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Blood for the Blood God.

"Try as he might, Midoriya Izuku can't become something else. He has this thirst; a thirst for blood. Nothing but the crimson life liquid will quench it, yet this monster still tries to become a savior, a hero."

Chapter 01: [Origin of: Midoriya Izuku, the Ancestor]


One of the many factors that will dictate how an individual will live his life. Such things are mostly outside of the control of the individual, many blanks filled in before for him or her. Who are your parents and what their quirks are will likely influence you, long before you were granted consciousness or "free will". For many, quirks are merely part of who they are; for others, quirks are their very being.

The debate would be long and boring, should we begin to dive down the rabbit hole, but for an easier time for all of us, a short version should suffice for now.

Are certain quirks inheriting "evil" by their very nature? Or does the individual define the nature of their quirk with their actions?

Deep and philosophical questions such as these normally would be left for scholars and those interested in human psyche. So, how does a four-year old ends up reflecting over the very nature of his being?

Ask the question to one Midoriya Izuku, currently sprawled on the ground. The pre-schooler was staring at the grey sky, a welcome drizzling rain lightly pouring down over his frame, much to his delight. His sensitive and burnt skin thanked the tiny blessing of the heavens for such a mercy, considering he had received none from his friend.

Well, calling Bakugou Katsuki a friend was a bit of a stretch. Acquaintance would also be too good. If Izuku were to define Bakugou into one word, maybe explosive or unstable would fit better the young blonde.

You might ask yourself, why is Midoriya on the ground of a local park in his neighborhood with Katsuki nowhere in sight? That would be, depending on who you ask, a funny story. You see, kids already have a somewhat chaotic tendency, since they are growing up and learning what is good and bad by trial-and-error. In a perfect society, kids would be taught by both their parents and their school the intricacies of good and evil.

A perfect society, that is.

Pile up "super-powers" on about 80% of the population of the entire world, some government restrictions of the use of said powers to specific people and jobs, and add a dash of hero-business work necessity and you have the current world in which tiny Midoriya lives in. A world where your quirk will mostly define who you will be, a bottom-feeder working a dead-end job which you hate or a high-class member of society.

Bakugou Katsuki's parents are an odd duo, but the currently important details here are their quirks. From his father, a simple oxidation quirk, nothing truly special, but when combined with his mother's glycerin quirk, biology ends up creating a literal explosion urching capable of sweating nitro-glycerin.

In a society based around quirks and heroes, being capable of creating explosions at your convenience was considered rather top-tier. As such, many would end up sucking up and over-praising said explosion urchin. Add an already great sense of self and you get one Bakugou Katsuki.

Izuku slowly rose from the damp ground, some mud sticking to his clothes. He checked his burns, all of them gone. Enough of moody thoughts, he better head home or else his mother might worry.

The walk home was filled with dizzing smells and noises, something that tiny Izuku couldn't help. His senses were always sharper than of those around him. Many would probably praise Izuku for such abilities, but such individuals were off-put by the sight of his pale skin and almost unblinking eyes, or maybe it was the sharp nails and fangs in his mouth.

The tiny, green bundle reached home quickly and discarded his dirty clothes, depositing them on the basked of the bathroom before heading in for a shower. A few minutes later, Izuku was clean and eager to watch another marathon of All Might videos. They always cheered Izuku, the American-themed hero being a bastion of happiness and strength that would inspire anyone with his smile. His declarations that anyone could be a hero warmed the green-haired boy's heart.

Anyone, even someone as creepy and off-putting as Izuku.

The video currently playing was one which Izuku had watched countless times. Civilians being rescued, building burning in the background, the usual spiel of hero work.

Izuku was deeply focused on the video, forgetting the curtains of his room open as the rainy weather blocked the sunlight that hurt so much. Well, his weather-prediction skills weren't the greatest. The previous drizzle stopped and the clouds stopped blocking the sun rays, which decided the boy hadn't had enough for the day. His exposed right arm released steam and felt as if he had dropped hot embers on it as Izuku hissed and rushed away from the sunlight, holding his arm against his torso to nurse the somewhat burnt limb.

