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Chapter 43

Two weeks have passed since Ash caught Chikorita, and since then, the group has continued traveling toward the Violet City, where Ash and Serena will have their second gym battle in Johto Region.

After they came down from the mountain where Ash caught Chikorita, they soon found themselves in Cherrygrove City, where they had a bad run in with a group of Quagsire, who are nearly sacred to the people in the City, and are under the protection and forbidden to be captured.

But the problem was that one of them stole the GS Ball because every year the Quagsire swim down from nearby Blue Moon Falls and take round objects from around the city as a part of a special lunar festival.

Of course, Ash and the others didn't know this, so they ended up wasting time since they went after the Quagsire to the Blue Moon Falls, only for witness the ceremony, and for all the objects to be sent back to the city floating on the river.

It was after they came back to the Cherrygrove City, that they talked to Officer Jenny, and she explained them what happened, and how Quagsire are revered by locals as bio indicators of water quality and symbols of good fortune.

After they learned something that none of them knew, and after they spent the night in the Pokémon Center, the group continued the journey.


"Fennekin, use Flamethrower!" Serena said to her Pokémon, who was in the middle of the battle against a wild Pidgeotto, that Serena decided to catch!

Fennekin quickly blew out a Flamethrower at Pidgeotto, who was in the air, and was able to dodge it since at that height and distance from Fennekin, it wasn't hard to dodge.

Pidgeotto flew at Fennekin, and started flying in circles around her at a high speed, causing a tornado to kick up inside the circle, that pulled Fennekin up in the air, and tossed her around in the tornado.

"Fennekin, get ahold of yourself, and use Flamethrower at the tornado!" Serena yelled.

"How would that help?" Misty asked from the sidelines.

"She's probably hoping to cause the tornado to turn into fire storm, and catch Pidgeotto with it," Ash said.

Fennekin somehow stopped herself from spinning uncontrollably and fired another Flamethrower that was more powerful than the one before, and that used the tornado to super heat itself even more, and started the fire storm that caught not only the surprised Pidgeotto, but also burned down the fifty foot wide circle in the middle of the forest, and left nothing but bare ground there after it was over.

"God damn," Brock said, after he witnessed what Serena and her Fennekin did, while Misty was using her water Pokémon to stop fire from spreading even more and causing more damage. Ash just sighed.

"You went a little overboard," Ash said to Serena, who lowered her head in embarrassment from almost causing the forest to burn down. Fennekin was also a little ashamed, but satisfied by her win, as Pidgeotto was seen lying on the ground covered in burns all over its body.

Serena then threw empty Poke Ball, and captured Pidgeotto, and then let her out so she can be healed a little by Brock.

"You need to learn to control your power better, Fennekin, because you will cause unnecessary damage, and will also exhaust yourself very quickly if you use that much power in one attack," Ash explained to Fennekin, who nodded, and then suddenly started glowing, and increasing in size, while also changing shape.

"Fennekin is evolving," Serena said surprised, as she wasn't expecting Fennekin to evolve for a while.

"Well, she did train a lot more than other starters do by this point, so I can't say I'm very surprised," Ash said.

Fennekin stopped glowing and growing, and in the place of small Fennekin who stood on four legs, now there was Braixen, who was much bigger, was standing on two legs.

"Wow, you look amazing, Braixen," Serena said, while looking her newly evolved Pokémon up and down, and gushing over her because of her look. Misty also joined her in gushing over Braixen, as even though she is a hard-core Water Pokémon lover, she does like cute Pokémon of other types, and Braixen it definitely cute.

Braixen puffed her chest after being told she looks amazing, and seeing how Misty and Serena act around her.

"Just don't let that get to your head," Ash told to Braixen with the smirk, and she looked at him, and nodded.

"Well, that was fun," Brock said. "But we better get going. There is no reason to stay here any longer, and we still have about an hour and a half until we reach Violet City."

The others agreed and then left the ruined part of the forest, with Serena secretly hoping that no one will find out it was her and her Pokémon who almost burned down the forest, as she didn't want to know the amount of money that her mother would have to pay for the damage, and didn't even want to think about punishment that would be waiting her when she gets back home.


Once the group arrived in Violet City, by some crazy situation, they ended up in a Pokémon Academy where they all were asked to teach something to the kids who are learning about Pokémon there.

