

"Have I done something naughty, Detective?" he asked with his usual smirk.

She rolled her eyes, her usual reaction, and then looked into his beautiful face, "Lucifer, this one is going to be hard. It will be hard for me because I'm a Mom and it will be hard for you because of your childhood. The bodies are of children. They show signs of sexual trauma. I'm telling you now to prepare you and also to give you an out. This is one of the hardest things we have to do in homicide and I want you to know that you don't have to come with me. I can drop you off or take you back if you don't want to deal with this particular crime scene."

His expression changed slowly from one of mischief to a stern expression. "Thank you for your warning, Detective," he said grimly. "We shall provide punishment for those who harm the innocent."

"I want to warn you that while I'll probably be over-professional at the scene," Chloe said slowly, "I will probably be upset personally, so please don't think I am mad at you. I just hate crimes against children."

He squeezed her hand, and she felt the warmth of his friendship. "I too am already angry, but I shall endeavor to be strictly on my best behavior" he promised.

They arrived and were quickly taken to where Ella was angrily doing her job.

Two little bodies were laying there, one was a boy with broken glasses held together with tape, the other a smaller boy who had curly brown hair. They had been tossed in a dumpster and the criminals in custody were claiming they knew nothing about the bodies.

Ella looked up at them, and Chloe saw rage in their usually chipper Forensic Technician's face.

"They have drug residue on their skin, and the dumpster is clean, so someone is lying." She announced, "I'm done with my preliminary samples, so we can take them out of this stupid hunk of metal".

Lucifer, who usually complained about ruining his suits, held out his arms and took the larger child, the one with the broken glasses and tousled black hair.

He looked down at the child's still face and froze.

"This child is not dead," he said with authority. "He's in a coma of some sort, perhaps from the drugs."

Ella's eyes widened and she yelled for a medic. Lucifer ran to the ambulance with the child in his arms, while doing the breathing part of children's CPR at the same time. Chloe raced after him, marveling at the strength in his arms and his discipline doing so many things at the same time..

Soon the child was under oxygen. The EMT was listening for a heartbeat and began to shake her head but then stopped. "Very slow heart beat, very faint," she said, "but alive. Good call."

The other child was also checked, and found responsive. The solemn scene suddenly had an air of hope as the EMT's worked desperately on both children.

"Curare," said Lucifer, from where he stood watching, "The drug used in the eastern islands to make zombies. People were often buried alive, and then dug up and forced to be slaves."

Instead of gushing over new information, Ella swore rapidly in Spanish while Chloe wondered if the ME would have sliced the child open before finding the horror of a slowly beating heart.

Lucifer looked like he was made of stone. "They will not recover for a few days. It appears they may have been violated by a necrophiliac. Which means they were aware of their torture but unable to even move or cry out."

He looked at Chloe with rage-filled eyes. "I want to be present to interview all suspects".

There had been some nasty feedback about a few of the confessions Lucifer had gotten, but since he really didn't use physical violence, and their solve rate was through the roof, they'd been given a slap on the wrist.

Chloe smiled at him tightly, "Go for it," she said, "the entire department will cheer you on. GIVE THEM HELL."

The nod he gave her had none of his usual joy of life, but she didn't waste a second of time feeling pity for their suspects.

Chloe sat with him during the interrogation. Lucifer did his usual mojo. The children had been found on the street, although why children of that age were on the streets was unusual. They had been "used" by the boss, who the suspects gave up everything on because of Lucifer. No one even screamed, they just spilled everything, desperate to get away from Lucifer's angry red eyes.


Two days later the children started to come around. One child was identified, the littlest one with curly hair had disappeared on a shopping trip with his grandmother two weeks ago. The child didn't remember anything, a blessing that Doctor Linda Martin told them was a survival instinct – the child just wasn't able to handle the memory, but might act out later.

The older boy was examined and found to be a long-term abuse victim. He had old bone breaks that hadn't been set properly. He had damaged organs and massive malnutrition. They found no information on the child, but he did open his eyes and look around once.

Chloe received a call.

"Lucifer, come with me; something weird is going on at the hospital," she said and he raced with her to her car.

Once they were on the road, siren going, he said softly, "Define weird."

"The older boy – he appears to be keeping the door locked. They even tried using a fire department door breaker and they can't get in."

"Hm," said Lucifer, "that is weird".


Lucifer never told Chloe how he had actually gotten drunk that night after finding the children. When he had his great fall, the demons in hell had raped and abused his helpless burned body for what seemed like eons until he got the strength to fight back. He never told anyone. The remaining demons of hell just understood that anyone who laid hands on their king was burned alive from the inside out.

