Resident Evil: Twilight

Notes: Touched up some long outstanding mistake.

Timeline: For RE lore hounds this can almost be considered an AU as the events and situations do not match flawlessly with the games. Just a simple point form list before of facts about the timeline.

*The virus in Racoon city was released at same time of mansion incident. (took several days for the STARS to seek out the mansion, so virus has secretly spread thought the city.)

*Alpha team returns from mansion at same time Leon and Claire arrive in city.

*All members of STARS are still in the city, they have not had time to investigate umbrella or travel elsewhere.

*Resident Evil ZERO did not happen, Rebecca did not partake/witness the events from it.

*The bombing of the city is currently postponed/suspended.


Rebecca sobbed quietly as she slid down the wall, clutching tightly to the large wound in her side. She could not go any further, the pain was too much and the slow but constant trickle of blood was even now draining her life away. Giving into the pain she gave out an anguished cry before degenerating into loud sobbing. She had given up, after everything, she had finally given up. Slumped against the wall filth caked wall she fell onto her side, her head coming to rest on the cold blood smeared floor.

She, Jill and the rest had thought they escaped the virus educed nightmares as they flew safely off into the sunset, but they where wrong, so wrong. They had landed atop the Raccoon city hospital to quickly rush Richard to the ER who had suffered some internal injurers that had gone untreated far too long.

It had happened before they knew it, the hospital was swarming with injured, not all living. It was madness, people began to disappear no one knew what was happening till finally the hall's filled with the living dead. Jill and her had been separated from the others and soon lost each other in the maze of endless halls, dodging around the undead and praying for safety around the next bend.

Rebecca lifted her head slightly from the floor only to lower it back as her vision blurred and twirled. After a few moments she closed her eyes, she had almost believed she had heard someone's voice. Clutching her wound a bit more tightly as her clouded mind began to fade into darkness, she once again saw her death blow in her mind.

She had been running for what seemed like hours but in reality little more then minutes. The corridors were becoming more crowed with the undead and harder to navigate while people left and right screaming out their death. There was no help for them or her as all she could do was flee like a coward.

It was the last bend. Flying around the corner with panicked recklessness she had collided with a pack of undead knocking them and herself to the floor. Franticly she clawed and kicked at the ground for traction just as an undead bit and gnawed deep into her side. She didn't know how but she had broken free from the collapsed pile death and escaped the hospital in a blurry daze. On the streets and realized the extent of her injury and sought shelter from the chaos erupting about her. She was not sure how long she had ran or how long she had neglected to treat her wound, she only knew it had been to long.

"Please someone, I don't want to die here. Please! Not here." Rebecca pleaded with tear soaked eyes her sobbing fading and her body growing limp. She did not hear the gentle padding of boots as her mind became blank.

End Prolouge