It's time to wake up" He said as he opened the door to Louise room and swung his hand to open up the curtains.

Louise got up from her bed and rubbed her eyes.

"Uh who are you?" She asked

"I am Vaso the guy you summoned"

"Oh right the familiar" she said as she got up and made a t pose. "Vaso can you dress me?"

Vaso then swifted his hand to the closet making her clothes appear in thin air then he put it on her.

"What time is it?"

"Just about dawn. Do you have any classes today?"

"No today is a day off to bond with their familiars"

"Hmm I see, well where to head off"

"At the hall. I'm gonna get some breakfast"

"Ok i shall go"

After getting dressed, Vaso followed her to the hall. It was huge and it was filled with seats and tables. Kirche and Monmon saw the two walking by

"Well look who it is, it's Louise the Zero, and her Blind familiar"

Louise then got to her seat Vaso pulled her chair for her, and she sat down. Vaso gazed at the food seeing that this is not some breakfast, this is more like a dinner. But for him, he can't be eating these type of food it's rather exotic for him.

"Hmm doesn't look tasty, Louise I'm going to head outside," he said, "I'll be waiting for you outside."

"Alright I'll see you later"

(Vestari Court)

The Rebels soldiers were cooking food. They cooked up some type of meat from Tatooine. As he sat down on his chair "say Alex do you we have blue milk?"

"Yes Master Vaso we do it's over by the cooling fridge"

Vaso walked up to the cooler getting the huge cup of blue milk he then poured it onto a plastic cup and began drinking.


He was gazing up in the night sky, seeing two moon which it different surprised him. He compared it to the time he went to Tatooine to visit Master Obi Wan Kenobi. He was talking to Siesta about where he came from.

"So Vaso where did you come from?"

"I came from another world called Kashyyyk" he said "But I don't live in Kashyyk, I live in a planet called Tatooine" he said

"Tatooine? Sounds like a nice place what is it like?" she asked

"First, it's not nice, the place is a place full of smugglers, the planet is nothing more than a hot desert. Farming is really good there, it is called Moisture farming."

"Moisture farming?"

"We collect water through dry air"

"Amazing" she said "tell me more"

"Tatootine well you see the binary moons"

"Yeah why?"

"Well it reminds me of my home of tatooine because where I'm from tatooine has two suns and three moons"

"What two suns and three moons that's impossible" she said

"Sounds crazy for you to say, but it's true"


The two head over to the Vestari Court where Siesta saw a few of the rebel soldiers sitting eating dinner and drinking. "Say were having dinner, wanna join us?" he asked

"Why not?" she said

Siesta, Vaso, and the other rebels were sitting at the table eating some exotic food to Siesta. She was offered a plate. Vaso poured the blue milk onto her cup.

"Say Vaso, what's this blue substance?" she asked

"Do you drink milk?"

"Sometimes, but milk is mainly for the nobles"

"Well they surely never had blue milk before" he chuckled

"This is blue milk" she said as she picked up the cup

"Yup, try it, it's good"

Siesta took a sip of the drink and swallowed it "mmm it's good. Very sweet" she said

"I'm glad you do"

"Siesta, this is Alex, Brijin, Grazoi, and Salmeta"

"Hi I'm Siesta it's nice to meet you all" she said

(Flashback End)

Vaso looked around the courtyard where all the staff was setting up some tables and chairs. This includes Siesta bringing some chairs.

"Say what goings on? Tea party?"

"Nah, the students have no class today, therefore they can bond with their familiars so, we're going to be serving them so food later"

"You need any help?"

"That would be lovely" she said

Vaso then motioned with his hands. The tables, and chairs were lifted into the air and floated to their destination. Cloths and flowers also floated onto the table

"Are you a noble?" A servant asked


"YOu just used magic?" Exclaimed Siesta

"It's not magic" said Vaso "I learned that nobles can only use magic with their wands, but for me this is not magic."

