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Chapter 1

New term of Hogwarts was starting the next day. The welcoming feast was only hours away, and the professors and the head of houses were running last minute preparations. The deputy headmistress was waiting stoically for the newly appointed Defence against Dark arts professor, who in her opinion was no better than the previous dolts Albus twinkling Dumbledore had the pleasure of thrusting upon them. Severus Snape was way better of them all, but after the victory of light and demise of Dark Lord at the hands of baby Potter, he was content with his potions and dungeons. The deputy headmistress huffed. Of course elegantly. It was by no means childish. It was only two hours before the Hogwarts Express was due to arrive and he wasn't there yet. She was almost sure that no one was coming for the DADA post. May be Albus had only dreamed of hiring a defense professor. It might be the side effect of such old age she thought sarcastically. The animagus professor turned her head to glare at the headmaster who was all the same, calm and twinkling as if christmas had come earlier. Before she could start her mental ranting again, the door of staff lounge vibrated with three swift knocks. At the call of come in from Albus, a young man who was no more than 20 stepped gracefully into the lounge, and shut the door behind him. He was average in height neither too tall nor too short. He was straight and steady on his feet. Dark brown curls just touched his neck. The softness of said curls almost compelled a soft caress. The loose curls tickled the slightly tan but a handsome face. The almost black but dark brown eyes were warm yet guarded. He steadily met the hard glare of deputy headmistress. He wasn't intimidated in the least. He had the audacity to merely smile at the lioness of the Castle.

"Headmaster! Deputy Headmistress!" He greeted them with an incline of his head. His voice was soft, not what McGonagall had expected. Yet it was deep and carry a note of mystery. She could feel a touch of pink on her cheek bones. The almost non-existent smirk intrigued her more than ever.

"Have a seat Mr. Jamison. I assume you are well prepared for the upcoming term." Headmaster looked at him from above his half moon spectacles. His blue eyes bright in triumph at pulling one on his deputy. Said deputy glared at both headmaster and professor, but the glare held no heat.

"All set headmaster." Jamison sat down at the staff table on left side of head seat and across from the deputy headmistress. The new DADA professor and Headmaster discussed the lesson plan Jamison had prepared. He was extremely intelligent but not boastful. She could tell he had wells and wells of knowledge inside of him yet he didn't have the habit of speaking out of term. He was steadily answering the twisted questions of headmaster while retaining the calmness in his stance. Not many people can remain that calm in vicinity of the great Albus Dumbledore. She thought. He reminded her strongly of someone but she couldn't put her finger on to whom he resembled. Minerva McGonagall could read people very well in just one meeting but today all her talents lacked her, as she failed to pinpoint if she had succeeded in reading this man at all.

"Welcome to the staff Mr. Jamison. We'll let you settle in your rooms. Join us in the Great Hall for Welcoming feast, would you?" Headmaster shook hands with Jamison, as they both stood up to leave the staff lounge

"Of course headmaster."

"You can call me Albus, Professor Jamison as all my staff do." Merry blue eyes met the dark brown ones.

"Its Ryder then, headmaster." With a small smirk, Ryder left the staff lounge. He was now more than ready to start the new term. All was going to be well.

