My Life Is Forever Changed

Episode 8: "Harleigh"

AN: Harleigh is Everleigh's twin sister. Harleigh & Everleigh are now 19. The year is 2036. They turned 19 in April, it's now November 2036.

Monday, November 24, 2036

Harleigh's P.O.V.

"Hey! I'm Harleigh. I'm nineteen years old. I'm the fourth oldest child of my parents, Cody and Bailey Martin. I have a twin sister, Everleigh. We were born on April 18th 2017. She and I have always been super close. Our relationship changed when she had my niece, Bayleigh, but I realized how much she had to give up to raise my niece: College, hanging with friends, staying out all night and being a normal teenager. She's now engaged to Cole. They are getting married this coming summer. I've had my single life for a year, but now my life has taken a huge turn because like my sister did 2 years ago, I became pregnant with my ex boyfriend's baby. Yep, you heard it right. One night of hate sex without protection, I became pregnant with our daughter, Hannah Bailee Brooks. My ex boyfriend's name is Zeke. He's 21. We're still broken up. I've felt the hurt, fear, scared and very unsure about everything and emotions throughout this pregnancy. I'm now 30 weeks pregnant. I'm seven months pregnant. I have ten more weeks until my due date, if I go forty weeks, I doubt it though. I'm due in February. It's been real rough dealing with this myself, I hope Zeke can realize he has a daughter coming soon.

I walked into my apartment, sighing deeply after a hard day of work, but my doctor told me I should quit my job soon and I'm not looking forward to doing that since Zeke and I aren't on the best terms. I decided to call him. Of course, I was expecting this to go two ways: either he shows up for me or says for me to leave him alone.

The phone rang 4 times before he answered the phone.

"Hey, Harleigh. What's up? Are you okay?"

I breathed deeply. "Health wise, I'm okay. But, my doctor wants me to quit my job because I'm getting close to being eight months pregnant...and…" I sniffed slightly. "...I...I don't know what to do. I know you probably won't help me, but…" I knew I felt a tear fall down my face.

Zeke could tell she wasn't taking that news very well. He felt like he hurt her by leaving her to deal with the pregnancy herself. He knew about the pregnancy, but never thought he should step up for her. But, now, he realized she needs him to be there for her. They aren't on the best terms, but he knows her health and the baby's health is what he's thinking about. They've been broken up the whole pregnancy, but now he is starting to regret not being there for her. He knew this could be his chance to step up for her and his daughter.

"Harleigh, I'll be right over…"

I nodded my head. "Okay."

Zeke knocked on the front door, and I got up and opened the front door. "Hey."

Harleigh gave a small smile. "Thanks for coming."

Zeke nodded. "You're welcome. What's up? I could tell something was wrong in your voice..."

Harleigh closed the door and breathed deeply. "I'm so lost on what I'm going to do. My doctor thinks I should quit my job after I hit my 32 week...That's two weeks away. We don't have time for me to end up quiting. I'd have 8 more weeks until she comes, if I go forty weeks..." She teared up.

Zeke nodded. "Oh." He looked at her. "How are you really doing?"

Harleigh sighed. "Terrible. I haven't seen or spoken to my parents in months. I think they hated me for following my sister's footsteps. I kinda understand where they're coming from because I was at Yale, but they kicked me out...I guess they wanted me to do things different from Eve."

Zeke sighed. "Oh my God. Do your parents prefer perfection from all of you? No kid is that perfect. Believe me."

Zeke's eyes went wide. "What the actual fuck? That was hursh of them to kick their own daughter!" He grabbed her hand. "I'm going over there and telling them off!" He opened the door, Harleigh shook her head.

"I...I can't!" She sniffed. "They told me, or more like my dad, said, "Don't come back..."

Zeke glared. "What an asshole! I feel like going up to him and punching him on his face!"

Harleigh sniffed. "Zeke..."

Zeke shook his head. "Nope. I'm not having you all stressed out because of his selflessness! You ARE HIS DAUGHTER! He shouldn't have done that to you." He looked at her. "You may be my ex girlfriend, but you are my daughter's mother...I care about you. I know I've been real shitty to you, but you need me."

Harleigh nodded. "Yeah, he needs to get his head out of his ass! Oh God, for the first time in my life I actually hate him!"

Zeke grabbed her hand. "I'm going over there, and you're coming with me!" He slowly walked her to his car and helped her inside.

They drove over to Cody and Bailey's.

Harleigh took a deep breath as she and Zeke knocked on the door.

Ava opened the door and hugged her sister tightly and began crying. "Harleigh! I missed you so much!" She sobbed into her sister's shoulder.

