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I'll Miss You for Eternity the Legacy:

Chapter One of the Prologue:

                "Bulma Briefs was an extraordinary woman. She was strong willed, and brilliant. Of the many people who knew her, they knew that she never gave up. No matter what the circumstance was. She ran the largest and most successful business in the world, and her death has devastated many lives throughout the globe. She was a beautiful woman, not only on the outside but in the inside as well. Her heart was full and rich, and it was her guide in life. Bulma Briefs was a loving Mother, a devoted wife, a daughter who has made her parents proud, and a friend that nobody will ever forget. She will live on in our hearts, and will never cease to exist as long as we believe in her. She's up there, looking down on us, and she will always be with us no matter what. Now is the time that family and friends can come up and say a few words. Afterwards, we may pay our respects."

"Namida ga ato kara afuredashite                                   [As my tears keep overflowing one after another,

saigo no egao ga nijinde mienai no                                  I can't see your last smile through their blur

ikanaide   ikanaide  koko ni ite                                    Please don't go, please don't go... Stay here.

sora e   hikari kakenukete-yuku"                                                  Light bursts through the sky.]                                                                      


                The loud, echoing voice silenced, leaving the church still. The only noise inside the building was quiet sobs and silent tears. Goku looked around, watching the people sitting and crying. He stood up quietly and walked up to the podium where the priest stepped down, and nodded to him. Goku nodded silently back, and stepped onto the platform. He looked down and realized that he had forgotten his speech at home. He sighed, not knowing why he had even bothered to write one, if he knew he wouldn't have even used it. He took a deep breath and turned his head around, looking at the russet colored coffin. He faced the crowd again and looked at them with tears in his eyes. He looked down and then back up, determined not to shed tears just yet. In the first row of pews sat only Bulma's family. Dr. Briefs was patting his sobbing wife's back, tears sliding down his cheeks also, but he seemed not to notice. Next to his grandmother sat Trunks, who was staring directly at Goku. Goku tried to smile a small smile, but Trunks looked away, tears forming again. Goku sighed again and looked at his old friend. Vegeta sat next to his son, although he didn't comfort him or any of the others around him. He wasn't looking at Goku, he was looking past him, and Goku knew what he was staring at. He was startled to see the dead look in the center of Vegeta's eyes, and he shivered. He hated this. Why had Bulma had to die? It wasn't fair! Everything had been peaceful, and happy, and now this…this loss.

                The priest cleared his throat and nodded to Goku again, and he realized that the man wanted him to start or step down. Goku almost sent the man a half-hearted glare, but he was too drained off energy to do it.

"Konna ni chiisa na watashi dakedo                                 [Even this insignificant me

anata wo dare yori sei ippai aishita                                  loved you more than anyone, with all my soul.

arigatou   ikutsumo no                                                 Thank you for all of

taisetsu na kimochi                                                    the precious feelings

tewata shite kureta yo ne"                                             you've given to me.]                                                                 

                "Bulma…" He started, and cleared his throat, not knowing how he was going to be able to do this without cracking. "Bulma was my friend, as well as your friend also. We have all loved her very much, and we still do. I believe that nothing with ever destroy the love that we will always have for her. When she was alive she made things better whenever times were rough and hard. Her parties…remember her parties' guys? How we would get drunk and sing so bad that it would make the windows actually crack? Or how she would drag us onto the dance floor and make us dance until we collapsed?  How we would sit around and talk about embarrassing moments or play truth and dare and other senseless games? But now…they don't seem so senseless anymore. Bulma…Bulma made parts of our lives bearable. When we thought that nothing would be right ever again she was there screaming at us, and telling us to stop thinking negatively.

                 "I met her when I was twelve…she was sixteen. I didn't even know what a girl was back then. All I was a little boy living in the woods…until Bulma came. Did I ever tell you guys that when we first saw each other, it was because I ran in front of her car and she almost ran me over? And then she screamed at me when I tried to attack her car, thinking it was a monster. And then the search for the Dragon Balls began. God…I don't ever think that I will ever forget those days, weeks, months that we spent together. I can't even count how many life-long friends we met on the way. Chi-Chi, Krillen, Yamcha, Piccolo, Paur, Tien, Chatzou, Master Roshi, Oolong, Launch, and so many more…If you think about it…I most likely would never have met any of you if it weren't for her. If she hadn't almost ran me over with her car. I don't know how my life would have been if it weren't for her. It's only been a few days since she died and I already feel dead inside. She had such an impact on all of our lives. On Namek…Frieza…Cell…Buu…and so many other villains that we had to destroy…she helped with each one of them. Without her we would have been dead by the time we got to Namek. Can you guys even imagine how it would have been if we had all died on Namek? Frieza would have come, destroyed us and this Planet…we wouldn't exist without her. Bulma…she has saved this world so many times. And not just from the bastards who come to destroy the Planet, but also her company. All the money she made…she would donate more than half to shelters, and the homeless, and institutions, and other countless places that needed help. She has saved the hungry, the homeless, the poor, and any other person that needed her help. She has made life in this world so advanced with her capsules, and other productions…it's hard to believe what out world would be like and look like without her.

