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Blood for the Blood God

[Chapter 46: Crimson Troubles IV]

[Provisional Exam's Grand Arena – Shinjuku Ward]

The exam had ended a few minutes ago, the groups being directed to either proper first-aid facilities for any sustained injuries (depending on their condition) or to the locker rooms so that they could change and store away their costumes. Shoto had been hit by Mirko's powerful kick as well as a veritable wall of force from Gang Orca's sonic attack; any normal trainee would have been long put down such damage, but Todoroki was his father's son: stubborn to a fault.

He refused medical aid and walked by himself towards the lockers; his walking pace akin to that of a drunken sailor. Luckily for the stoic teen, before he could stumble and fall on his face, his first true friend appeared by his side, allowing the teen to lean on him.

"Normally I would consider myself a pretty good influence on the people around me," Izuku spoke in his usual tone. "However, I'm a bit on the fence now; especially if everyone is going to act like they can regenerate as I do."

Shoto grunted something, the noise meaningless.

Izuku smirked. "Yeah, yeah, tough guy."

The two males soon reached the lockers, the duo being followed by many other teens as they dragged their tired bodies to the same destination. The results normally would be presented on the following week, but much like the exam itself, this time things would be different. The HSPC put a rush on things, wishing to have as much available manpower as possible on the streets, thus the exam takers would have their results in the following hours.

Arriving at their locker room, Izuku let Shoto rest on a bench as he went to swap his costume.

"Ssshh!" A suppressed hissing sound left Todoroki Shoto, the dual-quirked teen tenderly touching what would most likely be a bruise forming on his torso.

Izuku removed his plated coat, carefully folding it in the pattern that was first instructed when he received it. "Yeah, being kicked by Mirko tends to do that." He spoke, unbothered by the many other males filling the room, their conversation gathering some attention.

Shoto once more grunted, though this time the dual-hair colored teen deigned to speak proper words. "My ears are ringing, and I'm dizzy too. Fighting Gang Orca was troublesome."

It was the vampire's turn to release a grunt. "His sonic attacks are hard to counter. I'm really surprised that you didn't start vomiting." He commented, earning a few pointed looks from the neighboring teens.

Todoroki closed his eyes, languid and mostly still in seat. "I certainly feel like I'm about to." If one could see things from the icy-hot teen's perspective, they would be treated to a spinning world of mismatched shapes, the experience akin to a drunken stupor, except without any of the fun, and all the hangover.

Izuku chuckled, storing away the last of his gear. There were showers in the facility, and the vampire felt it was appropriate to make use of them, seeing as his rough tumble with the Rabbit Hero had left him dusty and sweaty. Many others seemed to have the same idea, though the vampire lingered behind and waited for Shoto to get his composure.

It took a few more minutes, the traffic of people in their locker room somewhat high as male teens went in and out in a constant flux.

The air tasted of apprehension and anxiety, as many wondered about their performance. The vampire had yet to spot any more of his classmates, but he could smell their distinctive scents nearby. That brought him a measure of relief. Fully in control as he might be, an environment full of easily available prey such as this was a teasing itch for his primal instincts.

Izuku wanted to head to the school dorms so that he could soak in properly, as a true blooded Japanese ought to, however, a quick shower would have to suffice for now.

A few minutes later had him dressed back in UA's uniform, the vampire and his companion headed towards one of the waiting rooms in the grand arena. It was a large building after all, easily capable of hosting the large-scale exam and having plenty of room to spare.

As he sat along with Todoroki, Izuku reviewed the fight in his mind. Far be it from him to arrogantly believe himself capable of truthfully holding back a Top Ten ranker, but the hemomancer couldn't help the proud feeling that radiated in his heart. It was clear that the heroes were wearing suppressive gear (nothing as grand as his, but still), but it was impossible to suppress the skill and battle experience one possessed.

Izuku's powers allowed the vampire to opt between close quarters and mid-range combat, with a few options for long range. He wasn't a physical combat specialist - and while [True Ancestor] had a tendency to rely on melee, it was more of a versatile beast that used what it could, adapting to best counter their opponents.

Mirko – on the other hand – was fully focused on close quarters combat. Facing her up and close was not only ill advised, but outright crazy if one hoped to survive. She wasn't the impossible mountain of physicality that was All Might, but damn if she didn't try to be.

And he managed to face her to a standstill.

Izuku had plenty of reasons to be proud of his accomplishment. And not only for himself, but for his friend too. Shoto managed to stall Gang Orca after all. All the hours of training, all that sweat and blood finally resulting in a culmination of effort that allowed Shoto to break past any shackles holding him back.

Any hatred or ill-will towards his father was turned to cinders, and all that remained was the will to hold himself to a higher standard than his father. Shoto was his own person after all.

Since Shoto had been the closest to Izuku during the second part of the exam, the vampire could only speak to his performance; however, he had no doubts that his remaining classmates had performed much the same as the duo had. He had faith in their skills, in their abilities cultivated through many hours of hard work and dedication.

"We still haven't had that dinner." Todoroki suddenly mentioned to Izuku. The vampire had been a bit busy going through his mind, but the words roused him from it.

He nodded, wondering how best to prepare for such an event as meeting Shoto's family. The vampire knew a bit about them, most of it superficial, as Todoroki sometimes mentioned them in their talks. He knew about Endeavor of course, and the situation with his mother, and the two older siblings of the house, but the vampire had yet to meet them.

The invitation had been lingering in the air for a while, but with all their circumstances, time to meet them had been short. With the exam concluded, hopefully now they would have a bit more leeway for it.

"Do you have time after this, Midoriya?" Shoto was on a streak this time, initiating conversation after conversation.

The vampire checked his phone, letting a small split his lips as he locked away the screen and put the device away. "Yeah, I'm mostly free."

Shoto nodded, this time being the one to pull out his phone. He tapped the screen a few times, likely checking out his SNS app for new messages. After a few seconds, Shoto hummed to himself in satisfaction. "Would you be willing to come with me to meet my mother? I wanted to tell her the results of the exam first."

"Yes." Todoroki had barely finished speaking when Izuku gave him his positive answer.

It left the dual-quirked teen a bit stunned.

"Are you sure?" He asked again, wondering if the first answer was an auditory hallucination caused by his still ringing ears.

"Positive." Izuku replied positively once more. "Let's give you mother the good news."

Todoroki didn't know what exactly to respond, so he hummed in agreement and nodded his head. It would be the first time he would bring a friend home. Well, it was the first time he would bring anyone home, but it took less convincing that he imagined it would.

That done, the duo remained in a comfortable silence as they waited for the results of the provisional exam. The waiting room they were at began to fill up with other participants, and eventually the duo could spot some of their classmates.

Thankfully there were a few TVs to help pass the time, the many teenagers engaging in light conversation as they anxiously waited for the results to come.

Minutes seemed to drag on as hours, most teens running out of relevant topics long ago and now resorting to meaningless gossip. Izuku had been joined by his close friends, the group swapping a few childhood stories as they waited.

Eventually, the intercoms crackled to life, the vampire rapidly checking his phone to notice it was about to be evening.

"All examinees, please head to the main lobby for your results! I repeat, all examinees please head to the main lobby for your results!" The message began to play on repeat, Izuku letting his gaze fall on his group.

"Well, then," He spoke, standing from his seat and stretching his neck sideways until he heard a satisfying cracking sound. "Shall we go?"

Momo and Kyouka followed his advice, the female duo as inseparable as ever.

"It took long enough." Jirou commented with a snort, the rocker girl never one to patiently wait for so long.

Yaoyorozu was quick to pacify her friend. "Now, now, these things take time. It could be worse; I remember reading that the results usually only come after a week, so them coming out this soon is a good thing for us."

The vampire nodded to the heiress's words. "With All Might's retirement, the HSPC needs to present a strong figure to the public, and placing more heroes in the field accomplishes that. Even if they are inexperienced rookies like us." Izuku joked at the end, catching Kyouka's eyeroll from the corner of his sight.

