You thought it was another chapter of Blood for the Blood God, but it was I!

Character sheet the fourth, the continuation of the saga.

Character Sheet/Profile

Student: Midoriya Izuku
Hero Name: Alucard.
Monikers: [The Immortal Hero] [Monster of UA] [King in Red]

Age: 16
Quirk: [True Ancestor]
Blood type: O-
Food Preferences: Pork Katsudon, fresh blood and coffee.
Girlfriends: Mei Hatsume.
Possible love interests: many

Izuku has a mutated quirk completely different from his progenitors. While his mother has [Attraction of Small Objects] and his father has [Fire Breath], the teen's quirk has mutated to become something much more. A vampire capable of complete control over his blood, Midoriya Izuku constantly struggles with the innate instincts that he was born with. Recently, the teen has discovered that his body can also cultivate and emulate different quirk-factors that need to be acquired via consumption of fresh blood. The effects of the quirk-factors Izuku consumes will never be stronger than their original counterparts, but they affect the vampire differently, mutating in order to be of the most benefit to the young predator. Thus, the quirk-factors Izuku consumes aren't assured to be equal in effect to their origins.

Recent developments lead Izuku to believe his quirk is somewhat sentient, or has the spark of consciousness, as it feeds the hemomancer his darkest desires, always in search of control over the rational teen. This is what Izuku refers to the [Inner Beast] or the [Beast Within]; it is what the vampire buries deep in his mind behind the cage of iron will that is his mind. Somewhere along the journey of his life, Izuku began to trust the reigns of control to his body to his wilder instincts a few times as they began to develop a sort of shaky common grounds. The [Inner Beast] begets Izuku's most primal instincts, always acting on his base instincts, but it also makes up the part that allows him to fight with fervor and scary accuracy about the methods to win. Yet, the beast can't help but also trust in the deep logical mind that can always see the most optimal and efficient path to their victories. One can't lord supreme over the other, the unbalance will always be corrected.

External factors can influence in the mutation of these quirk-factors, and they are all fueled by the original primary quirk, [True Ancestor]. The more Izuku takes in and mutates, the stronger he becomes, but it also aids in the strengthening of his [Hunter Insticts].

Recently the [Inner Beast] has began taking a more active stance in the vampire's mind, the enhanced intelligence being accepted by the vampire as a byproduct of his recent and constant intake of new quirk-factors. Izuku might not have noticed, but he has began to act more on his instincts; while logic does not abandons him, it is clear that sometimes the vampire is fully agreeing with the wild and savage side of himself. The Events in I-Island also have influenced a certain set of actions back in Japanese soil, but that is a tale for another day. All that needs remembering from that day was that it was the day that Izuku had his first human kill (Wolfram).

Izuku has been training relentlessly to master not only his quirk and the subsequent powers that come with his ingestion of fresh blood, but also a myriad of other techniques to enhance his arsenal. His outlook in life has changed as he goes through more life experiences and has resulted in the teen being proactive in his quest for new powers. He has gone through UA's first year summer training course and has not only developed himself, but also aided in the training of several of his classmates and even of some fellow students in 1-A's sister class, the heroics 1-B. Remarkable improvement has been displayed, but things have also gone down in a dark direction for the teen as the League of Villains attacked the camp and was successful - although not without fierce opposition from both Izuku and his classmates - in kidnapping the teen for their nefarious deeds.

The teen was placed in a cell in an unknown facility and was forced to fight for his life until the day of his rescue, although it was quite fair to say that they didn't manage to fully rescue him that day. A part of him was left behind in the cell that he painted in shades of red. The villains left their mark on Izuku, but so did the vampire with his iron will and willingness to survive. Some might even say he gained a fair bit of admiration among the villains, but no one would ever admit to it in public.

The teen has been (rather quickly) gathering a reputation both in and out of school for being a ruthless combatant that will not hesitate in sinking his fangs into people's necks if it nets him a new power. Rumors about him housing and involved with a villain and acting shady have certainly not helped him. The veracity of the rumors cannot be confirmed, but with the smear campaign of the villains against both UA and Izuku, the teen has had his public image darkened and perpetuated as a problematic individual who most likely will go down a path of villainy.

Current Cultivated quirk-factors:

[True Ancestor] - Midoriya Izuku

+ Advanced Hemomancy (Blood Control).

