Item: SCP-5146

Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5146 is to be put in a 20m x 20m x 20m room with basic furniture, a bookshelf and a large, bright window. 2 Level 3 or above personnel is to care for SCP-5146.

During total power failure, it is recommended to have at least 2 Level 3 or above personnel to supervise SCP-5146.

Description: SCP-5146 was found in 20██at [DATA REDACTED] by Agents T████ and M██. It takes the appearance of a 13 year old boy. It is generally calm and nice if approached in a friendly or neutral stance, but if it senses hostility from a person, it will teleport behind said person and knock them unconscious.

When first found in [DATA REDACTED], it is seen reading [DATA REDACTED]. Agent T████ tries to approach it with a friendly stance, in which she is replied by a warm hi. When another person inside [DATA REDACTED] approaches SCP-5146 with hostility, it teleports behind him and knocks him unconscious, leaving no memories behind.

Agent T████ reveals herself to be from SCP and requests SCP-5146 to go back to Site 19 for research. SCP-5146 takes this comment with skepticism as he hates confinement, but after told it won't be hurt and no one will be hostile, SCP-5146 willingly entered Foundation Custody.

Optional Information: It seems to hate SCP-173 and is the few people/SCp that can temporarily halter SCP-173: When SCP-173 attempt to snap SCP-5146's neck, SCP-5146 will teleport behind SCP-173 and knock it back to its containment chamber.


██/9/20██: Discovered, entered custody

██/10/20██: First sighting of it haltering SCP-173

██/10/20██: Conversation held between Agent T████, Agent M██ and SCP-5146, shown in the Addendum.

Addendum: Conversation

Interviewer: Agents T████ and M██

Interviewee: SCP-5146


Agent T████: Good afternoon, 5146.

SCP-5146: Good afternoon.

Agent M██: We have a few questions.

SCP-5146: OK.

Agent T████: Firstly, can you explain how your powers kick in?

SCP-5146: I was originally a normal boy like everyone else, but I was bullied all the time. One day, when the bully tried to insult me, I knocked him unconscious. I found out my powers and was scared, and I am on the run after on until you nice people took me to custody.

Agent M██: So... why did the powers get activated when people are hostile?

SCP-5146: Hey, if the world isn't nice to me, I wouldn't be nice to it either.

Agent T████: How did you beat SCP-173 back to containment?

SCP-5146: I dunno... there is just something about it that I hate...

Agent M██: Thank you.


I wrote this for fun, please don't be too critical.