Shoto hummed in agreement to the vampire's words. "My father will soon be officially coronated as Japan's top hero, and his agency has been working in overdrive to give a good public report along with it."

Tokoyami crossed his arms over his chest, pensive expression painting his features. "Even a paragon of strength such as Endeavor faces difficulties, huh…"

The group reached the main lobby, finding a few lines organized to help give the students their results. A mix of excitement and despair filled the room, Izuku finding the scents to be almost overpowering. While failing the exam was not a career ender in any shape or form, it was a considerable achievement (or lack thereof) in one's heroic resume and profile. The early experience was fruitful to anyone that could take advantage of it, especially first years such as them.

The fivesome group split again, each one heading to the lines that had the initials of their family name.

A few more minutes of waiting and slowly shuffling forward, and eventually Izuku stood in front of the proctor, the male reading a paper and paying the vampire no attention.

The man looked exhausted, his messy grey hair all over the place and his eyes could give Aizawa-sensei a run for dead-tiredness. There was a manilla folder on the small table he occupied, the envelope thick with numerous papers by his right side.

"Name?" The man spoke in a disinterested tone, eyes still focused on the paper he held.

"Midoriya Izuku." The hemomancer matched the tone as a formality.

The man heard the teen, his head moving instantly to match the vampire's gaze.

"Hoh, so you are the infamous Midoriya, huh?" His voice gained a semblance of vitality, the man's previously dull gaze glinting with curiosity. He opened the folder and began skimming through the pages, quickly finding the green-haired teen's one. As he separated it from the stack, the vampire noticed that a small card was clipped together with the papers.

"Indeed." Izuku kept his reply neutral, though some anxiety infected his mind. He tried his best to perform accordingly during the exam and abide by all the rules, but even so there was always that shadow of doubt that squirmed in his gut.

The man presented the papers to Izuku without delay, the plastic card clipped showing Izuku's name, profile picture along with a name that brought a wave of relief to the vampire.

| Name: Midoriya Izuku |
| Hero Alias: Alucard |

"Congratulations, Midoriya-kun. You have passed the provisional exam." The man spoke, Izuku allowing a victorious smile to split his lips, his fangs revealed.

"It is a great pleasure to have someone as skilled as you among our ranks so early, though don't forget that it also increases your responsibility by a fair margin." The man explained, the vampire noting it down on a corner of his mind, too busy with staring at the license.

It was a simple piece of plastic with some engravings, yet – in his hands – it felt like the greatest of treasures at that moment.

"We hope for great things from you, Midoriya-kun. Ah, and don't forget these too." The man stated, giving Izuku the papers the vampire had left on his table in his excitement. "Run along now, there are people behind in line."

Izuku properly picked the results, eyes still fully settled on his license. He left the line with his license in hand, feeling relief wash over him. Even the negligeable weight of the [S.H.A.C.K.L.E.S] around his neck couldn't bring his mood down.

He exited the Grand Stadium, texting and waiting to meet his friends once more.

Giddily, the vampire snapped a picture of his license and sent it to his mother and his girlfriends. He couldn't wait to commemorate with them, picturing their reactions in his mind. His mother would most likely flood her whole apartment with tears of joy, the household's matriarch well known for her emotional responses.

Mei for sure would be happy for him, but most of her happiness would stem from the permission that he would be granted, especially when it came to usage of support equipment. It would give her the green light to kick her projects in overdrive, the many blueprints that she had in her workshop would finally be given the chance to be made and see the light of day.

Melissa should have the tamest reaction of the bunch. She'd appreciate it much like Mei, but only being immersed in heroics for a short while, it could be said that it would take a bit for the older girl to comprehend the scale of such achievement. Nonetheless, she would commemorate alongside them.

As Izuku waited for his friends, he also felt something else resonate within himself. A pleasant warmth radiated from his core as [True Ancestor] decoded his most recent quirk-factor acquisition. He huffed a thick stream of steam from his nostrils as his body shifted to accommodate the changes brought about by Mirko's [Rabbit] quirk.

[Rabbit]'s boons were simple, yet powerful, nonetheless. The first and most obvious one being the powerful hind-legs that were the heroine's signature and most identifiable feature along with her fluffy ears. The enhanced hearing he found in her blood echoes was good too, but what made Mirko reach the heights that she did was the animalistic intuition granted by her quirk.

He had acquired a few blood echoes from the heroine, most of them pertaining to their battle; The heroine's quirk gave her a certain intuition geared not towards battle per say, but more towards danger. Rabbits were skittish and careful creatures after all, and thus someone with their genes should be so too.

Not Mirko.

She made use of such instincts to constantly flood herself with adrenaline, masterfully dominating any fleeting thoughts that weren't focused on survival against the opponent. It could be said that she forcefully created something akin to his [Hunter Instincts], though in her case it had more to do with her own tendencies. It was clear for any that observed her, that the heroine was a battle/adrenaline-junkie.

Izuku could now understand why Mirko was so high-strung during their fight.

He also analyzed a certain aspect of the quirk that should be left unspoken for now. It certainly wasn't family friendly, or something that should be a conversation topic, especially now since he noticed Yaoyorozu and Kyouka's scent heading towards him.

Pushing aside the newly acquired genetic information (as well as the snickers echoing in his head), the vampire focused on the female duo approaching him. Their scents remained clean, untainted with fear or shame; most likely they had passed too, though their faces remained neutral for now. Trying to surprise him?

As the girls reached the vampire, they remained silent. The vampire followed suit, remaining silent until they spoke the first word.

He could have kept the game going, but since his senses had already spoiled their surprise, he might as well get some amusement out of it.

"Congratulations, you two." His lips twisted up in a happy – though vicious-looking – grin. His fangs were gleaming daggers, but the sight couldn't bring fear into the hearts of the two girls anymore. "You will make fine heroines."

The two tried to maintain their façade, but it broke under the vampire's gaze.

"Argh, why is it so hard to surprise you?!" Jirou complained in frustration, but eventually the girl took a similar plastic card from her UA's jacket, the clothing wrapped around her waist. "Tadah, spoilsport!" Her sarcasm was refreshing to hear, the punk rocker practically shoving her license into the vampire's face.

Izuku was quick to swipe the item from the girl's hand, taking the time to properly look at it, much to Kyouka's chagrin. She immediately tried to grab it back, but the vampire held it far from her hold, effortlessly holding her back with a single hand as she swatted at him.

"Easy, I'm going to give it back." He commented in an effort to make peace with the girl. She huffed, but stopped her "assault", crossing her arms over her chest and puffing her cheeks to show her displeasure.

He hummed as he inspected the license, Kyouka's picture having no difference from her usual self. Even so, he couldn't help but tease her, her reactions too amusing.

"It can't be yours, can it?" He stated, seeing the girl raise a brow at his statement.

The vampire approached Momo, the heiress staying by the side and content with letting the duo play out their usual act. He was quick to appear by the taller girl's side, showing the license to her while constantly comparing the picture with Kyouka's current unamused expression. "What do you think, President? Doesn't this picture show a cute girl instead of that grump over there?"

Momo quickly caught on what the vampire's game was. She chuckled, pointing towards the license. "I think it looks perfectly like Kyouka-san."

Jirou looked at the heiress with a stunned look. "Even you, Yaomomo? Betrayed by my best friend?"

The heiress then displayed an exasperated look. "Now, now, I'm not taking sides here. I'm merely stating a fact." She gave a side-eye to the vampire, extending her open hand to him. "Give it here."

Izuku narrowed his eyes at the heiress. "I'm not a dog, you know." He grumbled under his breath, but gave in and placed the license on the heiress's waiting palm. She then offered the item back to Jirou, playing the part of a mother lightly chastising her children for fighting among each other.

Or so she would, had Izuku not swiped her own license card with a shadowy tendril.

The hemomancer showed her the item between his fingers, though the heiress's reaction was far tamer than her friend. She merely sent the vampire a look, her hips cocking by the slightest of margins. Seeing as he would not get the same reaction from Momo as he did from Kyouka, the vampire just let a small smirk split his lips.

