Resident Evil: Twilight

Notes: Someone asked me with six Pleases to write another chapter...this is for that person.

Chapter 4

Warm... she felt warm. But it was a temptation, it came and went steadily, gifting her with comfort only to be replaced with cold absence. Whimpering in distress Rebecca turned over on the medical table nuzzling her head closer to the source of warmth. It wasn't fair, her sleepy mind complained at the torturous comfort she was repeatedly denied. It was enough to rouse her from sleep and soon her eyes slowly opened.

Claire was there, beside her sleeping, her arms crossed on the side of the medical bed, a pillow for her head so close to her own. She had watched over her... it was her warm breath that caressed Rebecca with comfort. Smiling for many reasons the least of which was she was still being alive, Rebecca reached out and weakly brushed some hair from Claire's forehead to admire the older girl that had been her savior.

"Nnnn." Claire whimpered slightly and began to stir as well. The position she had slept in through the night must not have been very comfortable for such a light touch to awaken her. Claire's eyes fluttered open unfocused for a moment but widened in surprise seeing seeing Rebecca's own staring back into hers.

"Good morning!" Claire smiled warmly in relief not moving from the position, her and Rebecca's faces so close they could easily kiss.

"How long?" Rebecca questioned, her hand pulling back from Claire's hair and was relived Claire didn't seem to have minded her touch.

"A little over a day." Claire replied before reluctantly standing and stretching working the kinks out of her back. Confused Rebecca followed her with her eyes and watched as Claire retrieved a bottle of water from a nearby counter, the sight of it made Rebecca's mouth tingle with anticipation. Returning Claire offered the bottle. "Here I bet your thirsty."

Rebecca nodded eagerly and tried to sit up, she didn't find much pain from the act but her body felt many times too heavy making it difficult. She needed Claire's assistance who was happy to give it. Claire helped her up then held her with an arm around her back and offering her the water bottle. Rebecca didn't complain but felt a little embarrassed at the position as she drank with Claire's support.

"Thank you." Rebecca spoke breathless and panting lightly, trails of water trickling down her chin as she lowered the empty bottle. It made Claire giggle softly before she whipped the trails of water from Rebecca's chin with a corner of the sheet that covered her.

"No problem, I'm just so relived your ok." Claire admitted with compassion.

"Where are we... how did we escape?" Rebecca questioned as her last memories returned, the undead closing in and Claire carrying her into darkness. Claire didn't answer right away as she petted at Rebecca, a tender sensual manner with eyes of relief. It was a strange look and it made Rebecca suddenly feel vulnerable in Claire's arms.

"We were surrounded in the tunnels but we came across a hatch that lead to this place." Claire finally spoke much to Rebecca's relief, the silence and the sensual caress of her hair was beginning to unnerve her. "It appears we found an umbrella safe house. No one has been here in awhile and Leon thinks we should be safe for now." Rebecca nodded with a soft frown, she wasn't happy to hear Umbrella's name again so soon but prospect of being safe if only for a little while was very comforting.

"I'm Claire." Claire spoke suddenly and Rebecca felt a flush of embarrassment that she had forgotten they had never introduced themselves before now.

"Rebecca." Rebecca replied meekly, sheepish at being carried around like a child, a burden for the woman that saved her.

"Rebecca?" Claire beamed. "That's a lovely name."

"I see someone is awake." Leon spoke with boyish charm showing his own relief at Rebecca's recovery. He stood in the infirmary doorway with his arms crossed. There was no telling how long he had been there but Rebecca didn't care, she was overjoyed to see another survivor.

"This is Leon." Claire explained after casting Leon a happy smiled. "He's a member of S.T.A.R.S. so there is no need to worry, if anyone can get us out of here its him."

"S.T.A.R.S.?" Rebecca questioned. "You're the new member then?"

"Yes, I have been meaning to ask who you are." Leon nodded his expression turning more serious with the change in topic. "I haven't met the other stars members, you are the first since I arrived in the city."

"I'm Rebecca Chambers, part of Bravo team..." Rebecca began and then detailed the events of the beginnings of the nightmare. How Bravo team was lured to a mansion in the woods and how all members where eventually killed by the horrors they found there. She continued to tell of alpha teams arrival and escape, about Weskers betrayal and eventual death at the hands of tyrant. Leon listened carefully then together with Claire told Rebecca all about the events within the police station, the underground lab, and how they eventually escaped and found her.

Once the talking had ended a deep hollow silences filled the air as everyone digested each other's stories. It was not long before the tension proved too much and Claire broke it with a happy announcement to Rebecca.

"You know." Claire smiled playfully anticipating Rebecca's reaction. "This bunker has a working shower." As expected once Rebecca understood the words her eyes widened in delight.

"Really?" Rebecca gave a happy cry but then quickly bit her lip as her enthusiasm drained away. "I don't think i could stand very long right now." She admitted sadly.

"That's ok!" Claire beamed. "I'll give you a hand, I'm sure your dying to wash up."