Harleigh hugged her sister back. "I've missed you too, Ava!"

Ava pulled away and saw her sister's belly. "You kept the baby?"

Harleigh nodded. "Yeah. It's a girl."

Ava nodded. "What's her name?"

Harleigh smiled softly. "Hannah."

Cody saw Harleigh at the door and walked over. "Harleigh? What are you doing here?"

Harleigh just stared at him. "This was a bad idea..." She breathed deeply.

Zeke shook his head. "You're staying. I have a few words I need to say..." He glared at Cody.

Cody crossed his arms. "And, what was that?"

Zeke glared at him. "How can you kick out your own daughter? She came to you to help her out with her pregnancy. You decide you didn't want nothing to do with her? What the hell is wrong with you?! Huh?! Who can wake up everyday and know their daughter is out there, pregnant and needs her family to help her?! Yes, she got pregnant and was kicked out of Yale, but that gives YOU NO RIGHT TO KICK HER OUT AND IGNORE HER! She needed you, and guess what you did? You said, "Fuck off and don't come back!"

Bailey walked over hearing what Zeke said. "Oh my God!" She glared at her husband. "Get your fucking head out of your ass Cody!"

Harleigh looked at her mother. "Mom?" She teared up slightly.

Bailey looked at her daughter. "Yes, sweetie?"

Harleigh crossed her arms over her belly. "How could you let Dad kick me out?" She said, as tears began falling down her face.

Bailey sighed. "I'm sorry honey. I'm sorry I agreed with your father. I should have supported you." She walked over to hug her daughter. "I'm very sorry, baby girl."

Harleigh wiped her eyes. "You have no idea how hard this has been for me! Not at all! I had to deal with a pregnancy without my mother..." She glared at her father. "Are you going say something to me?!"

Ava glared at her father. "YOU LIED TO ME! YOU SAID SHE LEFT ON HER OWN FUCKING TERMS!" She yelled.

Harleigh glared at her father. "Do you know what such an asshole you are?"

Cody glared at her. "How dare you say that I'm an asshole, Harleigh Nicole! You were the one who ruined your chances of going to college at Yale! You didn't learn NOTHING from Rayne or Everleigh! You just decided to have sex with Zeke!" He yelled back.

Harleigh began crying. "At least Zeke is stepping up for our DAUGHTER even if we're not together! Yes, I got pregnant, BUT YOU THINK I WANTED TO GET PREGNANT? NO! I DIDN'T WANT TO, BUT I DECIDED TO GROW THE HELL UP AND DO WHAT I THINK IS BEST FOR MY LITTLE GIRL!"

Ava glared at her father. "You are a fucking lair! I thought she left and didn't want to come home! Instead, she WASN'T EVEN WELCOMED! How dare you kick my sister out while Rayne and Evie weren't! What's the difference between the three?!"

Bailey glared at Cody feeling so angry and fed up. "I'm seriously sick and tired of your damn attitude. Either get therapy or I swear I'll DIVORCE you and take my kids with me the far away from you the better so that you don't have to ruin their lives!" She frowned. "You're not the man I've FUCKING married! Forget them not learning anything YOU'RE the one who didn't learn NOTHING!"

Cody's eyes went wide. "You want a divorce?! Fine, Bailey. You're not taking our kids away from me!" He said, crossing his arms. "What hasn't I learned? Huh?"

Harleigh sighed. "You get all pissed and get all full of YOURSELF not THINKING ABOUT YOUR KIDS!" She said, looking at her belly. "If you don't want to see me ANYMORE, you get out! I'm done living on my own when I need my mother!"

Cody groaned. "Fine. I'll leave." He went upstairs and packed his stuff and walked out of the house.

Harleigh looked at Zeke. "I don't think I would've came here without you. Thank you, Zeke." She wrapped her arms around his neck.

Zeke smiled and hugged her back. "You're welcome, Harls. it was all you."

Harleigh kissed his cheek. "Hannah is lucky to have you."

Zeke smiled. "I'm the lucky one."

Ava chuckled. "Aren't you two not together?"

Harleigh nodded. "Well, yeah. But, he's my baby's father, Avalanna."

Ava laughed. "Yeah." She smiled at her sister and Zeke. "Thanks guys."

Harleigh looked at Zeke. "I better go pack my stuff up and move back here..."

2 hours later, Harleigh sighed. "I wish I could help..." She rubbed her belly.

Zeke sighed. "Harls, you're pregnant, you're 're carrying our baby."

Harleigh frowned. "That's not what I'm talking about, Z."

Zeke kissed her head. "You're pregnant. You can't carry heavy things now. It's in the books..."