"You look good." He simply complimented the raven-haired girl, seeing a light blush dust her cheeks.

"Thank you, Izuku-kun. I'm sure you look dashing too in yours." Her reply was what one could expect from a high-class person, full of magnanimous charm.

Kyouka couldn't simply let sleeping dogs lie. She had to get her lick back.

"Your turn now, vamp. Let's see that ugly mug of yours." She teased back, getting closer to the vampire to null any hopes of him fleeing.

Izuku complied without any fanfare, pulling his license, and showing it to the girls. Jirou clicked her teeth at the ease with which he responded to her request, but relented and simply looked over it along with Momo.

Much like their own, the vampire's license displayed his information along with a poker-face picture.

"Eh, boring…" The rocker commented, but couldn't help the quirk of her lips at seeing their group's success.

Momo looked over it with an appreciative gave. "I think that it suits you very well, Izuku-kun."

The vampire pocketed it away. "It certainly could look worse, or scarier." He commented, making a clawed motion with his hands.

The duo nodded at the vampire's suggestion, playing along with his antics.

Not long after that, people from their class started coming over, their scents very telling of their results.

Shoto was among the first ones to find the trio. When asked about his results, his answer was – funnily enough, considering the teen – a peace sign. Tokoyami looked as collected as always, though his feathers seemed to be puffed up and his steps seemed to carry a certain swagger that could seldom be confused with anything other than pride.

Kaminari, Kirishima, Mina, and Sero were overly loud with their celebration, walking around in a vertical line while linking shoulders. Their boisterous celebration earned a few glares, but Izuku figured that his classmates more than deserved to celebrate their victory and no one could take away their joy.

There was – however – one person whose scent made the vampire scrunch his nose. It was overly familiar for him, the disgustingly sweet smell of burnt caramel that plagued his childhood years. It now contained a thick helping of shame and helplessness, the scents something that Izuku couldn't ever imagine being able to associate with Bakugou Katsuki. The vampire scanned the crowds with his attentive eyes, managing to quickly find the bomber teen.

The usual scowl that seemed to be perpetually sculped on the ash-blonde's face was substituted by a thousand-yard gaze and something that made Izuku pity Bakugou. He seemed absolutely dejected.

His red eyes caught the vampire's alert green orbs, stunning the bomber many meters away from 1-A's class.

Such a sight was something that Katsuki could never have imagined: Izuku, surrounded by familiar and friendly faces while he was on his lonesome, none of the usual sycophants he had grown accustomed to in sight.

It was stupid, and Bakugou knew that those bastards from Middle School were merely mooching off him. Yet now, as he stood in UA, the ash-blonde found himself to be utterly alone.

The area he was designated was filled with "hurt" civilians, that were actually proctors for this exam. He could spot those extras faking their injuries from a mile away, so he merely barked his orders at them and waited for them to fall in line. Just as he was used to do. It was something natural…after all, he was Bakugou Katsuki, he knew better than them.

Yet, as he stared at his graded exam papers, Katsuki was finally forced to admit to himself something.

| The examinee has a rather excellent grasp of situational awareness, able to rapidly identify between minor and major injuries while on the go. Unfortunately, that is countered by his extremely rude behavior and unwillingness to be corrected. |

| The examinee failed to escort the hurt "civilians" to a proper and safe location, letting them roam aimlessly the lengths of the arena and allowing them to run the risk of being exposed to open combat. When given the chance to rectify his mistake, he openly mocked the "civilians" and created a grating environment of distrust with the public. |

| The examinee seemed focused on encountering fights rather than securing a proper safety zone. His overly eager propensity for combat seems reckless and detriment. |

He no longer was "the best".

Instead of a perfect score, he had earned a failing grade. Not enough to completely disqualify him, but low enough that he would have to take a second, remedial test. The shame and humiliation that burned in his chest was unlike any other before.

And to make these feelings even worse, there he was, that fucking vampire. Surrounded by those extras. Commemorating.

Bakugou couldn't even muster the energy to gnash his teeth.

"…fucking…" The expletive was left unfinished in a whisper, the [Explosion]-quirk user blending in with the crowds and vanishing from sight before anyone from his class aside from the vampire could spot him.

Izuku waved his hand in farewell to the majority of his classmates, seeing the groups respond in the same manner. He and Shoto were waiting on a taxi, the youngest Todoroki calling one for their quick visit to the facility in which his mother was at.

Izuku was a bit impressed. He had some money to splurge on the occasional trinket once in a while, but being able to have an on-call taxi was a bit outside of his means. While they waited for the vehicle, Izuku got them a quick drink from a nearby vending machine.

The vampire sipped on his warm coffee, handing Shoto a strawberry drink. It was one thing that the hemomancer noticed from his friend; Todoroki had quite the sweet tooth, enjoying sugary treats whenever given the chance. Those chances were apparently rare, so it was quite the interesting sight to see the stoic dual-color haired teen attack sweets.

The cab arrived in a short while, the two males entering the car and waiting to arrive at their destination.

Izuku noticed that as time went by, Todoroki became a bit reclusive, quietly (even more than usual) taking sips from his can and looking at the scenery as the taxi drove them.

"Are you alright?" The vampire's tone was calm and collected, his voice breaking the silence that had settled over the two.

Todoroki remained silent for a few more moments, lowering his drink and staring at the mostly empty can in a passive manner.

Izuku patiently waited for his friend to work out his feelings.

"I…" Shoto started speaking, but broke off into silence once more.

Even so, Izuku waited. He also noticed that the driver was glancing at them from the rear-view mirror. One exchanged glance between the vampire and the driver, and the man returned his eyes to the road.

"It feels like a dream." Shoto finally spoke the words, his voice in its usual tone. "Having a friend like this."

Izuku smiled, lightly chuckling at his friend's apprehension. It wasn't like he couldn't understand where Todoroki was coming from, since the vampire's first taste of real friendship came with a fair share of awkward moments. Mei and her antics.

The vampire patted Shoto on the shoulder, sensing the tension slowly disperse from his friend's body at the soft touch.

"Don't worry too much about it." He spoke, noticing that they were approaching a rather upper-class area of Shinjuku. The vampire wondered a bit about the previous commute that Todoroki had to do, but it was a moot point since the teen had moved into his dorm room along with his classmates. "That's what friends are for."

"Besides," the vampire continued, this time his face assuming a more serious expression. "We need to work on your phrasing."

Shoto tilted his head to the side, the cutesy manner not meshing well with the stoically composed face of the Todoroki youngster. "What do you mean?"

Izuku sighed, wondering if the dual-color haired teen was messing around or not. Shoto had the – rather impressive – ability to speak things that in a normal setting would make those around them easily misunderstand the situation.

It was like that during their summer camp, their visit to I-Island and even during some of their day-to-day activities. Shoto's ability to speak and cause onlookers to pause seemed to either be born from his lack of social skills, or the teen's hidden desire to mess around and troll them.

Considering Shoto's behavior, Izuku was more willing to bet on the former, rather than the later, yet there always was that shadow of doubt in his mind. Nonetheless, Izuku figured that it was fine for now. It was one of his friend's quirks, something that made him unique after all.

Besides, it wasn't like the vampire himself was above some low-tier trolling.

Chuckling to himself, Izuku shook his head. "Nothing to truly worry about for now."

Shoto stared at his friend for a few more minutes before he shrugged to himself and turned his gaze towards the window of his passenger seat. They were close to the mental ward facility.

Normally Shoto would feel tension grow like a pit in his stomach as he neared the facility, yet now all that he felt was a cool sensation of acceptance.

Their taxi finally arrived in front of the facility, Izuku fishing for his own wallet to help in with the expense; Todoroki simply pulled a black card from his jacket and touched the electronic pad on the divider wall between the driver and the passengers. That done, the [Fire-Ice]-quirk user simply began to disembark.

Izuku felt a bit stunned. Is that how it feels to have someone pay for you? The vampire mused, following along with his friend as they headed towards the entrance of the mental ward facility. The vampire wasn't sure of what exactly to expect, but from his visits to Musutafu Hospital he was picturing something much less fancy.

