Chapter 1

My eyes quickly snap open as I take into view the dark scenery of my bedroom. I sigh looking at the alarm clock on my nightstand. 5:29am. School don't start till another hour.

I groan rubbing my face. I sit up and hit the lamp on. The branches scrapes up against the window. I thought Mom was going to have someone cut those branches. It's so creepy. I take the blanket off me and get off the bed. I stretch hearing my back bones popping. "I need to work out." I tell myself pulling my yellow shirt down. I walk to the bedroom door just in time to hear someone walking up the stairs.

Oh! Madeline, is that you? I rush to the door and crack it open to watch her close her bedroom close silently. I close the door and bite my bottom lips. I wonder where she coming from? I shake my head walking to my dresser and opening the top draw. That's mom's problem. I take a blue shirt, blue jeans, and underwear out.

I'll wear blue today. The bedroom door opens up to Madeline. "What?" I ask walking over to my desk and laying my clothes down. "Mom is not home. Where is she?" She ask. "Her car out front?" I ask. "Nope. Nowhere." "Oh, wow. She must be pulling your moves. You think she checked your room?" I ask smirking. You know you're in trouble.

"Nope." She say closing the bedroom. I think she did. Should I take a shower now or wait till later? I'll take one now. I grab my purple towel off the clothes basket and open the bedroom door to find Madeline staring down the staircase. "Where you been?" Mom ask. "Tell the truth. Admit that you're rebellious. Now is the time." I tell her.

"Hanging with Michelle, Mom. I spent the night with her. We hung out at diner. I'm eighteen years old." She admits walking down the stairs. I shake my head closing the bedroom and going across the hall to the bathroom. I'm already up so I might as take a shower.

After I finish my shower, I get dress and head downstairs to the kitchen to find Mom fixing her a cup of coffee. "Unlike her, I'm right. Bedtime is 9, Mom." I say walking to the cabinet. "Tiffany's too?" Madeline ask walking in. "Who is Tiffany?" Mom ask me. "This girl who has hitting on me, Mom. I ignore her." I say opening the cabinet door.

I grab out a bowel and close the door. "Tell the truth. Admit that you're a lesbian. Now is the time." My twin sister using my words against her. "You're gay?" Mom ask me. "I'm not gay, Mom. My hairstyle is cool. I'm cool. A lot of people take that in a different way. It's high school." I spit out staring at Madeline.

"Marcy, I didn't raise no woman on woman." Mom say with an attitude. "Of course not, Mom. I have a crush on Bibby." I say grabbing the box of Cheerios. "Bibby? You can't have Bibby. That's my boyfriend." Madeline say defensively. "Who is Bibby?" Mom ask the both of us. We both explain him. He's the coolest kid in high school.

"He's part of Sam Uley's gang." Madeline say. "He's cute. Word went around that he would drop-out two years ago cause that's what a group of kids did like four years ago. Now all of a sudden he was saved." I add. "He's in Math's class, Mom." She say. "He's in my English's class. Four period, Mom." I say pouring the cereal in my bowl.

I recognize his handsome face from anywhere. "I don't my daughters fighting over him. No boy is worth your sisterhood. You only have each other." She say grabbing her mug and leaving out of the kitchen. Once she goes up the stairs and into her bedroom, we face each other.

"What you talking about?" Madeline ask grabbing a bowl out of the cabinet. "You won't tell Mom about Tiffany and I won't tell her about your pregnancy test." I snidely say.

"You're such a liar. Stay away from Bibby, Marcy." She say snatching the cereal box out of my hand. "You want me to put a couple of words in for you?" I ask holding my fist out. "A few words." She say dapping me. Cool. I'll put in a few for me too.

(Fourth Period-English)

The crazy thing about having the last period of the day with Bibby is the fact that I sit right behind him. He's cool. He's cute. He smells amazing. His hair is silky smooth. I wonder what type of shampoo he uses. He don't date nobody. Well, I haven't seen him with a girl on his arm. All he does is mingle with his friends. Well, three friends.

All of them seems to be in Sam's gang. I groan looking out of the classroom window. The sun is out today. I'm so bored today. "Boring you, Marcy?" Mr. Hawkins ask writing on the chalkboard. A few of the classmates turn their attention to me.

Bibby ain't turn around one bit. "No, Mr. Hawkins. Just wondering about the midterm paper. How many pages again?" I ask. "I was wondering the same thing, Mr. Hawkins." Robert say raising his hand from the front. "14 pages, Robert." He say. I look at him like he's crazy earning a few chuckles. He is wild to suggest 14 pages.

"That's a lot for a mid-term, Mr. Hawkins." Bibby's deep voice say. Wow. "How many pages do you all prefer?" He ask turning to face us. Suggestions are thrown out. "Can we get 5 pages?" Robert ask. I nod agreeing with his question.

"This is the mid-term. This is what can make or break you all. You don't want the 14 pages?" He ask looking around. "No." We all answer. "I ain't hear Bibby's answer." I softly say staring at the back of his head. "He said 'no'." Robert say. "He answered, Marcy." I smile looking at Rose. She laugh. Bibby, you're hot!

RIIIINNNGGG! We start packing up. "Seven pages. I want those papers on Wednesday." Mr. Hawkins shout grabbing his eraser off his desk. I put on my bookbag getting up. 14 pages is horrible to do for a mid-term. I wait for Bibby to get up himself but he simply put his books in his bookbag.

