With Noah long since tucked up in bed Olivia sat with her back resting against the headboard as Barba gently applied a layer of aloe vera gel over the left side of her forehead, down past her eye and just over her cheekbone.

"You called Fin," he observed with a smile, "…you're amazing."

"Because I made a call?" She smirked.

"Because in a highly stressful situation, almost completely blind, and with scalding hot coffee all over your face...you still managed to call Fin," Barba explained with an amused smile.

"We were lucky that I had the phone in my hand, I think the rest was muscle memory," she shrugged and dismissed his praise. "You know I talked to Fin earlier? It seems that she'd intended to take Noah from the start, our constraints just meant that she needed to plan a new approach."

Barba sighed sadly, "I'm sorry, Liv, I know how much giving Noah that opportunity meant to you."

Olivia shrugged, "I don't know, I think I just became a little focused on giving Noah a village...or at least more than just me to rely on."

"You'll never be just anything, Liv...to me or Noah," he assured firmly.

She smiled and sought out his hand, finding it near her thigh and linking their fingers, "Family is more than blood, Rafael. I think we both know that better than most…and look at the family he already has." She squeezed his hand, "Family by choice."

He smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear, leaning in to blow cool air lightly on her burn.

"How does it look?" She asked and turned the burnt side of her face towards him.

"I don't think it's going to blister…" he observed with a soft whisper and then lightly pressed his lips just below the angry red patch on her cheek. "We could get you a temporary Phantom mask? I know you love that show…" He cut short and closed his eyes with regret, hoping that she didn't take his light teasing the wrong way, "Not that you would ever need it, you're gorgeous."

Olivia smiled and shook her head, the thought hadn't even crossed her mind, she could almost see the look of adoration in his voice when he spoke to her. "I've heard you sing remember? In another life, you would have made the perfect angel of music…" She moved a little closer and nuzzled the side of his face, "a little higher," she guided and then licked her bottom lip when she felt his mouth move up to brush with the lightness of a feather over her sensitised and scolded flesh. "Better already…" she added with a slightly tearful smile.

"How are you feeling?" Barba asked, bringing his free hand to her waist as he placed the aloe tube on her bedside table and then shifted a little closer.

"How am I feeling?!" Olivia asked with an emotional burst of laughter. "You have a concussion, the woman hit you with her gun and then held it to your head…while you focused all of your attention on protecting my son," Olivia moved forward and rested her forehead on his shoulder. "You have no idea how terrified I was, Rafa."

"Exactly, at least I could see what was happening…your son was in the room with an unstable woman holding a gun, I can't even imagine how terrified you must have been…" Barba spoke with hushed tones and pulled her close.

"I could see your shadows - you on the floor with Noah, Sheila holding the gun…" Olivia said with a shudder at the memory.

"I would never have let her hurt him…" he reassured firmly.

Olivia gasped and let out a harsh laugh, "Jesus, Rafa! Don't you think I know that? I knew he was on that floor with you, even though I couldn't get to him I never doubted for one second that you would put yourself in harm's way to protect Noah…"

"Liv…" Barba tried to interrupt.

"…But to have found this," she said tearfully, "…to have found this with you and then to have lost you. Rafa, I can't even begin to process what that would have done to me…or to Noah. I'm not even sure I can face trying to..."

"Liv…" Barba sighed.

"Just hold me," Olivia said tearfully. "I don't want to talk about today right now…or Sheila…I don't even want to talk about Noah. He's safe in his bed. I just want to hold you and spend the evening reassuring myself that you are really here…that you aren't the product of my own broken psyche." She rocked a little and Barba's arms tightened around her, a little terrified by how weak and lost she sounded.

"Liv, move back a little and let me look at you?" Barba asked quietly.

Olivia forced herself to loosen her grip and let him move away, feeling his eyes roam around her face. She could see his familiar outline and moved forward a little, working to relax her eyes and then seeing the line of his nose and the cut of his jaw. "I wish I could see you," she said sadly for what felt like the hundredth time. She brought her hand up to trace down the side of his face, then across to brush over his lips. She felt his mouth turn up in a familiar smile and then pucker against her fingers.