It seemed much less like a mental ward and more like a retirement home, various attendants carefully catering to whom the vampire supposed were their patients. Soft background music echoed, creating a relaxing effect and the soft pastel colors of the walls and the worker's uniforms being the sole thing that Izuku could recognize as from hospital.

Shoto barely stopped by the attendance desk, the lady there kindly presenting the teen with a temporary badge and waving him off. Todoroki handed Izuku one of the badges and the vampire followed along his friend as they entered deeper into the facility. It didn't take long for them to find their objective, the wooden door to the room displaying a plaque with [TODOROKI] making the inhabitant of the habitation obvious.

Shoto stood in front of the door, staring at the wooden object for a few seconds. The vampire waited at his side, remaining passive as his friend seemed to be gathering courage. A few more moments went by, and finally Shoto raised a hand to knock on the door, requesting permission.

A soft and kind voice echoed from behind the door, the stoic teen side-eyeing his friend and nodding for him. Izuku followed along as Shoto opened the door and entered the room.

Much like the rest of the facility, it was colored in soft pastel green, giving a sort of impersonal vibe to the habitation. It was fairly large, accommodating a bed close to the open window on the right corner, a woman resting on it while looking towards the setting sun.

As she turned to meet the newcomers, the vampire had a better look at her. White hair, fair and soft expression, a few expression lines betraying her age, but the vampire could see the resemblance.

Shoto may have inherited Endeavor's fierce eyes and some of his hair, but the recognizable traces of his face such as his nose and cheekbones were easily distinguishable as having been passed down from his mother. It was kind of hard to believe that such a kind-looking woman had been the cause of the scar that marred his friend's face.

"Mother." Shoto greeted the white-haired woman, his voice as cold and impassive as ever. There was a hint of warmth and affection under all of that, but only those close to the teen could capture it.

She smiled at her child, patting the empty space next to her on the bed, calling the teen over. He obliged her with a closer approach, though he remained standing nearby.

"Good afternoon, Shoto. How are you doing, dear?" There was some awkward stiffness on their interaction; it was almost as if it was practiced for long, yet during the real act the nerves had gotten to the woman. "And who is your friend over there?" It was clear that she noticed her own slip, though her social skills were clearly miles ahead of her son's, as the white-haired woman quickly managed to change conversation targets.

Izuku respectfully bowed his head. "Nice to meet you, ma'am. I'm Midoriya Izuku, one of Todoroki's classmates." As he introduced himself, the vampire could smell the surprise and joy that began to emanate from the woman.

"How nice! Shoto had never brought anyone over, so I was a bit worried about him." She commented, hands clasped over each other and resting over her lap.

"Oh my, where are my manners?" She chastised herself, somewhat in a hurry to rectify her mistake. "My name is Todoroki Rei, I'm Shoto's mother."

Izuku nodded. "It is a pleasure to meet you, ma'am." As he spoke, the teen turned to his friend, wondering how he would proceed.

"Izuku is my friend and training partner." Shoto commented, pulling out his wallet and taking the white card he received today. "We both took the provisional exam." He presented the item to his mother.

Izuku saw Todoroki Rei carefully extend her hand towards her son's, careful with solely touching the presented item. She picketed it up and brought it closer, her eyes lighting up with joy as she read its contents.

"My, my, how wonderful! My baby boy, already an up-coming hero!" Rei's voice was filled with elation, her lips spread with a smile that reminded the vampire of his own mother's. It made him feel proud, not only of himself, but for his friend.

The vampire also noticed that a tiny smile sprouted on Shoto's lips, his facial expressions minutely softening. A rare case of what Izuku was tempted to call the [Todoroki miracle]. He had never in his life seen Endeavor smile in a proper manner (that wasn't an aggressive grin or self-satisfied smug) and Shoto seldom allowed his face to shift from its usual stoically icy demeanor.

"How about you, Midoriya-san? Did you also pass?" Rei seemed to remember that Izuku was also in the room, her kind eyes settled upon the vampire's frame.

The vampire allowed a soft and proud smile to grace his lips, unbothered to be showing his sharp fangs. "Yes, ma'am."

"Izuku is currently the strongest fighter in class." Shoto interjected with a strong commentary, his neutral expression returning, though his voice carried something within it that could not be hidden. He was proud of his friend for sure, but his tone implied a challenge.

The vampire couldn't help but allow his own smile to turn into a grin.

"Shoto is no slouch either, ma'am." The vampire spoke before his friend could add to his statement. "He fought two Top-Ten rankers today, Gang Orca and Mirko! He might as well have had his license printed there and then."

Rei's eyes widened, the woman covering her mouth, yet releasing a joyful sound.

Shoto maintained his neutral face as best as he could, but there was a tiny blush on his face that betrayed his true state of mind.

From there on, the vampire did his best to up his friend. It was a bit embellished for sure, but seeing Shoto become flustered in the presence of his mother was akin to mining for copper and finding gold.

Izuku couldn't not mess with the stoic teen. Maybe he had been hanging around Mina too much.



The two teens returned to UA after a while, the evening hours upon them. It had been quite the event, meeting Shoto's mother. There were some pauses as the mother-son duo struggled with the whole family intimacy prospect (their struggle obvious even to someone such as Izuku), but it was a fruitful reunion.

The vampire could see conversations between the two lasting longer, though he had to put a fair share of grease to allow the wheel to spin. It was mentally exhausting for the hemomancer to be the social one, but he also felt rewarded in doing so.

As the duo returned to the dormitory buildings, they noticed the commotion happening. Upbeat music echoed, and Izuku couldn't sense any hostility from the building, so whatever was happening should not result in problems. Todoroki and Izuku exchanged a curious gaze between themselves, moving to properly inspect the cause of the noise.

Classes 1-A and 1-B were fully mingling with each other, the teens engaging in what could only be described as an impromptu party.

Their classmates noticed their approach, beckoning the vampire and the stoic teens to approach in an enthusiastic manner.

Mina (Izuku should have figured out sooner she'd be responsible for something like this) squeezed out from the middle of the crowd and rushed to meet them.

"Hey you two! Had a nice date out there!?" The pink-skinned girl exclaimed while jabbing the vampire in the ribs with her left elbow.

Couldn't get a single word out that wasn't a tease or a jab, huh? Izuku mused, dully staring at Mina's grinning figure.

Shoto, much the same, simply spoke his mind. "We went to see my mother."

Mina stopped digging her elbow into the vampire and looked at the dual-color haired teen with curious eyes. Todoroki was quite a mystery to most, the sole exception seemingly being Izuku. Though she was merely joking before, now she couldn't help but being curious.

"Uke and Seme?" She murmured, mostly to herself as her exotic eyes shifted between the two teens.

Izuku and Shoto tilted their heads in curiosity at the terms she spouted.

"Anyway!" She broke their concentration with a sudden burst of energy, jumping in place with her arms high in the air. Now that Izuku paid proper attention he noticed that she was dressed in casual lounge wear; small jean booty shorts and a shirt that was quite the bizarre mash – and that was coming from him, of all people – of multi-color shapes. "We need to commemorate! Let's party!" She shouted, earning a few joint shouts from some of the more extrovert members outside.

Izuku threw his pink-skinned classmate a questioning glance, wondering when they had gotten permission for this. Aizawa would certainly be on head-hunter mode if he were to see this.

"Nah ah, none of that sour look, mister! We got permission and everything, you can ask Yaomomo about it! Aizawa-sensei is a-okay with it!" The girl seemed to have read his thoughts, wagging her finger in a metronome fashion in front of his face. "We earned a day off! Most of class managed to pass the prov exam and even many from 1-B too!" Mina explained in her usual manner, suddenly turning to the mass of teens in front of the dorm. "Ken-chan! Come explain to this wet sock that we are free to go crazy!"

Izuku looked at the same direction, seeing Kendo disentangle from the group and move in a quick trot to reach them.