Harleigh teared up. "You've...You read them?"

Zeke nodded. "Yes I have."

Harleigh wiped her eyes. "I thought you hated me..."

Zeke shook his head. "I never did hate you, Harls. We may have been broken up for a long time, but I never ever hated you."

Harleigh looked at him. "Really?"

Zeke nodded his head, as he took her hands. "We made mistakes that caused our breakup, but I never will regret sleeping with you and creating..." He placed a hand on her belly. "...such a beautiful baby. I know I said I never want to see you again, but that night made me miss you more than I ever could imagine. It's been real hard not fully being there..."

Harleigh's eyes were filled with tears when she heard that. "Really?"

Zeke nodded. "Yeah...I really regret not being there for you for the longest time when you needed me." He got on one knee. "Forgive me, Harls. I want to be there for our daughter and you..."

Harleigh nodded her head. "Of course."

Zeke got off his knee and rubbed her belly. "Hey, baby girl. I love you already. Daddy will protect you until my last breath." He smiled.

Harleigh smiled through her tears. "Awwww, you're gonna be the best Daddy ever to her."

Zeke smiled. "I promise I won't be a dick to her. She can do whatever she wants as long as she's careful, responsible with her actions and isn't staying out past her cerfew without letting us know."

Harleigh smiled and nodded her head. "Thanks."

Tristian rolled his eyes. "You two can do that later. There's still a few more things in the truck."

Zeke laughed. "I'm coming." He leaned down and kissed her before heading out to grab the last 3 things.

Harleigh laughed and looked at her brother. "So, bro, what's up with you?"

Tristian laughed. "Nothing much. How's the baby doing?"

Harleigh smiled. "She's a kicking machine..."

Tristian looked at her. "Really?"

Harleigh nodded. "Yep." She said, as she felt her kick. "Here. Feel."

Tristian felt her kick. "Woah. That feels so weird."

Harleigh nodded. "Yeah."

Tristian sighed. "Have you spoken to Eve?"

Harleigh nodded. "Yeah. She is pissed off at Dad too..." She said, as she headed to the bathroom.

Ava nodded. "Hell we're all pissed at him!"

Tristian nodded. "Amen sister."

Ava nodded. "Totally." She smiled. "Anything else going on?"

Tristian shrugged. "With me? Nothing. Besides being pissed as fuck off at you know who..."

Harleigh groaned as she breathed deeply, walking out of the bathroom. "Where's Zeke?" She held onto the counter in intense pain.

Tristian laughs. "He's out grabbing the last few things."

Harleigh glared at him. "Dude, this isn't a laughing matter. Go get him. Now!" She groaned as she felt a strong contraction.

Tristian sighed running to get Zeke. "Geez pregnant women are scary!"

Zeke looked at him. "Hey. You here to grab something?"

Tristian shook his head. "No, Harleigh is in labor."

Zeke's eyes went wide. "Now?" He ran into the house and ran over to Harleigh. "Did your water break?"

Harleigh shook her head. "No...I'm just..." She groaned as she felt a contraction. "...having contractions..."

Zeke sighed. "Okay, let's go to the hospital." He grabbed her bag and her hand before leading her to the car, helped her inside and then started driving to the hospital.

Harleigh groaned. "It's too early..." She began crying. "...She's not supposed to come until freaking February!"

Zeke shook his head. "I don't know maybe they'll stop your contractions or something?"

Harleigh breathed deeply. "I hope so..." She squeezed his hand.

Once at the hospital, they rushed into the emergency room and then were rushed up to the maternity floor.

Her doctor walked inside. "Are you still contracting, Harleigh?"

Harleigh nodded. "Yeah..."

The doctor nodded. "Okay, let's get you checked out and see what's going on…"

4 weeks later, December 22nd, 2036, Cody and Bailey's

Harleigh's P.O.V.

After the scare, I was put on bed rest, and I hated every part of it. It was hell. I never thought four weeks felt like a lifetime. We had to cancel my baby shower. I felt so depressed. We have absolutely nothing for Hannah. I feel like I'm failing as her mother. We need things before she comes. It was too late to get things because that day changed my life. Forever. Thank goodness I had hospital bags packed, but we had no nursery set up for her. I'm only 34 weeks.

End of P.O.V.

Harleigh was put on bed rest for 4 weeks.

After getting out of the shower, she felt something she never felt before.

She walked out of the bathroom. She grabbed her phone and called Zeke. "My water broke. Get over here..."

Zeke nodded. "I'm coming."

Harleigh groaned. "Okay..." She grabbed her hospital bags and walked downstairs slowly. "You ready to come, baby girl?"

