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Chapter 1 : Runaway

January 3, 2011

It was close to midnight when I arrived at the PRT building. I was separated by my slime, designated as... well, Slime.

Awhile ago, I told Slime to stop and I surrendered myself willingly, still feeling confused what the heck is happening.

Miss Militia kindly informed about the events since this day.

So apparently, Slime made a lot of mess on Winslow. It gobbled up all the lockers on the school and then smack Emma Barnes, Madison Clements, and Sophia Hess on their heads before also gobbling them up and spitting them out to the dumpster.

After that, all the students and school staffs evacuated while the PRT are called.

Then, the heroes first encounter on Slime was bad. They thought that I was a hostage first until they noticed that it was protecting me, finally learning that it might have come from by my powers.

So they tried to take me away but Slime was very powerful. It can regenerate instantaneously. It was also immune by any physical damages. Fire seems to be it's weakness but again, freaking regeneration!

Also, it seems like Slime can also change the property of it's crystalline body into either sticky, poisonous, or even acidic!

In short, it was very dangerous!

It can also eat basically anything.

I mean, it ate Militia's bullets, rubbles, and even Armsmaster's halberd!

So yeah... It took some hours and I was finally designated as an A Class Threat. They designate me as R'lyeh.

I don't know why they put a cosmic horror's priestess as my cape name. Do I look so terrible!?

Anyway, it took several hours before I finally woke up.

And the rest is history...

Anyway, I've just outed myself to the public. So I don't have any secret identity anymore.

My father was already secured inside the PRT base. Well, it was done in advance because he might be targeted by some gangs when they learned about me.

My name have already spread on the media they said so it was already impossible to keep it a secret.

And so, going back to the present, I was sitting in front of the director of this PRT branch.

It seems like I am so screwed.

"Do you know what you did?"

I shook my head.

"... You've rampaged on the whole school without thinking on the consequences! You made a public appearance while also humiliating multiple heroes at the site"

... Oh? I don't know about that!

"Also, you have done a lot of property damage in a public school while also being in front of many civilians in the middle of the day. So, what can you say about that?"

"Uhmmm... I was unconscious at that time?"

Director Emily Piggot was staring at me coldly, her expression turning more colder.

... Okay, this is creeping me out.

"... No, you are going to the juvie!"

"Wait what!?"

Without being given any chance to explain, I was taken to the prison.

Come on!

January 4, 2011

I am still thinking if I did something wrong on my life, lying on this prison bed when a presence made itself known besides me.

I turn my head on my side and saw a large white rabbit that might be half my size.

... Fuck, what is this!?

Well, whatever is this, I can feel that this one is on my control.

I can also feel Slime but it seems like it can't somehow get out of it's containment. I wonder how they contained Slime?

I decided, I will run away in this place!

Well, I still don't know what is happening. What I know is that I was already considered as a villain and wasn't even given a chance to explain myself.

I mean, I was really unconscious at that time. What did that director wants me to say? Did she think I was willingly terrorizing the school!?

While thinking like that, I heard some beeps on my cell before nozzles appeared on my surroundings.

Oh crap, I will be foamed!

Before that happens though, a white blur came through everywhere in this room before standing besides me again.

All the foam nozzles are broken with large craters on the walls.

... This rabbit was too strong!

I ordered it to find the slime and let me escape along with them.

I want to see me dad but maybe he was already disappointed in me. Well, I was already considered a villain so what can I do!

Damn my life!

"What did you say!?"

Director Emily Piggot yelled as she slammed the table in anger.

"... R'lyeh escaped custody along with Slime and the newly designated Rabbit. Their current location is unknown"

After hearing Miss Militia's report, Piggot stared at her for awhile.

Finally, she sits on her chair and leaned her head on her hands, feeling some headache coming at her.

"Damn it!"

**End of Chapter 1**

Bosses :

Slime King
Kick Rabbit


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