His mother rushed inside the room, worry clearly painted all over her face.

"Izu-chan! Are you okay?" Inko's desperate tone was clear for the world to hear as she rushed and hugged her baby-boy.

He didn't say anything, too focused on the pain of the regenerating limb. A few minutes later, his arm was as good as new. Not that the phantom pangs of pain were any better.

"Here, Izu-chan!" Inko offered her left arm for him, but Izuku refused. If people saw the marking on his mother's arms again, they would start the mean comments again. Instead, he did the best impression of All Might's smile.

"It's okay, mommy! Why? Because I'm here!"

Inko let the worry painting her face disperse, smothering her son in another hug. "Mommy is so proud of you, Izu-chan!"

Izuku felt happiness flood his heart. It was okay, he could feed later. There were some bloodpacks on the fridge, and even if they tasted bland, they would be enough. He freed himself from his mother's embrace and carefully made his way back to the computer, dragging the chair away from the sunlight. His mother stood up and closed the curtains and kissed him on the forehead, going back to making dinner.

As the woman left his room, Izuku returned to his video. He couldn't wait for his opportunity to become a hero.

Medical Files

Patient (05691-01):Midoriya Izuku.


Age:04 Years

Quirk: Hemomancer/Vampirism.

The following individual presents a mutation-gene that does not proceed any of his progenitors, but is a result of a mutation on his quirk-gene. Observed effects are as following: extreme regeneration capabilities, enhanced senses and limited blood manipulation have all been noticed by staff during the quirk examination process. More abilities might be present, but have not been presented or discovered. The child has been cleared for special feeding as per doctor orders and will receive bloodpacks to supplement the inherent thirst for blood that was also reported by the patient.

A few counter-points have been identified during the triage such as: sensitivity to sunlight, bloodlust and sadistic tendencies have all been noticed and are likely a result of the natural biology of the individual's quirk pushing for an ambush-styled feeding cicle focused on nocturnal activities. The patient's psyche is surprisingly stable for one with such an aggressive quirk as tests have been performed to classify any dangerous behavior that might follow from the patient; results identify the patient as stable and in control of his behavior, but further testing is required as hormone levels have yet to spike.

The years passed by Izuku rather quickly. He took the time to indulge in his hobbies, considering he had no friends to spend time with. School had become an acceptable place. His classmates mostly left him alone to his musings, only talking with him when necessary, which suited the pale teen rather okay. His weakness due to sunlight was, ironically, becoming weaker and weaker as the days passed and he toasted under the terrible light of the sun.

Night time had become something Izuku dearly wished for every day. It was when he was at his strongest, a time where his skin wasn't practically boiling and when Musutafu became a personal paradise for him. Skulking around in the night, long after his mother was asleep had become a habitual affair for him.

Today was an average day for the "Vampire". The nickname had been gifted to him after some students saw him drinking from a blood bag after a particularly stressful day. To be honest, it was Bakugou who had gifted him the nickname. Izuku simply let it fly by, getting upset by it would become grounds for more pranks and jokes from the blonde and his goons.

The teacher droned on about the professional career choices and how everyone wanted to become a hero. Izuku stayed quiet, focused on his book. The hemomancer found easier to let others drive the mood of the class, this way he could focus on his own quirk analyses. It was a habit of his, analyzing quirks, especially his own.

His visits to the hospital had become non-mandatory after he became 10, the doctor stating that if he hadn't had a case up to now, control over his instincts would be a normal affair for the green-haired teen. The thirst for blood was always there, some days weaker, some days stronger; he always made due with the bloodpacks the hospital provided.

As the teacher tried to pacify a rather smug Bakugou, the blonde going on an ego-trip after the teacher mentioned his mock tests for U.A, the man let slip a tiny bit of information.