They spent there a while, teaching them about stuff then knew, like Ash for example taught them about Pokémon battles, and about aura and psychic powers he has, as well as mention his training to be an Aura Guardian. He noticed few kids who could potentially be an aura guardian's, and told their teacher to find someone to teach them about it until they are old enough that they can start training to be Aura Guardians if they want.

Brock taught them about Pokémon breeding, and showed them few things about healing and best cures for some injuries and illness.

Misty talked about her love for Water Pokémon and desire to be water Pokémon master, and some kids were interested after they saw all the water type Pokémon she has.

As for Serena, she talked about her home region, and the Rhyhorn races her mother competed in, and that she learned how to do when she was younger, and few kids also took interest in that, and promised to try it out one day when they go to Kalos as Pokémon trainers.

All of them also visited the nearby Sprout Tower, and heard about its history, and the history of Bellsprout.

All in all, it was interesting day, until one of the kids took too much interest in Ash's Pokémon, and took off to the hills after one of Ash's Eevee, who ran away after the kid tried to capture it with different Poke Ball.

By some lucky coincidence, the kid managed to capture a wild Bellsprout in the forest after he threw Ash's empty Poke Ball at Eevee, and missed.

After that, Ash found him quickly and convinced him to stop chasing after his Pokémon, and that one day, when he becomes a trainer, he will be able to have his own Pokémon.

The kid took Ash's words to heart, and decide to one day start his journey with his Bellsprout, who was more the happy to have a trainer, and one day go on the journey with him.

The rest of the day the group spent with the kids at Pokémon Academy and taught them a few more things.


The next day, after the group woke up in the Violet City Pokémon Center, and had breakfast, they started heading toward the Violet Gym, so Serena and Ash can have their second gym battles in Johto.

"Hey, what's that?" Serena asked as she was looking at the sky, while they were walking toward the gym.

The others looked at where she was looking at, and saw something flying in the sky above the Violet City.

"I don't know," replied Brock. "But if I have to guess, it probably some Pokémon."

"Yeah, it kind of looks like Pidgeot," Misty added.

"It is Pidgeot," Ash said. "But it seems like there is someone riding on it."

"I wonder why someone would ride on Pidgeot." Misty asked.

"It's not really that strange," Ash said, and continued to walk toward the gym, while the others followed. "Trainers do that often with some of their Pokémon who are able to fly and are big enough to carry them."

"I've got to try that someday," Misty said, and Brock and Serena agreed. "I bet it will be so cool to fly around on the back of Pokémon"

"It would be cool, but you would have to catch a flying type Pokémon to be able to fly around." Ash said.

"Won't you let me fly on one of yours," Misty asked with a pout on her face?

Ash looked at Misty, and sighed. "I've got no problem, but that doesn't mean that my Pokémon will let you ride them," Ash explained.

"But don't your Pokémon like me? "Misty asked.

"They do, but that means nothing," Ash replied. "Some of them will probably let you if you ask nicely, but some probably won't even let me."

"Well, I guess I'll just have to ask them, and see," Misty said, and they continued toward the gym in silence.


Fifteen minutes later, and the group was standing in front of really tall building, with many windows on it, and without the normal roof, but with the top part being wider than the rest of the building.

"That's one strange looking gym," Misty said. "It looks more like hotel, or a business building, and not a gym."

"It's probably used for more than one thing," Ash said, and Serena looked at him for an explanation.

"You see, some gyms are only used as such for Pokémon battles, but there are other buildings who have some purpose, and the gym is inside of them. Like for example on Kumquat Island, on Orange Archipelago, the gym is basically an arena inside of the hotel. So, I guess, something similar is here in Violet City."

"I see," Serena said, now understanding.

"Let's go inside and see if there is someone to tell us where to find gym leader," Brock said, and just as he said that, a voice was heard from behind them.

"That would be me." The voice said, and when all four of them turned around, they saw a Pidgeot coming down from the sky, and with some guy riding on it.

Once the Pidgeot flew on the ground, and the guy came down from it, he approached to the group, and introduced himself.

"Hello, my name is Falkner, and I'm the gym leader of Violet Gym!"

"Nice to meet you, I'm Ash," Ash introduced himself, and then the others. "And these are Brock, Misty and Serena. Serena and I are here to challenge you to a gym battle."

"Well, I accept your challenge, Ash," Falkner replied. "Just follow me to the gym, and we can start right away."

