He only had seconds to act and Saurfang's life hung in the balance. Anduin knew he was the only one who could intervene at a time like this.

" You can't kill Hope!" Saurfang yelled.

"You speak of hope and the horde? Your hope means nothing and eventually just like everything else it will end!" Slyvanas screamed, as her hands filled with dark mist.

Anduin watched in slow motion as Slyvanas readied her beams of darkness at Saurfang who had been left undone by her daggers. Her skill with the dagger was unmatched and although he had surpassed her in strength he was fighting a losing battle but became steadfast in his determination to remind the Warchief that you cannot kill hope. Saurfang knew this was most likely his last fight but that encouraged him to keep fighting until his last breath. The Horde needed to see a true example of leadership and determination, but more importantly hope.

Anduin reached out with the light to interrupt the beams of darkness as they intersected between Saurfang's body. A large explosion could be seen has both Slyvanas and Suarfang was thrown back.

" You dare interrupt boy! This is a battle to the death and I was delivering my final blow. That is the way of Mak' Gora!"Sylvanas spat as she used more of her strength to try and match Anduins light.

" And what right did you have in any of this Sylvanas? You're asking for honor when you have shown nothing but honorless behavior!"

" You little brat, I'm the warchief and saurfang challenged me to open combat, I am dispensing justice to this traitor!"

Anduin quickly reached for his father blades which had been split in two from their coalition with Sylvanas daggers. The young king readied his battle stance,hands tightening on the hilts, light erupting from his body. If Slyvanas wanted a fair fight she would certainly have it.

Sylvanas looked at the young king with disgust and chuckled. " The young lion wants to bare his fangs? How cute and honoring but it will not be enough!" She concluded,blasting Anduin with bolt of shadow magic but it had no effect as it simply bounced off of his holy shield.

" We shall see Sylvanas!" He yelled as they traded blows with their blades. The audience, all of whom being races in the Horde watched in amazement as Anduin kept up with her speed,although he still lacked the perception to see openings in her fighting style.

" Press forward Anduin!" Thrall encouraged as he tended to Saurfang's wounds.

" No this is my fight!" Saurfang breathed out in pain but was settled down by thrall.

" Let the young king have his way, Slyvanans no longer cares for the horde! She only fights for herself,therefore let her answer for the crimes she has committed not only to the horde but against the alliance as well.This is no longer a Mak' Gora but a trail of justice." Thrall said

" Do you really believe the boy can do it?" Saurfang asked in disbelief, he knew Anduin was a capable fighter but he was still a novice. Unlike his father who was at home when a blade was in his hands.

" Yes he can brother just look at him, he is pushing her back!" Thrall exclaimed, watching the young's kings appearance glow with bright angelic wings springing forth from his back.

" You will answer for you crimes!" He shouted, pushing her back one final time before discarding his swords and using his newfound strength to pick her up by the neck and pin her to the metal doors of orgrimmar. Loud gasping could be heard as the members of the horde watched in amazement and astonishment.The banshee queen was brought to heel and no one had seen it before.

" Impossible, I will not accept defeat like this, not to a boy king!" She shouted, using her shadows powers to break free from his gasp but fell short as Anduin put a powerful silencing spell on her.

" There will be no flying away this time Slyvanas, no one to help you. No one to even agree with you! Just look around, even the Horde rejects you! Not even one of your own rangers has an arrow drawn!" He spat,feeling her kicks and attempts to break free from his grasp but it was all in vain as his plate armor protected him. " You have failed the horde!" Anduin shouted.

" The horde is nothing! You all are nothing!" She screamed, seeing a forsaken soldier who held the flag of her people glance in her direction. Clearly stunned by her admission, almost not believing what they heard.

" So the truth comes out now that you are trapped like an animal!" Thrall interjected as helped Saurfang to his feet.

" You have failed us all you honorless witch, you're just like Gorrash!" Saurfang shouted

" I don't care Orc! It was my mission to lead the Horde and I did it better than anyone ever could! I did what I was supposed to do as the leader of this fraction. I did everything to protect my people even if it meant killing a few of them who would eventually betray me and the Forsaken!"

