Author's note

Okay this chapter is nothing but a note from me, the author. As you can see the warning, it's YAOI and ANGST also will be OOC and AU since I made up all the part of Tsuzuki's past and all the events here.

Anyway, in this story you might be confused between the real Tsuzuki and the dark side of Tsuzuki. Just a hint for ya all, Dark Tsuzuki will address the real Tsuzuki as Asato-chan. I'm too lazy to make up another name for dark Tsuzuki…for later reference on who's talking just look at the warning or the upper section on every chapter.

And also thing is that I know this is my first part of making Yami no Matsuei fanfic and it's sucks and horrible…also that my grammar will be very very bad since English is not my first language and I just recently learn it so please bear my sucky grammar okay…though I used the grammar check on Word but I think it'll be insufficient so please please don't flame me of my sucky grammar. I won't reply that.

Oh yeah please do notice that the timeline is overall going forward but some event take place on the same time at different places so please refer to the time of what I've written there. It may appear a bit confusing but if you really have difficulty on understanding it, please feel free to ask me on the review part or just e-mail me (see my profile).

Okay better quit babbling now…please proceed to the story…I hope you all like it…it's one sucky story though…

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