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King's POV

I open my eyes to see that I'm not with Diane. I look around to see that I'm in a tree. Most likely, I'm in the Sacred Tree. I silently call for Chastiefol as I sit up. I look around the room to see Ban tied up on the ground with a masked man pointing a wooden stick at him. I look at the bald, nose-less man as he stands in front of me. His smiles widens as he spread his hands out.

'Finally, all will be mine! I will rule the Wizarding World,' a heart voice screams out.

I figure out quickly which heart the thought came from. I glare at the offender, and his smile falls.

"What are you doing here," I demand as I float from the bed of petals.

I land a couple of steps in front of where I was laying a second ago. The bald man raise a wooden stick at me.

'Thank goodness you're you King,' Ban's heart speaks out.

"You got some explaining to do once this is all over," I tell my Brother-in-Law as I level my hand at the bald man. "I would leave now."

"I know~. You think you can cut the rope 'round me? It's getting pretty annoying~," Ban says as he shifts a bit.

'No! He will be mine! The spell had to work.'

"Sorry to say, but any spells that are meant to control a body won't work on me. I made sure to take that precaution after what happened to Helbram. I won't ask again, leave now or face the consequences."

"Lord Voldemort, It would best to retreat," the man says calmly, though I can hear the fear his heart is releasing.

"No. I will get this power," the bald man says.

I move out of the way as a red light comes at me. With a flick of my wrist, one of Chastiefol's Increase blades head towards this 'Voldemort' guy. The blade cuts his cheek as a warning.

"If you don't want to die, I would leave. This is your last warning."

"Master, we cannot possible defeat him this second. It would be best that we retreat alive rather than dead," the masked man tells him. "We cannot compete against his speed and agility."

With a flick of my wrist, the ropes tied around Ban are cut. Voldemort growls out in annoyance.

'You will be mine! One day you will be mine.'

With that said, they turn into black smoke and they leave. I lower my hand back to my side. Ban stands up and he walks over to me.

"Never thought I would be glad to see you alive again. How's Capt'n and the others?"

"Enjoying afterlife. The same that I was doing about 5 minutes ago. Can you explain why that bald stick-wielding person brought my soul back," I ask Ban. "What I can get from his heart, is that he wants to rue the 'Wizarding World'. Whatever that is."

"Wizards huh? Is that what the new magical community is calling themselves," Ban say as we head out of the chamber. "Anyways, we should call Merlin over. We need to know what that spell exactly did to you."

"I agree, not that I want to be her guinea pig or anything. I want to go back to Diane."

"Of course. After 4,000 years being dead, that's what you want to do. Go back to being dead. At least talk with us before you go back," Ban says as they stop walking.

"I was planning on that. Come on, we should-" I suddenly hunch over in pain as a coughing fit befalls me.

"Whoa! King, you ok," Ban ask as he place a hand on my shoulder.

My coughing fit continues as I place a hand over my mouth. I remove my hand to see crimson liquid on it.

"Dammit. Elaine! CALL MERLIN HERE NOW," Ban shouts as he slings my left arm over his shoulder.

"What's wrong Ban? The people turned into black smoke and left. Did something happen to Harlequin," Elaine ask as she rounds the corner.

She freezes as our eyes connect. I smile weakly at my sister as her hands cover her mouth. Tears well up in her eyes.

"Please Elaine. I have no idea what that bald wizard did to him. We need to make sure that his body and soul are fine," Ban calmly tells Elaine.

"O-ok! Bring him to the main room and I'll go get Merlin," Elaine says as she turns and flies as fast as she can away.

"Alright~. Now then, turn into your base form. You need to conserve your energy," Ban tells me. "We both know that it takes a good amount of energy for you to have your fully grown wings form."

"O-ok," I mutter out.




"Alright. Let's go," Ban says as he picks me up.

He grab Chastiefol(which turned into a pillow) and he started walking towards the main room.

"Y-you know that I-I can walk."

"No can do King. You look like shit, so you're not walking."

Elaine's POV

I hurry as I reach the center of the Sacred Tree. I land in front of the communication area. The light sound of the waterfall reaches me as I stop near it.

"Boar Sin of Gluttony, Merlin," I command out as a picture starts to form.

"….Gowther, can you go get the dittany?"

"Sure. You got a call," Gowther calls from off-screen as his footsteps are heard.

"Oh? I wonder who's calling," Merlin says as she faces me. "Ah Elaine. What a surprise."

"Merlin! We need you here now," I blurt out. "It's Harlequin! He's pale and he's coughing. We don't know what to do."

"One second," Merlins says as the call ends.

I stand there dumbfounded for a second. Suddenly Merlin is standing in front of me.

"Now then, what's wrong with King?"

"I'll explain as we head to the main room. Ban took him there," I say as we start to fly towards the main room.

I explain what happened in the last 15 minutes to Merlin as we enter the room. Ban looks over at us from the couch that we placed there a couple hundred years ago. We soon each them and Merlin looks at Harlequin His face looks paler than before and sweat is pouring down his face. He coughs and blood comes out.

"I'm glad that you're here. A wizard used some sort of spell and he brought King's soul back."

"The wizard was Voldemort, correct?"

"Yeah. How did you know," Ban ask Merlin.

"I need to bring King back to my place. I can't help him without my stuff," Merlin explains calmly.

"Will Harlequin be alright? What did he do to my brother," I ask Merlin as tears threaten to fall.

"I have an idea, but I can't be sure until I fully look over King. I promise to be back in time for dinner."

"That's 5 hours away. You sure you can help him in that time," Ban ask Merlin.

"Of course. Lucky for King, I have everything that I need to stabilize him. Make sure to cook up a good amount of food, he will need it. We'll see you in 5 hours," Merlin promises

With that, she and Harlequin teleports away.