" There is no honor in killing your own people for your own self preservation Slyvannas. It's the ultimate act of selfishness." Thrall replied in anger. " Now you shall face punishment!"

" We should execute her." Saurfang suggested, not even wanting the slightest chance that she could rise again and do harm to not just the horde but azeroth as a whole.

The dark lady laughed menacingly. " Oh please, you all need me! After all where were you before I came into the picture? And I'm not talking about the demon blood that you Orcs drank and then slaughtered the Draenei, didn't you call that honor? Like you all don't have blood on your hands,who are you to judge me and put me on trial? I can guarantee that after I'm gone another one will rise up.Whether it be forsaken, orc, Quel dori or another filthy human like Arthas. As long as a living heart beats there will always be war on this planet." She said through her gritted teeth.

Anduin only shook his head in disappointment, has she always been this miserable and hateful? Yes,she had been dealt horrible cards in life but to go this far, to destroy lives the way she has. There was no excuse for her actions.

She glared at Anduin with all the hate she had in her heart." If you're going to kill me boy king then kill me! I don't have enough patience for you or anyone else's nonsense of honor and empathy! Kill me boy king!" She spat with her eyes glowing bright red for good measure. Slyvanas wasn't one to beg for her life and if this was the end she would die with dignity.

The decision Anduin had to make wasn't one to be taken lightly. It seemed as though in these few moments the weight of the world was upon his shoulders. Surely she deserves justice,all the innocents she has murdered, the families she's torn apart, whole cities destroyed by her Wrath. Certainly she deserves justice but what about Mercy? Sylvanas made it clear that no mercy was to be shown to the Kaldori people during her conquest of their home. But Anduin was almost at a loss for words,he wanted to deliver justice for the people of Azeroth more than anything else. But he also saw that she was a woman in need,clearly scarred by her past that Arthas made sure to accomplish. Anduin had been told by her sister, Vereesa Windrunner that once Sylvanas was a being just like herself, complicated but nonetheless loving towards her people and others. Anduin was tired of war,he just wanted it to stop but perhaps this was a time for peace instead of bloodshed.

" Well what are you waiting for boy king, do it! Your father would have done the same! Do you not have the same blood running through your veins that screams at you to end my life just like Arthas did? I'm a monster as you have said, so what are to do with monsters little lion!" She grumbled in anger, when would the blow come? She wondered why the boy king hesitated to end her life? This is what he has been fighting for since the war started. Was this his weakness ?

" You're right I'm not my father and for your sake you should be glad." Anduin replied before he gathered her in his arms.

" Anduin what are you…" Thrall asked in confusion.

" Seeking peace." Anduin answered before he used a hearthstone to port them a location only he knew of.

Saurfang ran towards the portal but was to late as it closed.

"Has the boy been bewitched! What is wrong with him Thrall? Perhaps this is a magic spell put on him by the witch, he was supposed to end her life not spare her!"

" I don't know old friend but perhaps fate has a way of showing us things. At the very least Sylvanas is out of the picture and now the horde can rightfully be led upon a righteous path." He sighed, internally knowing that perhaps his decisions to leave the horde led to its corruption.

" Are you insane? As long as the witch lives all of our lives are at stake! Do you really trust in fate or that boy king? Saurfang aurged.

Thrall paused for a few brief moments, Suarfang did have good reason to doubt. Slyvannas was powerful but above all a very cunning foe. Thrall wondered what the boy was doing but at the moment that was not his prime concern, now was the time for him to focus on rebuilding of the Horde and his people.

" I trust that he has good judgment old friend but come, we must go!" Thrall said as shouts and chants erupted from the crowd who watched the spectacle with anticipation.

" I just hope you're right thrall! Otherwise we will be in for a rude awakening unlike anything we have ever seen before." Saurfang sighed.

Unknown location in Azeroth

" What in the hells?" Sylvanas gasped, feeling the cold air which clung to her skin. Although being undead, she could still feel hot and cold surfaces and contrary to popular belief forsaken who had whole and complete bodies could overheat or freeze.