The thought of a child going through the same thing sickened him and brought up nightmares. Alcohol was a good friend, even though it took quite a lot of it to make him drunk."

When they arrived, he noted that even the door hinges had been removed. He pressed against the door and even the strength of a hand that twisted gun muzzles couldn't break. "Fascinating," he muttered.

"Okay, Mr. Spock," said Chloe, "Got an idea on how to get in?"

But his detective never got an answer because he flash flew out of the building and through the boy's window. He stood there, his wings still visible and had a stare-down with a small much abused child who was sitting on his bed with a fierce and determined expression.

"You're magical, aren't you?" he said, finally realizing what was going on.

The boy gulped and nodded, "I'm a freak," he said flatly.

Lucifer gestured to his wings. "So am I then," he responded gently, fearing for this special child. He had incredibly strong magic. The urchin could bring down the hospital if he so desired.

"Are you an angel?" asked the child tentatively, still keeping the door locked and bolstered against entry.

"I'm a fallen angel," he said, not wanting to lie, but not wanting to frighten the child.

The boy's eyes widened, "The devil!" he exclaimed. Then his face fell, "Are you going to take me to hell?" he asked plaintively, "Uncle says I'm bad and worthless."

As Lucifer tried to think of how to explain that he didn't want to hurt the little boy, in desperation, he knelt on the floor, his wings still gleaming majestically and held out his arms hopefully. Something in his expression must have given the child reassurance, because the boy ran to him, and Lucifer held him close, gently and kissed the messy hair. "You are an innocent child and you don't deserve hell. You are also magical, which is not evil. Now why aren't you letting anyone in?"

"I'm scared," said the boy honestly. "Taddy is gone and they'll come for me next."

"Taddy is now safe with his family," said Lucifer in calming tones.

"That's good." the boy nodded, but then fiercely, "I don't want to go to my family. They dumped me in an alley here and then those men chased me and bad things happened." The boy began to cry, broken sobs and Lucifer rocked him in his arms.

"Then stay with me," he whispered, "I don't take people to hell, and I live here on earth right now. Stay with me, child, and I promise to take good care of you. The bad men are already under arrest and going to jail."

The door unlocked and Lucifer's wings shot into place. Chloe and the hospital maintenance crew peaked in tentatively and then all smiled at the sight of the dapper playboy cuddling the little boy on the floor.

They were so relieved, they didn't ask questions, even his ever-curious detective.

She would later, though, and he had to be prepared because this time he was going to tell her all the truth

Lucifer Lucifer Lucifer

The man was an angel, an angry, beautiful, kind angel who loved him. It was the first time anyone cared about Harry and he barely knew what to do except trust him, his first time believing in a grownup. He told Harry that he really was the devil and Harry believed him but didn't care. At last someone was gentle and would protect him. The devil put the bad men in jail to protect him and all the other kids out there.

Harry told only him his true name, Harry Potter, and begged him not to share that with anyone; even the beautiful lady with the kind eyes. She was a policewoman and Harry knew that even though she was kind, grownups inevitably did things in such a way that he ended up at the Dursley's house in a small cupboard. He would rather stay on the streets, if he could only control the magic to protect himself from other bad people.

But Lucifer understood and took care of him. He got numerous shots, new wonderful clothing, food, glorious clean food that he picked out. He could even say no to food, imagine that. He spent time in the hospital having surgery on his bones and eating a lot of supplements and food. Lucifer would sneak in cheeseburgers that Harry just adored.

And Lucifer would hold him, gently, and tell him what a good brave boy he was. Harry wasn't sure he believed it except that well, Lucifer didn't really lie. He would leave things out and let people assume things, but that was it. He told the truth. So Harry sat in the hospital surrounded by books and toys and crayons and knew love for the first time in his life.

After the last surgery, Lucifer sat by his bed. When Harry woke up he had feathers on him legs, and arms, and tummy and chest and they were glowing. Harry felt way better and fell asleep watching Lucifer smile at him with love.


Chloe wondered a lot about the little miracle boys. If Lucifer hadn't noticed signs of life in them, it was very possible, they would have died on an autopsy table. Even now, it made her nauseous to think of. But what was really wonderful was the way Lucifer bonded with the older boy, Harry.

He had invited her to meet him for dinner at a tiny Italian restaurant they both loved, and wanted to talk. She wondered if Lucifer was going to adopt the boy. While many people would laugh at the very idea, Chloe knew he'd be a wonderful dad.

She walked into the diner and Lucifer rose and took her to their booth way in the back. He had ordered their favorite and had nice glasses of wine waiting with the appetizers. She smiled at him and dug in, letting the stress of the day dissolve in the wonder that is hot Italian cooking.