Barba had an idea and ran his own fingers into her hair. "Lie back for me?" He asked softly.

"We can't…your head…" Olivia started to argue.

"I won't get too carried away, I promise. I know that you long to connect visually…but just let me touch you…" Barba whispered.

Olivia moved down the bed, completely putting herself into his hands. She felt him carefully pull up her top and slip it over her head, before unclipping and disposing of her bra. Then her pants and underwear were gently tugged down her legs and disposed of along with her socks.

"Rafael…" Olivia whispered tearfully.

"Lay back and close your eyes for me…" Barba reassured and leaned to press his lips to her temple as she reclined on the bed.

Olivia focused on the feeling of his lips on her face and smiled a little as her head came to rest on the pillow, then her mouth opened on a silent gasp when his tongue flicked out lightly and tasted her skin.

"I'm going to take care of you, Liv…" He whispered calmly. "Turn over and face down…"

Olivia turned without question, then lay her head to the left on the pillow so as to avoid her burn.

"Are you comfortable?" He asked softly.

Olivia smiled and nodded.

Barba quickly stood to kick off his shoes, he tugged off his socks before removing his pants and shirt, then returned to the bed in just his undershirt and boxers.

Olivia felt his knee touch her hip and shuddered.

"Are you cold?" Barba checked.

She smirked and shook her head, "I'm not cold, Rafa…" she replied softly and felt tears well in her eyes at his concern.

He reached over and opened a drawer, finding a bottle of lavender oil and pouring a little into his hand, he rubbed his palms together and moved to start caressing her calf muscles with slow calming strokes. Then he moved over her heel, pushing his thumbs into the muscles and then down the sole of her feet…stretching and smoothing the skin…

"God, Rafael, that feels wonderful…" Olivia smiled and licked over her bottom lip.

"I haven't even got to the good bits yet…" Barba smiled and leaned to brush his lips just under the crease of her ass.

Olivia gasped and arched up a little, "Jesus, Rafa, when you're touching me they're all the good bits…" she groaned and pushed her ass impatiently towards him.

Barba chuckled and then hummed as his fingers moved firmly up her legs, he stroked confidently against the backs of her knees. "Oh, trust me, I know that…" he retorted and felt his heartbeat quicken when her feet curled up towards him.

He reached for the oil again, poured a little more onto his hand and then lifted his knee to straddle her legs. He leaned to stroke the oil over her back, working into her muscles and smoothing out from her spine with his hands. He kissed her skin, "Your back is perfect…" Barba observed quietly as his lips traced up her spine and in between her shoulder blades. Then he moved up and slowly massaged her shoulders.

After a few minutes, his hands moved back to her waist and then smoothly slid around her hips and… "…your ass is also heavenly…" he added with an audible smile as his hand smoothed over the globes firmly and caused Olivia to turn her head and groan loudly into the pillow.

"Jesus, Rafa…" Olivia hissed.

"Seriously, I made every effort not to objectify my best friend…but there have been times that I couldn't stop my eyes from following your ass out of the room," Barba teased and grazed his teeth lightly over one of her cheeks.

Olivia forced out a breathless, "God, me too!"

He grinned, "Olivia Benson has the hots for my ass?"

She laughed a little against the pillow, feeling simultaneously lighter and overwhelmed by how easily her lover had lifted her fears. "I hate when you leave, but I love to watch you go…"

Barba laughed at her cheesy joke but then made Olivia gasp when his tongue swiped a long line up her spine.

She felt his solid cock against her ass as he leaned down and brushed her hair aside. "Turn back over for me…" he whispered in her ear and then waited as she turned up to face him.

Barba leaned down to kiss her lips, "I'm going to keep my eyes closed now, Liv, I swear…I won't open them once…"

Her breath caught as his lips trailed down her neck, taking his time to kiss, lick and nip lightly over every sensitive spot that he'd memorised and then hovering whenever he discovered somewhere new.

He kissed into the well of her throat and then flicked his tongue out causing Olivia to shudder.

"Are you…okay…?" She hissed breathlessly, still a little concerned about him.