"But." Rebecca began to protest that it would be embarrassing but Claire didn't give her the chance as she scooped her up in her arms right off the medical table. Rebecca quickly clasped the lose sheet the her bare chest to preserve her modest from Leon.

"Leon you don't mind if we take our time?" Claire questioned as she passed him in the door way. Rebecca blushing faintly at being carried like a child once more.

"This place was built to last awhile, I don't think we have to worry about wasting water just yet." Leon replied and wore a smile. "Enjoy yourselves while you can. I doubt the opportunity to shower will present itself again once we leave."

"Well then us girls are going to go enjoy ourselves." Claire beamed and stuck her tongue out at Leon playfully. Leon was forced to laugh and felt a breath of fresh air fill the bunker. Things had been so dark and bleak and he wouldn't be the first to admit it was pulling them all down and drowning their hope. But with Rebecca's awakening and apparent good condition things where suddenly looking up and it rose their spirits. Even through all the bad that had happened this one good event made it all seem bearable.

It was only a moment later when Rebecca found herself in a bathroom and Claire setting her down on the toilet. For a second Rebecca tried to work out just what she could do on her own but Claire took the initiative and leaned down unbuckling Rebecca's pants and insistently helped her slide them off. It was embarrassing but the situation mellowed her resistance, with a viral apocalypse happening all around her modesty probably wasn't something to be too concerned about.

Rebecca had to admit though, as she clutched the sheet over her naked body, that it was a little comforting to see the embarrassment on Claire's face when she began to undress herself. Claire was as embarrassed as her about being naked around someone else, that alone made Rebecca feel much more comfortable and she reluctantly let go of the sheet waiting for Claire to aid her into the shower alcove in the wall.

If being carried like a child was embarrassing, being carried naked while being carried like a child was worse and Rebecca blushed deeply as Claire lifted her up and stepped into the shower. There was no hand holds to grip so as Claire lowered her legs Rebecca found herself wrapping her arms around Claire's chest and clinging to her for constant support. Claire giggled soft and wrapped an arm around Rebecca's lower back as extra support before reaching out to turn on the shower.

The nozzle of the shower was conveniently one attached to a hose so after Claire adjusted the temperature she unhooked it from the wall and began to douse Rebecca in the soothing warmth. Rebecca immediately sighed in relief and Claire was all too happy to pamper the poor girl that had been through so much on her own. Caressing Rebecca's back and hair soothingly she brushed the water over her skin and washed away grime and sweat. Rebecca's reaction to it all was to grow almost limp against Claire with only her hands gripping tightly holding herself upright and breathing deeply with closed eyes.

"Can you turn around?" Claire questioned breaking Rebecca's daze shortly later. Rebecca looked doubtful but nodded wanting to give it a try. Turning she released Claire and to both their satisfaction Rebecca was able to stand on her own facing away. Not wishing to tempt fate Claire wrapped a supporting arm around Rebecca's chest under her breasts and pulled her back to rest against her. This time she was unable to brush Rebecca's skin but Rebecca seemed more then capable of that task now and Claire only directed the stream of water. Not long later Claire frowned as she held Rebecca up, more and more strength was required and she could feel the smaller girl struggling to support herself.

"Hey don't push yourself." Claire protested concerned. "If you're tired we can get out."

"I don't want to.." Rebecca replied childishly and Claire understood completely and gave a soft giggle.

"Fine, but I can't hold you upright forever. Here we can sit for now, there's plenty of room." Claire offered and then lowered Rebecca and herself down till they could sit on the floor of the shower. She sat against the wall, her legs spread with her feet pressed against the opposite wall. Rebecca much smaller fit conveniently well between her thighs and lounged back on her chest, her breasts proving a soft pillow for Rebecca.

"How's your wound?" Claire questioned as she drew the shower head over Rebecca's chest and belly, her free hand now able to caress Rebecca's abdomen and sides. She purposely avoided contact with the wound and had left that entirely up to Rebecca's care.

"Its soar, but I think the worst has passed." Rebecca admitted in a comfortable daze. Her head now hung sideways comfortable on Calare's chest, her body lip and relaxed. legs spread and resting against Claire's. Claire was almost tempted to tell Rebecca how exposed she was and that she could see everything but she didn't dare make the situation uncomfortable now that both of them where enjoying themselves.

"You had lost a lot of blood, Luckily the infirmary had some, I didn't know your blood type so I used O." Claire explained idly and treated herself to the hot stream of water and drew a whimper of complaint from Rebecca because of it. Claire made a amused face at how pampered Rebecca was but didn't argue since she was the injured one and disserved the attention.

"I'm AB." Rebecca replied and sighed as the water returned to her. "I should recover quickly, a few days rest will get my strength back."

"That's good to hear, Leon didn't want to stay here too long. As secure as this bunker is I agree with him, I don't want to be trapped in here when one of those things finds its way in." Claire spoke and began to pet Rebecca's hair streaming her fingers though it like a comb. "Here hold this." Claire suddenly commanded dropping the shower head on Rebecca's belly, Rebecca retrieved it quickly and held it to her chest letting the water splash about but mostly run down her belly and between her thighs.