" Where did that bastard take me!" She spat, once again feeling a cement cold surface with her hands. She could tell by the texture, of course this surface was not naturally conceived by nature but by an intelligent race but she knew not which one! Her vision was also impaired, but not by anything placed on her eyes but by the fact that she could not see anything in complete darkness. Had the boy king placed her in the stockades in stormwind?

" No it can't be, otherwise I would hear other prisoners! Its complete silence and darkness." She muttered as stood to her feet and attempted to walk around but failed as she tripped over not just one but several objects. Frustrated she began to summon her powers but failed as she eventually came to the conclusion that she could not use them. Slyvanas began to panic, it was beginning to feel like the experience when she was entrapped by Athras. Blind, death and without power.

" No!" She screeched, punching and clawing at the hard surface below her feet. She hated feeling powerless and useless it was one of her worst fears and she experienced it for so many years under the control of Arthas. And now after her defeat at the hands of another human it seemed as though she was in the same position and worse yet he couldn't or wouldn't grant her the peace of death she so desired. Although she still feared what was beyond the other side for Undead like herself. Sylvanas curled her knees into her body as she began to grind her teeth, if she was alive tears would flow from her face but because she was undead all she could do was lament over her defeat. Hours passed by and she was still in the same position. Slyvanas begin to wonder was this some form of torture the young king had thought of before he finally ended her life. How long would he leave her like this? Months years,decades? Was this her punishment? To be left in a chamber for eternity without the release of death? Perhaps this was a fate worse than death.

Sylvanas began to let loose a scream of agony for many hours until she suddenly heard a young voice speak.

" Light." It said as many lanterns around her began to come on as it revealed a large palace room filled with many pillars and books shelves stocked with what seemed like every book known to man.

" This style and architecture! I'm in Pandara!" She exclaimed as she observed a large bath and beds alongside a kitchen and many other luxury items and rooms only the most wealthy on Azeroth could afford.

" Welcome to your new prison Slyvanas and I'm your new guard. I suppose you're wondering why you can't use your powers." Anduin said matter of factly, finally coming into the light.

" What have you done you bastard?" She spat before she charged Anduin who simply moved out of the way. Sylvanas quickly grabbed hold of his lenin shirt to throw him but suddenly realised that it was a lot harder than it should have been. She barely moved him an inch before he reversed the hold and grabbed her from behind.

" You are powerless here Sylvanas!" he explained, holding her tighter from behind. The young king had made sure to lock his arms around her own, almost in a deep embrace if he hadn't held her so tightly.

" I promise you that I will kill you Boy king, I will castrate you and slit your throat until you bleed out! You will beg for mercy and you will not find it!" She screamed, and fidgeted in his arms. Even attempting to headbut Anduin from behind but failed as he stood nearly a head over her. When had he become such a mountain of a man?

" I shall tell you a story Slyvanas." He said in a hushed tone attempting to calm her down.

Her voice suddenly cracked" I don't care for your stories, let go!"

"Not until you calm down! Who would have guessed that the feared Sylvanas windrunner would have a nervous breakdown when faced with being powerless and in prison."

Slyvanas face turned into a frightend one, images flooded her mind and thats when it came. " Lets go of me Arthas!" She cried, moveing her body violently in Anduin's arms.

The young king stood there stunned, almost without words until he continued on. Perhaps she said that to throw him off." You hear what I have to say, it is an amazing story if one would think about it. All I'm asking is that you listen Slyvanas" Anduin sighed, hoping she would listen but to no avail as she clawed at his eyes.

"Fine,hard way it is." He spat, frustrated by her childish behavior and shoving her away.

" You can't keep me here Boy king!" She yelled.

"But I can Slyvannas, all of the crimes you have committed against Azeroth. Most would agree with your death but I choose to show you mercy and perhaps a way to repentance and atonement."

Once away Slyvanas quickly moved away from Anduins grasp. Seemly not remembering what she said to him before. She wanted to beat him to death but she wouldn't get the answers to get out of this hellish palace. She needed to remain calm and calculated, perhaps she could manipulate Anduin into giving her the answer she desired. She needed to walk him like a dog and once she gets out she will wreak havoc on the world.

" What do you want boy!" She begrundly asked.