"I'm so much better than okay," Barba assured as he moved to smile against the dip just above her clavicle. He took a deep breath and luxuriated in the scent combination of lavender and pure Olivia...before he descended further.

His lips traced down to her sternum and then she gasped and arched her back on the bed when his lips encircled one of her taut nipples. "Fuck, Rafa!" She hissed and then dragged her teeth over her bottom lip.

Humming softly Barba sucked and then grazed the sensitive nub with his teeth, flicking his tongue along the underside before moving to the other breast and biting down lightly on her flesh.

"I'm also rather attached to your breasts," Barba muttered against her skin and grinned.

"Literally…" Olivia replied with a smile and then gasped as a shot of lightening seemed to rush down to her core and short circuit her brain. Just at that moment Barba pushed his cock against her clit and surprised her with a sudden and completely unexpected orgasm.

She rolled her eyes back in her head and strained towards him as a wordless scream escaped her mouth, then she slumped back and dropped her arm down next to her head.

Barba reached up to link their fingers together on the pillow and then moved up to give her a slow and exploring kiss. His other hand moved to hold her hip as he braced above her and possessed her mouth until all she could do was groan in request for air.

He pulled back, his eyes still resolutely closed, as promised, and ran his nose against hers affectionately, "You're beautiful…" he whispered softly and Olivia knew that this time he wasn't talking about what he saw with his eyes.

"Make love to me…" Olivia asked almost silently.

"I already am…" He replied earnestly and then began his journey back down her body. "I could do this every single day of my life…" Barba muttered against her belly and then slowly moved across to lick her hip bone in a slow and thorough exploration.

"Please…oh, God!" She gasped when he discovered a surprisingly sensitive spot on her hip and then flicked his tongue out experimentally. She arched towards him before finally completing her thought, "…Please…do!"

Barba nuzzled his nose gently into the crease at the top of her thigh, "Sure…" he replied with a lazy smile and then shocked her by moving his head between her legs and swiping his tongue suddenly through her folds.

"Raf…!" She groaned and gripped tightly onto the hand still laced with hers, she widened her legs and shuddered when his lips settled around her clit. "Oh fuck, Rafa…" she gasped as another sudden orgasm hit her like a warm wave through her body.

After a few moments, he kissed the inside of her thigh and then made his way slowly up her body, stopping briefly to suck one of her nipples into his mouth. When they were finally level Olivia stretched up to kiss him and reached down to the band of his boxers.

"Raincheck, Carino?" Barba said sleepily and kissed along her jaw. "I just want to sleep," he dropped to her side and curled against her, his head coming to rest just below her chest and causing Olivia to remember his injury.

"Are you okay, sweetheart? Maybe this was a bad idea?" Olivia asked and ran her hand from just below where she knew his stitches to be.

Barba smiled and turned to sleepily press his lips to her stomach. "I feel good, mi amor, I swear. No headaches, no dizziness, no nausea…but this was just about you…and we've had a long day. Let's sleep…"

Olivia leaned down to press her lips to the top of his head, "Sleep, mi vida…" she whispered soothingly and then listened to his breathing level out as her mind drifted back to what she could have lost.

The next morning, Olivia woke to find herself tucked under the covers with Barba spooned behind her. She realised that he must have woken during the night and made them both a little more comfortable.

She turned and kissed his lips, blinking her eyes and finding that from this close she could see his responding smile for the first time since her attack. She moved her hand up to trace her fingers over his lips and then kissed him again.

"Hey…" he murmured sleepily, and then must have blinked his eyes because his mouth turned down slightly with worry. "Hey, are you okay?"

Olivia realised that she must have tears in her eyes so quickly smiled and shook her head, "I can see your smile…" she whispered tearfully, and then as though her mind had only just had the time to catch up she looked up quickly and stared into his eyes. Her eyesight was still blurry, but it focused a little and she blinked in wonder at the sight of his expressive green eyes. They were full of all the love she had been able to hear in his voice for weeks and she struggled to find the words. "Rafael…" she whispered tearfully and leaned to kiss him briefly before pulling back. She held his gaze for a few seconds and then smiled, this was the gift that she had been waiting for.