"Midoriya has also wrote he was gunning for U.A , he wrote it in his application sheet." The teacher whispered loudly, making the blonde boy freeze in his tracks.

Izuku regretted writing that on his paper. He prepared to the blonde's predictable outburst, which came soon after as a hand slapped over his desk, causing an explosion over the wooden structure. A cacophony of laughter followed the other students.

"OI, you fucking prick! What's the meaning of this?! I'm the only one worthy of going to U.A from this shitty dump!" Many whines and whispers left the student body of the classroom. Many hated the way Bakugou behaved, but couldn't go against the blonde. Bakugou was considered the top from the class and the whole school.

The teacher, seeing his mistake, glanced at the clock, hoping to not get involved with the teens. He felt bad for Izuku, but what could he do.

Izuku, on his part, waited for Bakugou to finish his ravenous rant against his peers in absolute silence. He was used to this sing-a-song. Let the blonde burn out and run out of steam, then evade and flee. As the blonde busied himself with talking down his classmates, Izuku quietly packed his things, hoping the school bell would ring just a tad earlier. His wishes were, surprisingly, granted.

As the bell rang and signaled the end of school hours, the pale boy quickly left his table, startling the close by students and inciting the anger of the blonde boy. Izuku usually wasn't the speedy type, so seeing him almost blink from his place to the classroom door was a surprise for all those in. Izuku took the chance and increased his pace, avoiding the blonde with vigor and leaving school grounds.

Many found just about everything Izuku did creepy. The way he walked, always searching for a shaded spot, his skin tone or his sharp nails. The green haired youth had learned to ignore the murmurs and nicknames.

His quick pace took the teen to a rather shady part of town. The teen sighed.

This kind of thing was rather common, where he'd lose himself in his thoughts and let his feet guide him to somewhere random. While such happening was usual for the Hemomancer/Vampire, the sharp smell of blood in the air was something else.


His heart quickened its pace and his nostrils sucked in a hefty amount of air, base instincts flaring up at such sweet and delicious smell. Fresh blood. Nothing like the packed crap he was accustomed to drink to sedate the thirst. The teen widened his eyes.

Something was not right here.

He rushed into the next alley, avoiding the occasional ray of light. The streets were not empty, but certainly lacked in people. His body seemed to awaken, shivers running down his spine as the smell of blood thickened, his nose trying to find the source of the bleeding.

*Sniff Sniff*

I found you! The thought popped with unexpected excitement in his mind. He unconsciously licked his lips, finding his throat much too dry. More alleys and less light, such pattern repeated three times before he found the source of the smell which was driving him crazy. Stalking into the shadows, Izuku found a duo, a girl and a man.

The man was laid down belly first on the ground, his upper back being repeatedly stabbed by the girl, who was mounted over his lower back. Blonde hair tied into two messy buns and school uniform, she was not someone you would expect to be stabbing a man in an alley. Izuku could not catch her face, but one whiff of the air was enough for him to know that none of the blood that was splattered on the ground was hers.

No signs of struggle or battle. She was quick to stab him in mostly non-vital areas, keeping him alive for a bigger amount of time.

"Come on~ Let me see more! Your blood has such a pretty color, huh? Don't you think so?" Her voice was sickly sweet, almost as if the situation was girl's talk or something one shared with their best friend. The man seems to have already gone into shock. He analyzed the scene, his heart thumping wildly against his chest as his own blood begged for action. Izuku's mind was screaming for him to move already and help the man in need, yet his body refused the notion and focused on how the blood seemed more and more attractive.

A quick slash to his own wrist and the teen had his life-liquid running like a fountain down his arm. The girl dressed in the sailor uniform twitched, her head slowly turning back in search of the new source. Her instincts blared and with agility, she jumped away from the man, a wet noise emanating as her knife left his flesh. There was a whirling noise close to her ear, something red having cut closer than what she would have liked. She shifted to find her new aggressor, mind running high to find an escape route. Himiko was not made for surprise confrontations, unless she had been the one to set the ambush.