Falkner then led them inside of the building, and toward the elevator, when Serena asked. "Were you the one we saw earlier flying on Pidgeot, or is this something trainers do here a lot?"

"It was me," Falkner replied. "I'm the only one who fly's on a Pokémon here in Violet City."

"Is there any special reason you are doing that, or is it just for fun?" Misty asked, after they entered in the elevator, and started heading up.

"I wanted to fly since I was little boy," Falkner said. "So, when I became a trainer, it became possible since my Pidgeot is capable of carrying me."

"I see," Misty said. "Is it good to fly on top of a Pokémon?"

"Trust me, Misty, it's the feeling like no other," Falkner said. "When I'm up there, I feel like I'm on top of the world, and can do anything."

"Now I really want to fly on one of your Pokémon, Ash," Misty said, and Ash sighed.

"Why on his," Falkner asked? "Don't you have any Flying Type Pokémon that can carry you?"

"Actually, I don't," Misty replied. "I want to Water Pokémon master, and most of my Pokémon are water type, I don't have a single Flying Type Pokémon."

"It can be hard sometimes to be a trainer of just one type of Pokémon," Falkner said, after they exited the elevator, and were walking down the hallway. "I only use Flying Type Pokémon, and don't have any other type at all, and as much as I love flying types, sometimes I really need one of the other types, and I have to look for someone else to help me with whatever I need them for."

"I agree," Misty said.

After that, they all came out of the building, and found themselves on top of it, where they is a platform with a battle field on it. "Welcome to the Violet City gym!" Falkner said, and they were all surprised by the look and the location of the gym.

"This is an interesting location," Ash said. "It reminds me a little of Trovita Gym."

"Ha, where is that," Falkner asked, interested to hear if there is some other gym like his.

"Trovita gym is on Trovita Island, on Orange Archipelago," Ash said. "I was there few months ago to have a gym battle, and the gym was located on the flat rock pillar that is rising from the sea, so if Pokémon falls from the battlefield, it goes straight down in the sea, which is similar to here."

"Ah, I see," Falkner said. "Does the gym leader also use Flying Type Pokémon?"

"No, he uses all of them," Ash replied. "He basically allows the challenger to pick three Pokémon he/she wants, and then he uses the same type as the challenger."

"That's most interesting," Falkner said. "I have never heard of a gym leader doing something like that."

"Oh, well, there are many different gyms, and many different trainers, and they all have some preferences," Ash said, and everyone agreed with him.

"Let's start this, then," Falkner said, and went to one side of the field, while the referee showed up, and took the place on the side of the field. "So, who will be first?"

Ash and Serena looked at each other, and Ash asked. "You want to go first?"

"No, it ok, you can go first, Serena replied.

"You sure," Ash asked? "I went first last time."

"Yeah, I'm sure," Serena said.

"OK, if you say so," Ash said, and looked at Falkner. "I'll go first."

Falkner nodded, and Ash went on the other side of the field, and then the referee said.

"This will be a three-on-three battle between the challenger Ash and the Violet City Gym leader Falkner. The battle goes until one trainer loses all of his Pokémon, the gym leader cannot substitute Pokémon, while the challenger can.

"The gym leader choses his first Pokémon!"

Falkner then pulled out one of his Poke Balls, and throw it in the air. "Come for battle, Hoothoot!"

Hoothoot came out of the Poke Ball, and stood ready for battle.

Ash then pulled out his Poke Ball, and released his first Pokémon for the battle. "You are up first, Heracross!"

Once Heracross came out of his Poke Ball, and stood ready for battle, Falkner's eyebrows rose, and he asked. "Why would you choose a Bug/Fighting Type against Flying Type Pokémon, when they are in a big disadvantage?"

"Well, I don't have a big selection of Pokémon currently with me, so I go with what I have," Ash replied. "I could use one of my more powerful Pokémon I have with me, but they still would be at a disadvantage against Flying type's, so I go with Heracross."

"Is that right," Falkner asked? "Well, I would suggest you use your strongest Pokémon, but it's your choice."

"Are you both ready," the referee asked, ready to start the battle?

After both trainers nodded, he said. "BEGIN!"

"Hoothoot, use Tackle," Falkner started first!

"Heracross, dodge, and then use Take Down!" Ash countered.