Hannah kicked excitedly.

Harleigh nodded. "Ugh..." She walked outside to Zeke's car. After helping her in his car and throwing the bags in the back seat, he drove off to the hospital.

Harleigh texted her mother. "Going to the hospital. Hannah is coming early..."

Meanwhile, Bailey opened her phone and looked at Cody. "I gotta go. Harleigh is going to the hospital and it's a two hour drive back. I'm glad you're getting help..." She grabbed her bag.

Cody nodded. "Thanks, Bails…"

Two hours later, Massachusetts General Hospital

Harleigh's P.O.V.

Here we go. Time to have a baby. We weren't prepared. The only thing I had prepared was her hospital bag and car seat. Nothing else. I felt like I'm failing. My heart just felt like I am going to be a terrible mother. It was too early. I'm only 34 weeks. But ready or not, here she comes.

End of P.O.V.

Harleigh groaned and moaned in pain as another contraction hit her. "Owww!" She screamed.

Zeke looked at her as he let her squeeze his hand. "Breathe, baby. Breathe."

Harleigh nodded as she breathed deeply, moaning softly.

Zeke sighed deeply as he kissed her head. "You should be about a 4 now..."

Harleigh nodded as sweat was falling down her forehead. "Almost time for the epidural. I need it!"

Zeke nodded. "Of course."

Her doctor walked into the room. "Let's check you." She began to check her. "Oh my! You dialled fast. You're at a ten now." She sighed. "You need to do this without any medicine..."

Harleigh looked at Zeke with a scared look on her face. "I don't think I can do this!"

Zeke rubbed her hand. "I don't think you have a choice, babe. You can do this. I know you can."

Harleigh sighed and nodded. "Okay." She started pushing. "I'm not going through this again!"

Her doctor nodded. "That's great, Harleigh. Baby's head is right there." She looked at Zeke. "Do you want to feel?"

Zeke nodded. "Sure. I'm sure it will help her." He walked over and felt his daughter's head. "She's right there, babe. You're so close."

Harleigh nodded as she gave a hard push and screamed. "Oh my God!"

Zeke sighed. "I'm sorry, baby." He said, kissing her head.

Her doctor nodded. "One more big push for me. Her head is out."

Harleigh nodded as she pushed again. "Owww! Oh my God!"

Her doctor smiled. "Here she is!"

Hannah began crying.

The nurse smiled. "What's her name?"

Harleigh smiled tiredly. "Hannah Bailee."

The nurse smiled. "Hi, Hannah."

Hannah Bailee Mathews- 12\23/36- weighing 5 pounds, 6 ounces and 15 inches long.

A few minutes later, Harleigh's Recovery Room

Zeke smiled. "Welcome to the world, baby girl." He turned to Harleigh. "She looks beautiful just like you. Thanks for doing this."

Harleigh nodded. "We're not having anymore kids for a long time!"

Zeke nodded. "I agree."

Harleigh rocked Hannah as her mother walked into the recovery room.

"I missed it?" Bailey said, closing the door.

Harleigh nodded. "Yeah but meet your granddaughter Hannah."

Bailey walked over to her daughter and granddaughter. "Oh my! She looks just like Zeke!" She smiled. "She's your twin!"

Zeke chuckled. "Thank you, but I think she looks like Harleigh."

Harleigh laughed. "She's actually your twin."

Zeke looked at his daughter. "I see it now..."

Bailey smiled. "She's beautiful."

Harleigh looked at her mother. "Where were you?"

Bailey sighed. "I went to see your dad..."

Harleigh frowned. "Why? Aren't you getting divorced?"

Bailey sighed. "Well, I'm not sure yet..."

Harleigh rolled her eyes. "Mom! He disowned me!"

Bailey sighed. "I'm not taking sides, sweetie."

Harleigh rolled her eyes. "Yes! Yes, you are."

Bailey sighed. "Harleigh...He's my husband…"

Harleigh rolled her eyes. "Yeah? I'm your daughter! Screw Dad. I need you right now."

Bailey breathed deeply. "Harleigh…"

Harleigh shook her head. "Please go, Mom…"

Bailey nodded as she left without saying a word.

Two days later, December 25, 2036, Zeke's place

Harleigh's P.O.V.

Two days after I gave birth to Hannah, Zeke and I brought her home for the first time. I was still stressing about not having everything ready for my daughter.

End of P.O.V.

Harleigh sighed as she walked into the house. "Happy to be home..."

Everleigh walked downstairs. "Hey sissy. Rayne and I have a surprise for you upstairs..."

Harleigh smiled. "Okay, what is it?"

