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Engel: Sacrifice



Erst wenn die Wolken schlafengehn

Kann man uns am Himmel sehn

Wir haben Angst und sind allein

Gott Weiss Ich Will Kein Engel Sein

-Rammstein's 'Engel'


Across dark and vast plains runs a man hidden beneath shadows. His past is mysterious, unknown even to himself. His eyes, older than his time, seem to glisten with unwanted tears that refuse to fall. In the dark world lies one truth barricaded by many lies. Where does he stand in this world of peril, blown away by the sand and wind?

A boy with the appearance of a three-year old looks up at a woman with loving eyes. She giggles as she looks back, and ruffles his hair gently. The woman whispers his name into his ear and then glances over at a little girl, who is sleeping peacefully next to the boy. The woman tosses her raven hair over her shoulder and wiggles her naked toes around in the grass. The boy imitates her movements, laughing as the soft blades tickle the soles of his feet.

He suddenly stands up, teetering, and begins to walk around in a circle, feeling the grass falling over the tops of his feet. His eyes are smiling. He turns to look back at the woman, waiting to see if she is watching him. She is. Happily, he opens his arms and rushes to give her a hug.

"I love you, Rem," his tiny voice is absorbed into her white shirt. These words were something that the boy had just recently learned how to say.

She is surprised, and inattentively wraps her arms around him, returning the embrace. Her voice is warm and it nuzzles the back of his neck as she whispers back, "I love you too."

Then, as though the feeling vanishes, the boy pulls back and slowly shifts his attention to the small, sleeping girl beside the woman named, 'Rem.'

"We have to leave…don't we?" his voice breaks, and his smile fades.

She says nothing at first, her eyes dropping to the blanket of grass below. Though just a child, the boy was nowhere near as naïve as most his age. It was amazing, really. There was just no explanation for it.

Moments later, she sorrowfully admits, "…Yes." The boy's face falls and she bites down on her lip. "But we're going to find a new home," she quickly adds. "A new home full of flowers, and grass, and rivers, and trees." She is comforted when his eyes meet hers, "All of us."

"You, and me, and Sis?" he questions, as though afraid that the woman would intend to leave them behind.

"Of course, silly!" she laughs and reaches out for him. He gives in and she wraps her arms around him in another embrace. A tighter one this time.

He apparently feels better now, and he pulls away to run around in the grass. His heart light, he drops and rolls until he lands on his back.

"Are we going to where Alex went, Rem?"

The woman gapes, and her eyes widen. Then she becomes sad and shakes her head. "No…No, he's somewhere else."

"Why don't we visit him sometime, Rem? You talk about him so much and I really want to meet him."

Then Rem, amazingly, laughs, as though it's no big deal at all.

"Sweetheart, Alex lives in a place where only good people go."

"Good people? Does that mean that we aren't good people Rem?"

"Of course not, Honey," she stands up, and stretches. "It just means that it's not our time to meet him yet." She looks down on the young boy, who had rolled over on his stomach and promptly began to play with a blade of grass. "You'll meet him someday, I promise. You'll understand soon enough." She slips her shoes onto her feet.

"And Sis too? She can meet Alex, right?" he discards the small blade of grass and props his head on his hands.

"Absolutely!" she smiles and tilts her head towards the big oak tree hovering above them, abundant with leaves and thick branches. Glints of sunlight shine through different patches of leaves from up in the tree. "Someday, we'll all go and meet him. I promise." She closes her eyes, lost in the moment, and her face lights up with the thought. After a moment, her eyes open and she refocuses her attention on the boy. "Well, I need to go and meet Joey. We leave tomorrow."

"Away from Earth?" the boy asks, despondently.


"But what about the grass and the trees here? We can't leave them behind…"

She stoops over and strokes his face. "Sweetie, there aren't any trees or grass left. There are only a few and this," she gestures to the tree behind them. "…It's one of the only ones left. But it won't survive much longer. It pains me to leave it behind, but I'm afraid that there is nothing that we can do."

"We can't take them on the ship? There's not enough room?"

Rem straightens her back, eyes sad, and slowly looks to the tree.

"I don't want to see it die…" she whispers, thinking that it's too low for the boy to catch.

But he hears and mimics her, "Die…" The boy runs the word over and over in his mind, making a face. "You said Alex died, Rem…Is that why we can't see Alex? Because he died?"

Rem's eyes begin to glisten with tears. "Come on. We must get ready for tomorrow."

"Rem?" the boy's face becomes concerned, and he gets up, intending to comfort the woman.

Her voice stops him in his movements, "I'm all right; just stay here for a little while longer and watch Sis, all right?"

The boy hesitates, but sits back on the ground. He watches Rem depart from the hill. Suddenly, the little girl stirs and glances down at the boy.

"Is she gone?" she asks, groggily.

"Were you pretending to be sleep again?" he crawls over to her side. "You always do that. Rem says that it's not very nice to eavesdrop."

"No," she yawns and sits up. "I woke up just a moment ago. I only caught the last of what you two were saying." The girl brushes a strand of hair away from her childlike face and rubs her eyes. "I don't like Steve," she announced.

"Oh? From the SEED Project?"

"Yeah, he wants to put us in 'Cold Sleep.'"

"Oh," the boy turns his head away from her chewing on the idea of 'Cold Sleep.' "You mean when we leave tomorrow…"

The girl nods, though he can't see, and hugs her knees to her chest. "I'm scared."

The boy looks back to the girl, but can offer her no reprieve, as he is just as scared as she is.

"We can't think about that," he tells her, trying to sound strong. "Rem will take care of us."

"I hope you're right," she sniffles mildly.

The boy closes his eyes tightly. He hopes that he was right too.

Footsteps run into the night, accompanies by the fog. The world is desolate and dreary, civilization having been pulled into a dark void. He can't remember what has taken place in his past from before. All he knows is that something of great turbulence is happening now. And a dark vengeance lies within.

End Prologue


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