"Heya, guys!" She waved to them, quickly reaching the trio. "I'm trying to keep the mess outside, easier to clean this way." The martial artist and proclaimed big sister of 1-B explained to the newly arrived duo. "We shared our results with Kan-sensei and he said we could make a pizza party to celebrate. Mina heard about it," Itsuka smiled, then pointed towards the groups, "and I think you can figure out how that turned out."

Mina smirked, placing her hands on her hips and proudly puffing out her chest. "Ha! As if Groovy Goddess Mina could celebrate her entry into the hero world with just a simple pizza party! Let's get crazy!" She shouted, rushing to return to the group.

Itsuka smiled as she watched the pink-skinned girl vanish amidst the crowd, the group happily accepting her back and making merry. She turned to the two males, wondering if they would join.

Todoroki blinked as he looked at the group.

"I'm going to bed." He dully stated, moving to the entry without batting another eye at the commotion. He already had had his fun for the day, and at the moment didn't feel like mingling anymore.

Izuku observed his friend retire with warm eyes, aware that Shoto had already pushed his limit for social interactions well beyond the point that he was used to. Hopefully before they graduated the teen would be more willing to party like this.

He then turned his green eyes to Kendo, seeing the girl wait on his response.

"I'm feeling a bit hungry, so I'll just put in something more comfortable, and I'll be right back." Izuku stated, earning a positive nod from the martial artist girl.

"Sure, go ahead." Kendo moved along with the vampire until they entered the dorm building. As he was about to climb the stairs, the girl stopped to look at her phone, then exclaimed. "The pizza is on the kitchen counter! Setsuna is calling me." She rolled her eyes at the last sentence, picking the call and allowing Izuku to continue uninterrupted.

The vampire was quick to throw in something casual, dressing in white denim shorts and a black hoodie. Putting on his red shoes, the vampire exited his room with no rush in his step. He stopped by his room's door, checking his phone as it buzzed with a few messages.

As expected, his chat log with Midoriya-mama was quickly flooded with messages as the matriarch bombarded him with congratulations and whatnot. It warmed the vampire's beating heart, the loving affection from his mother. He promised to visit soon to have a commemoration dinner.

Melissa had answered too. Her message was short and sweet, the American blonde sending a picture that showed that she was working along with Mei, the two already busy with a project for him.

He sent a message inviting the two over for a small-scale celebration between the three of them. A smirk split his lips. However, he also noticed the approach of a presence heading towards him. He figured it would be someone looking for their own room, but as the scent of the person reached his nostrils, the vampire remained rooted in place.

"There you are, Izuku-kun!" Uraraka's echoed from the end of the corridor. She looked extremely happy to spot him along, the girl putting a pep in her step as she hopped towards the vampire.

Izuku pocketed his phone and turned his attention to the girl.

"Hello there, Uraraka-san." He greeted her in his usual way, his nose capturing her alluring scent.



The two remained in place, standing in front of each other, silently waiting for one or the other to speak.

Izuku knew that he was dense towards these types of affairs, but even he wasn't that dense. Uraraka's body exuded pheromones that gave away what she felt, the vampire's ability to sense such now stronger than ever; thus, it became obvious that the girl held affection for him. The question for him now was if he should return her feelings.

Izuku was acutely aware that his relationship with Melissa and Mei was different from the common social norm. He was fine with it, but was he willing to bring Uraraka into it?

She was cute for sure, but objectively speaking, they didn't exactly have much in common. He did have some affinity with her, but they were more friends than anything else. He didn't want to lead the girl on and waste her time, though he had to admit that having someone pursue him like this felt really good.

"So…" Uraraka decided to start first, but as she rose her gaze to match his, the girl ran out of words. Her body – however – spoke plenty for the girl, the vampire feeling her pheromones hitting him almost like a barrage.

"Are you going to join us?" Izuku spoke in the girl's instead, trying to suppress his increasing growing urges in the presence of such easy prey. Uraraka's flushed neck looked inviting, the veins under her soft skin almost calling to him.

She quickly nodded her head to his question, though she also made no effort to move. If anything, her scent became stronger.

"I wanted to speak alone with you, Izuku-kun!" Ochako almost startled the vampire, finally managing to push the words out.

The vampire dry-gulped, managing to maintain a neutral expression due to the [Cool Blood] running through his head at the moment. "Is that so?"

"Uh hmm." The girl hummed, batting her eyelashes at him and further shortening the distance between them. Izuku didn't back off, and thus were in each other's personal spaces. Were anyone to stumble upon such sight, the scene would look nothing short of a couple's passionate embrace.

The girl raised her hands shily, her fingers fiddling with each other in a nervous manner.

"Well, I'm here." He dully stated, ears easily picking the sound of her rapidly increasing heartbeats.

'I told you. Natural-born Casanova!' Nana's voice echoed in his head, followed by the muted cackling laughter of his [Inner Beast]. Girls can't resist the allure of a vampire.'

Izuku ignored his mind tenants.

"It's not easy ya know. A gal's feelings and whatnot! But here ya are, all serious and stuff. Couldn' tcha blush a bit?!" Much to the vampire's surprise, Uraraka spat a quick torrent of words in Kansai dialect, almost too fast for him to understand, were it not for his enhanced mind.

Uraraka's cheeks flushed a deep red tone, and some steam could be seen wafting from her head, so great was her current embarrassment. Yet, she remained persistent, rooted to her spot and unwilling to let Izuku move too until she finished saying her piece.

"Izuku-kun…you see…the thing is…" Ochako stumbled with her words, switching back to her normal tone and trying her best to not lose the confidence that she had built up.

The vampire patiently waited for the brunette to continue, aware that things had already been extended for too long. It would not be fair to let it drag any longer.

Uraraka mumbled incoherently, eventually lowering her head to avoid meeting Izuku's gaze and stilling into silence.

He waited a bit more, wondering if she would manage to get more courage. Seeing that it was unlikely, the vampire took a small breath and decided to act.

His right hand lightly took a hold of the girl's chin, raising her head until he could fully gaze into her brown eyes. She blushed under his hold, but didn't seem opposed to the contact.

"I think I know what you are trying to say, Uraraka-san." He started, making sure to keep his ears attentive for any unexpected arrivals.

The brunette's eyes shimmered with a wet sheen; the pupils fully focused on the green-haired teen in front of her. Her heart hammered in her chest, threatening to burst out from all the emotions. Was this truly happening? Were her prayers and desires about to be answered?

She noticed that the vampire glanced at the corridor and then back to his room's door. Was he thinking about lewd stuff with her? They weren't even an item yet, but did she stoke his lust in the same way he did for her? She was fine with it, feeling her stomach flutter with a thousand butterflies.

"This conversation is rather personal; should we have it in my room?" His voice triggered shivers down her spine, and Uraraka almost felt herself come undone with a simple request. Her core clenched, and she couldn't help but tighten her legs. Ochako couldn't trust her mouth to coherently produce the words she was looking for, so she rapidly nodded, her enthusiasm much too obvious.

Black matter rose from Izuku's shadow, the dark tendrils opening the door to his room and allowing the duo to enter it before closing it shut.

Izuku was quick to turn on the lights and head to his desk, Uraraka lagging behind a bit. She was in his room after all.

It looked fairly common, but the little touches added just enough personality that she could say it suited the vampire to a T. The dark colors, with just enough red to liven up things; the books, notebooks and little tools occupying the study desk; the large bed with black covers accented by dark green pillows. The vintage posters depicting a myriad of heroes on the walls.

Ochako felt that she could lose herself exploring these little details, but for now something much more important waited for her.

She approached him, taking a seat on his bed. It took all the remaining dregs of courage she had, but Uraraka managed to raise her head to gaze into the vampire's green eyes.

"Y-yes?!" She flinched, answering at nothing but air.

Izuku chuckled, seeing the girl's nervousness. He saw the girl whine, so he figured that it would be good on him to start already. Though his wild side wanted to extract more amusement from teasing the girl, his logical side won, and he coughed a bit to gather her attention.