Vaso explained what the force was and compared the force to magic. The staff were convinced that he was never part of the stuck up hypocritical nobles. As he was finishing setting up, he sees students exiting the castle, and began their familiar bonding. He was able to deliver the snacks to the students. As he was serving, he then saw a small bottle fall out of a student's pocket. He picked it up and placed it on the table

"Hey I think this is yours" he said

"Hey Guiche isn't that your girlfriend's perfumes?" the student asked

"Uhh I don't know what you are talking about" Guiche said

"Guiche you cheater, you were dating with Montmorency" Katie said who came out of nowhere

"Wait Kaite I can explain"

Kaite and Montmorency Slapped guiche across the face, leaving a red mark. Guiche then turned around to the blindfolded man.

"It seems that you do not know how to pay the proper respect to a nobility"

"Nobility? I thought this was just a playground for kids like you" he said to Guiche as other students began to laugh

"I challenge you to a duel"

"A duel?"

"That's right I hereby challenging you to a duel"

"I wouldn't think about it" Alex said as he came with the others

"Stand down I can handle this"

"Kid i hate to brag, but I have dueled with many other species before, and they are much more powerful and scary than you"

"Are you calling me weak?"

"Yes I am"

This made all the students gasped


"Too bad I occupy Vestari Court, let's take this outside the school"

"Fine I'll meet you outside the school entrance 10 minutes" he said as he walked away.

Louise then walked up to Vaso with an angry face. "Hey you what are do you think you doing?"

"He challenged me to duel, I warned him, but he's not going to listen"

"Why? You could've just apologized"

"For something I didn't do, By the force, no way. Louise I have dealt with many challenges and duels that are much more powerful and scarier"

Louise sighed "Are you sure you could win?"

He nodded as he smiled "Do you trust the force? My future apprentice?"

"My apprentice?"

Nodded "I got the results back, and it said you are clear to become a jedi like me"

This made Louise happy and given hope, meaning she trust that he can win the duel


He arrived at the outside of the school entrance meditating to calm his mind and by using the force to give him strength. As he meditated he connected himself to the unifying force and the living force. It felt flow through every humans and species around him. He felt this is some type of exotic power. THen he felt Guiche in his presence and other students. Louise was talking to the rebel soldiers about him.

"Are you sure he could win?" Louise asked to Alex


"What about his blindfold?"

"Oh don't underestimate the power of the force. He can see alright"

Then Guiche stands a meter away from Vaso

"You have made it young one" he said

Guiche felt cocky that he could defeat this young man. First judging him because he has a blindfold in his face thinking he won't be able to see, and lastly he thinks he's a peasant.

"I'm very surprised you made it here. Now I must teach you in your place commoner"

"Let's just get this over with," he said

"Agreed" Guiche said "My Runic name is Guiche the bronze, the Valkyrie shall be your opponent." He summoned a petal and it spawned a bronze armor holding a sword

"Bronze? Seriously? THis is going to be so easy"

He then took one of his twin lightsaber and floated into the air, grabbing it and activating a cool blue saber blade making a humming sound. Everyone was eyeing on Vaso seeing the lightsaber.

"Is that a sword he's carrying?"

"Where did it come from?"

"It's making a sound"

"I have never seen such a thing before"

The Valkyrie then dashed towards to strike the Miralukan, Vaso also attempt to clash with the Valkyrie, but the sword just sliced off leaving with no pointy blade but a worthless sword. Louise mouth was opened with shocked to see his sword was able to cut through the Valkyrie sword. Then he sliced the Valkyrie leaving it to pieces.

"Well then let's see if you can deal with more Valkyries"

Guihce then threw more petals to the ground spawning more Valkyries. Then again he sliced them but then he used Force Pull to Pull one of the Valkyries towards him and sliced it. Then he dashed towards Guiche. Guiche fell to the floor pointing his lightsaber at him. Guiche then felt the lightsaber temperature seeing how hot is it.

"I…...I give up"

Everyone in the crowd were shocked and surprised to see a noble being defeated by a commoner. KIrhce on the other hand instantly fell in love with the Miralukan seeing how much courage and strength he had.