+ True Regeneration (Regeneration Factor).

+ Hunter Instincts (Enhanced senses).

+ Hegemony of the Food Chain (quirk-factor identification/extractor/emulator).

+ Blood Echoes/Memories (Grants memories upon blood ingestion and consumption).

[Zoom] - Hatsune Mei.

+ Further Improved Eyesight (Up to 500 meters).

[Brainwashing] - Hitoshi Shinsou.

+ Mesmerize (Hypnotism).

[Blood Clothing] - Hero Killer Stain/ Chizome Akaguro

+ Coagulation (Paralization under the influence of Izuku's blood)

[Erasure] - ProHero Eraserhead/ Aizawa Shouta

+ Blood Dampening (Makes quirk usage harder under the influence of Izuku's blood)

[Dark Shadow] - Tokoyami Fumikage

+ Shadow Control. Fully developed. Quirk-factor has been pushed into a pseudo-awakening effect by [True Ancestor], resulting in the ultimate move Izuku calls [Shadow Abyss].

[Shock Absorption + Hyper Regeneration] - Anti-All Might Noumu

+ Shock Mitigation, fully developed.

+ True Regeneration, fully developed. Used for improvement of natural regeneration.

[Electricity charge] - Electric Villain in USJ attack, Plus Kaminari Denki. (Updated!)

+ Lightning Pulse/Electrict Blood.

+ Ride Lightning. Quirk-factor has been pushed into a pseudo-awakening effect by [True Ancestor], resulting in the skill to improve the body's reflexes to superhuman levels as well as coating the person into a "lightning armor".

[Warp] - Kurogiri

+ Blink, (short-ranged, sight-based straight line movement).

+ Warp. Quirk-factor has been pushed into a pseudo-awakening effect by [True Ancestor], resulting in the this skill. While the name is the same, Izuku's version of the ability is still inferior to the original. It is restricted and costs much stamina, but is a reliable skill that the vampire doesn't take for granted.

[Decay] - Shigaraki Tomura.

+ Corrosive Blood. A blood-based version of Shigaraki's quirk. Less powerful than the original, but no less dangerous. A corrosive, slow-death granting blood that eats through anything and leaves only destruction behind.

[Attraction of Small Objects] - Midoriya Inko.

+ Attracting Pull. A weak telepatic pull.

[Hardening] - Kirishima Eijirou.

+ Blood Hardening (Blood Hardened Shield).

[Ear Jacks] - Kyouka Jirou.

+ Enhanced Hearing.

[Half-hot, Half-cold] - Todoroki Shoto.

+ Flammable Blood. Genetically modifies blood to become fuel-like, creates crimson flames.

+ Cooling Blood. Capable of lowering internal temperatures as well as using blood to create ice.

[Creation] - Yaoyorozu Momo.

+Stable Blood Constructs. Allows Izuku to create ""permanent" objects made out of his own blood.

[Engine] - Iida Tenya

+ Lesser Engine. A minor offshot of the original quirk. Grants the knowledge behind the Biological Engine-quirk, yet not the protrusions).

[Poison] - Koga Janine.

+ Poisonous Blood. Capable of genetically modifying blood into various types of poisons of varying strengths.

[Explosion] - Bakugou Katsuki.

+ Explosive Blood. Genetically modifies blood to create an unstable concoction that will explode if exposed to lightning currents or open flames.

[Zero Gravity] - Uraraka Ochaco.

+ Gravitational Pull. Consuming great amounts of blood allows for the creation of a tiny gravitational core that can pull in things.

[Endurance + Wings (Bat-based) + Claws] C-tier Noumu (flying Noumu).

+ Increased Resistance.

+ Temporary Wings. A minor offshoot of the original quirk. Grants the knowledge behind the Biological Wings-quirk, yet not the limbs.

+ Enhanced Blood Claws.

[Heal] - Recovery Girl/Chiyo Shuzenji.

+ Ambrosia Effect (grants [True Regeneration] momentarily by using the consumer's blood to fuel it.)

[Transformation] - Himiko Toga.

+ Basic Alternative Features (allows for basic changes to Izuku's face details.).

[Electromagnetic Sense + Enhanced Mind] - Alex Summerfield.

+ Electromagnetic Eyes. Grant special eyesight that allows one to follow and see electromagnetic distortions and fields.