                "These thoughts have never crossed my mind before…not like this they haven't. Isn't it funny that you realize how much a person has done for you, but only when they are gone for good? Isn't it sad that we can't appreciate something or someone until its gone? I want to thank you Bulma, because I know you can hear me from up there. Thank you for everything that you have done for us. Thank you for cheering us up when we needed it. Thanks for knocking sense into our heads whenever we needed a smart idea. Thank you for caring. And yes, even thank you for when you yelled and screamed and threw temper tantrums at us. Everything you did affected us all in some way. But most of all I want to thank you for…for loving us and your World. Thank you for being my first friend and everyone else's friend. Thank you for being Trunk's Mother, thank you for being such a devoted wife and mate to Vegeta. Thank you for just loving. I don't know what we would have done without you. We will miss you Bulma Briefs. When you died, a large part of us died too. You were like our rock Bulma. Someone we could hold onto when we needed someone. You were that someone Bulma. We all love you Bulma, don't ever forget it, because I know we won't."

"Sono toki zutto, watashi wa                                          [When you took off, I was [
kie kaketa hikoukigumo wo mite-ita..."                             watching for a long time as the vapor trail disappeared."]                                                                

                By the time that Goku had finished, he had tears streaming down his face, but he made no move to wipe them away. He needed to cry. He hadn't cried since he was a little boy…when he lived with his Grandfather Gohan. Friends had died before, but he always knew that they would be wished back. But Bulma couldn't be wished back. She had died from a natural cause, and the Dragon could not undo that. People died…you couldn't change that.

                He turned around and knelt down in front of the coffin, and stared down at his best friend. He said a small prayer, and kissed her on the forehead. "Aisheteru sister…" he whispered gently, and stood up, walking back to the row of seats. He stole a glance at Vegeta. He wondered if he had even heard him give his speech. He was still staring at the coffin, which was decorated with bright flowers, and other ornaments. The top was open, leaving her upper body in view so people could say goodbye. Surrounding the death bed were pictures. So many pictures…Pictures of her bright beautiful face smiling directly into the camera.  There were pictures of her wedding day, her birthdays, Trunk's birthdays, parties, and group photos of the whole gang. Goku smiled sadly. They all looked so happy in the pictures. A complete contrast to how they all felt now.

                There was rustling in the crowd as Krillen stood up, and made his way up to the platform. He straightened his tux, and as he walked past Goku he smiled gravely. Goku smiled back, but his smile faltered and he had to look away. He put his arm around Chi-Chi who was sobbing quietly. Goten sat in between his Mother and Videl who was holding Gohan's hand tightly. Gohan had a blank face on, and was trying to not cry. Goten was sad, although the true meaning of this had not penetrated his small mind yet. He knew that Bulma had died, but they could just wish her back with the DragonBalls. Right? Why was everyone so sad?

"Wasurenaide                                                               [Please don't forget

hitori ja nai                                                                  You're not alone.

hanarete mo te wo tsunaide-iru"                                     Even if we're apart, we can still carry on hand-in-hand.]


                    Krillen blinked away the blur of tears, and placed a flower on the floor next to the coffin. He turned around and spoke softly.

"When I first met Bulma I thought she was a spoiled little brat. She and I did not get along right away. I think we were both competing for Goku friendship. She was his best friend, even if she didn't admit it, and the way that she screamed at us you could never tell. But when we got to Namek that was when our friendship really grew I think. She helped us in so many ways and I know that I will never forget it. I don't really know what to say, I think that Goku said it all…we all loved Bulma and I don't know what we would have done without her." He stepped down and walked into the isle, taking the seat next to his wife and daughter.

                It continued like this for another half hour, people walking up, praying, and making a speech. All the crying, the sad smiles, the quiet nods, and the silent thoughts. Bulma's parents went after Krillen, but stepped down early because Mrs. Briefs could stand no longer. Gohan went up, Yamcha, Chi-Chi, even Piccolo. Soon it was time to pay their respects and then leave. Everyone stood up, and walked over to the coffin, some chatting away quietly, others were crying and others comforting. More and more flowers were placed on top and around the coffin. Two people stayed seated and did not move. Trunks sat next to his Father, staring at all the people talking and crying. He was in a state of shock, and no one seemed to be able to snap him out of it. He was tempted to bring his knees up to his chest and cry, but he refused to move.