Hoothoot, flew at Heracross, and dived down at him, trying to hit him, but Heracross dodged, and then flew back at him at a top speed, and slammed right at Hoothoot.

Hoothoot rolled back on the field, all the way to Falkner's legs from the attack.

"Damn, that was a strong attack," Falkner commented. "Can you continue, Hoothoot?"

Hoothoot managed to stand up slowly, and flew back on the field.

"Good, now use Air Slash," Falkner said!

Hoothoot, placed his wings forward, and created a spiraling blue ball of energy in between them and then threw it at Heracross.

"Protect," Ash said."

Heracross created a light green barrier in front of himself, which blocked Air Slash from Hoothoot, who looked shocked at Ash and Heracross along with Falkner.

"Now finish it with Horn Attack," Ash said.

Heracross's horn glowed red, and he flew at Hoothoot with great speed, and hit it with the horn, and threw it back again.

Falkner looked at his Pokémon at the base of his legs, and saw it was passed out from Heracross attack.

The referee saw the same, and announced the end of the round.

"Hoothoot is unable to battle, the winner of first round goes to Heracross," the referee said!

"Great job, Heracross," Ash said. "Just keep it up, let's see how far you can go."

Heracross nodded, and was ready for his next opponent.

Falkner sighed at the loss, and returned his Pokémon. "You are better than I thought, Ash," he said. "I guess I underestimated you, but let's see if you can keep it up like that. Dodrio, you are up!"

Dodrio came out of its ball, and one head started yelling out how it ready to fight, the other not so much, and the third one didn't care.

This cause Serena to sweat drop since she never was Dodrio before and didn't know about them. "This is one weird Pokémon." She commented.

"It is a bit weird when you see it for the first time," Misty said. "But you'll get used to it. "

"BEGIN!" The referee started the round two, and Falkner again went first.

"Dodrio, start this off, with Drill Peck!"

Dodrio jumped into the air, and started to fall toward Heracross, while all three of its heads were ready, and then started spinning like drills.

Ash stood there doing nothing for a few moments making everyone wander what's he thinking, and then suddenly, when Dodrio was close to Heracross, who started believing he should dodge like Ash told him he should be able to tell when to dodge and when not to, Ash said. "Hyper Beam!"

Heracross reacted quickly, and fired a yellow beam from his mouth, which hit Dodrio who was barely two meters away, and sent him flying in the air, and then bouncing on the field, and almost made him fall from the building, but Dodrio stopped just before it can fall down.

"What the fuck?" Falkner said out loud, not believing what's happening.

"Wow, Ash really is not holding back in this fight," Serena commented.

"I guess he wants to test the limits of Heracross, and see how far it went since he caught him," Brock said. "That probably why he left him for the second round when he usually uses all three Pokémon even though he can win almost every gym battle with just one Pokémon."

Dodrio stood back up few moments later, and wanted to continue, but Ash was having none of it, so he finished it.

"Megahorn, now," Ash said!

Heracross's horn glowed bright white, and he flew and slammed at surprised Dodrio, who didn't dodge, or even try to, and was blown backwards again, and this time it stayed down.

"Dodrio is unable to continue, the winner of round two is Heracross," the referee said!

Falkner stood there for a few moments thinking of what the hell happened, and how he could lose two rounds this fast, and then he returned his defeated Dodrio back, with a sigh.

"Did you ever compete in one of the Pokémon League tournaments?" Falkner asked Ash.

"I did," Ash replied. "I competed in Kanto and Orange Islands."

"And how far did you come," Falkner asked again?

Ash was quiet for a few seconds wondering why is Falkner asking this, but then he decided to reply, as he thought it's probably a curiosity that made Falkner ask.

"I won," Ash said. "Both of them."

"I see," Falkner said, and took his final Poke Ball for this match. "Well, I guess that explains how you are so good, and are whipping the floor with me."

"I train my Pokémon very hard, and that's why they are strong," Ash said.

"Everyone trains their Pokémon, Ash," Falkner said. "You just train them better than most trainers."

"If you say so," Ash said with a shrug, and Falkner decided to continue this battle, and at least defeat Heracross, if he can't win the whole match.

"Pidgeot, it your turn," Falkner said, and his most fateful Pokémon came out if its Poke Ball, and flew in the air, ready for battle.

"BEGIN!" The referee said for the third time that day, and most likely the last. At least for this match.

