One afternoon, 2:30 p.m., Agent T████ was strolling around Site-19, waiting for orders as usual. She passes by SCP-5146's cell.

"Hi Agent T████."

"Hi 5146. What's up?"

"May I have 387?"

"387? I'll ask."

Later, at 387's storage box.

"Hey G███, 5146 wants to play with 387."

"Fill in the form please."

[SCP-387 Utilisation Form

Utiliser: Agent T████

Reason for Utilisation: Recreation for SCP-5146

Return Time: 4:30 p.m.]

"Thanks G███."

Back at 5146's cell.

"Hey 5146, you are allowed to play with 387. Call me to return the tub when it's 4:30."

"Thanks Agent T████."

So SCP-5146 started building. By choosing pieces he finds interesting, he builds a futuristic car. He then assembles a minifigure and puts it inside. It starts driving the car.

He builds another one. It starts to form a city.

Scared of a hard clean up, he pretends to be Godzilla, and everything stops moving.

He puts everything in a backup tub.


Both tubs are returned.

Another good day.