"Nobility can't lose to a peasant"

"I'm not a peasant"

"Then what are you?" Guiche asked

Vaso then turned deactivated his lightsaber and put it on his belt. "I…….a….Jedi"

Vaso then turned to the soldiers and walked back to Versati Court to their campsite while Louise followed them back to the camp. They all sat down discussing about the fight.

"What did you just do?" she asked

"I used the forced to help me fight the Valkyries"

"That sword of yours what is that?"

He then showed it to her and activating it making a loud humming sound. Louise was startled by the sound and its activation.

"This is a lightsaber. The lightsaber is a laser sword that the Jedi uses for offense and defense. Comparing to the swords you have and mine is much more powerful"

"What do you mean?"

"A lightsaber could cut through anything from enemies to the most secure doors that are locked up"

"Amazing, a sword that could cut into anything" Louise said "Am I going to have my own Lightsaber?"

"Correct, but you are going to make it. It's a requirement for all Jedi's, but that another time. We're going to begin your training today. When would you like to start?"


"Ok, I want you to change into a workout outfit"

"Why what's wrong what I'm wearing" she asked in her uniform

"In a white blouse and a skirt? That's not really a workout outift. Do you have any?"


"Oh boy it looks like we're going to the nearest town to find you some clothes"


(Verstari Court)

At the camp, the rebel soldiers were practicing their targets in the shooting range they created. Professor Colbert, and Principal Osmond were watching seeing how does strang musket could create such loud noise.

"Excuse me madam, mind if I asked what muskets are you using?" Colbert asked

"Oh theses aren't muskets, but theses are energy weapons" Salmeta said

"Energy Weapons?"

"Yes. The one i'm holding is an E11-blaster rifle. It's a powerful blaster rifle manufactured by BlasTech Industries. It has three settings One is lethal, two is stun, and finally sting. It can also carried 200 ammo slots .

"200!? That is nothing compare to our muskets. It can only carry one bullet a time"

"Really it looks like you got a long way to go"


Vaso and Louise arrived at the shopping district of Tristain. On their way there, Louise asked some questions about him.

"Vaso mind if you ask me where you from?"

Vaso then told her about where he lives in his home planets Tatooine and how it was just a planet full of desert.

"A planet desert sound rough"

"In perspective yes"

"Why do you wear the mask on your face?"

'I was born like this. You see all of my species was born looking like this. We are born to have no eyes just eye sockets"

"oh ...I see"

They arrived at the clothes district. They looked around a store seeing what clothes that he thinks Louise should wear. Suddenly he then found what it seems to be a tanktop, and some baggy pants.

"This is perfect. This outfit should help"

Louise looked at the outfit that her master picked up. She didn't like the materialistic it looks but if it's going to work, she'll accept it. She then paid for it with her gold coins.


Back at the Academy, Louise and Vaso were at her dorm. Vaso grabbed some pebbles from the outsides, and books at the ground making Louise curious.

"Vaso what are these objects for?"

"We are going to start by meditating"

"Meditating? What does meditating do?

"Meditating can commune with the living and the Unifying Force. You need to learn to meditate and feel the force flow all around and through you. Once you master that technique, then we can go beyond that. That what my old master told me."

Louise nodded in understanding

"Now I want you to sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and focus the force around you."

Louise then sat down and closed her eyes and tried to feel the force around her. As she did, she felt the force flowing through her. Louise understood what the force feels like. Vaso looked around to see many objects in her room were floating.

"Impressive. Louise you may stop"


"What happened?" Louise looked around to see her room is all a mess

You did that Louise. You used the force flowing through you

"I did this?"

Vaso nodded

"I had no idea"

"Louise it looks like you're going to be a fast learning then any Jedi had gone through"


Time skip to the night, Louise finished her first training for the day. She was at Verstari Court Camp with Vaso allies. He was introducing her to the rebel soldiers.


