Hello everyone! This is my first fanfic and I wanted it to be from Sailor Moon since it is the anime that I most love and this story that you will read it is on my head since along time... so enjoy

Disclaimer: Well as you see I don't own Sailor Moon or anything related to it.

Chapter One: The Revenge of Chaos

A tall beautiful woman was walking down the beach; she could feel the wet sand on her feet. The air breeze was making her hair move, that aqua colour long hair that was all curly. She was happy running up and down the beach but she stood there and looked she was alone and it got cooler and cooler and the sun was hiding making the moon go up the sky but the moon was broken in the middle, she got desperate and started running towards the sea where she thought it was the safest place but the sea was red. She kneeled and tasted it and it was blood, her eyes opened and saw a bunch of bodies on the water floating "NOOOO!!!" she screamed desperately. Michiru opened her eyes and saw herself on a bed she stood up and walked out of the room to a balcony 'It was a dream, it was only a dream' she repeated that to herself on her head while looking out at the dark night. A blonde woman dressed with a man's pyjamas got out and calling her "Michiru? Why are you up?" she waited a reply and nothing "Ok you are mad at me because I didn't wanted to play" the other woman turned "Haruka . I had a nightmare. the sea." she looked at the sea and talked with a low voice and her partner was getting worried since she haven't seen Michiru like that since the big battle with Galaxia "What has the sea? Tell me!!!" Michiru turned "Call Setsuna we are going to Tokyo it is coming" she entered the room pulling Haruka.

"NO! I am late" Serena got out of her house running leaving a smoke track behind her "I am late." she ram as fast as she could and when she arrived to school the gates were close "What?" she kneels and looked for her agenda and looked what day it was "Saturday? I woke up at 8 am on a Saturday!" tears started coming out of her eyes "I have committed the number one sin of a school girl. never. wake up. early on weekends". She decided to head back home while people looked at her and started rumouring: why a girl was in her uniform on a Saturday. 'Things was a lot better before' she remembered all of her friends 'Everyone is making their dream'. After the big battle with Galaxia the Sailors started to make their dreams come true, Amy moved to Europe for a semester, Mina finally used her price at the contest she won to become a singer, Lita finally met the guy of her dreams, Rei was Rei, Setsuna moved to Hotaru's home to help Prof. Tomoe raise his daughter and Haruka and Michiru started their carriers playing the piano and violin. Serena was standing in front of her fiancée 's house and the main door opened and a tall man with black hair came out and made Serena smile "Darien" the man looked at Serena well her uniform "Serena, honey didn't your mom wash your clothes yesterday" Serena nodded her head while she cuddled on his arm "So why the uniform?" Serena looked at it "Oh! Is that I thought today was a school day, I bet it even happened to you a couple of times" Darien looked at her anxious face for a reply "Sure it's normal" at the same time on his head "Nope, never happened". "Darien I want ice-cream" she pulled Darien down the street to the nearest ice-cream shop 'And I thought things changed' said Darien on his head with a drop on his head. A figure appeared walking on the ruins what was once known as Galaxia TV 'So this is the place where Chaos was defeated' that figure had a robe on covering s/he body 'There is a lot of energy on this place' the figure disappeared.

On a dark big room that had red curtains all around it with a big mirror hanging to a wall. The person with the robe appeared and took it off, it was a woman with a long blonde hair, she had dark penetrating eyes and bright red lips she bowed to the mirror "Master there is still a lot of energy left", a black cloud appeared on the mirror and started talking "Marla my sweet daughter ok darkness are you sure pieces of me is still there" the woman nodded "Yes Chaos but it is vanishing since the Silver Crystal grows it's power more and more" she looked at the mirror waiting if she would see something else that isn't clouds "I need that energy to form my new body, but oh I got a little surprise for you" the woman when se heard the word surprise she opened her eyes and jumped of exciment the mirror continued "but he is not ready, for now just go back and win something for me" Marla nodded and left the room.

Darien and Serena were sitting at an ice-cream cream, he looked at Serena eating her fourth sundae "Darling, are you going to eat more ice-cream?" Serena looked seriously at her fiancée "Are you nuts?!" Darien felt a relieve "I am going to eat 6 more, I need my special 10 combo" Serena says this standing on the table holding her spoon like a sword and everyone looking at her and Darien with a big drop on his head taking out the money from his wallet. Suddenly a big explosion was heard outside and both of them, Darien and Serena , ran outside; they saw Marla with two people that looked like guards. Serena and Darien ran into the nearest alley; 'This will attract whoever has the Silver Crystal' Marla looked while the guards terrorized all the people from the street "Hold it right there!" Marla looked up and there was a woman with wings and a very colofurl clothe, it was the legendary Sailor Moon doing her legendary speech ending and poses "In the name of the moon I will punish you!". "Ha ha ha, you know I just lost a part of my life listen to that" she looked a her guards "Attack!" both of the threw a laser towards Sailor Moon but she to protect herself covered her face with her hands but a cape covered her, it was Tuxedo Mask and he makes his make love not war speech. "What is up with you guys and speeches?" she makes a sword appear and throws it at both of them. "Space Sword Blaster" a scream was heard and the sword broke into pieces in mid air, now Sailor Neptune and Uranus appeared and they said their speech of how they belong to a new era "I am really getting old so see ya" she disappears. Both guards headed jumped over both senshis but Neptune took her mirror and didn't think twice in using it "Submarine Reflection!" a body part from the guards started glowing and Tuxedo Mark threw a rose to each of them making them melt. After the fight Darien, Serena, Haruka and Michiru met "Another war is starting" said Michiru with one of Haruka's arm around her so she continued "Something big is happening so you better summon all the senshis back to Tokyo" finishing both of them turned and left, Serena looked at Darien and they didn't said a word to each other because their face described everything.

"Now you saw what I went against with Galaxia on that fight, don't you?" said the mirror to Marla who was cursing and screaming like and spoil girl "Hate them and their speeches!!!" she walked down the room from one side to another kicking the first thing on her way and she stopped and looked at the mirror "And where is my gift?" the mirror started to make an evil laugh "There you go". A man walked from the back of the room, he was wearing an armour like Endymion's with a black cape, he had white hair grabbed on a pony tail and green eyes the mirror introduced him to Marla "Marla meet your new partner. Loutus"

To be Continued.