She found someone, or something. It was hard to describe the figure hidden in the shadows, the only indicator that something had tried to attack her was the crimson colored rod that was visible and the red glowing eyes. The smell made her blush. Blood. New blood. And someone with a super interesting quirk to boot! She would love to meet this new person who found her, if they weren't so aggressive, maybe they could be best friends!

"Heya~!" Himiko waved her hand in a cheerful manner, her knife held in a cute way to avoid suspicion. How could she make new friends if the person was suspicious of her!? She put her best smile on her face. "How would you like to be friends? I'm not scary, come out of the shadow! Let's be besties!" She displayed her excitement with vigor! A new friend would be someone who she could become! Just like Stainy!

The person in the shadows didn't comply with her. They slashed at their own wrist with something, and then the person made as if to throw something at her, but all that happened was life liquid splattering against her uniform!

"Mohh~! I was trying to not dirty this one! You need to say your name first! Just showing your blood is noo-..." Himiko wanted to say something else, but she once more found her instincts blaring to life to alert her of danger. She could not see any danger, and when she noticed the wriggling on her clothes, she was already bound by something. Himiko fell face first into the dirty floor of the alley, the figure hidden in the shadow finally exiting them and walking her way.

Himiko tried to wiggle and struggle out of these sudden bindings, but when they moved to wrap her wrists, the blonde realized why the sudden addition to her date had splattered blood over her. The smile on her lips grew. How cool! Being able to control his own blood like that must be so nice!

Izuku, after confirming that the aggressor was firmly bound, walked to check on the victim of her assault. Multiple stab wounds made blood flow freely from the man's back and soaked his shirt, staining it in a rather beautiful color. That, or Izuku's hunger was talking louder. His nostrils flared to suck in more of the nice aroma, but the teen tightened his fist, an effort to control himself. He picked his phone and dialed for an ambulance.

After giving his current location to the hospital, Izuku pocketed hi phone and turned to look at the bound girl, only to find that he was staring at himself.

What the hell?!

The scare was enough that Izuku deactivated his power, the hemomancy making the anti-coagulants in the blood-bindings stop working and making it return to its former liquid normalcy. That was all that was necessary for his faux close to quickly get up and flee from his presence. As the figure ran away, sludge began to fall off and drip from the person, revealing to be the same blonde girl.

She smiled and showed him a V with her hands.

"Bye bye cutie! Let's meet again soon~~~" Nimbler and faster that Izuku could process her actions, the girl was gone.

Deciding that the best course of actions would be to protect the unconscious victim, Izuku lifted the man from the ground carefully and propped him against the close by wall as he waited for the ambulance. Ten minutes later, he heard the distinct sirens of both the ambulance and from police cars. The teen sighed, already picturing himself being interrogated. Izuku could only complain inside his mind as the cops appeared first.


He obeyed the others, less he be shot. It had happened once and it was not fun.

"I apologize for the rudeness of my subordinates, Midoriya-kun." A man dressed in a trench coat and fedora apologized to the teen, bowing his head slightly at the vampire.

"I don't mind, Tsukaichi-san. It must have been rather suspicious, me being so close to the scene and my appearance." Izuku tried to make the man raise his head. The teen had already gotten accustomed to people being afraid or suspicious of his looks, so it was nothing new for him. Steaming under sunlight and being able to control your own blood usually did that to people.

The detective was someone whom Izuku had some familiarity, seeing as he had been interrogated by the man quite a few times. Being out late in the night and having red eyes, Izuku had all the markings of a serial killer, if you were to stumble on him during one of his relaxing "night walks"; due to that, the teen had had the police being called on him in a few too many occasions, all of which involved the detective.