He ate too and watched her, smiling.

"I need to talk to you," he said gently, when she finally paused.

She smiled. "What's up, Lucifer?"

"You are my best friend," he said solemnly and she sat up, her heart pounding. "Really?" she asked breathless. She had considered herself a diversion, a new interest that would wane when he got bored with the police scene. She was glad for their relationship though and had felt a true sorrow at the thought he would leave eventually. And Chloe really cared about him.

"Yes, Detective, and because of that I need to tell you something, well rather unbelievable."

She calmed down. One of his great eccentricities was his constant claim to be the devil. Was he going to talk about that again? It didn't matter, she cared about him anyway.

He popped an oddly scary looking coin out of his pocket and it began to float and spin over his hand. "This is not a trick" he said softly.

Lucifer never lied, she knew that. For a man who slept with half of Los Angeles, he had a strict moral code, and part of that included not really lying. He'd let you assume, but he never told untruths.

She stared at the coin, took it gently from his hand and looked at it carefully, then held it in her own hand quietly. It lay there. Then she gave it back to him and watched it dance.

"Oh Lucifer, this is hard."

"Promise me you'll give me a chance," he said, and there was pain, real pain in his voice. She nodded, intent.

"No matter what, you are my best friend, and I would never hurt you or allow you to be hurt. Do you believe me?" he asked as though the world hung on her answer.

That was easy peasy – She smiled at him serene in her belief in him and nodded.

He closed his eyes for just a moment as though steeling himself against something painful and then, the booth was suddenly full of feathers, feather that were a part of wings coming out of his back, glorious white feathers like an angel's.

Chloe Decker didn't faint. She didn't scream or leave. She looked at Lucifer's stricken face and realized he had been telling more truth than she gave him credit for, and he was terrified at losing her.

She took a breath and reached out and touched his hand. "Fallen angel, right?" she asked shakily.

He nodded, obviously too terrified to talk for the moment.

She squeezed his hand, "Still my friend, my very best friend?" she asked and found herself crying.

He gave her a smile, "Oh yes, my dear Detective, yes."

They both heard the double doors to the kitchen flap and the wings disappeared behind his back.

"Nice trick," she whispered.

"I have another face, but I don't want to show you. It's bad and makes people go insane. I'm scared to hurt you," he whispered.

"That's fine," she said. "This is about Harry, isn't it?"

Lucifer grinned. "You are the smartest detective in the world," he said admiringly. "I want to adopt Harry. Can you help me?"

Chloe grinned. "You bet." she said.

Lucifer Lucifer Lucifer

When Lucifer finally took Harry home from the hospital (where his team of doctors were still trying to finger out how the child suddenly healed so fast), he took him to the Lux. Harry looked around and wondered how much he would be expected to clean, because this place was big. But he knew Lucifer wouldn't beat him so that was okay. He knew he only had to do his best, not work to death.

The nice police lady was there with a little girl who smiled at him. She was nice, like the police lady and he figured she was her daughter. He wondered if he would be cleaning for them too. Lucifer introduced her as Trixie Decker and found out that the Detective lady was named Chloe.

But they were nice and didn't have that mean look Dudley would get.

Lucifer took him to a room and he gasped. It was a boy's room. It was filled with posters and toy and books. Lucifer looked down at him. "This is your room. I made it so you can lock it from the inside if you want, but no one can lock you in. You'll notice that there are no other lockable doors in my penthouse except we can lock down the elevator. I'll give you the key code for that.

He took Harry in and showed him the closet full of nice new spiffy clothing and the chest of drawers had new socks with no holes in them, real pajamas that were his size, nice underwear.

Harry smiled up at Lucifer and said, "All of this for me?"

Lucifer picked him up and gave him one of those hugs that made Harry feel loved. "It is all for you."

Trixie and Chloe were there looking at them from the door. "I helped pick out some of the colors. I hope you like the greens, they go with your eyes."

Harry blinked. "That was really nice of you, Miss Trixie. Thank you."

Trixie smiled but then says, with a little frown of concern, "You don't have to call me Miss, I'm just Trixie. I want to be friends, if that's ok?"

Harry is delighted. No one ever wanted to be friends, especially with all the rumors and Dudley beating people up for being nice. "I've never had a friend before. I would really like that."

Chloe looked worried, a mom type of worried face, "Why couldn't you have friends?" she asks. Harry knows the face because it usually means someone is going to be forbidden to talk to him.

But Harry is stronger now with Lucifer and he can tell the truth because they don't know where he is from.