"I love you, Rafael Barba," she spoke clearly and saw the answering smile in his eyes.

Later that day, Barba arrived through the door with two large boxes.

Noah looked up from his Lego and widened his eyes, "Uncle Rafa! What have you got?"

Barba glanced at Olivia in the kitchen. He saw her smile and guess that he would be looking to her to let him know what he should say.

She walked through to sit next to Noah, looking at him closely enough to see his eyes and then took a deep breath before explaining. "Noah, Uncle Rafa has been to his apartment to collect some of his things."

Noah frowned a little and looked at Barba, he didn't like the idea of his Uncle Rafa going anywhere near his own apartment…but he did kind of like the fact that he had collected things and then come home.

"We told you this morning that my eyes are getting better," Olivia started to explain, "…well, the doctor has told us that I could be all better in just a few weeks."

Noah nodded, he was happy that his mommy's eyes were starting to get better.

"As we told you from the start, I was here to help you and your mommy while she was poorly…and, of course, her eyes are getting better now…" Barba started to explain as he put down his boxes and sat.

Noah didn't say anything, he just looked back at his mommy - what did this have to do with what was in the boxes?

Olivia sighed and tried to think about the best way to explain the situation. "Uncle Rafa was…no, Uncle Rafa will always be my best friend…" she smiled up at Barba who was sat on the other side of Noah now and just far enough away to be completely out of focus. She looked back at Noah and continued, "But since he came to stay I think you understand that our friendship has changed? Uncle Rafa sleeps in my bed now, you've seen us hug a lot and even sometimes you've seen us kiss?"

Noah nodded.

"Well, that's because I love your Uncle Rafa very much. So, Noah, I would like you to have a think and decide how you would feel about you and I inviting Uncle Rafa to become part of our family," Olivia suggested cautiously.

Noah frowned, "You told me that Uncle Rafa is already family…"

Olivia took a deep breath and had a think, "Remember yesterday when Grandma Sheila was feeling poorly and you got a little upset?"

Noah nodded sadly.

"You called Uncle Rafa your daddy, Noah. Do you think that you might like that?" Olivia asked, moving forward a little so that she could see him clearly.

The little boy looked back at Barba and bit his lip over the smile that was starting to form as realisation began to dawn. "For real?" He asked.

"Uncle Rafa has picked up some things from his apartment so that he can stay with us for a few more weeks…" Olivia explained, "…but during that time we want to have lots of important chats with you. We want you to think hard about how you would feel about Uncle Rafa staying here with us."

"Forever?" Noah asked.

She nodded, "But you need to understand, if Uncle Rafa were to live here he would not be on a sleepover anymore, this would be his home. You, me and Uncle Rafa…" Olivia explained.

Noah's mouth turned up in a smile that Olivia found startlingly reminiscent of a certain Rafael Barba. Her heart jumped a little into her throat as she recognised for the first time how much life had changed for everyone since she had lost her sight.

"Mommy…" he smiled patiently and rolled his eyes, "…it's always been you, me and Uncle Rafa!"

Over the next couple of weeks, Barba organised a sublet on his apartment, putting most of his furniture into storage but bringing all of his clothes and many personal items to the apartment.

As Olivia's sight continued to return she enjoyed re-familiarising herself with her home - the familiar mixed alongside the beautifully unfamiliar.

Early one Saturday morning when her eyesight had almost completely returned Olivia woke early and crept out of bed. Barba had had a long week at work and she didn't start back until Monday morning, so she didn't want to disturb him. She turned and looked down at him, smiled affectionately and then leaned to press her lips gently to his temple.

She picked up her dressing gown from a nearby chair and slipped it on as she walked through to the living area. The sun shone brightly through the windows and for the first time she took several minutes to take in her surroundings. The sofa…completed perfectly with a blanket made by Rafael's grandmother. The wall above her TV…which was now decorated with a beautiful piece of Cuban modern art. Her coffee pot had gone…now replaced with a state of the art coffee making wonder that took twice as long to produce coffee but tasted ten times better (when made with the perfect coffee blend from one specific retailer). The wall/kitchen counter…which had been recently painted a rich shade of green and perfectly complemented the colorful tiles that now lined the wall underneath her kitchen cabinets.

