"I would really like you to massage my feet now, Servant."

The man faced the empress with furor.

"My name is…"

"Your name is Servant, servant", Qiyana said. She lifted her leg and put her bare foot on the man's naked chest. "And you are going to massage my feet."

Servant sighed and looked down, facing the emerald green toenails on Qiyana's dark skinned foot. He swallowed dry, feeling the tingling in his intimacies intensify more every second that creamy sole remained glued to his chest.

"I still don't get what you're waiting for, Servant." Her foot went up to his face and her short toes caressed his cheek. A mixed scent of leather and lavender swirled into his nose. "I don't get why your hands are not on my foot."

Servant raised his hands to start the massage, but Qiyana said, "No-no-no. You took too long. Now you're going to have to kiss my foot before beginning."

There was a sigh of impatience. Servant faced Qiyana's golden eyes, observing the contrast between the flawless curly white hair and the brown skin. Then he held the empress' foot with his left hand and brought it close to his mouth. He glued his lips on that sole's ridiculously soft flesh, then kissed the top of the foot. Qiyana smiled, satisfied.

Servant sank his thumbs deep into her sole. His fingers were nearly swallowed by the flesh as they slid through the silky skin. Qiyana felt the first wave of pleasure and gave in, sinking on the armchair and sighing a moan.

"Just like that, Servant. It feels good."

He nodded, even if her closed eyes didn't allow her to see it, and applied more pressure while sliding down to her heel. He saw Qiyana's eyes roll up; he saw her bite her red lower lip.

She looked back at him with a smirk. "My toes would also like some love, Servant."

The man didn't protest as he went up to her fleshy, short toes. With the tip of his thumb, he rubbed, with mastery, their underside. When the joints began to pop, the empress' moan came out louder.

"Here", she said, raising her other foot to his hands. Servant nodded and kissed the foot he was already massaging before moving to the other one. Qiyana laughed at that. "Weird. I don't remember having asked you to kiss my feet now." She moaned when he restarted the massage on her other foot. "Not that I'm complaining, of course. I think you're enjoying this too. Don't you think so?" Servant didn't know what to answer, so he remained silent. "Don't you think so?" Qiyana insisted. "Because I think you're very much enjoying touching my bare, little feet. I think you're enjoying pressing your thumbs against my soft soles and popping my pretty, cute toes. Don't you think?"

Still confused and nervous, Servant said only, "Yes".

"Yes what? Forgive my bad memory." Qiyana had a perverted smile on her face.

"I am enjoying massaging your feet."

"My bare little feet, you mean. Didn't you mean that, Servant?"

He swallowed dry. "Yes, Your Highness. I am enjoying massaging your little feet."

"Bare little feet", Qiyana reinsured.

"Bare little feet."

"And pressing your thumbs against my soft soles."

Servant rubbed her sole, which, surprisingly, didn't differ from the brown skin. Logically, she'd have pale soles — as well as palms — in contrast with her dark skin, but that, for some reason, didn't seem to happen. "And pressing my thumbs against your soft soles. And popping your little toes."

"What a good boy you are. Giving your empress' feet such a delicious massage and even remembering the words. I don't even feel outraged by that hard cock of yours."

Servant gasped, suddenly terrified, and stared at his groin. At the blatant bulge caused by his treacherous member.

"Oh, yes, Servant, I saw it. It's there since I placed my foot on your chest. But no, I don't mind", Qiyana said. "If you continue to give your best at that delicious massage, then maybe, who knows, I can give you an even more delicious reward afterwards."

Servant's eyes widened and his fingers froze. "Y-Your highness?"

"Did I tell you to stop? Rub my foot now. Yes. Just like that." The smile on her face was apparently eternal. "How would you like your reward, Servant? Do you want to do it with my feet, huh? Do you want to feel my soft soles somewhere special?"

Knowing she didn't accept silence as an answer, Servant solely replied, "Yes."

"Do you want to hydrate my feet with a special lotion, Servant? I'd love that."

"Yes. Yes, Your Highness, that's what I want the most…"

Qiyana's other foot flew to his face. Servant took the kick and fell to his side on the stone floor. The empress' laugh echoed like a vague reverberation in his stunned head.

"Then put that snake out, you pervert pig."

Servant ignored the pain and lowered his pants. He threw them away as fast as he could, panting desperately as his thick cock throbbed, releasing ropes of precum which ran down his length. Qiyana placed the tip of her fingers against her lips, facing the purple, engorged head.