"My family didn't like it. My cousin would beat up people who were nice to me, so they all stopped. And my aunt told the neighbors I was a criminal and they believed her." Harry hung his head as the usual sense of shame swept over him. "It's okay if you don't want me to be friends with Trixie. She should have nice friends."

"Harry," Chloe's voice is filled with love and her eyes swim with tears, "You are a nice friend. I want to be your friend. I am your friend right now and so is Trixie. We like you. We want you to be happy."

Harry hugged Chloe, and cried.

He looked up. Trixie was standing next to Lucifer and they both were smiling at him. This was going to be a home, a real home.

Life with Lucifer wasn't anything like life at the Dursleys. The next morning he got up to make breakfast and was surprised to see Lucifer there making chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.

Lucifer looked surprised to see him, but smiled. "You have time to take a shower if you feel strong enough."

Strong enough to get clean after of a life of using a sink or the garden hose? Harry raced to the bathroom and figured out the interesting shower components after some quick experimentation.

He came in to the kitchen area, clean and shiny, and Lucifer had given him a heap of pancakes and bacon, with milk and juice. It was amazing. After stuffing himself on wonderful food, he tried to do the dishes, and Lucifer stopped him.

"Harry," he said seriously, and for a moment Harry was afraid he had lost interest in him, "You are not here to be a servant. I want you to be able to play and learn and grow up strong and happy and loved. You can keep your room clean, and I will allow you to share some chores with me, but I have wonderful people who I pay to clean who need their jobs. I can do the dishes this morning and you can see where I put them away and maybe later I'll let you cook with me."

Harry grinned. Lucifer was so nice.

That day he went to a dentist and then to an eye doctor to get his eyes checked. The Ophthalmologist angrily and suspiciously told Lucifer that he should have been in years before and that he showed signs of cranial injuries.

Lucifer looked angry too and then gave him the name of the doctor who he had hired specifically to take care of Harry's abused body and explained that Harry had been abandoned but that Lucifer was going to be his DAD. Harry felt like he could fly. Lucifer loved him for real.

The next week he went to school with Trixie. The first day Trixie beat up a much bigger boy for punching Harry. Watching Lucifer and Det. Chloe meet with the vice-principal and the bully's parents was the funniest thing Harry had ever seen. He thought he was going to be kicked out of school or that Trixie would be kicked out of school or that the grownups would think he was too much trouble.

He sat morosely in his new clothes and whispered to Trixie, "I'm sorry."

"You don't need to be sorry, Harry. Fred is the one who is going to be sorry."

Then Lucifer and the Detective walked into the outer office, followed by a very smarmy man and his wife and Fred. They sniffed at Harry and Lucifer and walked into the Vice-Principal's office first, like they were in charge.

Lucifer ushered Harry and Trixie before him along with the Detective. She whispered fiercely, "Don't worry Harry, I'm not mad at you or Trixie."

Fred's dad was a bully too. He started out saying that his family was a nice family and that Trixie was a product of a broken home and that her mom should stay home with her daughter.

Harry had never seen anyone's eyes spark like the Detective's did at that moment.

Then Fred's Dad said that he understood that Harry was an orphan and lived with Lucifer who was a bad person and probably teaching Harry bad things.

The vice principal tried to speak but Lucifer smiled at him pleasantly and then turned to Fred's Dad.

"I understand now why Fred is such a brat. His father is a bully so young Fred is taking after dear old dad. Detective Chloe is my partner and friend and an excellent mother. If you say anything else derogatory about her life style or mothering, I will show you just how evil I am in a court of law. As for Harry, being an orphan doesn't mean that he is somehow evil, but it does mean that I can sue you for obviously encouraging your child to hit him. If he comes near Harry again, I will sue you and have the IRS audit your business."

The man's face grew red just like Uncle Vernon's would before he hit someone, usually Harry.

"Now see here," he started.

"No," said Lucifer, "You see here. Just because I own a club doesn't give you the right to look down on my business or life style. And because I love Harry and wanted him as my son is none of your business, Mr. Bully. So let's talk about improving your child's behavior instead of trying to make my family or Trixie's family look bad compared to yours."

And then his eyes glowed red for just a bit, but Harry saw it, and so did Fred's father.

It was absolutely wonderful. For years he had listened to Mr. Dursley defend Dudley, but now someone was defending him, Harry, and was way scarier than Vernon.

Lucifer Lucifer Lucifer

Trixie and Harry made a pillow fort on the balcony one night and slept under the stars.

They gazed up at the twinkling lights and Trixie sighed. "Would you mind if my mom married your dad?" she said.

"That would be nice." Harry was thoughtful. "They love each other already. Why do you think they don't get married? She knows he's the devil and that I'm magic."

