A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy far far away

It's the year 2 BBY. While Darth Vader is on the verge to hunt for more Jedi's, A Grey Jedi named Vaso, and a small army of rebels from the Rebellion is on the run to get away from the Empire. As they run for their life, the Jedi gets summoned from another world.

(Tristian Academy)

Louise Françoise le Blanc de La Vallière pink hair witch can do magic. Unlike the rest of the students, she can only perform nothing but explosions calling her Louise the Zero. One day, Louise was called up to turn stones into brass, but as she attempts to turn into brass, she instead got an explosion. As she always screw up she has always been called Louise the Zero.

The next day is the summoning spell. A day where second years will perform summons and they get their familiar. At the courtyard everyone was gathered by Professor Colbert. One student summoned a one eye familiar, Guiche summoned a big mole. Kirche summoned a salamander who is fire. Which it came in the ground. While everyone did summoned their familiars, Louise was the last one to summon.

"My servant that exist somewhere in this universe, my divine, wise, beautiful, powerful servant, heed my call, answer my guidance and appear. Then another explosion occur which always.

(Planet Kashyyk)

A Grey Jedi named Vaso is a Miralukan male with a blindfold onto his eyes and face, despite not wearing his Jedi outfit to stay undercover, he joined the Rebellion Alliance when it was formed, He formed up with a small army of rebels, with him being the leader, he fought off against any Stormtroopers, and sliced them with their lightsaber, thanks goodness Vader wasn't there to ruin the moment, As the rebels cleared off any remaining stormtroopers, they began to clear out any other stormtroopers left behind. As they were walking around, they didn't notice as they swept through a green portal. All of them fall from the sky as the rebels fell on the ground, the Jedi Vaso was able to survive that long fall due to his force abilities landing on his feet. The Rebels got onto their feet as everyone was looking at them curiously.

"Well well, It looks like Louise the Zero has summoned a few commoners it fits perfectly" Kirchce said as everyone started to laugh.

"This is my Divine, Wise, Beautiful, Familiar?!" Louise said as she was going to explode. Then she ran to Professor Colbert

"Professor may I try that again?" She asked

'You cannot if you do it again, it will go against our teachings"

"Professor, I never heard such a human familiar before"

"Human or not it is what you get"

"Master Vaso, what happened?" The rebel named Alex asked

"I don't know, but for sure, we haven't seen this planet before, and I don't know why humans are in some type of backwater world, but I can see there is a girl with a dragon which is very common, and other exotic creatures i never seen before, maybe we can ask the guy"

The Rebels nodded

Vaso went to the balding guy who looked in his forties talking to Louise. "Excuse me sir, do you know where are we and planet we are on?" MAster Vaso asked

"You are on Tristain, and in the Continent Halkegenia, and I don't know what you're talking about planet."

"But seriously what's going on here"

"You are at Tristian Academy School of Magic, today we are summoning spells, and it seems that you are summoned by one of my students Louise de la Valliere"

"I see, but I'm afraid we have no time to be servants, we are in the middle of a war against the tyrannical empire" Alex said, "We need to get back to our lead Mon Mothma the head Chancellor of our organization"

"Sorry to break it, but you guys are stuck here"


Master Vaso then used the comlink to contact people from Yavin to send a ship over to his location "Command to Base this is Master Vaso, I need a ship to my location.

"Master Vaso we seem to get a location where you are, but it'll take months for us to fully know where you are"

"How long?"

"Maybe about 6 months"


He hung up the comlink

"So who are we supposed to work with today Mr. ummmmmm:

"Oh my name is Professor Jean Colbert"

"It's good to meet you Professor Colbert, but who are we working with?"

"Her name is Miss Louise de La Valliere"

Louise came up to Vaso looking kinda angry seeing that she can't summon like a griffin, or a dragon.

"Now Miss Valliere, you may finished the Ritual"

Louise nodded "Commoner I need you to kneel"

Vaso kneeled down and pointed her wand at him "I Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, In the name of the five pentagon bless this individual, and make him my familiar"

Louise then kissed the Miralukan on the lips Unexpectedly, then Vaso felt something burning in his body. He felt the runes that is created in his wrist. Colbert was the only one to notice what was going in his wrist

"Interesting" Colbert said "alright class is dismissed for the day"

The other classmates gathered their Familiars and floated back to the class which surprising Vaso greatly

"How are they doing that are they using the force, I don't feel it among them" he asked

"No it's magic and what is this force"

"I'll explain later"

"Fine you follow me" she said as she entered the castle alongside with him and the other rebels


"Alright I want some answers. Who are you people and what is this force that you mentioned" Louise pointed to Master Vaso

"My name is Vaso and this is my army of rebel"

"Vaso stranger name, but an army of rebel what for?"

