Hello, everyone! Sorry I've been gone so long. I've been working on my latest novel. It's called "Dragoon & Scryer: Through the Deep Gate" and, without spoilers, it's a high-fantasy adventure set in an original setting that I've put over 14 years of work into. I've been working so hard on it, that I think I need a break for a little bit. And my beloved fanfic shall do just the trick.

Also, in regard to what's happening right now in WoW: ANDUIN NOOOOOOO!

Zami sighed deeply, steam radiating from his dry lips, as he sat on the cold floor beside his table. And to think that he'd thought night elven chairs were small, he mused, eyeing the little goblin chair beside him.

"Can I getcha somethin' to drink, handsome?" Vizzie, the little goblin innkeeper, asked as she smiled up at him from beside his little table.

"Got any milk?" Zami looked over at her.

"Sure do," The goblin perked a red brow, "But a big guy like you, I'd think you'd wanna try our world-famous snowplum brandy-"

"Nah, I don't drink," Zami shook his head, "Just milk."

"Well, then maybe you'd wanna try our world-famous winter kim-"

"Just milk," Zami repeated sternly.

The innkeeper scoffed and turned away, murmuring something about rude customers. Zami frowned, then looked down at his bandaged arms. The wounds hadn't regenerated, probably due to his weak and tired state. He'd tried healing them too, once he'd managed to shapeshift back, but he was too exhausted, cold, achy, and in pain to concentrate. He'd ended up just cleaning and bandaging the wounds on his arms. As for the rest of the cuts and scratches, he could only be bothered to clean them. As a result, they were fully visible to the rest of the inn's patrons, and they made no attempts to even hide their staring. Then again, goblins weren't really known for being especially subtle.

Speaking of goblins…

"Well, well, well!" A squeaky female voice piped up.

Zami looked over as the chair beside him was pulled out. And then he saw the toxic green goblin who seated herself beside him.

"Uhh," He cocked his head to the side, red dreadlocks hitting his chin, "Do I know ya?"

"Maybe you do," She smiled wide with her bright red lips, "Or maybe you don't."

"Um, yeah…" Zami glanced aside uncertainly.

Well, that's not a stupid response or anything, he thought to himself.

"You're Zami, right?" She said as she leaned forward onto the table, propping up her chin with her little manicured hand.

At this, Zami's eyebrows rose in surprise.

"Wait, who are-" He began but she tsked loudly.

"Oh don't worry about that," The goblin's sharp teeth formed a grin as her free hand twirled in her blue hair, "I'm just an old friend of a friend."

Zami furrowed his brow, barely noticing as the innkeeper set his glass of milk down and departed. His eye locked with the goblin's yellow eyes, and it gave him an uneasy feeling. Like she already knew everything about him, and he didn't know a thing about her.

…Or did he?

He broke eye contact with her, looking down and picking up his glass of milk nonchalantly. As he took a sip, he glanced aside. He already had an inkling of why she was talking to him. She wanted something. Probably not money, he didn't exactly look like the wealthiest guy around. And he wasn't anyway. No, she must've wanted something he could give her specifically. Information, maybe? And she said she was a friend of a friend, right? So either Syrise or Jazax. Being a goblin, it was more likely she knew Jazax. But how?

Then it hit him.

"So ya da crazy ex-wife, huh?" He glanced back at the goblin.

"Tezz Boombotttle," She smiled, batting her eyes.

Unflinching. Like she knew all along he would figure it out. Except there was a glint of surprise in her eyes, blink and you miss it. Still, her lack of expressive response spoke volumes. It told Zami how good a liar she was. Maybe even as good as Syrise. And that was dangerous. He'd have to keep his guard up while talking to her.

"How'd ya know me?" Zami asked carefully after a moment, "We ain't never met."

"Let's just say the innkeepers aren't the only ones who keep tabs," Tezz smirked, leaning back in her seat.

Zami just hummed, taking another sip of his milk. He was wondering just how much she knew, and how much was a bluff. He hated these sorts of mind games and ambiguous conversations. He wasn't that kind of rogue. He just stabbed things and kept to the shadows.

"...So, what'cha want?" He asked with a sigh, resigning himself to a blunt approach, "I got things to do, and I ain't' stayin' here long."

"Oh, I know," Tezz nodded, playing with her hooped earring, "You're going to kill somebody. I can tell by the look on your face. Ahh, that brings me back..."

Zami furrowed his brow, unable to hide his surprise and annoyance.

"Anyway, that means you need to find somebody," Tezz continued casually, "And THAT means I can help."

"Why would ya help me?" Zami asked cautiously.

"I'm a charitable soul," Tezz said sarcastically with a roll of her eyes, "Look, that's my own business. Now you wanna find this poor schmuck or what?"

Zami glanced aside uncertainly. Well, it would definitely cut down the amount of time spent simply wandering Azeroth, trying to find Jumi. Not to mention, the quicker this was over, the quicker he could get his eye back from Bwonsamdi. And the quicker he could return to Mythene, a voice in the back of his head pointed out.

"Well? Whaddya say?" Tezz perked an eyebrow across the table at him.

"...Fine," Zami nodded hesitantly.

"So, who's the target?" Tezz asked cheerily.

"Jumi, my fa'da," He said, adding the last bit reluctantly.

"Oooh, it's personal! That's even better," Tezz chuckled, sitting back, "Too bad, though."

"Huh? Too bad what?" Zami blinked.

"Too bad I don't know him. Sorry, can't help!" She winked, "Thanks for the info, though!"

Zami stared at her flatly for a moment before scowling. How had he walked into such a stupid trick? And why would he even think she could help him in the first place? Giving a frustrated sigh, he took one last sip from his milk then stood up.

"Aww, don't be mad," Tezz giggled behind her hand, "Just a little joke."

"I ain't in da mood for jokes," Zami scowled down at her, setting a handful of copper on the table to pay for the drink.

"Oh, you're an awfully serious one, huh?" Tezz pouted mockingly.

Zami just turned away, uninterested in the goblin any further. As he briefly pondered what Jazax could've ever possibly seen in her, he stepped outside of the inn. A frosty wind blew, scattering snow through the brisk evening air. Zami huffed and turned towards the post where he kept Aka hitched. She nuzzled against him and he stroked her nose in greeting.

"Hey, girl," He said softly, "Let's get goin' to-"

Suddenly, Aka let out a sharp cry and collapsed forward, onto Zami. His eyebrows rose in surprise, before wincing in pain as the heavy raptor's full bodyweight crushed his torso.

"Aka?" Zami looked down at her in confusion.

Then his blood ran cold. A metallic dart stuck from her throat, crushing the back of it against his arm. Before he had a moment to realize what was happening, an identical dart hit his own shoulder. As he looked up, his vision darkened, and the last thing he saw was Tezz's smirking face.