Once Izuku had asked the trench-coat wearing man and his answer made the teen's eyes glimmer with joy. Tsukaichi-san's quirk was [Lie Detection], which made him rather suited for police work. After the usual round of questions, Izuku had hounded the detective about even a little detail of his quirk. While Tsukaichi couldn't reveal to him the inner workings of his quirk to a random 15-year older, he had given the boy a few tips in what to watch out for if people were lying.

Coupled with Izuku's sharp senses, the tips had been useful for the young hemomancer in discerning those whom were disgusted by the sight of his person and subtler physical cues allowed Izuku to read people rather accurately.

"Any way, Midoriya-kun, we've cleared you of any suspicion, you are free to go. Please, do try to avoid situations like these; there's only so much trouble in one town." Tsukaichi said. Izuku nodded to his words and proceeded to once more make his way back home.

As Izuku made his way back home, he opted to take a shaded path, avoiding the sun's rays as best as possible. Due to his random walking earlier, he had to take a longer path to go home.

When Izuku found a bridge, he made a beeline for it, his steam exiting his body as he still got caught by some light. Protecting himself under the bridge, Izuku took the time for a breather, feeling the steam that exited his body slowly stop. A few spots on his skin were rather raw, but they soon recovered their pale tone as his regeneration kicked in.

One of the abilities Izuku had been forcing his body to develop was what he liked to call [Day Walker]. While the title sounded fancy, it was merely a continuous use of his regenerative abilities to force his body to adapt to his worst weakness, sunlight. The results had been going favorably for the teen, as now days he merely steamed.

In his younger days, Izuku would almost boil alive under the might of his enemy.

Tilting his head sideways, emitting a satisfying pop from his neck, Izuku took a deep breath and was about to continue his walk home when his senses screamed in alert as his nose picked on the smell of something foul.

His body seemed to flicker in place, so fast was the back step that Izuku did. The distance allowed him to avoid the musky green sludge that emerged from a manhole cover, red eyes and disgustingly-yellow teeth forming the face of his new attacker. It was quite apparent that Izuku had the luck of the Devil, seeing as this was his second villain for the day.

Yes, villain.

The sludge man's eyes passed a clear message for the hemomancer, a villain fleeing and finding a convenient victim.

"A fleshy disguise and a rather top notch one! Plain looking and all." A wave of nausea hit Izuku as the villain's breath hit his face, the teen already slashing at his own wrist with his nails. "And would you look at that! Giving me an easy entry? How kind! This will only hurt very much!" The intimidation fell flat for Izuku, who was more bothered with the man's foul breathe than his looks.

The villain lunged towards the teen, sludge coming akin to a wave. Izuku flicked his wrist, the blood dripping from his arm coming alive in the shape of a collapsible baton. His body looks entirely like sludge, but the only parts that solidified are his eyes and teeth. If my guess is right then...



The teen had wacked his baton on the villain's eyes, making the man flinch and roar in pain as he backed off. Izuku's red eyes glimmered, his sharp fangs being exposed as this time, Izuku himself lunged to attack the villain. Lean muscle swung the iron-hard rod of blood with strength, his target this time were the yellow and misshapen teeth of his would-be aggressor. There was a cracking sound, the villain gurgling as a few of his teeth broke under the might of the impact as he backed further away from the green and pale skinned Izuku.

The vampire did not let up and followed through with another swing, this time his baton assumed the shape of a blade. The sword-look-alike cut off a mean-sized chunk of sludge, but this did not seem to have any effect on the villain as the goo splattered uselessly on the asphalt. Izuku proceeded to continue shaving off bits of the sludge man, his crimson sword not meeting any resistance as it carved away at the villain. All the while, Izuku's blood red eyes shone with unearthly light and his lips settled unto a mix between a grin and a sneer.

The sludge villain could not answer to the vicious assault, as every time he tried to counterattack, the teen would aim for his sensitive spots. The attacks were quick and packed a mean punch. Yet, he would not be defeated here. Not by a shitty brat!