"We are in the middle of a war against the Galactic Empire that oppressed people around the Galaxy, and it's our duty to stop this for further oppression"

"Galactic Empire?, galaxy? What are you talking about? Nevermind about that tell me what is this force?" She snapped

"Alright if your going to talk that way I'm gonna leave you alone. By the time we get back i expect you to calm down." He said as they leave her room which made Louise angry.

The men were walking around the school as they were walking, he sees a blonde kid talking to a younger one. His name is Guiche a playboy kid who wants to hit on all the ladies. The two just walked by passing them. They went outside seeing it was dark and empty

"Should we setup base camp here?" Vaso asked

"Yes, its should be alright" Alex said

"Everyone unpacked their stuff materializing tents, supplies, food, and sleeping bags

"You want me to setup the tent?" Vaso asked

"Sure thing"

Vaso then setup the tent using the force to set it up. Siesta was watching the whole event going on as she approaced them.

"Excuse me"

Vaso tuned around "Oh hello My name is Vaso"

"Vaso strange name but I'm Siesta"

"Nice to meet you, are you one of the students here?"

"No i'm just a servant"

"Oh I see"

"You must be the familiar that Miss Valliere summoned"

"How you know?"

"Everyone was talking about it"

"I see"


Vaso went back to Louise room to check on her to see if she calmed down already

"Where have you been?" she asked calmly

"Looking around the Campus"

"Ok I would like to know what is this force thing you are talking about"

"Right...well to start things you must know what midichlorians are, Midi-chlorians are intelligent microscopic life forms that lived symbiotically inside the cells of all living things. When present in sufficient numbers, they could allow their host to detect the pervasive energy field known as the Force."

"Right" Louise said

"Now the force gives the Jedi it's power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds us together."

"What kind of things?" she asked

"Oh many things" he said as he waved his hands to the teapot as he poured onto the cup and added 3 sugars to it then it floated all the way to Vaso. Then he took a sip.

"How did you do that without using a wand?" she asked

Like I said, the force is not a magic. It just the Living Force that flows around s."

"Ridiculous,it has to be magic."

"Well it's not anyone with a high enough Midi-chlorian count could do all of this and more with training."

"So let me get this straight. You are saying that someone like me could lean how to do all this if my count was high enough?" She asked


Louise thought about it a moment "…is it possible if I could be tested?" she asked with hope.

"Sure," he said as he dematerialized an item, "I'll need to take a blood sample and do some testing."

"How will you do that?" asked Louise

"Hold still, and look away. It will only hurt a little"

He then made a cut on her arm, being careful not to make it deep and damage any veins or arteries and took a sample of blood. He then pulled out a patch and placed it on the wound.

"What did you just do?" she asked

"I just got a sample of your blood, you know you could take off the patch now"

"What are you talking about?" asked Louise, "It couldn't have healed that fast." she said as she removed the patch and see that the cut was gone and clean.

"How did you do that?" asked Louise, "You didn't use magic."

"It was a bacta medicine


"it accelerated the natural healing of the human body."

Louise "so when will I be able to know if I can use the Force?"

"Tomorrow, and it's late and you should sleep. I'll wake you tomorrow. Good night Louise" he said as he exited the room, but before he did she asked

"What are you going to do?" she asked

"I'm going to check on the guys"

Louise nodded as he laid down "Good night"


(Vestri Court)

The tents were set up, and a shooting range were setup to practice.

"Sir we finished setting up camp. Where have you been?"

"Talking with Louise. You know when I first saw her, the force is unusually strong with her."

"YOu mean Louise could actually become a Jedi herself" A rebel named Brijin aksed

"Yes" Vaso nodded "now we should get to bed."

Everyone got onto their sleeping bags and slept for the rest of the night. The next morning, Vaso got up early to check on Louise midichlorian count. It was revealed that she had a count of 23,000. "Oh my goodness, the reading is off the chart. It's right in between Skywalker and Yoda's count. Well looks like I'm going to be training her.