+ Blood Enhanced Mind. A passive enhancement that happens upon blood feeding or conscious usage.

[Copy-cat] - Neito Monoma

+ Code Breaker. Enhances the rate of Quirk-factor DNA breakdown.

[Perpetuation] - Merc Grunt A.

+ Perpetuation. Grants extended duration time to powers, allowing them to be deployed remotely.

[Minor Bone Control] - Merc Grunt B.

+ Minor Bone Control. A minor offshoot from the original control. Allows minor control over one's bones.

[Technomancy] - Female Mercenary Carmine.

+ Techno Aptitude. A minor offshoot of the original quirk. Grants minor understanding behind technology and cyberspace.

[Inventory] - Merc Grunt.

+ Pocket. Creates a small, personal dimensional space only accessible to the user. Used in combination with [Shadow Control] for further control and more space.

[Voice Changer] - Merc Grunt.

+ Speech Imitation. Allows the user to change their vocal chords to match other noises (limited to voices already heard).

[White Lie + Lust Rose + Aromatherapy] - Sam.

+ Harmless Suggestion (minor speech-based mental 'control') being incorporated into [Mesmerize] to enhance its effects.

+ Pattern-illusion Suggestion (minor sight-based mental 'control') being incorporated into [Mesmerize] to enhance its effects.

+ Scent Suggestion (minor 'aura' of scent/smell-based pheromone usage) being incorporated into [Mesmerize] to enhance its effects.

[One For All (Stockpile and Pass On)] - All Might/ Toshinori Yagi (NEW!)

+ Blood Reservoir. Allows for blood to be compressed inside Izuku, essentially allowing him to "store" more blood into his own body than what is visible.

+ Blood Gift. Still in development.

[Big Hands] - Kendo Itsuka (NEW!)

+ Harsh Grip. Still in development.

[Lizard Tail Splitter] - Tokage Setsuna (NEW!)

+ Improved Remote Control. Still in development.

[Acid] - Mina Ashido (NEW!)

+ Acidic Blood. Still in development.

[Poltergeist] - Yanagi Reiko (NEW!)

+ Blood Shikigami. Still in development.

+ Shadow Shikigami. Still in development.

[Beast] - Shishida Jurota (NEW!)

+ Beast's Embrace. An overall enhancement upon [True Ancestor] that boosts wild instincts and the physical base body. Aids in prolonging the usage time of [Rage], but also increases the chance of Izuku going berserk and triggering a unending [Blood Hunt] to perpetuate its effects.

[Blood Control] - Sekijiro Kan/Vlad King (NEW!)

+ Hemokinesis. Improvement upon [Advanced Hemomancy], allows Izuku further remote control over blood that can now be disconnected from its source.

[Size] - Kodai Yui (NEW!)

Blood Expansion. Increases the molecular space between blood cells, allowing for blood to become "larger". Still in development.

[Ani-voice] - Koda Koji (NEW!)

Animal Calling. Allows Izuku to call upon and give orders to animals with high intelligence. Most effective so far with birds, specially crows.

[Search] - Shiretoko Tomoko/Ragdoll (NEW!)

+ Passive Sonar. A sort of sixth sense, allows Izuku to instantly be aware of his surroundings in a small 7-meter radius and well as relay information about quirk-activation.

[Telepathy] - Sosaki Shino/Mandalay (NEW!)

+ Blood Call. A form of telepathy that allows for one-way communication, allowing Izuku to send messages and images via thought to people whose blood he has ingested. Heavy blood consumption due to the need of blood-resonance.

[Earth Manipulation] - Tsuchikawa Ryuko/Pixie-bob (NEW!)

+ Small Geokinesis. A minor offshoot from the original power, it grants Izuku very minor earth molding abilities that require him to physically touch the earth and send a pulse of power to activate.

[Muscle Control] - Muscular (NEW!)

+ Pump-up. A minor offshoot from the original power, it enhances the blood flow through muscles to allow for short bursts of increased physical might.

[Corrupted DNA Data] - Female Noumu/ Shimura Nana. (NEW!)

+ No new quirk factors due to improper source.

+ Blood Echoes/Memories are currently fragmented.



List of Izuku's current Ultimate Moves.