"I would like to say I think I know the reason you came to find me." The vampire started, speaking as calmly as he could, hoping to guide the conversation into something that would result in advantages for both him and Ochako. The girl's eyes were fully focused on his frame, and it seemed that at that moment, nothing else mattered to the girl besides him. It was almost a euphoric, manic kind of devotion, something that Izuku had only seen in one person so far.

"Y-ya do-o?!" She couldn't help but interject.

Izuku nodded, a small smile splitting his lips and allowing his fangs to peek from his maw. "I am dense," he said, the smile dispersing as his expression returned to neutrality. "But you have made your intentions rather clear. It wouldn't be fair to you to keep this situation going for long."

Uraraka's blush looked like it would become a permanent affair, so strongly it was dusting her cheeks. She kept staring at his face, waiting for the following words of the green-haired hemomancer.

"You hold feelings of affection for me." Izuku firmly stated the simple fact, seeing no reason to beat around the bush any longer. It was for the best that he speak his piece as clear as possible to avoid any possible misunderstandings. "I'm very thankful and appreciative to be the target of your affections, Uraraka-san."

The unspoken but floated in the air, causing the previously sweet atmosphere in the room to plummet into a pregnant silence that felt louder than the party occurring outside.

Ochako's brown eyes seemed to lose their warmth, the girl not even blinking in an effort to not lose the vampire from her sight even for a second.

"However, I'm afraid I cannot respond to those feelings in full honesty." Izuku's words were spoken in a controlled tone, yet they hammered into the girl with all the force of a bomb.

"D-do you not like me?" She murmured with a broken tone, voice cracking as she lost any trace of her Kansai accent. "I-is that it?"

"I do enjoy your presence, Uraraka-san. And I can say with certainty that you are very cute." Izuku shook his head this time. "However, the type of relationship that you are seeking is not something that I can grant to you." The vampire hoped to not have to drag his two lovers into this conversation, wishing that his classmate would back off with just this much.

Though Izuku knew that Uraraka was certainly lust-worthy and relationship-material, he simply did not harbor such strong feelings for her as she did for him. Feeding her false hope would be too cruel, so he had to be concise and clear with his boundary. The vampire was aware that his thoughts sounded hypocritical, especially since he was in a two-timing sort of relationship, but he figured that Ochako deserved someone that would pay special attention to her and her needs.

She seemed stunned with his words. No tears misted her eyes, but it was clear that she was harboring very conflicting thoughts about him now. Worse yet, she maintained her eyes laser-focused on his, hoping to read and detect any deception coming from him.

He had no intentions of deceiving her.

"Do…" She started, choking a bit. "Do you already have a girlfriend?" Ochako managed to push the question out, looking almost like a lost child and sending a javelin of guilt across Izuku's heart.

He hoped to not have to answer that, but the question came regardless of his wishes. He remained silent for a moment, his thoughts running for miles in mere seconds, his enhanced mind not allowing the vampire even a single fleeting moment of respite.

"I do." He decided to answer truthfully, though hoping to be able to end that line of questioning there. If only he was so lucky.

Ochako flinched at his words, yet never once did her gaze falter and move away from his own eyes. It was a bit uncanny, and anyone else might consider it a creepy move. Izuku simply reciprocated her seriousness. She looked on the verge of an emotional burst, but seemingly held it in, her eyes remaining dry.

"Who is it?" She asked, her voice stable, much to the vampire's surprise.

"I don't think you ever met. They are from the support class." Once more he answered truthfully, hoping that the girl wouldn't notice his small slip of the tongue.


Maybe the vampire had already used all his remaining luck of the day, as Uraraka seemed laser-focused on his every word.

"Yes, they." Izuku let his voice rise an octave, robbing any momentum from the girl before it could ever start. He needed to be the one steering the conversation, or else he might be swept in the flow, and Izuku had to admit he had a somewhat soft spot for girls. He needed to maintain his flow. "I am currently dating two girls, who are well aware about each other."

Ochako blinked a few times, the absurdity of the hemomancer's statement making so that she doubted her ears. She couldn't help but snort and laugh at Izuku's words.

Ochako held a hand to her chest, releasing a relieved sigh. "Izuku-kun, if you are too shy or too committed to being a hero, it's fine!"

Izuku raised his brow at her, sure that his words couldn't be misunderstood.

"There is no need to lie. I can understand wanting to wait, I'm patient!" The girl's mood seemed to soar high by itself, the brunette standing from his bed with a pep in her step. "I can't say I'm not a bit disappointed, but I can wait until you are ready for something serious, Izuku-kun."

The vampire stood from his own seat, seeing the girl reach his door. She opened it, exiting the habitation, but lingering on the threshold. "We can still have some fun! Just so you know, I don't mind being friends with benefits for now." Her words carried lust within them, the brunette's cheeks flushed and her eyes clouded.

"I'm not joking, Ochako-san." Izuku made sure to be firm with his words, even going so far as lacing them with the vocal effects of [Mesmerize]. It wasn't as powerful as it could be without continuous direct eyesight, but it should be enough to penetrate the first subconscious layers of her mind without any problem.

He felt his words prod at her mind, stripping the initial outer layers of resistance before they dispersed, making the vampire furrow his brown.

Ochako giggled coquettishly. "Neither am I, Izuku-kun."

The girl turned and fully left his room, the vampire appearing in front of the open door in a sudden burst of hazy black mist. She was already heading down the corridor, her wide hips swaying in a clearly invitational manner. She kept sending backward glances towards him, and her eyes depicted a clear message.

You do know I was joking when I called you Casanova, right?

Izuku ignored the mental prodding. He remained in the entrance of his room, brows furrowed and expression as serious as possible. She resisted [Mesmerize]He let the thought linger in his mind, the [Beast Within] also pondering in silence.

You are taking the fun off teasing you, you know that?! Nana's thoughts echoed in his mind, but Izuku brushed it aside.

She resisted [Mesmerize]. He repeated in his mind, making sure to emphasize the thought for his ghostly tenant.

That she did…The Seventh hummed loudly. That she did.

The vampire remained on his door, pondering over his thoughts about the situation. The simplest way to describe it would be…a clusterfuck of a situation. As if I didn't have enough on my plate, he mused, both amused and annoyed at the current predicament. Maybe it was a good thing, to enjoy youth and the uncertainties it brought it with.

You are young, kid. Nana "helpfully" provided feedback, to which the vampire simply sighed at.

Izuku mentally noted this situation and stored it in the back of his mind. It wasn't a situation that would be solved tonight, as even if he chased after Uraraka now, he was sure that talking would not be in the list of things that they would be doing.

"I hope that the pizza is not cold." He muttered to himself, palming at his own face and rubbing his closed eyelids in an effort to somewhat alleviate his tension. Only for his nose to catch a whiff of burnt caramel closing in on his location.

Izuku sighed off, this time in deep frustration and annoyance. Bakugou's scent itched at his nose, testosterone-fueled aggression and determination exuded from him from afar in waves, the sickly-sweet smell making the vampire put in effort to curb his own aggression.

Heavy stomping echoed in the corridor leading up to his room, and the vampire decided to wait in front of his door for what would inevitably arrive. Katsuki was persistent and hated to wait (as Izuku was well aware of), so if the vampire ignored the ash-blonde, he was quite sure that his door would be blown off its hinges in the mere chance that the vampire was inside his room.

Lo and behold, Katsuki arrived and power-walked his way towards the green-haired vampire. The ash-blonde had a tight expression carved on his face, his furrowed brows enough to describe his current mood.

He stomped his feet until he was face to face with Izuku, the male duo staring at each other. Bakugou's eyes still carried the shadow of regret due to his failure, the vampire reading the teen's expression as easily as he would a book. Izuku may struggle with proper social cues, but pheromones and scents rarely could be faked.

"Training grounds theta, right now." Bakugou spat the words at him.

Izuku saw the teen turn and immediately stomp his way out, sure that the vampire would follow his command.