Olivia walked over to a large vase of vivid flowers on a table near to the window and smiled - Rafael Barba had brought color into her life in so many ways.

"You liked your flowers then?" Barba asked from behind as his arms wrapped around her waist, his voice was still rough from sleep and vibrated deeply against her neck before he kissed her skin.

She smiled and leaned back against him, "They're beautiful…"

"You could have woken me…"

"You looked so gorgeous lying there fast asleep," she smiled and swayed a little. "I've been thinking, I came to your place once to pick up a file…that large wooden lamp?"

Barba chuckled, "You remember my lamp?"

"Well…I was intrigued, so I admit to a quick inventory of Rafael Barba's man cave," she grinned and turned to look at him. "I liked it…"

"You were always more than welcome to visit my man cave," Barba smiled and kissed her.

"I liked the lamp, maybe we could rescue it from storage?" She suggested and raised her eyebrows.

"You don't have to do that, you know? I'm sure you don't want to be surrounded by all of my crap…" Barba smiled and kissed her lips.

"I love all of your crap…" Olivia argued with a grin, "…and being surrounded by you is one of my favorite things."

"It's a shame you didn't come around to my place more often...the whole place to ourselves…the endless possibilities." He paused, then laughed and pulled her close, kissing her lips and then smiling, "I've just remembered…tonight is sleepover night!"

Olivia grinned in return, "I hadn't forgotten…" her lips trailed to his ear, "…the endless possibilities…" she whispered and then kissed down his neck as he dropped his head back and laughed. "You know…" she observed casually, "…this will be the first time since my sight fully returned."

Barba pulled back and smiled, his eyes wandered over her body and then held her gaze. "I hope it's not a disappointment," he teased lightly.

Olivia laughed and crowded him up against the kitchen counter, "Not even fucking possible," she whispered, her hands coming to his waist and slipping under his t-shirt, "…I waited long enough to get my hands on you, I can't wait to get my eyes on you as well."

He rolled his eyes, but felt his heartbeat begin to speed up a little, "Sorry I've been so busy this week.." He apologised sincerely.

"It's all good, Rafael, I promise. You've been here…that's the most important thing. I've kind of enjoyed teasing myself, it feels like my sight has improved exponentially every day. I almost wanted to wait a few days…until I could enjoy you in HD technicolor," she grinned and nipped his ear teasingly as Barba let out a low grown.

"Mommy, what are you doing to Uncle Rafa?" Noah asked with a confused smile from the corner of the room.

Olivia pulled back with a slightly flustered laugh and turned to face Noah, standing in front of Barba so he had a moment to collect himself. "I'm just reminding Uncle Rafa how much I love him," she replied smoothly.

Noah smiled, seeming to be content with that answer and then walked over to climb up onto one of the breakfast bar chairs. "I'm hungry…" he looked over at Barba expectantly.

"Oh, so I'm on breakfast duty am I?" He laughed with amusement.

"You've been missing at breakfast every day for ages!" Noah complained with a little pout.

Barba did a quick calculation, "Four breakfasts, Noah…" he smiled and walked around to open the refrigerator, "…you make me sound like an absent father…" it took him a second to register what his sleepy mind had allowed to slip out, then he winced and closed his eyes.

But Noah took it in his stride, "What is absent?"

"It means not here…" Olivia explained and ran her hand over Barba's hip as she walked behind him and into the kitchen area. She knew that he would be kicking himself for the verbal slip.

Noah frowned, "But Uncle Rafa has been here, every single night…he just missed breakfast."

"I know, baby, Uncle Rafa was just joking…" Olivia explained.

Noah tilted his head, he didn't really understand his Uncle Rafa's joke, but his mommy seemed to be smiling so maybe it was a grownup joke. "What are the others called? The ones who are always here?" He asked with interest as he watched Barba begin to prepare them all some pancakes.

Olivia smiled at Noah as he watched Barba so attentively and then stroked her hand over his head, "They're called daddies, sweet boy."