+ [RAGE] = A complete unleash of the cage that holds the [Inner Beast], this ultimate move allows Izuku to surpass all the limits of his body for a short period of time, raining upon his foes a barrage of attacks with his claws (or Blood Gauntlets) that will not stop until the enemy has been finished. The vampire teleports around the battlefield to hunt down anyone that he deems a threat, regardless of number. It also tires Izuku due to his body being forced to heal the extreme strain placed upon it due to the physical exertion caused by it.

+ [SHADOW ABYSS] = One of the many applications of Tokoyami's quirk-factor running inside Izuku's veins, this skill uses the solid shadow matter created by Izuku to absolutely dominate one target, or the power can be split into various weaker shadows to increase the range. In any way, [Shadow Abyss]'s true power manifests when unleashed on a single target. It pools Izuku's strongest shadows to restrain, subdue and pierce the target with a single tendril of shadow mass. Unless the victim has a great regeneration quirk, most people will die from the shock of being pierced, nevertheless the blood loss and organ damage caused by this attack.

+ [GOD-SHATTERING STAR] = A extremely stressful/difficult move to pull off, this skill makes use of various quirk-factors to become a sort of ultimate ultimate attack. A current combination of various powerful blood attribute-changing quirk-factors focused on cumulative destructive power, this move compresses all these powers into a single Blood Gauntlet that when unleashed is capable of incredible destruction. The scariest thing about [God-Shattering Star] is that it has not reached it's zenith of power, unlike the other previous moves. They can be perfected, but [God-Shattering Star] will only grow more powerful the more Izuku lives and takes in different quirk-factors.

+ [BLOOD CAULDRON] = Izuku's most brutal ultimate technique. It uses all his blood-changing attributes to unleash a virulent-like, plagued-like wave of blood upon his enemy; once the deadly concoction forcefully finds entrance and contact the opponent's bloodstream, it immediately begins to attack the blood cells, devouring them and multiplying until it reaches its critical point. After that, the blood boils and explodes into a shower of gore. Should this be unleashed in the presence of higher authorities or the open media, the vampire would branded as a violent criminal, no doubts about it. No second chances, no forgiveness.

+ [JETSTREAM] = A move inspired by one of Edgeshot's secretive shinobi techniques and mixed with a less destructive and far more focused version of [God-Shattering Star], it confines the built-up power inside a sheath and compresses it to its maximum. The compressed power acts as both a spring and an enhancement upon the blade, shooting it out of its sheath akin to a bullet. The unstoppable momentum and precise Battoujutsu (quick draw) technique guarantee a slash that will slice through anything. Nicknamed by the few that have managed to see it as the "Fierce, blood rending wind" due to the after image of Izuku's red sword.

List of Izuku's current special equipment.

+ Nightedge = Gifted to Izuku by Edgeshot, it is a black Kodachi that especializes in close-quarters combat, although its main draw in stabbing vital areas.

+ Red Odachi = A blade larger than a katana, it was created by Izuku from his blood to increase his range in close quarters and make special use of Battoujutsu (quick draw) techniques . It is a sort of "alive" blade that will drink and pass along to the vampire some of the blood of its targets and can become increasingly more durable the more blood it feasts upon. A good measure of quality is its color and if the blade can handle other quirk factors running through it. So far Izuku has created two blades that reached [Blood-Crimson] state, one currently residing in I-Island while the other is currently with him.

+ M1911 (Custom Model) = One of the first guns specially made for Izuku by Hatsume Mei to increase his range and diminish blood usage and his reliance on melee. They are chambered in .45 ACP

+ Revolver "Resolver" = The second matching gun specially made for Izuku by Hatsume Mei to increase his range and diminish blood usage and his reliance on melee. It is chambered in .454 casull rounds; it is meant to be Izuku's last resort for heavy firepower and the gun was made with his quirk in made, its frame a hardened piece made to withstand continuous use and even quirk-supplementation. It also can fire custom-made blood bullets. It was jokingly nicknamed [Resolver] due to its intimidating profile, the mere sight of the weapon being capable of settling conflicts.

+ Full Gauntlet = An advanced support gear crafted by the daughter of David Shield, Melissa. It is a nano-tech build that utilizes rare hyper-weaving methods to create an extremely resistant and protective piece of support gear. It also helps monitor life-signals and it broadcasts data back to Melissa, who is always looking to improve her methods and material-usage. Supposedly it can withstand and protect its user of about three punches from All Might at 100% of his strength.