Trixie whispered, "I think he thinks he's not good enough because he's the Devil. Grownups can be stupid."

"But he's wonderful," said Harry, "He's the bestest dad in the whole universe, and he loves you and her so much. How can he think he's evil? He's not."

"I think it's because of his devil face," said Trixie with a disappointed sigh. "He thinks if she sees it, she'll be scared of him for like forever and run away."

"I've seen it and it made me cry, not afraid," said Harry. "He's burned all over because they threw him away out of heaven like the Dursley's dumped me on the street on vacation because they hated me. It not evil, it's really awful burns that show he was in a lot of pain. They scare bad people, but they don't realize it's not because he's a monster, it's because they hurt him so bad."

Trixie snuggled next to him, "I've never seen his devil face, only the red eyes a few times.

They're really cool. I wish you were my brother, Harry. Maybe we can adopt each other and give the grownup the right idea."

"I'd like that," Harry said sleepily "to be your brother. You're the best sister in the world already."

They fell asleep and never noticed Lucifer and Chloe just outside the balcony listening. Chloe grabbed Lucifer's arm and dragged him into his bedroom. Before he could say anything, she kissed him like there was no tomorrow.

They came up for air, and Lucifer tried to talk, but she put a finger on his lips and said, "You can show me your devil face every day, but I'm still going to love you, you dork." she admonished.

"No one could replace you in my life. If you want a single mom cop who buys underwear at Walmart that is madly in love with you, then I'm all yours."

Lucifer appeared to be speechless. Chloe looked worried and then said hesitatingly, "If I'm wrong, please forgive me. I don't want to lose…mrflg"

Lucifer kissed her like he had no tomorrows nor any yesterdays, just an eternity of delicious now.

"I love you, Detective. I know I am not a human man, I'm just the Devil, but I love you with all of my being. If you desire me, I'm yours for as long as we are given."


The wedding was a quiet one with just the police department and Lux employees, even though it could have been an epic event. After all, LA's most eligible bachelor was getting married.

Harry was the ring bearer and Trixie was the flower girl. Ella and Dr. Linda were the maids of honor. Maze was part of Lucifer's party because she was his right hand. Chloe's ex-husband was also there and he grinned at Harry.


Harry got a mysterious letter on parchment which Maze wouldn't let him read until she and Lucifer examined it. Maze could smell the magic and Lucifer could see it.

"Apparently there is a magic school looking to take you in as a student," said Lucifer.

They found an owl sitting on the balcony of Lucifer's penthouse waiting for the answer.

Lucifer instead of Harry wrote back and asked to interview someone from the school. He signed his letter Lucifer Morningstar, Fallen Archangel.

The man who came to the appointment was very interested in all of them. Lucifer greeted him in his office area, where he sometimes granted favors.

The man was older, but in good shape and had piercing eyes. Harry thought he looked like a good teacher, the type who was interested in things and made you interested in them as well.

He sat down before Lucifer, who had Maze on his left and Harry at his right.

"I am honored to meet you, Lord Lucifer," said the man.

"You believe me?" asked Lucifer with interest. Most people didn't and magicals tended to keep away from the Lux and Lucifer for some reason.

"You are known to have your own very power magic, my lord, and are also according to legend, the creator of all magic. Therefore our people do not fear you as the no-mags do, but revere you for giving us the gift of magic as fear you in hopes we never end in your domain, our magic stripped from us."

Lucifer frowned. Harry looked up at him, "Father, is something wrong?"

"I have no memory of creating magic, but I don't remember anyone else, including my father creating it. I wonder if the information was taken from me as part of the fall."

Harry didn't think much of the things done to Lucifer. He hugged him gently, and said, "I can feel magic from you, Father. It's much stronger that our guest's magic."

He looked at the visitor. "I'm sorry, Sir. We don't know your name."

"Cletus Stormwhistle," said the man, nodding his head pleasantly. "I feel his power as well. It is leashed and tremendously powerful."

Cletus leaned forward. "Sir, we were unaware of your gift being taken from you. With your kind permission and my oath to never raise a hand or any negative magic against you and yours, will you allow me to try a few simple spells to see if this condition can be reversed?"

Lucifer looked down at his son, and then smiled, "I would love to share all of my son's life. I will take your oath, since you seem to understand the ramifications of trying to hurt me or any of my extended family."

Cletus Stormwhistle looked amazed instead of surprised, "I do not give any oath lightly sir, and I swear to you now upon my magic that I mean no harm to Lord Lucifer Morningstar, his son Harry Morningstar, or any of his friends, family, and retainers and that I will never harm you, do harmful magic or even try to trick you. I reserve the right to protect myself if attacked by a demon unaware of this agreement. I also swear friendship to the house and domains of Lucifer and promise to lend him aid in the event he calls upon me. This I so swear by all my magic and with good intent."