After spending the tenacious half an hour settling in his rooms and office he was ready to have a lie down in his bed after such a long day, but the welcoming feast was something he couldn't miss. It would cause a lot of unwanted questions, and that was the thing he couldn't afford. He locked his quarters with a little flick of his hand, and a barely heard hissed password. He started the long walk towards the great hall. Things as these celebrations had lost appeal to him since a long time ago. Colours, friendships, laughter, family, happiness were the words that held no meaning for him. Yet when they see him in the facade he had created for himself, they mistook him for the most joyous guy they had ever met. The walking man smirked to himself. As he was approaching the great hall, his senses flared with the very familiar scent. A scent he hadn't encountered in past six years. The walking man stopped abruptly in his steps, his eyes going wide. No, no, this was not possible at all. They weren't supposed to be here. As his dampened hearing now just caught the whisper of footsteps, he hurried to hide himself in the shadows of alcove near the empty rooms in the corridor. After a few moments, his shoulders stiffened as the reason of his surprise walked past the alcove, he was concealed in. He took a deep breath to confirm what his eyes were seeing and what his instincts screamed at him. This was cruel. Fate was playing a horrible game with him, because in front of his very eyes Professor Snape was walking towards the great hall accompanied by Professor Malfoys, Lord and Heir both. He wanted to turn around and ran from there, away, far away from them. They were supposed to be on a world tour for the next five years, not here, where he had came to live for once in his life, battling all his demons and emotions away. This was horrendous, and not fair at all. He would never had came here, was he aware of their presence. His breathing became difficult, a tell tale of panic. He willed himself to calm down. It would not do to lose his cool. He would deal with this. He would not let this decision be taken away from his control. Now he would be the only judge of his situation, and he would be the Jury to decide next step of his life, not them or anyone else. Steeling his resolve, Ryder Jamison brought forth his 'talents' to mask his emotions masterfully and the joyous face was placed back as he stepped out of his hidden spot and carried his tread towards the Great Hall. The spidery silver strands in his eyes faded away as he reached the door to great hall.

The Great Hall was brilliant as ever. For a moment, a cocoon of nostalgia wrapped around him. His eyes wandered to the Gryffindor table. How good were those days. They were few but golden, his golden days. A longing griped at his heart, but he slapped it away as he was used to do. He kept his expressions carefully neutral and easy, as the fourteen pairs of eyes took in his every step. His eyes surveyed the seating at the staff table. Headmaster sat on the head chair. To his right, Deputy Headmistress sat going through the list of students, no doubt first years. Next to her sat Filius Flitwick. Ryder was rather fond of the small man. His easy going attitude was the best of his personality trait and the most dangerous of his combat tactics. They took him easy when they see him. He smirked inwardly to himself. Pomona Sprout, Aurora Sinistra, Septima Vector, Rolanda Hooch, and Rubius Hagrid sat in order next to Head of Ravenclaw house. On the left of headmaster sat Potions master, Severus Snape. Next to him were Lucius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Charity Burbage, Poppy Pomfrey and Madam Pince.

Next to Draco Malfoy, a seat was left empty. His lips parted, as he inhaled sharply. That was the only outward reaction of his surprise, which went unnoticed by almost everyone. Pushing all his feelings behind his occlumency shields he walked gracefully towards the empty seat. He was not so fragile. He knew how to control his emotions and discipline his mind. A lazy smirk appeared on his face as he pulled the left off seat and sat himself down.

Draco Malfoy hummed to himself as he took his seat next to his father at the staff table. New term meant new DADA professor, and new DADA professor meant new entertainment. He snorted. Even 18 years after the Dark Lord's demise at the hands of baby Potter, they were still afraid of the so called curse on the particular position. He had greatly enjoyed those Dullards since he had joined Hogwarts staff. He was responsible for introducing the muggle borns to the magical word by teaching them the proper etiquettes of magical society. He took great pleasure in his job. His attention snapped to the young man who entered the Great Hall, no doubt new DADA professor as students weren't due for next twenty minutes. The young newcomer surveyed the seating arrangement with a sweeping glance and joined them at the table. Draco studied him through the corner of his eyes. He was sitting there with a grace, calm and content. His expressions neutral, never giving way to his original thoughts or point of views. He casually talked with Burbage about some muggle technology. His voice was soft and low, a lot like Severus. His lips moved very little as he talked, but his words were clear. He was polite and courteous yet undeniably formal. He talked and laughed, but he was always high on alert, used to keeping upper hand in the situation. He was nudging the muggle studies professor to lead the conversation, and was masterfully steering it away from himself. There was an undeniable barrier that separated him from them. It was as though he was forced to grow, to give up his childhood before his time. He didn't talk like a man of twenty. He talked as though he had lived hundreds of years already. He was a stranger yet he was familiar. A far away feeling grasped him as he looked at the new teacher. Draco felt as though something was missing. An important detail, or a hint. Must be his paranoia he thought to himself. Grey eyes still held suspicion and confusion. He turned towards the new professor who by then was done chatting with Burbage.