"Pidgeot, use Whirlwind!" Falkner said.

"Agility, and then Fury Attack, Ash countered.

Pidgeot started flapping with its wings, and created a strong gust of wind with them, which tried to pull Heracross, but he evaded the attack with Agility, for a while, until the Whirlwind stopped, and then he went after Pidgeot, with his arms and horn having a little glow, and was about to strike it.

"Dodge, and use Aerial Ace," Falkner said, and Pidgeot dodged Fury Attack from Heracross, by flying in the sky, and then dived back down with great speed, while leaving a white trail behind its wings.

"Megahorn," Ash said, trying to counter the Aerial Ace from Pidgeot!

Both Pokémon collided with one another, and Heracross's Megahorn caused a lot of damage to Pidgeot, because he had the advantage in length of it, and was able to hit Pidgeot before Pidgeot could hit him with Aerial Ace.

"Come on Pidgeot, stand up," Falkner cheered for his Pokémon who was down. "I know you can do it, so stand up!"

Eventually, Pidgeot managed to stand up, and flew back in the air, ready to continue the battle. "Great, not use Wing Attack!" Falkner said.

Pidgeot wings glowed white, and it flew at Heracross, while aiming to hit him with one of its wings, and somehow succeeded, as Heracross wasn't able to dodge the attack, and was sent flying back on the ground.

"Can you stand up, Heracross?" Ash asked his Pokémon, who was trying to stand up, but the damage was not small, and he was close to being done for, as he already battled two times, and even though he won, it still took the energy to do it, especially that Hyper Beam.

He did manage to stand up, and was ready to continue, so Ash called his next move.

"Use Hyper Beam, and then follow it up with Megahorn," Ash said, and Heracross fired an orange and yellow beam of energy from his mouth.

"Dodge, and use Wing Attack again," Falkner said.

Heracross's horn glowed bright white again, and he flew at Pidgeot as fast as he could to build up speed to take it out with this attack.

Pidgeot also flew at Heracross with its wings glowing, and wanted to take him out, but remembering that Heracross has greater reach because of his horn, Pidgeot, just as the two were about to collide with one another shifted slightly to the side to avoided Megahorn, and managed to hit Heracross with one of its wings.

Unfortunately for it, Pidgeot didn't completely evade Megahorn, and Heracross hit it again in the place where Pidgeot's right wing is coming out of its body, causing it the same amount of damage Pidgeot did to him.

Both Pokémon fell to the field, and didn't move any more, as they were both unconscious, so the match was over.

"Both Pidgeot and Heracross are unable to battle, the round ends in a draw, and since the gym leader no longer has any Pokémon left, while the challenger has two, the winner of the match is the challenger Ash!" The referee announced.

Serena, Misty and Brock cheered for Ash after he won, and then approached him and congratulated him.

"Congratulations Ash. That was a nice battle!" Serena said, and Ash nodded in thanks, and returned his Heracross after he congratulated him for the good battle.

"You know, I got to admit, Ash, I have never been defeated this easily in my life," Falkner said, after he came in front of Ash and the others. "As a gym leader I learned to face defeat, but this was ridiculous."

"Well, I trained my Pokémon very hard, and this is the result," Ash replied, and Falkner almost flinched.

"I don't even want to know the kind of training you put your Pokémon through." Falkner said, and the others laughed.

After few moments when everyone stopped laughing, Falkner pulled out the badge, and gave it to Ash. "Here you go, Ash, the Zephyr Badge, and the proof of your win against me in a gym battle."

Ash took the badge, and thanked Falkner.

Falkner then looked at Serena, and asked. "So, you want to battle now, or later? It's the same for me."

"Whenever you want," Serena replied. I'm ready now, but if you want to heal your Pokémon, then we can move it later, or tomorrow."

"Thanks for the offer," Falkner said. "And I think I'll take it, and have my Pokémon healed, and we can fight tomorrow."

"That's fine," Serena said, and then they all walked back to the elevator, and all together, along with Falkner, went to the Pokémon Center.


After the group left the Violet Gym, they came back to the Pokémon Center, with Falkner coming with them so he can have his Pokémon healed from the battle with Ash.

Once he left them in Nurse Joy's care, Falkner left back to the gym, while Ash and the others went to their rooms, where they stayed for a while, but then got bored and decided to go and look around Violet City.