A light shone in the room and then the man gently lit his wand. "As you can see, my magic remains with me. Magic itself would have taken her gift from me if I lied."

Lucifer smiled at the man. "I can tell you are a truthful man, a rare occurrence. You did me a favor without asking one in return, therefore, I declare you a friend and ally of my house, and you can come to me for aid if needed."

Cletus bowed, "I am greatly honored."

"Now", said Lucifer, "Tell us about educating my beloved Harry in magic."

Stormwhistle looked very thoughtful, "I was not sure whom you were when you contacted me. I think sending your child away for a separate education may expose him to danger once everyone learns the truth. While I will not reveal your true identity, it will eventually come to light and I do not want Harry harmed or manipulated by those who desire deals and favors. Therefore I am going to suggest having him tutored. This will allow him to continue attending the no-mag school but also give him power over his magic. He can be independently tested to see how well it works for him and can go at his own pace. Also, tutors will swear a fealty oath as a matter of course."

Harry grinned. He would be able to stay with his family and still learn.

Cletus took out his wand, and put it in Maze's hands. "With your permission, I would like to see if I can remove this binding," he said, his eyes ablaze with interest.

Maze looked at the wand, and let Harry and Lucifer check it too. They both nodded to the older man who grinned.

He made a motion with the wand, and carefully intoned, "Finiti"

Lucifer began to glow with power. He held out a hand and it lit on fire, a blue beautiful flame glowing, "I guess I can get rid of my lighter," he muttered.

Then he stood and held both hands out like a conductor commanding an orchestra. Flames rose from both out-held hands and shot up to the ceiling. Beautiful music played out of thin air that instantly reminded Harry of how much his Father loved him and his family. It made him want to dance and frolic and made him solemn as well.

"What is he doing?" asked Harry calmly. Nothing his Father did was ever frightening to the boy.

"Wards," said Maze. "I feel them, protective wards all over the Lux, all over all Lucifer's properties, protecting them. Hellfire level protection; very cool."

The lights suddenly seem to expand and fill all space but didn't burn anyone. Harry's skin tingled and then the lights were gone and the air felt clear and clean.

Lucifer Lucifer Harry Harry

Harry was tutored 3 evenings a week and kept up with his homework as well. Trixie was impressed and requested advanced classes and had fun challenging Harry to Grade Duels. The winner got ice cream and picked the flavors.

They were both very proud of their good grades without being stuck up about it, and still had tons of fun together and with their family. Maze taught them to fight dirty every Saturday morning if she wasn't bounty hunting. Harry learned to speak in several demon tongues and they found out he could speak to snakes. Trixie tried to learn to and could successfully repeat several set phrases, but Harry really shone at this. It was amazing how many snakes who were not lawyers lived in Los Angeles and visited Harry.

Lucifer Lucifer

The whole school got to go on an exciting trip to see a Shakespeare festival up in the San Bernardino Recreation area. It was outside, it had people in cool clothing, there was fake sword fighting, and Harry and Trixie were having a great time even though they had to sit with their classes. Harry used magic to send her notes in her pockets and no one could see them. She would write an answer and put it in her other pocket and Harry would wandlessly magic into his other pocket.

Trixie loved her brother to pieces and enjoyed his sense of humor and ideas. No one tried to bully them these days. Harry was popular with kids at the school because he was kind and because he had saved a little girl from being dragged away by a stranger during recess. Harry had kicked him in a very sensitive area, then pulled a fire alarm, and somehow managed to tie the man to a tree with a fire hose. The police and firemen decided Harry took after Lucifer for dealing with dangerous situations and the man had been arrested.

Trixie was waiting for their row to be dismissed for lunch, when she saw an old man that reminded her Gandalf in the movies. She wasn't magic, but she was sensitive and had her mother's instincts. She frowned. This man was dressed funny and had a long white beard, but it was the way he looked at Harry that raised the hair on the back of Trixie's neck. She stood up. She grabbed her teacher's arm and yanked hard. Miss Couffman looked down at her, startled, and Trixie pointed to the strange man. "That man is staring funny at my brother."

Unfortunately, it was just in time to see the man grab Harry and then disappear. Miss Couffman screamed and so did Trixie.

Trixie started to cry and then remembered what her Dad had told her, "Trixie, if you are in danger, you don't need a phone to call me. Just call me mentally and I'll come get you."

So she began to call her Father, tears blinding her, as her rattled teacher yelled at the Security guards and other teachers called the police and counted all the students.