                Vegeta was no better. He seemed not to notice all the people surrounding his dead mate. He kept staring past and through them at the brown box that held his mate. He was wearing his black spandex and gold armor. He had refused to put on a tuxedo or even a dress shirt. The mate of a Prince deserved better.

                 He felt dead. Inside his heart felt like it was breaking in half and he had a splitting headache. He knew it was from the breaking of the bond that they had had. He didn't have much longer…it took all his strength to keep from grabbing his head in pain and screaming. It hurts so much…He would not move. He would show no emotion. Not yet…not with everyone here…God…it hurts…woman...Bulma…make the pain stop…please…

                "Vegeta? Are you ready to go? You can stay at our house if you want to…" Vegeta didn't flinch or move his eyes away from the alter when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Goku looked at him sadly, and turned around shrugging to Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi sighed and stepped up to Vegeta.          

                "Vegeta? Come on…you can't just stay here. Come to our house, we can make you dinner…Are you hungry? Come on; let's go…you can't stay here."  She placed her hand on his shoulder, and bent down to eye level. She was talking to him in almost a whisper, too afraid to do anything else. She knew that he was not stable. Even though he was trying to hide it, she could tell that his hearts was aching for his dead mate. Anything that you said to him could set him off. She wasn't exactly pleased about him spending the night at their house, but she knew that it was the only place that Goku could keep an eye on him.

                For the first time in over two hours Vegeta spoke. "Take Trunks…I'll get him tomorrow…" Chi-Chi looked at her family, not knowing what to do. Goku bent down and helped her up.

                "Leave him alone…just let him stay here. He needs to be alone…" He turned to Trunks who had gotten up when his Father told him to go to the Sons house. He was wiping away his tears, and staring at his Mother. "Trunks…why don't you go…and say goodbye now." He hated to say what he had to say next. "It's…your last chance."

"Hajimete no koi  hajimete shitta                                  [With my first love, I first realized
konna kanashimi ga aru koto"                                      that there could be such sorrow.]                                    

                Trunks nodded, and walked up to the coffin. Goten went to go and comfort him but Chi-Chi stopped him, knowing that the small boy had to be alone with his Mother for the last few moments he would ever see her. Vegeta swallowed hard when his son's heart wrenching sobs echoed throughout the church. He turned away from the disturbing sight and looked out of the stained glass windows. The sun was setting, casting shadows in the room, and causing the flowers to turn different colors in the light. The church was silent, except for the boy's cries of anguish. Everyone had left awhile ago, and now it was just the Sons, Videl, Vegeta, and Trunks. Vegeta didn't know how much time had passed before his son bent over, kissed his Mother, got up and walked out the door, tears falling away from his cheeks as he did so. The others got up, and followed him, leaving Vegeta alone, in peace…finally.

                Vegeta sat there for the longest time, too scared to move. He knew that if he moved he might break down. He couldn't do that…not yet. He had things to do before he did. It took all of the courage that he could ever have to get up, and slowly walked to the alter. He stopped when he reached the coffin and looked into it. He stopped a gasp from escaping from his throat. He turned away, gathered his wits and knelt before his mate. He felt his eyes moisten and he closed his eyes, forcing the tears away. He couldn't cry! Not now! He opened his eyes and looked at his mate. Kami…why does she have to be so beautiful even when she is dead? He reached his hand out and rested it on her cheek and despite his efforts a single tears fell. He wiped away his fallen tear from her soft cheek, and shook his head, trying to make the pain go away. He wrapped his arms around her frail body and gently lifted her out of her confinement, holding her close to his body. He stood up, and stared out of the windows…the sun was almost setting. He turned around and walked out a door in the back of the church, and did not notice someone move out of the shadows to follow him…

                Vegeta grabbed his head in mid flight, holding onto his precious cargo with his other arm. He kept moving, however hard it was towards the setting sun. He looked down at the female in his arms, and smiled desolately. He sped up and finally reached a small knoll. He gently placed his wife on the ground and sat next to her. He stared at her a moment, before loosing the battle of wills. He gathered her up in his arms again, and he buried his head in her neck and sighed sadly. He didn't know how long he sat there before he spoke, his voice cracking.

                "Woman…Bulma…please…" He let out a deep breath which he didn't know that he had been holding. "Please…don't leave me here…please…come back…" he gasped and smoothed her bangs back, looking into her face and kissing her on the forehead. "Please…? Don't go. Don't leave me alone…I need you…Trunks needs you…are you just going to leave our son? Please…don't leave, don't leave, don't leave me."