Izuku could simply ignore Bakugou and meet with Kendo for his meal, but were he to refuse, he could see the ash-blonde bitching and causing a scene in the kitchen. His friends and classmates deserved to commemorate their success in passing the provisional exams, so Izuku clicked him teeth and released another troubled sigh.



Izuku arrived first in the mock city, his student ID in his pocket granting him access without much fanfare. It was one of the few perks granted to him by his deal with Jimina, though Aizawa-sensei would certainly be sure to show his displeasure at the vampire's antics if he found the teen's excuses for this stunt to be lacking in reason. He wasn't sure if this could be considered delinquent behavior in his part, but it was certain in Bakugou's case. The vampire was quite sure that the other teen did not have this privilege. Nonetheless, he didn't have to wait for long until the ash-blonde arrived.

Dressed in a sleeveless black shirt, khaki sweatpants, and slip-in shoes, Bakugou stared at him with a frown.

Izuku had rarely seen the ash-blonde display any other facial expression besides that, so he treated it as usual.

"What's so special about you?" Katsuki asked, his voice just above a whisper.

It was Izuku's turn to twist his expression into a frown. "What do you mean?" The vampire hoped for a proper clarification to his question. He wasn't in the mood for 21 questions.

Bakugou growled, his hands clenching into fists and starting to glow with heat. "You know what the fuck I mean!" He didn't charge in, so Izuku honestly hoped that this would end with a conversation.

Yeah, right.

The vampire stuffed his clawed hands inside the pockets of his hoodie, slouching a bit and giving off the clearest impression of his personal feelings of the situation.

Bakugou couldn't look more pissed if he tried.

"I don't want to sound like Iida, but if you called me out here just to spout out this nonsense, I'm afraid you earned yourself a detention for nothing." Izuku's response was filled with apathy. He truly cared not for the ash-blonde's nonsense.

Bakugou charged in, though with no use of his quirk. Simple leg power carried him towards the vampire, a flying knee kick aimed with perfection at Izuku's chest.

The vampire blocked the hit with ease and pushed the blonde off with his right hand, the left limb still tucked in.

"You think that you are so above us that you don't need to use your full power, huh!" Bakugou's voice echoed loudly in the empty streets of the training grounds, the teen shouting his frustrations without holding anything back.

"You used to be nothing more than a creepy fuck, skulking around corners and being a nuisance to the eyes." The ash-blonde charged with determination, hands eagerly hoping to catch a hold of the vampire's clothing.

Izuku backed off with quick steps, his right hand slapping away and redirecting any attempts that got too close. He had already changed clothes and he liked this hoodie; no sense in allowing his childhood acquaintance to ruin a perfectly good hoodie.

Each redirected grab and slap from him seemed to further stoke the anger within Bakugou, though at this point neither had used their quirks yet.

This petty little squabble could be squashed as such, and at most it would earn them a stern lecture from any of the teachers in patrol.

"You should have never come here, you fucking leech. You should have remained on the dirt with the rest of those pathetic extras from Aldera; but you followed me here. This was my dream! My ambition! MY HERO ACADEMIA!" The ash-blonde seemed to want to scream himself hoarse, his swings becoming wide and sloppy. And then, the air around his palms heated.

Bakugou's hands were pointed to Izuku in a straight manner. "Fucking DIE!"



A blast consumed the street in front of the ash-blonde, the explosion illuminating the night sky and echoing with almost ear-shattering force. Anyone else would have trouble dodging, and it unavoidably could be said to be an attack with lethal intent.

The vampire didn't know if he should consider it a compliment that Bakugou acknowledged that nothing short of lethal force was effective against him, or if he should feel insulted that Bakugou had pulled something like this in what should be nothing more than a conversation.

Whatever the case may be, Izuku found himself a few meters away behind the ash-blonde, unscathed.

"You are a fool." Izuku's quirk enhanced voice hit Bakugou like a truck full of bricks.

The other teen rapidly spun in place. His expression was a mix of emotions, none managing to emerge prevalent. Anger, sadness, shame, confusion, fear. It was such an acrid scent that Izuku couldn't help but twist his nose and sneer at its origin.

Bakugou's face twisted into rage-filled visage.

"And you are a fucking plague in my life! You should have been nothing more than a bottom-feeder! Nothing more than an obstacle in my path to greatness! I had it all planned out, the perfect ascension to top hero!" The ash-blonde grasped his own shirt with his left hand, placing the hand above his heart. "Every time that I looked forward to, you were there! Haunting me! Sucking my opportunity! Being a nuisance!"

The vampire stood somewhat impressed that someone could speak such nonsense with such conviction.

"What would you have me do then, Bakugou?" The vampire shot back, seeing the ash-blonde stare directly at him. "Were you hoping for me to simply lay down and allow you to step on me all my life? Was I to be at your beckoning call for the rest of my days?" The vampire's voice was eerily calm, just loud enough to be heard from their current distance. "You think too highly of yourself; you think that I spend my days plotting my life around inconveniencing you?"

Katsuki snarled almost like a beast. "A fucking monster like you is only good for that and nothing else!"

"I'm destined for greatness! I shouldn't be kept down with these bottom feeders and extras! Yet, you are the one that they pass! Yet, you are the one! I'm down, and you are up! Arghh, you! You – who should be nothing and a useless burden - the leech, the fucking pebble."

He is simply trying to get a rise out of you. The ghostly woman in his head was firm with her words. Don't let it get to you.

Izuku gingerly agreed and controlled the snarl that threatened to leave his maul. The vampire very much disliked those childhood memories: the name-calling, the isolation, the bullying. Yet something in him told him that he would absolutely hate the next words that would be spewed from the ash-blonde's mouth.

"You fucking DEKU!"

The vampire felt the ancient power nestled within his core awakening upon his request. It demanded to be let loose, to rampage and destroy the audacious bastard that stood in front of him. He also felt another domineering power rear its head, moving along with the ancient power to aid him.

Izuku, no!

Red lightning sparked across Izuku's skin, and something began to spread on his face, veins and arteries dyed in black-red tones.

A power cultivated by eight generations: [One for All].

Its dark origin and a power that Izuku had analyzed and made his own: All For one's [Shackles].

The teen had 1/10 of All Might's strength at his disposal, his control over it tight and unyielding. Any more than this and his [S.H.A.C.K.L.E.S] would likely be triggered, but this was just about enough for what he intended to do. His slit eyes zeroed in on the opposing teen, the vampire's perception enhanced to the point that Bakugou appeared to be unmoving.

It was then that Izuku realized something.

He didn't need to borrow the ancient superpower, not for something this petty. It was nothing more than jealousy; some silly teen drama that felt more suited for a soap opera.

He released his hold onto the power, allowing it to sink back into the silence of the rivers of life within him. He didn't need it for this.

Bakugou was afraid of [True Ancestor] …nay, he was afraid of Midoriya Izuku, the vampire.

Maybe it was out of pettiness, or out of vitriol for the new nickname which Katsuki oh so graciously had decided to bestow upon him. It honestly mattered not. Izuku decided to oblige the ash-blonde one last time.

"So be it, Katsuki." Izuku spoke, his voice starting neutral. However, as the vampire spoke, his voice became acrid, almost acidic in tone. "Just this once, I will be the monster you so desire. Don't ever let it be said that I never gave you anything to remember me by." He finished by drawing upon the power of his own quirk, eyes glinting with the softest hints of his power.

Bakugou's eyes focused solely on the vampire, ignoring the destruction he had caused in the training grounds. The ash-blonde accumulated more sweat on his hands, waiting until he had enough for a boosted charge. It should be a mere moment – two at most – nothing more than a quick blink of the eyes.

Izuku didn't give him time for his preparations.

The vampire vanished from sight in a burst of black hazy mist, Bakugou widening his eyes and hoping to catch a sense of the vampire's presence. His instincts screamed that something was behind him, so Bakugou moved his hands and blasted it with a somewhat awkward angle. The explosion propelled him forward, towards the waiting vampire, Katsuki's last hit being a miss.

Izuku capitalized on it with expeditious enthusiasm.