"Hello. I get you are new Defense professor." He said by the way of starting conversation.

"You would be right Mr.?" An elegant eyebrow rose up to touch the curly lock, swinging gently on the pale forehead.

"Malfoy. Draco Malfoy." He smiled at the curly haired man.

"Hm. Professor Malfoy I am Ryder Jamison, new Defense professor."

He chatted with Ryder until the students started coming to the great hall and McGonagall left her seat to collect the first years. They fell silent as the sorting hat sung song and sorted the students. The headmaster then introduced DADA professor and they all tucked into their dinner, as was the custom of Hogwarts.

The night progressed as usual for them all as the welcoming feast came to an end. They left the great hall and went towards their respective quarters. Every house this year has gotten almost fifty new students which was an impressive progress after the horrors of Dark that had curtained their society. His thoughts then revolved around Ryder Jamison, while waiting for the sleep to claim him. If he confessed to himself that he was quite a bit attracted to Ryder then he would pretend that it was only a dream. Draco Malfoy was not attracted to a human while he was an important vampire of Silver eye coven.

Ryder Jamison closed and warded the door behind him as he entered his living quarters. He let out his breath in a harsh pant. His chocolate brown eyes turned silver as he paced around his living room. Even after six years he was still afraid. He was scared of breaking again. It had took him six long years to collect the scattered pieces of his being and brought them together. New face, new identity didn't change the battered and isolated soul that was his only asset. An enormous hot white wave of rage threatened to overcame him. He wanted to tear everything apart. To destroy them who took his parents, his family away. To destroy those who discarded him away when he was of no use to them. He wanted to scream, to cry, to weep and to ask why why it was always him. What had he ever done to anyone, but what good would it do to him. Nothing. He wouldn't get his parents back, and just like that the blinding rage was over ruled by the helplessness, his old friend. A bitter laugh escaped his lips as he fell down to his knees and rested his hot forehead on the floor of his living quarters. His eyes were closed as he repeated a pattern of in and out breathing and calming himself down. After a few long moments, he stood up from the floor and stumbled to his bedroom. The full moon shone brightly in the sky washing it in its grandeur silver mist, and projecting milky white beams in his bedroom. It looked as gloomy as the inner self of the occupant. Ryder sat down heavily in one of the chairs near the windows. He folded his arms on the wooden table in front of him, and placed his head on the folded arms. His silver brown gaze fixed on the moon. Who was he now, he asked himself. The answer was his tumultuous thoughts. The enormous tide of emotions were weighing his self control down. Longing, envy, jealousy, trepidation, hurt, distrust. He was scared to face them even if he wouldn't accept it. He was weak to hide behind the blank walls, but he didn't know anything else did he? No one took time to teach him to face his own self. He desperately grasped what he knew of occlumency. Anything to escape feelings. Numbness was best, wasn't it. The blankness slowly surrounded his mind and senses. Two tiny red droplets dripped on his forearm as the blankness of his mind mocked him. Several drops followed, and made the small stream of crimson they all feared. He was unaware. Unaware of any sounds, unaware of any smell and unaware of his own self. He was lost in the nothingness which was guarded by blank walls. Where there was nothing, no feelings, no emotions and no himself, the rejected orphan.

The bang of golden magic, his own magic exploding shattered the blank walls around him and he jerked back from the table. He stared ironically at the pool of blood collected on the table and his arms, a few drops still trickling down his chin. Its been three years since he had last occluded himself of himself. He shook his head to get rid of the sweet stupor. He winced as he came to himself. The headache he would host for next few days would be enough of punishment for almost killing himself. He didn't need to hear from headmaster about strange bangs coming from his quarters. As the young vampire cleaned the table and himself of the crimson liquid, he promised himself to rein his emotions and reactions in. It was time for the lie down he had been craving since before the welcoming feast. He laid down on his bed and turned away from the moon, as though giving it the cold shoulder for all the sufferings bestowed upon him.

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