Everleigh laughed. "It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, would it?"

Harleigh shook her head. "I suppose not."

Everleigh smiled as they reached Hannah's nursery door.

Harleigh frowned. "Why are we here? Her room isn't..." Jake opened the door, laughing. "What was that?"

Harleigh's eyes went wide. Her daughter's nursery was all finished. "But...but how did you..." She was cut off.

Rayne chuckled. "While you were at the hospital, we finished it for you."

Harleigh smiled through her tears. "Thank you."

Isabella smiled. "We knew you didn't get to finish it or have a baby shower, so we're having one right now."

Harleigh's eyes widened. "Are you serious?"

Everleigh nodded. "Yep!" She hugged her sister. "You deserve it, sis. I know you've been so stressed for the whole eight months because of Dad being a dick so we're celebrating now..."

Harleigh smiled and hugged her sister back. "Thanks Ev."

Everleigh smiled. "What are sisters for?"

Rayne looked at Harleigh. "Was Mom there?"

Harleigh shook her head. "No. She was seeing her crazy husband..."

Rayne's eyes went wide. "I thought she'd leave him?"

Harleigh shrugged. "Yeah me too. But apparently she's been meeting him and everything."

Rayne's eyes went wide. "What the fuck? She's just as crazy as him for not picking her daughter over him..."

Harleigh shrugged. "I don't know."

Jaxie sighed. "Whatever. Let's get to celebrating ladies. I want to meet my cousin\niece."

Harleigh laughed. "Okay Jaxie."

Rayne smiled. "Plus, it's also Christmas so we have to celebrate that too..."

Zack knocked on the door.

Zeke opened the door with Hannah in his arms. "Hey Zack. Hey Maya."

Zack smiled. "Hey. We came to meet our newest great niece. You girls can't make boys for the life of you, huh?"

Rayne laughed. "Funny. We love you too, uncle Zack."

Maya elbowed her husband. "He's joking, aren't you, Zack?"

Zack nodded. "Totally."

Everleigh smiled. "Let's celebrate Hannah and Christmas now. I've been dying all morning."

Six weeks later, Thursday, January 27, 2037

Harleigh's P.O.V.

Six weeks after I gave birth to Hannah, Zayne and I have finally had a schedule down with our daughter. I decided to take off school until late January when I had Hannah. I'm enrolling in Boston Continuity College until I can afford a four year college. It's hard to afford college with a newborn. I haven't spoken to my parents for six weeks. Yes, it's difficult going through this without them, but I'm glad to have my sisters, Zayne and his parents here with me. I'd be so lost without them.

End of P.O.V.

Harleigh is now starting college. This is not what she pictured, but she wouldn't change any of it for the world. After dropping Hannah off with Zayne's mom, Harleigh headed to her first day of classes. After sitting in her seat, Quinn, 19, looked at her.

"Hey, you must be new. I'm Quinn."

Harleigh nodded. "Hey, I'm Harleigh. Nice to meet you."

Quinn smiled. "Do you want to hang out after class?"

Harleigh sighed. "I'd love to, but I have a baby I need to care for…"

Quinn frowned. "Oh, really?"

Harleigh nodded. "Yeah. I'm not wanting to hang with friends now. I have a baby who needs me to be the best mom so getting a college degree is the first step…"

Quinn nodded her head. "I get it, girl. Maybe another time?"

Harleigh nodded her head. "Sure."

After giving each other their numbers, the teacher walked into the room.

After the school day, someone smiled. "Today is my birthday, I'm having a party."

The girl smiled. "Can you come?"

Harleigh sighed as she shook her head. "No, I have a baby…"

The girl sighed. "Oh…"

Harleigh sighed deeply.

Later that day, Harleigh sighed as she sat on her bed, with Hannah in her arms.

"So I realized how hard it is being a college student and a mother at nineteen. It's a struggle knowing people my age get to live the whole college thing and dream, while I can't. I have my daughter. She needs me. I am still very upset with my parents. I haven't spoken to them since Hannah's birth. It's hard knowing I was disowned and not welcome to see them or my younger siblings. It still hurts that my mother picked my dad over me. I know for a fact my daughter is MY world. I'd do anything for her and SHE will be the first one I pick over anyone. Even Zeke. He has been the best dad ever to our daughter. We are currently together. I hope since we have Hannah, we will stay together, but I know I can't see the future. I know I will give my little girl everything she deserves. I don't want to sit here and say, 'It's been rainbows and butterflies' when I'd be lying. It's been difficult. Please be careful when having sex. Unless you want to be a mother at a young age."

Peace ya'll…