The vampire rushed Katsuki and slammed a straight right into his gut, the hit almost folding Bakugou. He aimed a palm to blast the vampire away, but Izuku's left hand slapped the offending limb upwards, where the detonation harmlessly boomed. The ash-blonde's guard was left open, and he was then punished with a flying knee kick to his nose, the vampire pulling his head to secure the hit with vicious certainty. It landed with a mighty crunch and caused a wet splatter.

Katsuki couldn't help staggering backwards, seeing stars in his eyes for a moment. He shook his head to try and alleviate the pain, feeling his nose sting and lips sticky. Soon he tasted the metallic fluid in his mouth. He growled, focusing on the vampire, who was waiting for him to compose himself.

"DON'T YOU FUCKING PITY ME!" He roared, an explosion-assisted jump had him high in the air. Another had him descending upon the vampire – ready to make him taste the bottom of his shoe – Katsuki pulling on his quirk as much as he could.

Izuku opted to not dodge, the kick slamming into his arms, limbs raised for defense. Tanking it without much problem, the vampire grabbed a hold of the offending leg, and with a turn, he brought Bakugou – quite literally – down to earth.

Slamming the teen on the cracked street asphalt, Izuku repeated the process three times before he tossed Bakugou in the air. As the ash-blonde lingered airborne for a few seconds, the vampire cocked his right fist back.

Bakugou only had time to cross his arms over his chest in an X-formation, the vampire's movements giving him a bad feeling.

Something red was shot towards him, the object too small for it to be that [Blood Spear] move that Izuku favored for long distances. It was not a javelin, but more like an arrow. It glowed in a way that Bakugou was much too familiar. It pierced the first arm that made his defense (his right one) and suddenly Bakugou was blanketed in heat.


The explosion further knocked him back, giving him some breathing room (though in a rather painful manner). He was tossed atop a metal frame that resembled a car, caving the structure. His right arm flared in pain, the wound bleeding a bit.

Katsuki groaned in pain, yet he forced his body to move on his command. The wrecked metal frame groaned, the teen extracting himself from it and holding the wounded forearm with his free hand.

He tried to spark another explosion to sear the wound shut, but his left hand was drenched with his own blood, and thus, wouldn't ignite.

Izuku seemed to have taken his earlier suggestion to heart, as the vampire appeared from nowhere and rushed Katsuki again. It seemed that a single glance was all that Izuku needed to know to create a plan against him, seeing as the vampire stuck to his left side.

He tried to aim his remaining hand at the vampire, but was too slow to follow with his attack, another blow hitting his torso almost like a sledgehammer.

He desperately tried to keep his dinner inside his stomach, but the vampire's fists were making the task difficult. Katsuki would never admit to anyone that asked, but desperation struck him hard at the moment. Maybe as hard as the punch he endured.

Katsuki grabbed at the limb that remained buried in his torso. He couldn't trust his mouth to speak, as he felt a thick fluid at the back of his throat begging to be expunged from his body, so the ash-blonde contended himself with giving the vampire a blood-strained grin. His wounded right hand raised itself and aimed to release a mighty blast, his target being the blood-sucker's smug face.


The smoke cloud that resulted from his attack was quick to disperse. However, what was revealed almost made Bakugou show despair on his face.

Blood Armor; strong as steel. It was cracked from its efforts in protecting Izuku. Having done its job, the hardened life fluid returned to Izuku and displayed the results of Bakugou's efforts. Though he managed to scuff and trash the vampire's hoodie, there was not even a scratch on his skin.

"My turn."

Izuku's right hand, which remained firmly rooted on its previous spot at Katsuki's torso, moved a small margin. The clenched fist opened, splaying the palm and touching him.

"Heavy palm strike."


Izuku took a step back and waited on his opponent's next action. The reverberating martial-arts attack was sure to feel like a gunshot to the gut.

"Mwarrrrhhhhhhhhhggg! Katsuki immediately kneeled on the spot, vomiting heavily and freely displaying the contents of his stomach on the street.

"Get up."

Bile stung his nose, and the acrid taste burned his tongue.

Izuku circled around him, a clawed hand grasping the back of Katsuki's neck. He forcefully hoisted the ash-blonde up, the clumsy attempt at a backhand from the other teen lazily dodged.

"You are done, Katsuki. Go back to your room before you land yourself into further trouble."

Bakugou hacked and spat a thick ball of phlegm on the street, taking a few deep breathes to stabilize himself. "We are not done here!" He wiped the saliva that clung to his chin.

Izuku sighed in frustration. "What is it that you hope to accomplish with this?"

Bakugou didn't answer with anything more than a few shallow breathes.

The vampire huffed. "This is a waste of my time, Katsuki. If you are going to become a petty bitch, at least do it during day classes. I cannot afford to entertain and cater to your pathetic inferiority-complex any longer than this. Grow up!" The last words were spoken with the full weight of his hypnotic prowess without it being too obvious.

"ARRHHHHHHH!" Bakugou shouted to the heavens, directing his gaze towards the vampire. His red eyes were dull, tired, but he couldn't afford to lose again. To admit defeat would be death. It would be the death of Bakugou Katsuki, the natural born hero of the century. If he were to stop here, it was the same as admitting that all this time he had been wrong.

He couldn't do it!

What type of person would he be! What would he be admitting to if he were to bow down his head here? His might would make everything right once more, and he would have all of these extras eating from his palm. As it should be! As it had always been so!

Bakugou felt the soles of his feet drenched with sweat.

For most of his life he had only used the sweat glands on his hands to use his quirk. It was the easiest way, and the best after all.

That didn't mean that he couldn't spark off from any other place. His sweat was explosive. His whole body was one giant blasting bomb.

He had been testing a few things ever since his defeat back at the sports festival. This should have been a secret for the second-year festival, but since things had reached this point, he figured that a final gamble would be the only way forward. There was no turn back. He could only move forward.

It started off small.

Just like a tingling, itchy sensation.

He tugged on that with all his soul.

He was a damn hero! He was destined for greatness! He was Bakugou Katsuki!

His shoes were gone in a burst of conflagration. The force rocketed him towards Izuku in a single beat, allowing the ash-blonde to take him by surprise. He would end this in one blow!

"Panzerfaust Impac– Hghk!"

The vampire had followed his every more. Izuku dodged under his tackle, grasping once again at his right ankle and tossing him high in the sky. The few moments Katsuki had airborne weren't enough for him to do anything. Barely he blinked his eyes and Izuku was in front of him, putting all five fingers of his right hand around Katsuki's face and bringing the duo down like they were a meteor.

After all these months of tension and uncertainty; of second-guessing himself and raging against his own mind; it was almost liberating to know. That from the very beginning of this fight, he stood no chance against Izuku.

Maybe it was the lack of oxygen in his brain talking, but Katsuki thought to himself that maybe…just maybe, it wouldn't be the end of all if he was defeated.

He was slammed onto the floor like a ragdoll, the last of his air and consciousness ripped away from his grasp like they never belonged to him.

Izuku stared at the defeated form of Katsuki, his eyes duly taking in the battered frame of the ash-blonde. Honestly, the vampire wasn't all that pleased about the circumstances that led to this encounter, and he would have preferred that it all ended the words.

He sighed in an exhausted manner, wondering if this was how Aizawa-sensei felt when dealing with the young teens in the class.

Allowing dark matter to spill from his shadow, Izuku wrapped Katsuki in a cocoon of darkness, leaving only his face uncovered to allow the teen breathing room. The vampire started making his way back to the dormitory building, though half-way he felt his phone buzzing in his short's pocket.

Releasing another sigh, Izuku fished the device from his pocket and glanced at the screen. A few messages greeted him: some texts from Uraraka along with an attached picture, a message from Kendo checking up on him, and one missing call from Aizawa-sensei.

That's going to be a problem, won't it? He questioned himself, trying to figure out what he was going to say to his teacher to explain the state of his hoodie as well as Bakugou's tattered form. He felt like getting another lick in the bomber, just as a compensation for his clothing.


[To be continued]


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