That was how the rest of the day was spent, and after the night came, and the group had dinner, they all went to sleep, as they were exhausted form all the walking, and Serena wanted to be rested for her match against Falkner tomorrow.


In the morning, they got up, finished what they have to do in the bathroom, had breakfast, and then again left toward the Violet Gym, so Serena can have her match.

After they got there, they simply entered inside of the gym, and with the elevator, went on top of the building where the field is, and where Falkner was waiting for them, along with the referee.

"Ah, I see you are here," Falkner said after he saw them. "Good, I just came here expecting you to come."

"Well, Serena was eager for her match, so we came right after breakfast, just like yesterday," Ash said, and Serena looked at him with narrowed eyes, which made him smile, and in the end she pouted.

Serena then went and stood on the same place as Ash did yesterday, while Falkner stood on his own position.

The referee said the rules, and Falkner chose his first Pokémon. "Noctowl, come out for battle!"

Noctowl came, and was ready for battle.

Serena on the other hand looked at Noctowl, and asked. "What Pokémon is that?"

"It's Hoothoot's evolved form," Falkner replied. "I have both Hoothoot and Noctowl, and I often use them both, though Hoothoot is usually the first Pokémon I chose, since it's weaker, and the new trainers have better chances against it, but seeing what Ash did yesterday, and that you are traveling with him, I decided to go with my strongest Pokémon."

Serena frowned at this, and looked at Ash. "Thanks a lot, Ash," she said. "Now I will have a smaller chance of winning the match."

"Think of this as a training," Ash said. "The stronger opponent you face, the better you and your Pokémon will become."

Serena sighed, and took one of her Poke Ball. "Everything about you is just training," Serena said, and then threw the ball in the air, and released her first Pokémon. "Come out Piloswine!"

"Ice Type, ha," Falkner commented. "Interesting choice. It has the type advantage against Flying Types. But let's see if it can win."

"BEGIN!" The referee started the match.

"Noctowl, Air Slash," Falkner said!

Noctowl raised its wings above its head and a spiraling light blue orb of energy forms in between them. It then throws the ball at the Piloswine. As the ball shoots towards Piloswine, the ball become surrounded by a light blue aura.

"Counter it with Ice Beam, Piloswine," Serena countered.

Piloswine formed a ball of energy in between his tusks, and from it several beams shot at Noctowl's attack, and collided with one another, which negated them all, but several beams passed the Air Slash, and went toward Noctowl.

"Dodge!" Falkner said, and Noctowl flew more upwards, and avoided all the Ice Beam's, thus avoiding the damage.

"Piloswine, use Blizzard," Serena said her next move!

Piloswine glowed light blue, and then released a powerful blizzard from his body, which then spread out across the entire field, and the surrounding area, covering the top of the Violet City gym building in blizzard.

The blizzard also surrounded Noctowl, and prevented it from flying freely, and was causing it damage from frostbites.

"Noctowl, use Psychic to protect yourself," Falkner said!

Noctowl's eyes glowed yellow, and it surrounded itself in a psychic aura, which prevented the Blizzard from affecting it, and allowed it to move freely, though it won't last long, and both it and Falkner knew that, so Falkner moved on quickly.

"Use Steel Wing," Falkner said!

While still being surrounded by the psychic aura, which stopped Blizzard from affecting it, both of Noctowl's wings glowed white and it flew at Piloswine with them glowing.

"Use Ancient Power!" Serena said.

Piloswine's body glowed white and he created a silver energy ball in front of his nose. He then fired the ball at incoming Noctowl.

"Dodge while flying, and then hit him with Steel Wing," Falkner said, and Noctowl flew to the side, and avoided the silver energy ball, and when it was about to hit Piloswine, Noctowl released the psychic aura around itself, thus exposing itself to the Blizzard's effects, but if it finish's Piloswine right away with this attack, it will be worth it.

But then Serena said. "Protect!"

In a second, Piloswine created a barrier in front of himself, and Noctowl collided with it, and caused a small explosion, which threw Noctowl backwards toward Falkner, and exposed it completely to the Blizzard, which now it couldn't battle against.

"Oh no, Noctowl," Falkner yelled after seeing his Pokémon hurt by the backlash from colliding with Protect, and was now exposed to the Blizzard!