                He leaned against a tree, pulling her body on top of his and he cried. The mighty Saiyan-jin Prince, destroyer of so many lives and worlds, allowed himself to cry. For his mate. For his dead mate, he would cry for her…

                He choked, finding breathing hard to do now. Every gasp of breath he took in sent a piercing ache in his chest from the bond being destroyed. He never knew that you could be in so much excruciating pain at one time. It was insufferable. He groaned and fell forward on top of his dead wife. It took all the strength he had to roll over to his side, so as not to crush her. He was breathing heavily, and shorter and shorter gasps came. I won't die without telling her …even if she can't hear me… "Bulma…please…God…don't leave me. I need you. I need you so much. Please come back and make the pain go away. Come back home with me. What about Trunks? How do you think he will react when he finds out that both of his parents have died in the last three days?" Vegeta whispered everything that he could think of into his mate's ear. Anything that would make her come back to him, and not leave him and their son alone on this planet.

"Nanika ga shoumetsu shite mo nanika ga                        [Even if something lapses away, something will

futatabi yadotte                                                            live once again.

wakare ni kureta hohoemi wa tsuyoku ikiyou to yuu          When you gave me a smile as we parted, it was

anata kara no                                                              your message for me

MESE-JI"                                                                     to truly live with all my heart.]

                "Please Bulma…don't leave me on this strange world. I know nothing here except you. You're the only one I truly understand…don't take that away from me. I can't live here alone…" Vegeta didn't know why he was still trying to talk to his dead queen. Maybe it was just to keep the hurt at bay. Whenever he stopped talking, the throbbing grew ten-fold. He knew that the inevitable was coming. He didn't care if he died. He had wanted to die ever since he was five years old. Ever since his Father shipped him off to Frieza. Ever since Frieza made his life a living hell. But this was different…he knew he would die…but he also knew that he would never see his beautiful mate ever again. These were his last moments with her and he was not about to waste them. "We'll be separated you know." He whispered hoarsely though his tears. "They won't let us be together. You'll go to Heaven, where you belong. A-and I-I'll go to Hell…where I b-belong. I was sentenced there from the second I was born…God woman…I don't want to go back to Hell. I can still remember…all the death and horror from the last time I was there. And I was only there for ten minutes…right after I died on Namek." He took a shuddering breath.

"Itsuka kitto aeru                                                          [I just know that we'll see each other someday.
futari naraba                                                                If we're together,
tookute mo   hitomi   mitsumeau                                    even if we're far apart, we can gaze in each others' eyes
kibou to yume no   subete wo kakete"                             Let's bet everything on all our hopes and dreams.]
        "Do you remember the time that you shrieked at me, saying how I should have just stayed dead and that I should have rotted in Hell? You thought I didn't need anyone…that I was h-happy to be alone." He let more tears escape and he squeezed his eyes shut. He buried his head in her neck and kissed the fading scar that he had left there all those years ago. He cried out even more when he saw it was almost invisible…the true sign that their joining had come to an end. "You were wrong. I do need someone. I need you. Don't you dare leave me…I want to stay here with you, on this planet with our son…I don't want to go home…I don't want to see my parents, or my people, or my kingdom. I just want you…"  He brushed her damp bangs from her forehead and kissed it, letting his mouth fall onto hers. He kissed her and then pulled away realizing that she wouldn't be able to respond. He brought his hand down to her abdomen and let out a choked moan, and bent down, kissing it softy. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry… A sudden tremor in his head caused him to grab his skull and scream in pain. 

                 He stood up shakily and leaned against the tree with one hand. He screamed again and fell to his knees. Gripping the tree he tried to pull himself up off the ground. A sudden pain in his heart made him lose his hold and he grabbed his chest, squeezing his eyes shut, trying to block out the pain. Not yet…not yet…I haven't told her yet…He crawled over to where he had left his mate and collapsed on top of her, too weak to move himself. He looked into her face and kissed her one last time on the mouth, before his head dropped into the crook of her shoulder. He gasped in pain and whispered the three words that he had never told her. "I love you…"

"Yakusoku wo shiyou yo                                                [Let's promise each other
ano hi no hageshisa wo                                                 that we'll hold on to the intensity we felt
daite                                                                           that day,
ashita saku mirai wo                                                     and live the future that blooms
ikiru"                                                                          in tomorrow.]

                He fell onto her fully and breathed in one last shuddering breath. "Forever…" His body went limp as the Saiyan-jin no Ouji finally returned home. Yet it was the first time in his life that he wished he wasn't leaving…

END of Chapter One of the Prologue

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