Barba sat on the edge of the bed and fiddled with the charging cable for his phone. He could hear Olivia moving around in the bathroom and smiled a little triumphantly when he untangled the wire and then plugged it in.

"I don't know," he observed with a slightly louder than normal voice so that she could hear him in the bathroom, "...it's a little weird not having Noah here…quiet…"

He heard her chuckle, "I know, but I think we'll adjust. I think a couple of nights a month with the apartment to ourselves could be fun…" she walked out of the bathroom and paused in the doorway, "…don't you think?"

Barba glanced up at her casually and then dropped his phone on the floor. "Liv…" he gasped in awe and completely forgot that he had ever even owned a phone.

"You like?" She teased and cocked her hip before walking slowly towards him. "Amanda helped me shop yesterday…" she smiled with a forced casual turn and tried to slow her heartbeat down.

"Like?" Barba gasped and stood on surprisingly wobbly legs, "…you look like…you're…"

"Is Rafael Barba actually speechless?" Olivia teased and stepped a little closer.

He reached out and his hand hovered over her hip, almost looking afraid to touch her in case she evaporated before his eyes. His eyes roamed over her simple emerald green silk lingerie.

"I guess I could have gone all out, stockings and suspenders…the whole nine yards…like Amanda tried to…" she reflected awkwardly, "…this just felt more like me…and I didn't think…"

"You look heavenly…" Barba uttered breathlessly, "…you look perfect in one of my old school shirts, but you went shopping…for this…thinking of me…" his hand finally came to rest on her hip, over the strap of her high-leg panties.

Olivia's mouth turned up at the corner in a half-smile and her eyes sparkled, "I did think of you…" she teased, "…or maybe of you taking them off…"

Barba smiled now, tilting his head to the side and teasingly leaning in to brush his lips over hers before pulling back. "Yeah?" He asked and stepped a little closer so that he could feel her thighs brush lightly against his sweatpants. He reached to comb his fingers into her hair, "Now I feel like I should have made more of an effort…"

Olivia smirked, "I don't care what you're wearing, in fact, I'd be happy if you just started to take clothes off."

"Only want me for my body?" Barba teased with a self-deprecating roll of his eyes.

"Tonight? Yes. I want to see what I've won…" She started to walk him back towards the bed and his eyes flickered with a little insecurity. Olivia smiled and tilted her head to kiss along his jaw, "Don't worry, I already know that you're perfect, I've felt every inch."

He swallowed hard and felt his legs hit the edge of the bed seconds before he fell back.

"…I've tasted every inch…" she continued teasingly before bending to slide her hands under his t-shirt and pull up, "…now I want to give my eyes a feast!"

Barba barked out a laugh at her intentionally cheesy line, then he closed his eyes and lifted his arms as his shirt was tugged up over his head.

Olivia looked down at Barba, staring up at her with his mouth hanging open a little, breathing heavily and scanning his eyes over her body…and then up to meet her gaze. "Come here?" He asked and reached out to her.

She smiled and shook her head, "Not yet…" she rested her hands on his thighs and dropped to her knees between his legs.

Barba swallowed hard at the sight and dropped his head back, he groaned and licked his lips before croaking out, "Fair warning - if you get any closer to my cock I'm not going to last…"

Olivia smirked and stroked both hands up his legs, "Really?"

His head moved up and he looked down at her with a fiery stare, "Liv…"

"Rafa?" She smiled with amusement, her gaze flitting between his eyes and mouth, enjoying the sight every bit as much as she imagined. She moved forward and stretched up to meet his lips briefly, feeling his solid cock straining against her stomach and breasts as she trailed down his chest slowly.

"Liv…" He groaned as her lips reached his belly and her tongue flicked out teasingly.

"Rafa…" She replied with a tantalising smile and then tucked her fingers into the band of his pants, "…lift…"

He dropped back on to his elbows but continued staring down at her with dark eyes as he pushed up obediently and lifted his hips slightly off the bed.

Olivia licked over her bottom lip and pulled, taking down his boxers at the same time and carefully freeing his aching flesh.