"I know if you're like me, you can't stand your hair all oily." Claire explained and strained to reach a bottle of shampoo on a wall outcropping inside the shower. She just managed and retrieve it popping the lid and squeezing the generic smelling cream into her hand. Rubbing her hands together she began to work at Rebecca's short hair bringing groans of satisfaction in return.

"Is Chris really your older brother?" Rebecca questioned randomly.

"Mhmm, i came to Raccoon city to find him. I'm glad to hear he came back safe from the mansion, if its him I'm sure he's ok still." Claire spoke softly and was particularly overjoyed to hear about the well being of her brother. There was no telling where he was now since he returned to the city but she had not lied, she believed her brother was alive and well finding his own way out of the city, if had not already.

Silence again returned as Claire continued to comb though Rebecca's hair, with an afterthought she handed the bottle to Rebecca and retrieved the shower head. Rebecca looked a little confused at first till Claire reminded her she had more hair then was on her head. Rebecca blushed furiously and hesitated but with Claire's encouragement and threat of doing it herself for Rebecca's own good, Rebecca quickly went about the task herself and rubbed the shampoo into her neatly trimmed public hair.

Claire wanted Rebecca to wash with soap as well but didn't think she had the energy left in her, standing for as long as she did had drained her. So Claire didn't say a thing and simply rinsed Rebecca's hair free of suds and left the lower region to Rebecca's hand. By the time they finished and Claire shut off the water they had been in the shower more than forty minutes.

"We better get out. Leon did say to enjoy ourselves but if we are in here any longer we risk him breaking though the door to see if we are still alive." Claire teased and brought a smile from the younger girl. Helping Rebecca up she dried her and herself off with towels from a laundry alcove beside the shower. There were also generic jumpsuits one would expect of someone living in a closed environment to ware, since Rebecca's cloths where filthy Claire dressed her in the smallest Suit in the pile.

"I have yet to find underwear around here." Claire poke sadly. "But with any luck we will have your cloths washed for you in a few hours. Till then can you mange with this?"

"I'm just happy to be in something clean." Rebecca admitted. "Thank you."

"How about we get some food in you as well?" Claire offered brining the cutest glee filled expression from Rebecca who gave a curt nod. Dressed back into her cloths Claire picked Rebecca back up and carried her to the dining room where they found Leon sitting and reading thought some papers that lay on the metallic table.

"How's she doing?" Leon questioned looked up from the papers.

"She's fine." Claire replied and looked down at Rebecca for her to finish the explanation.

"I should recover in a few days, thank you... thank you both for saving me..." Rebecca spoke becoming emotional towards the end but her path to tears was interrupted as Claire suddenly plopped her down on a bench.

"You would have done the same for us." Claire stated flatly and ruffled Rebecca's hair playfully before moving away to the cabinets where military rations were stored in vacuum sealed aluminum pouches. all marked with the Umbrella logo. Grabbing two at random she placed one before Rebecca and kept the other for herself.

"What are you reading?" Claire enquired as she demonstrated to Rebecca how to open the sealed meal, Rebecca dutifully followed her example and was soon enjoying the first meal she had had in many long days.

"Just some papers I found in the security room." Leon replied and tossed a hand full of them on the table. "So far their meaningless, nothing important anyway."

"Mmmm." Claire flicked her eyes over the papers but trusted Leon's judgment on the matter. "Has the situation changed outside?" Clare asked and Leon crossed his arms sitting back stoically before replying.

"As far as I can tell the sewers are still dangerous, there has been several alerts in the past few hours as mutations passed the outer hatch. Zombies mostly but a licker as well, might be the same one as before."

"What about the other entrances?" Claire frowned.

"So far there has been no activity but not knowing where they go... actually I wanted to talk to you about that. For now we are safe but when it's time to go I'd like to know what our options are. I want to scout where those entrances lead." Leon looked up at Claire to see her response. Claire turned her eyes down in concern but eventually have a soft nod.

"You want to go alone." Claire stated, and Leon nodded.

"It's dangerous I know but we have a better chance of not alerting anything that might be out there if its only one of us. I won't be gone long, I only want to get a general idea of where we are."

"I understand." Claire sighed and slumped onto the bench across from Rebecca who had remained quiet throughout the conversation. Rebecca didn't seem to have an opinion on the subject as she quietly ate, she did look uneasy but trusted the two knew what was best for them all.

"I'll go tomorrow morning, as we have seen the mutations seem to be less active then." Leon informed and left it at that. Rebecca and Claire finished their meals and Claire carried Rebecca off to her room to sleep. They would have to share as there had only been two bedrooms in the bunker. Surprisingly the beds where large so she would have no trouble sleeping with Rebecca beside her.

"Get some rest." Claire smiled caressing Rebecca's hair fondly but her words fell on deaf ears as Rebecca had almost immediately fallen asleep after being tucked in. Still early in the night Claire decided to go speak with Leon about the turn of events, she would join Rebecca later.

End Chapter 4