Olivia followed Fin and Carisi up the steps towards an apartment on the third floor. She had to admit a slight rush as they headed towards the front door, she hadn't been out of her office as much as she usually liked to over the last few weeks and while she loved being the boss she missed being out there every single day in the action.

This case was different though; she'd arrested John Delany ten-years-ago when he'd raped and attempted to murder his ex-girlfriend, Abigail. He was a thoroughly 'evil piece of shit', as her long AWOL ex-partner had described him at the time, who had got off on a technicality when a temporary ADA had side-stepped a trial in favour of a deal for five-years and his name on the registry.

Olivia thought back to the case briefly as they ascended the stairs and her mind drifted to their current ADA, she couldn't help but think that if Barba had been on board back then he would have taken the vile excuse for a human being to court and sent him down for a maximum sentence.

Fin looked back at Olivia as they approached the door and nodded, she nodded in return at focused in on the moment. Carisi counted down silently and then they both kicked down the door.

As the heavy wood bounced back off the cheap plaster walls they rushed forward. Olivia heard a noise towards the back of the apartment and pointed Fin and Carisi left and right, before walking straight-ahead with her gun raised.

"AMANDA? We're looking for Amanda Fallon…" She said loudly as she walked through the apartment towards what she suspected was a back bedroom.

"Clear!" She heard Carisi shout from the right.

She took a few more steps towards the door and heard Fin's echoing, "Clear!" From the left.

This meant that if someone was in this apartment she was likely to be walking towards them, her senses sharpened further and she called out again, "Delany - I need you to step out here slowly with your hands up…"

She held her gun securely as she twisted slightly to open the door, she didn't want to risk kicking it open just in case Amanda was in her path.

As she turned the handle and pulled, the door flew open and knocked her backwards. The next few seconds went by in a blur - she heard Fin shout, felt a soul-shaking blow to the back of her head and then heard a shot.

"Liv…" Fin's anxious voice stirred her and Olivia blinked in the darkness.

"What…where am I?" Olivia asked and winced, her head hurt like hell.

"God, Liv…I think ya passed out a second, don't do that to me!" Fin said with obvious panic still in his tone.

"What?" Olivia blinked again and looked toward the sound of his voice.

"We've called a bus for Delany, I took him down but he's gonna be okay…damn, you okay? You still look out of it..." Fin asked cautiously.

Olivia's mind raced, "I don't understand..." she tried to stand and then felt Fin hold her back.

"Woah, Liv…careful!"

"I don't…" Olivia gasped and blinked again, pushing back at Fin in confusion and fear, "I don't understand…"

"Liv, what? You're startin' to freak me out!" Fin said firmly and held her in place.

"W-why are the lights out? How long have I been out? W-why is it so dark in here?!" She gasped and looked around desperately.

Fin felt sick and reached out to cup her face, "Liv, hold still. I'm right here…"

Olivia froze still and stared straight ahead, "Fin…I…I…I…"

She heard him take a deep breath and then speak slowly and quietly, "Liv, you tellin' me you can't see nothing?"

His heart broke when he watched a tear roll down her cheek.

"I…" she paused and looked around pointlessly, "I can't…I can't…I don't…"

She heard a noise in the corner and turned towards it in instinctive panic.

"Guys, ya'll need another bus. We need you here. Lieutenant Olivia Benson, blow to the head…" Olivia heard him pause and then he continued quietly, "…she can't see anything."

She reached out in panic when she heard and felt Fin move away.

"I'm right here, Liv, I swear…they're just gonna have a look at you…sure it's a concussion or something, yeah?" She heard him direct the question at the medics but could also hear the panic in his voice.

"Olivia," a kind voice said to her softly, "…I need you to look straight-ahead…can you see anything at all? Shapes? Lights?"

Olivia shook her head and the stranger held her still.

"Can you just stay very still for me, Olivia?" The voice said softly.

She nodded tearfully and reached her hand out. She couldn't remember if she'd ever held Fin's hand, and if she had how many years it had been, but she recognised it immediately when it slipped into hers.

"I'm here, Liv…" He said softly and Olivia felt tears escape her eyes.

"We're going to take you straight in, Olivia," the strange voice said and then directed at Fin, "…you coming with her?"

"Yes…" she heard him turn and shout back, "Carisi, I'm goin' with Liv!"

"Call me!" Carisi shouted back, clearly equally concerned but taking control of Delany so that everyone else could concentrate on Olivia.

"Okay…okay…" Olivia said weakly and started to stand.

"No, no, no..." the medic said quickly, "…we're going to need you to stay as still as possible. We're going to get you onto a chair, Olivia, and then carry you down. I understand that this is going to be scary and disorientating for you, but you're going to have to trust us…and your friend is going to be there with you the whole time."

Olivia nodded shakily and closed her eyes, "I…" she started to speak and then stopped.

"Is there anyone you want to call? To be there for you at the hospital?" The voice asked and Olivia opened and closed her mouth. "Husband? Partner? Friend?"

Olivia felt more tears slip down her cheeks, she opened and closed her mouth again as she heard the chair being moved into place by who she assumed was the other medic.

"No…I…no…I…" She was breathing in short breaths now, clearly trying to control her panic as two strangers helped her into a chair and then strapped her in.