"Liv…" he hissed again and dropped back onto the bed as he felt her warm breath on his cock.

Her hand came up and encircled him, watching with fascination as she stroked with familiar ease. "You're beautiful…" she whispered reverently.

Feeling her words against his hypersensitive flesh caused Barba to growl and then uncontrollably tilt his hips towards her.

"Someone knows what he wants," Olivia observed with a smile.

Barba huffed out a frustrated laugh and brought up a hand to wipe over his face, he lifted his head and looked down at her with a self-conscious smile, "Right now, mi amor, I just don't want to…oh God…" he paused and closed his eyes when she licked her lips, "…embarrass myself…"

Olivia smiled broadly and then leaned in to flick her tongue over the underside of his cock, "Not even possible…"

"Even if I come just from the sight of you licking me like that?" Barba asked breathlessly.

She smirked and rolled her eyes, "We have all night…I'm sure you could occupy yourself while we waited for you to…reload."

Barba laughed now and dropped his head back onto the bed, his forearm coming up to cover his eyes, "That's mighty generous of you, Lieutenant."

"I'm all about giving," she teased and then took hold of the base of his cock as she sucked the head into her mouth. She never once closed her eyes, looking over his torso, along his straining throat and to his mouth, which was breathlessly hanging open.

"Liv…" He gasped again as she worked him confidently. They hadn't done this before, she wasn't unwilling but it had been Rafael who had insisted on waiting until she could see. He felt uncomfortable and admitted to her one evening that he only wanted this when she felt in control, went she could take the lead.

The arm not covering his eyes came up automatically to reach for her head and then he stopped himself and grabbed onto the sheets, clawing at them and then tugging sharply.

Olivia moved back a little, "Look at me…"

His arm moved away and he looked down at her breathlessly.

"Touch me…don't stop yourself…and watch me, I want you to…" she assured.

He licked his lips but then moved the hand that had been covering his eyes up to brace his head, he watched as her lips encircled him again and groaned.

She licked up the underside and smiled at him, "Put your hand in my hair, I like it…"

Barba lifted his hand and stroked into her hair, her eyes never leaving his as she slowly took him back into her mouth.

Suddenly he took in a deep breath, "Wait…" he gasped, "…that can wait…come up here to me."

Olivia watched him as she slowly pulled back, "You're sure?" She smiled.

"As you said," he encouraged her toward him and kissed her lips, "…we have all night…I want to be with you now…"

"We can do that…" Olivia agreed, licking her lips as she moved up from the floor to straddle his waist. She looked down at him - his head back, his eyes closed and his mouth open, then ran her hand through his hair as she leaned to tease his lips.

Her mouth brushed over his lightly, air blending between them, his eyes remained closed and she watched his face, taking in every reaction, every twitch of his eyes, every lift of his lips, every shift of his jaw. Her tongue flicked inside and met his teasingly, then she caught his bottom lip with her teeth, "I love kissing you," she muttered against his mouth and dragged one hand firmly up his back.

"Liv…" he gasped into her mouth.

She smiled, "I always loved that, the way you say my name…even before..."

He opened his eyes now and the corner of his mouth turned up in a half-smile, "Like I want to eat you alive…?"

"I'm sure I would have picked up on that before," she grinned with amusement.

"Trust me, detective, I was thinking it…" he stretched up to kiss her lips.

"And I thought you respected me as a friend," Olivia teased, holding his smiling gaze.

"Meeting you confirmed to me that those two things are not mutually exclusive," his hand moved from bracing himself on the bed and trailed up her waist.

"Keep your eyes open," Olivia instructed as she reached back and flicked over her bra.

"I liked that," Barba joked with mock sadness as it dropped forward and revealed her breast.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be spending plenty of time together…" she assured as she dropped it to one side. Then she gasped when his lips encircled one of her nipples, "…Jesus, Rafa…"

"Eyes on me," he muttered against her flesh and then licked teasingly when her eyes linked with his. He worked leisurely, feasting on one breast and then move to the other - biting, licking, kissing…sucking.