And then she saw him, her tall handsome daddy walking into the chaos as cool as James Bond.

She ran into his arms and explained, thinking the picture of the mean Gandalf and explaining silently that he'd used magic to steal her brother.

He patted the now weeping Miss Couffman on the back and told the security people that he was leaving with his daughter and would look for his son. They tried to get them to stop, but Lucifer was firm and commanding. "Miss Couffman is capable of giving her eye-witness account. My daughter needs me."

They couldn't really argue with her Daddy when he acted so much like a grownup.

When they walked to the parking area, her still held in his strong arms, he whispered, "First I am taking you home. You are to call Maze and your Mother. I am going after Harry."

And for the first time, he flew in front of her with real wings and everything, beautiful white shining wings that made her feel safe and comforted as they sped away.

Then they were in the penthouse, and he sat her down with her phone. "Call Maze and then Mom," he said, "Tell her I am coming to get her to take with me. Magical people stole Harry and they must be punished.

Lucifer Lucifer Lucifer Harry Harry Harry

Harry tried very hard to get away from the old man, who kept trying to do spells on him. Harry could feel him like an itch trying to get into his head and blocked him easily. He tried to get the invisible bonds keeping him tied in place to disappear and the old man noticed and his wand spat fairly painful stings on him, until Harry fainted.

He woke up in a castle with a kindly woman looking over him. "Who punished this child?" she asked. The Gandalf guy said, "His parents. I have rescued him."

Harry opened his mouth to correct this blatant lie and found himself bound again.

"He has been turned against magic," said the old man sadly and kindly woman looked shocked.

"But soon he will be free of their influence and take his rightful place as part of our society."

Harry didn't think much of that but he couldn't say a thing. His mouth was stuck closed.

Later he was taken through the castle to a great hall that had long tables filled with children. Everyone was dressed funny and he wanted to scream, he was so angry.

Harry was forced to sit with first year children, although he was older, and zapped several times painfully for not complying.

Evil Gandalf smiled beatifically at the assembled children, "Today I have happy news. We have finally found Harry Potter and today he will be sorted."

The children erupted with applause, and Harry, who was glued in the chair, struggled. "I don't want to be sorted," he yelled only to have his mouth slam shut. He struggled and then concentrated on contacting his Father, "Dad they are going to sort me, whatever that means. I'm scared."

And joy of joys, his Father's voice whispered to him, "I'm coming, my son."

So he stopped struggling and listened to all the stupid things evil Gandalf said about how Harry was a hero responsible for keeping them all safe from some guy whose name meant, "Fly from death". Go figure.

Two of the teachers, the older woman and the vampire guy came and held his shoulders as the glue spell disappeared and kept their hands in place. The vampire guy whispered, in a voice that made goosebumps run up and down Harry's back, "Just try to escape and I'll see you scrubbing pots for the rest of your natural existence."

Harry had scrubbed pots for the beginning of his natural existence, and he immediately dumped these wizards and witches in the Dursley category of people, people who liked power and liked hurting the weak.

He was lead to a stool with an old wrinkled hat and the hat was plopped on his head, "Well said a new voice, you appear to already be enrolled in another education institution and you are unwilling to be here. Why is that?"

Harry realized it was the hat, "The old man kidnapped me from my home."

Then both he and the hat heard his Father's voice, commanding and kind of scary, "Don't sort my child. You do not have my permission."

The hat responded, "Sir, I see that the old fool is up to his usual tricks. I shall not sort the boy."

Harry turned and smiled at Gandalf, not saying anything, but letting him know he was in trouble. That funny pinching in his head started and he knew the man was reading his thoughts. "My father is coming for me and he's going to kick your ass," he said.

Gandalf looked very disappointed in him, and Harry wanted to sneer at him, but remembered the pain of the last zap he'd been given.

"Hat, do your duty and sort this child," he commanded the hat.

"No," said the hat, "The child belongs to another school."

The old man looked so angry then, all his pretenses at being an amiable, kind fellow left as rage sparked in his eyes. He drew his wand and stood up, and everyone in the hall fell silent. The hat trembled.

Then the main doors, large enough to let in a dragon, flew open with a boom that made most of the children shrieked. Lucifer Morningstar walked in wearing an Armani suit with a Prada shirt, looking like a model for a fancy magazine. Harry's heart was filled with pride and relief. His dad had come. Besides him was Mazikeen, dressed in leather with hell-fired steel knives in her hands.

Lucifer looked at those assembled with scorn, and his angry eyes turned red when he saw his son being held in place by the two teachers before the hat.

"Let him go."

The old woman and the vampire dropped him and Harry ran into his Father's arms. Lucifer looked them all over.