"YYYYOOOUUUUU!" The sludge villain gathered his resolve and made for an all-out attack. Expanding all the remaining sludge that hadn't been sliced off his body, he tried to drown the suddenly freaky-teen.

Izuku picked up on the intentions of the villain before the man had committed to his assault. He coldly used his left hand, the sharp nails digging into the flesh of his right wrist with a sickening sound, and drew out his now wet fingers. Before the blood could obey gravity, it quickly followed the intent of the teen and formed a crimson gauntlet over his right arm, his fingers covered in vermillion that shone like steel under sunlight.

His mind told him that he would probably blind the villain, but his instincts were roaring for him to finish the man who dared stand against him. His normally meek behavior was flipped on its head as first instance of real combat triggered something inside Izuku. He had never gone out of his way to seek conflict and did all he could to avoid it, but now it was as if provoking a slumbering beast that should have never been awoken.

Had Izuku never been attacked by this villain, he would probably never trigger his [Bloodlust]. Maybe it was the due to the fact that today he had his first whiff of fresh human blood. Whatever it was, he didn't care right now. All that mattered was that he was going to prove his might against this enemy.

A predator.

A [True Predator].

A [True Ancestor].

"Everything will be okay! Why, you ask?" A booming voice echoed under the bridge, the manhole cover being blown away as a figure emerged from it. "BECAUSE I'M HERE!"

There is only person who speaks like that! There is no way! All-

Before Izuku's line of thought could complete itself, he felt a big hand grab a hold of his right wrist and then air pressure dispersed his bloody weaponry, together with also dispatching the sludge villain by simply splattering the man against the nearby wall with absurd levels of strength. The air current almost made Izuku lose consciousness, so strong was the power of the gust created by the pinnacle of hero society. The Symbol of Peace, All Might.

"Hello there, young man! I must apologize for getting you caught up in my business, but this city has quite a complex sewer system! HAHAHAHA!" The hero laughed comically. The rippling mass of muscle that was All Might moved with dizzying speed, scooping up the villain inside two soda bottles. Izuku's senses were sharper than most people, but he could barely follow the hero's shadow, much less his form as he did his hero work.

"It seems that you are all Might, so I'll take the chance to leave. Please be careful out there, young man!" As fast as he appeared, All Might seemed to be ready to leave. Izuku felt a million things going at miles per hour inside his head, and he tried to ask the hero for one thing, anything out be good.

"All Migh-"

"See you, Shonen (Young Teen)!" With that, the hero was out of sight. Izuku could only stare at the trails as the Top Hero of Japan flew far from his sight.

Sighing in defeat, Izuku once more began making his way back to his home.

After he returned home, the teen went to his room without much thought to anything else. He let his backpack on the bed and went to sit on the chair of his desk.

Izuku searched in his drawers for a notebook. He found the book, [Self-analyses and Developments], and opened it on the last page he had worked on. Noted down were the current abilities Izuku had gotten so far, together with some medical comments. The green haired youth got a pen and began to write down the developments of the day.

[Hunter senses], [Hemomancy] or [Blood weaving], [High-speed regeneration]; these were the most basic abilities that he had. The others he had developed were [Day walker], [Blood sense] and [Blood cleanse].

His fight against the Sludge Villain had shown him that his quirk was still developing and had much more room to grow. He never had felt such primal rage and anger up to now, but today had been a trial. Izuku had resisted. He hoped to be able to continue resisting the urges, but it seemed that to further develop his abilities, some of his morals would need to become flexible.

[Bloodlust], as he named the state, had granted Izuku access to further advanced [Hemomancy], which in turn allowed him to create the dangerous gauntlet from earlier.

There was also that blonde girl.

Izuku decided to rest earlier today. There was much that needed to be done; the U.A exams were fast approaching and the Vampire/Hemomancer had work that needed to be done.