'It has been hours since I woke up and I still can't get that dream out of my head. I remember the taste of her lips when I kissed her.'. I walked up to the school with my bag on my back as I kept getting glares from the fangs, it seemed like they were planning something. Kevin walked up to me nervously, he embraced me in a bro hug when he whispered in my ear. "Double D beware the green fangs are out for blood, they had beaten all the guys that Eddy hangs with. They were looking for him, as I hear he skipped school today for some reason. And before i forget a new kid was looking for you, I didn't catch his name but he asked for you. He had been asking every student and teachers, for where to find you. Welcome back man, be safe." he ended the embrace as he walked back to Sarah, Jimmy and Nazz. as I watch them walk away I let out a sigh as I look around seeing a group of green fangs storm to my general location. The bell rang as they were about to reach me and I gently walked to my advanced class avoiding the thugs. When I reached my class I saw Luke standing next to the doorway leaning on the wall as he moved his index finger to resemble a come here command. As that was my classroom I walked towards him and the door but before I could walk by him he moved his arm to block my entrance. "So I want you to know I'm thankful you got Marie to abandon her so called noble quest to save herself for marriage. Now that she is on the market for entrance, I have only one demand to leave this town and leave her or I will make my whole group take turns on her." Luke said with a devilish grin. "So it wasn't a dream. If you lay one hand on her, your whole punk ass miscreant friends will be in major trouble, as I won't be accountable for my actions." I turned to face him as my hand gently grabbed his arm, clinching it as hard as I could, Luke winced in pain as I let go of his arm. "We are different, I know I am no hero but at least my daddy doesn't bail me out when i get in trouble like you. Luke give me one week and I will fight you one on one whatever weapons you want to use we will use them." I said looking him straight in his eyes. I moved his arm away from the doorway and walked in for class.

At the end of the day the school was quickly emptied as I saw twenty green fangs standing out front with Luke in front of them waiting for me. I slowly exited the school standing face to face with Luke. "I thought of what you said and hell I own this town and you don't make demands." he said while throwing a right hook followed by a left jab, I blocked both of them before I was struck from behind by a wooden stick. I turned to see who attacked me and it was Sarah, she looked hurt as she yelled "sorry double D but if I.i.i.i.i dont do this they will force themselves on me again." with tears falling from her eyes she swung again and I quickly dodged it, before disarming her and threw the bat across the parking lot. I turned to Luke who was laughing while snapping his fingers signaling his goons to swarm me. My back was hurting from the impact that Sarah did, I managed to down ten of his goons before they overpowered me. They brought me to the ground as they kicked and punched me. I blacked out as I woke up In the abandoned house that Marie and her sisters married me, Eddy and Ed. I was patched up with bandages and an ice pack on my head. I looked around and I saw a group of males looking at me and Eddy on a chair in the middle. "Double D, you used to be so smart my friend. You had to challenge Luke and caused us to step in to save your life. For the price of us saving you for now you are apart of our group. P.A.I.N. you don't have to stay in it forever but until we deal with Luke and the fangs it will be safer for you and your family to join us." Eddy said before walking towards me. He sat down next to me. "Your lucky your friend told us what was going on.". I turned to him, I felt a confused look on my face as I turned and saw a shadowy figure standing in a corner. "I told you I will be here but I had to scope out the town when you told me about that gang." the figure said before walking out of the shadows, a skinny young male with long dark hair wearing a t-shirt with baggy jeans. "Koz, so you made it here but you're early." I said before trying to get up, before Eddy put his hand on my shoulder. "Careful my brother, you're still hurt. Lay down he will talk to you when you feel better." I looked at the group most of them were teens but some were adults. 'What did I get myself into?'