"Oh my. You are big." She stretched her right leg and touched his tip with her toes. Servant let out a cry of pleasure, getting a mocking laugh in response. His hand went instinctively to his still aching cheek, so Qiyana stretched her other foot and placed it there. "Aww, don't worry, puppy. Your cheek will be fine", she said, caressing his cheek with her foot. The texture, the touch, the smell… It all made Servant moan again and sigh as if all of his burdens could leave his body through his breath. Down there, her smooth sole caressed the side of his cock, going up until her toes squeezed his glans and then down until they delicately — such in a non-Qiyana way — played with his balls.

The foot which touched his cheek joined the other one. When Qiyana wrapped his cock with both of her feet and started stroking it, Servant nearly screamed. He slammed the floor once with his hand; his back arched and his hips pushed upwards, as if he was trying to hump her feet by himself. As he had previously realized, Qiyana's smile was eternal. It remained stamped on her face without wavering, revealing her perfect teeth as her gaze remained focused on the thick cock pulsating between her soles.

Her feet went up and down, neither slowly nor fast — slowly enough so Servant could feel every moment and every inch of the pillow-soft flesh around his most sensitive areas, and fast enough so he could feel himself closer and closer to an orgasm every second. The pleasure was insane and dizzying, but not only because the feet stimulating his thirsty cock were heavenly soft and smooth and perfect. It was because they were Qiyana's feet. They were the feet of the Empress of Elements; the most beautiful, venerated and divine woman in all Ixtal, which was, for some incomprehensible reason, giving a random, meaningless servant a footjob. Granting him the privilege of being sexually stimulated by her bare feet.

"Oh, mistress…" Servant moaned unstoppably, feeling waves of imminent trance every time Qiyana's unbelievable feet wrapped around his sensitive head. His hand caressed her leg, going to her calve and up her knee.

But she slapped his hand.

"What I'm doing now is enough touching for you, Servant." She sounded utterly serious, though she didn't stop moving her feet. "And it's empress, not mistress."

"Understood, empress…" He moaned again when Qiyana exerted a strong, intentional pressure on his tip, sending him to the brink of insanity. "Unders… tood…"

"You know what I think, Servant?" she said, suddenly slowing her pace, though not stopping at all. "I think you're about to cum."

"I am, empress… I am about to…"

"But why should I let you do that?" Her pace was now so slow it was nearly ceasing, though it didn't actually cease. It was just maddeningly slow, in a way Servant's cock started throbbing faster and faster. "Why should I grant you the unimaginable pleasure of getting an orgasm from my feet?"

"Oh, empress, oh, don't… Please, please", he pleaded, his muscles contracting. "I'm so close, empress Qiyana… Please, please let me cum…"

"Convince me, puppy." Then she definitely stopped. Servant screamed. "Convince me by promising: will you volunteer to massage and kiss my feet every time I ask you to do it? Will you stop doing any activities you might be practicing to come to your empress' room and give her as many foot massages as she wants?"

"I will, I will!" Servant yelled. "I'll do whatever you like, whenever you like, how many times you like, just… Just please, please let me cum… Please…" Then his mind conceived an idea; what could be the difference between being left frustrated and agonized and fulfilling his desires and needs. "Let me, please, cum while being stroked by your bare, little feet, empress… Let me cum on your soft soles and pretty, cute toes…"

Qiyana let out a loud, high-pitched laugh. Then her pace returned — her feet once more wrapped around Servant's cock, going up and down, up and down. her soles clapped noisily against his groin and testicles, and there was a squeak of wetness while her skin slid through his, lubricated by the precum… Servant groaned, then yelled, then moaned, then panted — his hips thrusted upwards one last time, and his cock throbbed as violently as never before…

Then, from the tip of his urethra, semen fired up.

It went so high it nearly hit the ceiling. Uncountable, insane ropes of white left his member and bathed Qiyana's bare feet. She continued to stroke him as fast as before even as he came, groaning and moaning, thrusting and convulsing. When it was over, Servant's mind was so overloaded with pleasure he could do nothing but stare at the inside of his own eyelids and pant as if he had ran up and down all the stairs of the temple. Qiyana remained laughing, then slowly ungripped his cock in order to rub her feet one against the other, feeling the creamy, sticky semen soaking her skin, sliding between her toes, dripping down on Servant's own cock and belly.

"I really hope that felt good, Servant. You are a good servant, you know that? And good servants receive good rewards."

He tried to tell her how immensely, unbearably good it felt, but the words wouldn't leave his mouth. His cock was still rock-hard, as if it begged for more.

"Now go get some water and some tissues, Servant. Clean my feet for me. After all that exercising, they do need another massage."

He managed to nod. Slowly getting his strength back, he stretched for his pants, but Qiyana said, "No, Servant. Go as you are."

"But, empress, I'm…"

"Naked, yes, and that's why you'll go as you are", she said. "Let everyone know how good of a Servant you are, and how good of an empress you serve, and how good of a reward you got from your good services."