"Finish it with Ice Beam!" Serena said, and Piloswine shot another Ice Beam, and this time, Noctowl didn't escape, and was frozen in the block of ice, and immediately fell unconscious.

The Blizzard also ended, and the sky and the field were clear again.

"Noctowl is unable to continue to battle, the winner of the first round is Piloswine," the referee said!

"Great job, Piloswine," Serena said, and then asked. "Are you fine to continue?"

Piloswine nodded, and Serena stayed with him, while Falkner sighed, and recalled his Noctowl, and took another Poke Ball.

"Come to battle, Fearow!" Falkner said, and released his second Pokémon in this battle, which is a fierce looking Fearow, who screeched and was ready to battle.

"Well, that's one tough looking Fearow," Ash commented.

"Yeah, it is," Brock said. "Let's see how Serena handles it."

"BEGIN!" The referee started the second round.

"Fearow, use Hyper Beam," Falkner said!

Fearow, flew a little higher in the sky, and fired an orange-yellow beam at Piloswine.

"Use Protect again, Piloswine," Serena said!

Piloswine quickly protected himself with the barrier like earlier, and Hyper Beam collided with the barrier, but unlike earlier when Noctowl bounced back from the barrier, this time, Hyper Beam actually cracked it, much to Serena's and Piloswine's surprise.

Falkner grinned at this, and continued to push on with the next attack. "Now use Drill Run and break through the barrier!"

Fearow rotated its body quickly while in the air, and flew while at the same time was spinning at Piloswine, and broke through the cracked barrier, and collided with Piloswine, dealing him massive damage from the spinning beak.

Piloswine rolled backward few meters, and stayed on the ground, though he was trying to stand up.

"Are you ok, Piloswine," Serena asked? "Can you keep up?"

"Piloswine pushed up while nodding his head, that he is fine and can continue, even though he was badly damaged from Fearow's attack.

"Why did Protect fail," Misty asked Ash?

"Because Piloswine didn't perfect it yet, and the power of Hyper Beam, and then Drill Run was enough to break through," Ash replied.

"Let's finish this of, Fearow, use Quick Attack!" Falkner said, deciding to end this round as quickly as possible, and not allow Piloswine to recover.

Fearow flew at Piloswine at a fast speed. While flying, there was a white trail of energy left behind it.

"Come on, Piloswine, use Ice Shard," Serena said quickly, and even quicker, Piloswine used all of the remaining strength he had, to create a glowing, light blue ball of ice in front of his nose and fired it at the Fearow, who was just about to hit him, and end the match.

Instead, Fearow was hit dead on, and glowed light blue and become completely frozen, and then fell on the ground.

"What the hell!" Falkner yelled, not believing that his Pokémon was defeated just like that and in one move, that was more luck then ability from Piloswine's part.

"Fearow is un..." the referee started to say, but then Piloswine fell down as well, and passed out from exhaustion.

"Both Fearow and Piloswine are unable to continue, so the second round is a tie," the referee said!

Serena sighed, and returned her Pokémon back. "You were great, Piloswine," she said to the Poke Ball. "I'm proud of you."

Falkner on the other hand, just stood there, and still couldn't believe how he lost a round he already had in the bag.

"Falkner!" The referee yelled, and Falkner looked at him. "You need to choose your next Pokémon."

Falkner looked at him for a few more moments, and then realized he was just standing there, and shock his head to clear his mind, then coughed a little, and returned his Fearow in the Poke Ball, and took his last Ball for this match.

"Sorry about that," he apologized. "I just can't believe I lost that round. I thought I had it won."

"You though it was over and let our guard down," Serena said. "That's probably the only reason Piloswine's attack worked."

"I guess you are right," Falkner said. "But anyway, let's finish this. Come on out, Charizard!"

Falkner released his final Pokémon, which turned out to be Charizard, and that's powerful looking one.

"You have Charizard," Serena asked surprised?

"Yeah, I do," Falkner replied. "It is my strongest Pokémon, and I'm sure he will defeat both of your remaining Pokémon, won't you, Charizard?"

Charizard roared, and nodded, and then glared at Serena and stood ready for battle.

Serena gulped, and thought about which Pokémon to use next.

"I planned for Pidgeotto to be my second Pokémon in the battle today, but she won't stand a chance against this Charizard, so I better go straight to the third Pokémon I planned," Serena thought, and took a Poke Ball.