"You have done well with your mental training, but we must work on the physical training more"

"Yes Master Vaso"

"Tell me what time does dinner start for you?"

"Around six"

"Skip dinner for the night. I want to cook some dinner for your from my world"

"Is it delicious?"

Vaso nodded.


Louise went back to her room changing into her school uniform, as she got out, she ran into Kirche.

"Why Hello Louise"

"What do you want Kirche?"

"I would like to talk to your Familiar"

"Stay away from him, you are not seducing my familiar to anything"

"Oh no don't get my wrong, I just wanna talk to him" she said

"No you will do no such thing" she said as she walked away

(Flashback end)

It was now 8 o clock, and Louise was sitting down on a bench with Vaso and the others. A fire was made and a pan was seen in front of the fire. The rebels were cooking Bantha steak, and some vegetables.

Louise was served with the Bantha Steak meal and some blue milk. The food smell delicious, but she was curious what was this blue substance

"What is this blue drink?" she asked

"Oh that's Blue Milk" Brijin said

"Blue Milk? I never heard of it"

"Unlike the ordinary white milk, blue milk is different; "the flavor".

Louise took a sip of the blue milk. It tasted very sweet and refreshing

"It's good" she said. She then took a bite of the Bantha steak, and it tasted almost like the beef steak they ate at the school. While they are eating, they were talking to each other about where they are from.

"So Alex where are you from?" Louise asked

"Well, I was born in the Planet Coruscant. My father worked for the senate and my mother was a civilian."

"Really so are you a noble?"

"No I'm not"

"But how, but wait do nobles exist where you from?"

"Yes nobles do exist, but unlike the nobles in the world, the nobles I met are very nice to me and the civilians"

"That is correct" Loiuse then turned her head to Vaso "unlike the nobles in this world, they would often use intelligence or charisma rather than brute force or direct confrontation. Some were truly honest and honorable people, by one of the former senators of the republic name Bail Prestor Organa."

Louise nodded as she compared to the nobles that she is currently in. The nobles are known to be cocky, power hunger, corrupt and oppressive people.

"My name is Brijin. I am actually a noble myself"

"Really what are you then?" Louise said with surprised

"I am a Duke from the Planet Naboo from the House of Malfok."

"I heard they were they very close to the house of Naberrie am I right"

"Correct, but I'm afraid that we lost our power after the empire took over"

"What do you mean," Louise asked

"Do you remember the time I told you about the Galactic Empire"

"Oh yeah. I'm sorry you lost your nobility"

"It's alright, most nobles joined the Rebellion actually"

"My name is Salmeta I'm a mercenary"

"A mercenary?"

"Correct I was a neutral mercenary until the Empire wrongly accused my family to be thieves. I became an enemy of the empire and joined the Rebellion"

"My name is Calo. I'm just a civilian who is against the empire"

Louise took a bite out of her steak

"So what About you Vaso, what were you before a Jedi?"

"I was a peasant, a farmer"

"You were a peasant?" Louise asked

He nodded. "I was born in the Planet Tatooine. I was a moisture farmer. Then after the Jedi found me, they took me in as a Jedi"

Vaso then gave some details about his life as a Jedi to Louise and the others. While taking the last bite of their Bantha steak, it was time to hit the hatch.

"Good Night Louise," he said

"Good Night Master Vaso"


Louise was in her bed sleeping but then making some moves. She was dreaming. She was in the Jedi Council where she sees the clones were killing all the Jedi while trying to fight with their lightsaber. In the next part she was taken to a conference table talking to a man that looked very Albion.

"Master Kenobi, where should we hide?"

"I know a place where we can hide," Kenobi said

Then she was taken outside of the Tristain Academy, but it was dark and it was empty

"How did I get outside?" she asked herself as she was about to enter the castle until a dark silhouette popped out of nowhere holding a red lightsaber and it had yellow eyes. She stepped back after being startled. Then she was wide awake.

"What was that?" she asked herself "I must asked Master Vaso what was this thing I was dreaming about"