"Rafa!" Olivia groaned after a few minutes as he sucked her into his mouth and then flicked the tip of his tongue over the underside of the little nub. She bucked forward into his lap and ground her silk-covered centre against his straining cock. "Need to…lie down…" she gasped out and lolled her head back limply.

He braced himself with one arm and wrapped the other around her waist before lifting and flipping over quickly.

Olivia found herself lying on the bed, looking up at him.

"I love these too," he smiled and tucked his fingers into the waist of her remaining underwear, "…but they really need to go…"

She braced on one foot to lift her hips, letting Barba slip down their final barrier before opening her legs and welcoming his body between her thighs.

"Hey," he smiled at her and held her gaze as they felt him line up with her core.

"Hey…" She repeated, biting the corner of her lip over a smile and then bringing her hand up to stroke down the side of his face. "I've really missed this…"

Barba nodded, understanding exactly what she meant, and leaned down to press a chaste yet open-mouthed kiss to her lips. He braced himself on his arms and tilted his head a little deepening the kiss and taking the time to taste and explore her mouth.

Olivia's hand came up to stroke firmly over his broad biceps, "You've been hiding a lot under those nicely cut suits."

He pulled back and smiled at her, his eyes crinkling up a little at the sides.

"Don't get too cocky," she teased and stretched up to nip his jaw lightly.

"Oh…I'm plenty cocky," he joked and pushed against her folds, feeling her wetness flood against his eager length.

Olivia gasped and laughed simultaneously, closing her eyes and biting her lip as her whole body seemed to strain up to meet him. "Enough teasing…" she gasped and reached down to wrap her hand around his cock.

"Look at me," Barba uttered with complete sincerity.

She met his eyes as he lined up with her entrance.

"Remember, I promised two first times?" Barba said softly.

Of course she remembered, Olivia had replayed that moment so often in her head that she could almost feel it. "Rafael…" she whispered tearfully and then felt the tear escape and slip down her temple.

"I love you," he affirmed and then held her gaze as he slowly began to slide home.

Olivia looked into his eyes, then quickly allowed herself a glance down at his body as he joined with hers, before returning and pulling his head down for a kiss, "I love you, so much…"

Their legs linked together as they rolled a little to the side, Barba thrusting home hard and then covering her body. One hand drifted up into her hair as the other gripped her waist while he rocked his hips, working with short thrusts and keeping heavy pressure on her clit.

She watched his body strain against her, the pull of his muscles, the way his fingers gripped her damp skin, his eyes when they opened suddenly and linked with hers - deep golden-green clashing with rich brown - she watched the way his neck stretched when he moved up to kiss her, then the way his hand glided down her waist and gripped her hip.

"You're..." He started to speak but she brought her fingers up to cover his mouth.

They didn't need words anymore, this was perfect.

The following morning Olivia blinked open her eyes and smiled when she saw Barba lying asleep next to her. She edged closer and snuggled into his side, pressing her lips to his neck and then breathing in deeply.

"Mornin' gorgeous…" She whispered against his skin and then pulled back and watched a sleepy smile spread across his face, playing a part in making Rafael Barba so happy was a deep joy that Olivia was convinced she would never come down from.

Barba turned towards her without opening his eyes and lifted his leg over her waist. He pulled her against him and nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck, "Mornin'," he replied against her neck.

She could feel his teeth on her skin when he smiled and then stroked up his back before running her fingers into his hair.

"Last night was…amazing…" he murmured sincerely and then flicked his tongue up her neck, "…you were amazing…" he was silent for a few moments and then sang quietly against her shoulder, "...somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good..."

Olivia laughed joyfully and wrapped him into a tight embrace.

"What time is Noah home?" He asked after a couple of minutes.

She lifted her head and looked at the bedside clock. "About an hour, why?"

Barba shrugged and pulled her back into his arms, "I thought we could go somewhere together, like a family outing. It is Sunday."

Olivia smiled and closed her eyes, "A family outing? I like the sound of that."

"Where do you want to go?" He asked curving his hand around her hip.

She smiled with what she recognised to be complete contentment, then turned her head to lazily kiss just under his ear, "I really don't mind, you decide…"