The old man whipped his wand through the air and a whirl of black threatening smoke came near. Lucifer snapped his fingers and it disappeared like a soap bubble.

Now all the teachers seem to decide that Harry's father was a danger and all pulled their stupid wands. Harry tried to stand in front of his Father, but Lucifer held out one hand, which Harry's magic could feel forming a shield around them and his other hand tucked Harry next to him.

"Child stealers," he said flatly, "You stole my son."

"Liar," said the vampire man, "His parents are dead and you stole him from his caretakers years ago."

"Yes," said the old man, "You stole this child from his loving family, and poisoned him again us. We are his people and he belongs with us."

Lucifer smiled at them. He clapped his hands once and all the wands in the room flew to him and then formed a pentagram on the floor that glowed.

"Liar, am I?" he asked, "I found this boy dumped in the trash on the streets of Los Angeles, where his so-called loving family had abandoned him to be stolen by filthy pedophiles who used him and threw him away, left for dead. He was abused, sickly, starved, and had many, many broken bones. If this is your peoples' standard of child care, I may take all these children from your gentle school because no child should be treated this way."

"What are you?" asked the old man, his rage changing his face into something frightening.

Harry grinned up at his Dad proudly, waiting for it.

"I am Lucifer Morningstar, King of Hell, Creator of Light, Magic and all Magical Creatures, and you have stolen my adopted son from me. You have tormented him and harmed him and for that there will be no forgiveness."

The response was instant. The teachers all froze and turned pale. The muggle born students screamed. The purebloods and those raised in the wizarding world regardless of whether their magic was light or dark, fell to their knees. A short teacher that Harry hadn't met yet who seemed to be only part human knelt the way one did before a king with his head bowed respectfully.

One teacher wearing a turban appeared to go into some kind of fit and Lucifer snapped his fingers at him, freezing him instantly.

Those still looking could plainly see Lucifer's red eyes glaring at the old man, who finally had the sense to look frightened.

His voice shook, but he hadn't given up whatever his plans were, "Can you prove this?" he asked. "Anyone can cast an illusion to make their eyes grow red."

Lucifer smiled at him. Harry recognized it as his Dad's "you are going to be so sorry you asked that" smile.

"Of course. I judge you have misused your magic to abuse a child and use him and all these children as pawns in your fight to rule the magical world. Therefore your gift is gone."

And Angry Gandalf fell to his knees with a horrible cry. He seemed to age before their eyes.

"No," he cried, "it was all for the greater good."

Lucifer looked at him with scorn, "The greater good?" he asked, "You mean your greater good. You stole money from this child, you paid those no-mag pieces of filth with his inheritance funding to abuse the boy so he would look up to you as a hero. And I see you have done this with other children as well.

The turbaned man screamed and a dark smoke seemed to boil from the back of his head. Now a man ghostly wraith of a man stood before them, "This one came to you as an innocent child and you decided he was evil and you decided to punish him, you refused to protect him and your persecution surely made him into an evil man who hated everyone."

The wraith smiled.

"You have imposed your judgments on an entire society and nearly destroyed it." The old man wept.

Lucifer looked at the wraith. "And you tried to flee from death, you a mortal man. And you already plan to kill my son and wonder if you can make me part of your death eaters. Well, your magic is found wanting as well." He snapped his fingers and the wraith wailed and slowly disappeared from sight.

Now Lucifer stared at the two teachers who had forced Harry before the Sorting Hat.

"You hate my son, an innocent child," he said to the vampire look-alike, "Therefore I give you the gift of innocence to teach you better," and the vampire shrunk and his skin cleared and he became a 3-year toddler, who started to wail.

The old woman teacher looked frightened but stood proudly before Lucifer, "And you believed that old manipulator and followed him, even though you knew he was wrong. You did better as a cat."

And she turned into a cat in a puff of smoke.

Lucifer turned to the small man who still knelt. "I see you have great honor and that you love truth," he said, "You are now the headmaster. I will leave the punishment of these two teachers and its release in your hands. Heal this school as best you can and call upon me if you need help.

Find out what children have been abused emotionally or physically, and teach them both dark and light magic since they both were created to be used in balance."

The little man looked astonished, but he smiled at Lucifer, "As my Lord commands," he said.

Then everyone gasped as Lucifer's beautiful white wings unfurled, glowing in the candle light.

"Come, Son, we're going home. Your Mother will be worried." Lucifer picked up Harry and

Harry wrapped his arms around his father with joy. "I love you, Dad." he whispered, "You're the best."

Maze came and wrapped her arms around Lucifer's waist and grinned at Harry

The great wings flapped and Lucifer Morningstar took his son home.

The end.