In the medical centre,

Kijin was standing beside the bed where his sworn master was laying breathing evenly but the eyelids kept closed not even a flutter was caught. Touda however was leaning his back against the wall across the bed. He kept his eyes focused on the unmoving figure except the falling and the raising movements of his chest that was indicating that he was still alive. Byakko was guarding outside. He decided that he would wait for his turn and for a meanwhile he would be outside.

Touda watched every detailed movement around Tsuzuki including how Kijin took Tsuzuki's hand gently and held it tight then brought it to his chest. He also didn't miss how Kijin's expression was changed to solemn one and his lips that were moving obviously of making another divination that his only sworn master would be okay.

Byakko though, seemed could not concentrate on what the situation was now. He was confused. Yeah he was very confused but he could feel his heart ached deeply everytime he saw the motionless figure laying on the pristine white sheet. He was one of the closest shikigamis to his master. Both like to hang out together just to pull out some silly pranks upon other shikigamis or Tsuzuki's fellow shinigamis. But why he could not protect his dear master in this critical moment? Byakko as one easy-going shikigami didn't mean that he didn't care much, instead he cared much anything related to his dear bouncy master. He would even give his soul for his sake too.

But he failed. He failed and because of that he could not face his master. He felt ashamed though he knew once his master was up and conscious again, he was hardly going to punish him or something, Tsuzuki was too kind. He was too forgiving until the point that he would even forgive that Muraki freak if only that weird doctor apologize to him sincerely. Byakko sighed. He just hoped, prayed to the kami up there to bring his dear master back to where he belonged, to his fellow shinigamis, to his sworn shikigami and of course to him, Byakko

Touda kept his face cleared from any expression though in his mind a war of emotions was raging not to mention that his previous feeling was getting harder and clearer. He even started to hear voices that called him out in his mind. If it were a normal occasion he would think that he had gone crazy. But this time he was sure that someone was calling him but he didn't know who was calling him, whether his master, Tsuzuki Asato the clumsy, kind-hearted mind or the dark side of his master's that owned a power similar to him, black as black as a pitch darkness where light had even surrendered but stronger in intensity.

Kijin closed his eyes as he felt regret, sadness were mixed together in his mind making his heart ached even more. But now he knew that he even as one of the twelve shikigamis, one that should not be considered as 'just' a shikigami could do nothing toward Tsuzuki's condition. His whisper through their link would not and could not ever reach his soul. He simply took one of the laying and motionless hands, clasped it together into his palms and brought it onto his chest then pressed it to feel his own heartbeat.

"Tsuzuki-san…please come back to us…for I am the god of word so shall my words to ring the truth…Tsuzuki-san…"

Then something happened just after Kijin whispered the last word.

Touda felt like his body was attracted to Tsuzuki even more likewise iron called upon magnet as an odd purple started to glow out from Tsuzuki motionless form. Touda fought hard to keep himself stand still on his spot though he had stepped closer to the bed when he was surprised by the first attraction toward his body as the light was emitted in the first time. Meanwhile Kijin was stumbled back as if there was force to repel him. Luckily there was Byakko who was already holding the boy, preventing him to fall backward.


"Touda, Kijin!"

"Kijin, Byakko. Stay away from Tsuzuki. Something's wrong."

Right after Touda finished his sentence, the door to the room was opened and Suzaku burst in and launched to approach the glowing Tsuzuki who was still remained unconscious.


But just before Suzaku could step any nearer to her sworn master, a force was repelling her and sent her back stumbling to the same spot as Kijin was standing.

"Suzaku-san! Daijoubu?" Kijin caught Suzaku before she could stumble down to the floor.


"What's going on here?" Souryu stern voice heard from behind as the other shikigamis and the shinigamis had arrived on the room where Tsuzuki was put.

"I don't know, Tou-sama. Suddenly Tsuzuki-san started to glow and a strange force kept me and Suzaku-san from approaching yet it seems to attract Touda-san."

Kijin finished his brief explanation of current situation though everyone knew at the edge of his tone worry was evident. He was standing at the frame of the door supporting by his father from behind.

The display in front of all pairs of eyes was shocking. A dark purple aura was emitted from Tsuzuki's unconscious body while Touda was trying hard not to bang himself to his own master. Then another split second, the pair of closed amethyst was opening slowly and as the eyes opened, the dark purple aura was seemed to be sucked into the eyes as if it was the soul of the body.

None of the eyewitness said anything. They all were holding their breath. They were all waiting for a certain shinigami, once unconscious now was awaken.

Tsuzuki opened his eyes, revealing his beautiful dazzling amethyst orbs to the world. Then he slowly sat up on the bed looking around, meeting every gaze of every pair of eyes in that room. His gaze rested on a certain dark-fired shikigami who stood close to his bed.  He let out a smirk that was very un-Tsuzuki like. This slight gesture had set the alarm to the other room occupants but none of them moved as the shinigami got himself out from the bed then walked slowly to where Touda was standing.

Touda meanwhile was trying to inch away from the awaken Tsuzuki, mostly because of his instinct and Touda once being a hated shikigami trust his instinct greatly. However, it seemed that there was a force that prevented him to move a single step away from his spot. Not to mention the whole body seemed not to obey what his brain had commanded. So he settled to brace himself of whatever was coming of his supposed master who was walking toward him.

Touda sensed danger from his supposed master. He knew that Tsuzuki was not Tsuzuki yet he could not voice out his thought. As the shinigami came even closer to him, he could sensed darkness pouring out from every pour of the shinigami's existence.

Tsuzuki grinned like a manic then he did the unsuspected thing. Perhaps the last thing in Touda's list of what this dark Tsuzuki might do to him.

Tsuzuki kissed him. Hard. 

Minutes passed as all the room occupants were shocked by the un-Tsuzuki behavior much less that their comrade shinigami was now conscious and was lip-locking with one of his shikigami, Touda.

The kiss ended and Tsuzuki stepped back, giving him and one shocked-Touda a space to breathe. He smirked again.

"So I believe all of you here are the most important to Tsuzuki…or…should I call him Asato-chan…"

He turned around and took notice of all people that gathered around the room. He let his gaze swept from Kanoe who was standing in his shock to the very right of the room, then Tatsumi who was trying to mask his confusion and his shock, to his left was Souryu and Genbu then Kijin who was held by Rikugou then Suzaku who was steadying herself with help of Byakko to her right then the last was the green-eyed kid that was standing in his difficulty while being supported by Watari that was standing the most left side of the room.

"Who…are you?" that was the question from the partner of his other side, Kurosaki Hisoka.

The dark side of Tsuzuki merely smiled . The smile was suppose to be one of the charming smile that Tsuzuki used to pull but now the smile was eeriely emptied from any of charm. It was hollow and disturbedly evil in sort of way. It held ruthlessness and ferocity.

"Who am I?" Dark Tsuzuki smiled more yet oozing more cruelty laced behind those words and that smile. Everyone in the room was eyeing him suspiciously, none was ready to admit out loud that this Tsuzuki scared their wits.

"Well, let me introduce myself then…" He smirked and bowed down in supposed to be a polite gesture but as he did that it turned out as a mere mockery.

"I am…Tsuzuki Asato…the darkness that reside deep in him…the real Tsuzuki Asato."

To continue or not to……


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