Chapter Eight: The Death of Venus

"Oh Mina!" said Serena with tears going down her face "I don't know what to do" hearing this Mina stepped forward "Princess there is always a way out... like death" "Yeah, death but then in the dead world I won't eat candies" Serena snapped out of her sad moment "Death? Princess? Mina what type of sick joke is this" she turns and sees Mina with a knife in one hand and an energy ball in her other hand "Well Princess Serena is time to say bye" she throw the energy ball at Serena when suddenly a portal opened between them dissolving the energy ball and two female figures stepped out "I am the warrior of the planet of fire, Sailor Mars back in action" "I come from a dark land covered with the shadows of time, Sailor Pluto" Mina just smiled "Now this is a real battle!" she snapped her fingers and the four figures disappeared.

Marla was sitting quietly in the evil dimension where she lived but she felt a small shock passing through her thoughts "Loutus we have to go, now!" Loutus appeared before her "What happened?".

In a ruined place what once know as Galaxia TV the four females appeared "Now you will all be doomed" Sailor Mars and Pluto stepped in front of Serena protecting her "Serena we can stop her, so go!" yelled Rei "Ready Sailor Pluto?" her partner nodded "Death Scream" Pluto's attack went directly to Mina but she stopped making a dark force field around her "Hahahaha! I killed all you sailors once I can do it again" the force field surrounding her formed into an enormous blast heading towards both sailors and Serena, who didn't get the message of get out of there. The blast reached them and a big explosion occurred which could be seen from far away; Mina waited for the dust of the impact to disappear but she saw that nothing was left of her victims, not even a single dust.

Two women were walking down the park with a little girl and suddenly they heard the impact of the explosion "Haruka papa, what was that?" asked little Hotaru to her elder "I don't know but we must go and check that out, right Michiru?" she asked to the curly haired girl beside her "I always let you lead" she winks.

Meanwhile at the other part of the city Amy and Lita were walking down the street because they didn't have anywhere to go alongside where Luna and Artemis and they also heard the explosion "Luna what was that?" asked the blue haired girl "Yeah, there hasn't been an explosion like that since..." "... Galaxia attack" finished Luna looking back at Lita, who didn't have a nice face since she was saying something smart in front of Amy but couldn't finish, Artemis then intervened "Lita, Amy transform and head to the ruins of Galaxia TV since that thing came from there".

"Damn, where are you hiding?" said Mina looking around the place destroying each place they could possibly be hiding "Don't make me furious", then she heard some finger snapping from behind her 'So you three decided to intervene too' "So the mighty Starlights are back lets see how you will feel this" without even forcing anything she made big peaces of construction material left over float and threw them towards the Starlights. When Mina thought she hurt them she closes her eyes and opened them seeing that the three sailors were in front of her with Pluto, Mars and of course Moon "Poor Chaos you are still too slow for us..." said Healer "... also you never did get us..." said Maker "... and you will never have us" finished Fighter the three of them use each of their attack and sent Mina flying to the floor.

Loutus and Marla showed up and saw their leader hurt "Chaos are you ok?" said Marla helping Mina up meanwhile Loutus was looking at his sister looking at him very furious then he looked down "Phages!" like a hundred phages formed around the Sailors "Make sure you kill all of them" he turned and helped Marla to recover Chaos. "Dead Scream" "Mars... Flame Sniper!" "Star Serious Laser!" "Star Gentle Uterus!" "Star Sensitive Inferno!" were heard several times but the phages seemed to never end and Sailor Moon couldn't do anything since she lost her staff with Galaxia but out of nowhere new powers where heard being invoked "World Shaking!" "Deep Submerge!" "Mercury... Aqua Rhapsody!" "Jupiter... Oak Evolution!" and also "Silent Wall" which protected the sailors and also Moon was fool of joy "My love I am here for you" it was no other that Tuxedo Mask, all of them were working together and minutes passed leaving the way out of phages then all of the sailors where in front of Mina and the other two and Moon stepped forward "Leave our friends body or you will..." Serena stopped when she noticed there was a black force field covering all the ground once known as Galaxia TV "I told you all you won't mess with me again!" she sent a blast sending all the sailors away.

Loutus saw how his sister was hurt but felt defenceless 'Yaten, I know you can hear me' was sending a telepathic message to Healer which was on the floor with all the Sailors 'There is a way to kill Chaos out of Mina's body, Pluto and Mars know the way'. Healer must have got the message because she then stood up and woke up some sailors, and then everyone was up and run to hide on the back of a big rock. "So my brother told me how to stop her" said Healer "Why should we believe him?" a rude Uranus asked "Uranus she is right, I know how" Pluto faced Moon "Mercury, Mars, Moon and Healer will be here planning everything with me the rest of you try to distract Chaos" all of them nodded.

"I am tired of waiting I will go there and pulverise them by myself" Marla and Loutus just stayed there since they knew what happened if they stepped her way, "Space Sword Blaster!" Uranus screamed jumping over Mina with her sword but before even touching her she was sent flying, then Lita tried to be the hero using some kick boxing but her fate was the same as Uranus, Neptune and Saturn showed in front of Mina but before doing something they were beaten up with a single hand movement. Maker and Fighter ran as a shooting star and grabbed both her arms giving chance to Tuxedo Mask to use is magical fighting stick but she was to powerful for the three of them. All of them were defeated and grouped in the floor "Now for the final stage of all of you..." "Wait!" screamed Mars taking out one of her spirit ofuga "Evil spirit be gone" she ran to paste that paper on Mina's forehead but she couldn't do a thing without the "Time Stop!" a small clock formed around Mina not letting her move and Mars reached her putting the paper. "Now Moon is your ti..." said Pluto disappearing. "Chaos!" said Marla and Loutus being stopped by Healer and Mercury. Then Sailor Moon appeared with the Silver Crystal on her hand "Now leave Mina for once" she held the crystal up high 'Please mom let this gift you sent me with your power take evil away from her' the crystal was shinning like never before and all that energy was going up the sky destroying the black force field and all the energy came back down to Mina.

"Nooooooo!" a black thing shadow came out of Mina's body and the whole place stayed bright for a while. After all this happened everyone was literally on the floor Moon with the last drop of strength on her walked towards Mina "Mina, are you ok?" she didn't get any answer "Mina?" Mars walked over to Moon "Sorry but we didn't want to tell you that Mina was going to die after this".