"Dragonair, you are up," Serena said, and released her second Pokémon, Dragonair.

Dragonair, came out of his Poke Ball, and floated in the air across from Charizard, and got ready for battle, which he knew it was going to be a tough one.

"You've got a Dragonair," Falkner said, stunned. "I can't believe that a starter trainer got one of them. You are really lucky."

"I truly am," Serena replied, and then after they both confirmed to the referee that they are ready, he started the match.

"Charizard, use Flamethrower!" Falkner said.

"Dragonair, use Dragon Breath!" Serena countered.

Both Pokémon then fired their attacks, Charizard a powerful looking Flamethrower from his mouth, and Dragonair a green beam of energy, which shot from the ball he formed in his mouth.

The two attacks collided, and after they pushed a little while at each other, they both exploded, and sent shockwaves around the field, but Pokémon were not affected, and just stood ready to continue.

"Charizard, use another Flamethrower, and then follow it up with Steel Wing," Falkner said.

Charizard, again fired another Flamethrower, and while the attack was going at Dragonair, its wings glowed white, and it flew at Dragonair.

"Dragonair, dodge the Flamethrower, and then use Iron Tail," Serena said, and Dragonair escaped from the fire attack in the last moment, and then while Charizard was coming at him with his wings glowing, Dragonair's tail gained silver color, and he then slammed it at the incoming Charizard.

Dragonair's tail ended up hitting Charizard right across the head, and slammed it right on the ground, which surprised Falkner at how quickly Dragonair reacted, but also he realized it was great move from Serena to use Iron Tail, as Dragonair, is much longer than Charizard, and has greater reach then the fire Pokémon.

"Hang tough, Charizard, and counter it with Fire Spin," Falkner said!

Charizard quickly rose the head from the ground, and even though most of its body was still on the floor, it took a deep breath and fired a powerful flame from its mouth, that went at surprised Dragonair, while twisting around.

Fire Spin managed to hit Dragonair, and sent him down on the floor, just like he sent Charizard before.

"Damn, that was unexpected," Serena commented. "I wasn't expecting Charizard to react so quickly and for Iron Tail to cause so little damage."

Both Pokémon managed to stand up, even though they both received powerful attacks head on, but none of them wanted to give up, so the continued to battle.

"Charizard, use Heat Wave," Falkner said!

"Dragonair, use Protect!" Serena said, trying to protect her Pokémon, and then counter if she gets the chance.

Charizard created orange ball in its mouth, and it releases a wind of flames at Dragonair from the ball, but the barrier that surrounded Dragonair from all sides, managed to protect him from being scorched, and after the Heat Wave disappeared, Serena countered.

"Thunder Wave," Serena said!

Dragonair released a blue electricity from his horn, which then wrapped around Charizard, and on top of zapping him, and causing him damage after the electric rope disappeared, it also caused it to become paralyzed for a while, which Serena wanted to exploit and win the match.

"Great job, Dragonair, now use Dragon Rage," Serena said!

Dragonair heard this, and since he also wanted to use this opportunity to win before Charizard recovers from being paralyzed, he used a great deal of his power and the orb on his neck glowed and he sent a swirling cyclone towards Charizard, who was struggling on the ground to move, but couldn't, even though Falkner was telling him to dodge.

Dragonair's attack collided with Charizard, and caused an explosion, which sent Charizard flying backwards for a few meters, until it stopped near the end of the roof, of the building.

Everyone looked at Charizard to see if it will stand up, or if it was finished, and since it didn't move for a few moments, and didn't show signs of being consciousness, the referee called the match.

"Charizard is unable to battle! The winner is Dragonair, and the winner of the match is Serena!" The referee announced, and Serena yelled loudly, glad that she was able to win this match.

"Well done, Serena," Misty said after she came in front of her, along with Ash and Brock. "That was a great battle."

"Thanks, Misty," Serena replied. "Though it was tough, I will admit that."

"Well, Falkner did say he was using his strongest Pokémon, so I'm not surprised," Brock said.

Falkner then showed up, and congratulated Serena on a well-deserved win, which proved she is a good trainer in the making, and she can only become better as the time passes.

He then gave her the badge, and after he congratulated her again, she thanked him for the good battle and for the badge, and after she and the others said good bye, they left the gym, and went back to pick their things from Pokémon Center, and after that they will continue their journey.