"Yeah, Marcy." He say. "My sister is interested in you." Robert laugh making his way out of his the classroom. "Not the time, Marcy." Mr. Hawkins say erasing. "Sorry, Mr. Hawkins. I just wanted him to know. He's cool. He's hot. He's hot." I say walking pass Bibby to his desk. "I'm not interested." He say getting up.

"Are you gay?" I ask turning to face him. "Are you?" He ask. I guess he wants to have this mind warfare with me. I accept! "Let's take it out of my class." Mr. Hawkins say. "Sorry." I say heading out of his class. I look around the hallway. Everybody is ready to go home. "Excuse me." Bibby say walking up behind me. I turn around to face.

His brown eyes are the best. "My sister wants to date you." "I ain't know you had a sister, Marcy." He say looking past me. "Twin sister. Identical. Madeline is her name. She's cool. She's smart. She got you in Math." I strongly say. "That ain't you?" He ask staring in my eyes. "You wish. Madeline." I tell him wrapping my arm around Tiffany's waist as she walk past me. She smile giving me a hug. I hug her back. My baby!

(Forks Library)

I flip through the pages of Electric Science: Photosynthesis 103 at the main desk of the library. I decided to write my English on Photosynthesis. The only thing I can think of. I close the book waiting on Robert to check me out. Who would've thought that Robert worked at the library? "It seems you have an unreturned book. Silence of the Gays." Robert say staring in my face.

"This is a library and you're discriminating." His coworker say walking out of the Employee office. "It's cool. We can take it outside." I say leaning on the desk. I ain't afraid to get dirty. "No fighting around the library." A tall man say walking up toting a stack of books. "We can step across the streets, Robert. What you want?" I ask.

"Leave my sister alone before I break you, Marcy." He spit out. "I ain't know Tiffany was your sister. She hit on me." He glare. "I'll check you out, Ma'am." The coworker say grabbing my book. "Thanks." I say handing him my library card. He scans both. "October 13th." He say handing me back both items. "Thanks." I say placing the book in my book bag.

"Leave my girlfriend alone." Robert say. I frown staring blankly. Which is it? "Which is it, Rob?" "Ex-girlfriend, Chance." He say. I shake my head putting on my bookbag and heading for the exit. "You gonna be fired. This is a library." He ain't got to be fired. Working at the library will give me a chance to run up on him.

I open the glassed door and is instantly hit by an stinky odor. Oh, wow. Someone need to check the sewage or something. I rush down the stairs and head down the sidewalk heading for the shopping district. Forks is a small town when it comes to businesses. It's all in one place.

I finally make it to Darla's Diner & Cafe. I open the entrance and walk in to catch Bibby being handled a to-go bag by a worker behind the counter. I greet everybody heading to my usual spot in the corner. Darla's is my favorite place to go especially on Fridays. I'll catch the bus and just enjoy my time. "What brings you, Marcy?" Chief Swan ask reading his newspaper from his booth.

"Came from the library, Chief Swan. Midterm paper for English. Seven pages." I say taking my bookbag off. "Sorry to interrupt but I ran into your sister." Bibby say walking over. "Kind of weird seeing how you two share Math." I say unzipping my bag. "Never heard her name. If you two won't wearing different clothes then I wouldn't recognized her." He say.

"That's cool. You holler at her?" "No, I didn't holler at her. What you doing this Friday?" He ask. "Oh. I can't. Mom told us not to tear our sisterhood in half for a guy. Plus, she likes you a whole lot. Me?" I ask taking out the book. "I like my mom." I say earning a few laughs.

"I understand, Marcy. Just want to invite you and your sister to the local bonfire at seven. Come if you can." He say heading for the entrance. "Okay. Thanks for the invite." I say watching him leave out. "I think he likes you, Marcy." Chief Swan say. "You think? Should I tell my sister?" I ask. "I think you should tell her now instead of later." He say reading. "I agree, Chief Swan. I'll tell her."

"He said that?" Madeline ask pacing around my bedroom. "He said that! What you wanna do? Switch lives or something." I say writing in my Science notebook at my desk. "No. It's too obvious. You're gay." She say. I frown. I'm not gay. I sigh looking out of the window at the night sky.

"I know exactly how this will work. You'll date Bibby while I'll be the outside party." She say walking over. "Nothing like confrontation and truth. We'll speak to him together this Friday. Plus, he don't like me. All we know is that this invite is for a friend of his." I say. The bedroom door opens up to Mom. "Bedtime is at 9." She say looking at Madeline.

"I like 9!" I happily say. "Shut up, Marcy. Mom, Bibby is taken interest is us, Mom. More Marcy. What you think?" She ask walking to her. "That you need to be in bed, Madeline. You're grounded." She say. Oh, wow. "I guess you won't be going Friday?" I ask smirking. "You won't either. I thought you won't dating Tiffany." She say.

Madeline smile. "We're not. She's a good friend of mine, Mom. I haven't seen her in days. We're bes-" "Go to bed. Let's go." She tells Madeline. She stomp past her. "Finish up and go to bed, Marcy." Mom say closing the door. "Okay, Mom." I say turning back to my homework. Each year in high school when school starts, I feel like the homework increases.

This senior year seems to be taking such a toll on me. I sniff in my hand and grab some tissue out of the tissue box. "Allergies." I say wiping my nose. I stare out of the window again. It is so dark in the forest. I'll hate to go there. Wolves or monsters might be in there. I chuckle. I'm funny. I finish up with my homework and put the books back in my bookbag.

I get up and make sure the window is locked before heading to my bed. I hit the lamp off and get right under the blanket. "I'm so tired." I softly say feeling the breeze of drowsiness washing over me.