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Epilogue: EPOV

From my branch high above, I watched the huntress as she hunted her prey. No matter how many times I had seen it, I found it captivating to watch. She sprang gracefully through the air and pounced on the lynx, tackling it to the ground. She bit the jugular and started drinking.

I seized the opportunity while she was distracted to jump down from my perch. I was approaching her from behind when I was suddenly stopped by an invisible wall.

Bella dropped her kill then looked over her shoulder, giving me a mischievous grin. She straightened and turned to face me with one hand on her hip. Her pale orange eyes twinkled with humor. Every day they were looking more and more golden—her newborn year was almost up.

"Aren't you the one who told me sneaking up on a vampire on a hunt doesn't end well?" she asked.

"I did, but that was when you were still human." I tried to walk forward again and bounced off her shield, making her shake with laughter.

"Bella, let down your shield," I demanded.

She tilted her head from side to side. "I don't know…Jasper insists I should practice it more often," she said playfully

"I doubt he meant on me?" I scoffed.

I took another step, and she pushed her shield out, moving me away. My feet left deep gouges in the ground from trying to resist. She grinned triumphantly at her achievement.

"Love..." I gave her a playful pout.

Bella laughed and jumped into my arms, wrapping herself around me. "Better?"

"Yes, tease." I leaned my forehead against hers.

"Sorry," she said, while trying to suppress her laughter.

"You're not sorry." I chuckled.

"Maybe not…but I can make it up to you." She pressed her lips against mine.

Bella unwrapped her legs from my waist then reached for my belt buckle. I stilled her hands and pulled away. Her eyes opened and she gave me a bewildered look.

"Hold that thought. I have a surprise for you," I told her.

"I hate surprises," she countered.

"I know…but you'll like this one," I insisted.

Bella hesitated. "We promised we weren't going to be gone long."

"We will be back before nightfall. How many chances do we get to have a couple hours to ourselves?" I reasoned.

She smiled softly. "Not that many. Give me a moment, I need to take care of this." She nodded at her kill.

"We'll get it on the way back. What do you say, hop on for old times' sake?" I turned and looked over my shoulder at her.

Bella's grin widened and she jumped on. I took off running, and she squealed with carefree laughter. Her arms held me snuggly, then she pressed a soft kiss against my neck. I fought the urge to stop and take her against a tree, knowing the wait would be worth it.

After a few minutes, we reached our destination. I placed her on her feet and grasped her hand. She looked around curiously, and her eyes focused on the sun peering through the branches. I guided her out of the brush and into the open area.

Bella gasped and her eyes filled with emotion as she looked around. "A meadow."

"I've been searching around, trying to find one like ours in Forks. This one—"

"It's perfect," she breathed. "This was a good surprise. Thank you."

I searched for a new meadow to call our own when we moved to Wabasca-Desmarais, Alberta, Canada a few months ago. This was my first chance to take Bella alone. It wasn't as big as the one in Forks, but it did have a small stream running through it and this time of year it was filled with flowers. From what I can tell, it was untouched by humans.

"I'm glad you like it." I admired how she sparkled in the sun.

Bella was breathtakingly beautiful as a vampire. Her hair was thicker and wavier, and her body was firm and unblemished by bruises. Although, there were times I missed her heartbeat and blush, I never regretted changing her—only how.

Bella's life had once again hung in the balance after our honeymoon, leading to many arguments between us. I came so close to losing her, but Bella was a fighter and had tremendous amount of faith that she would survive.

She was right.

In fact, she was nearly always right. I learned to never doubt her ever again. Suddenly visions of the first time I took Bella to a meadow filled my head from her point of view. Lowering her shield was another trick to her talent Bella had discovered. The memory faded and I found her standing close in front of me.

"Are you alright? You zoned out on me," she asked.

"I am fine," I answered her.

I swept Bella up in my arms then laid her down on the grass under me. Her hair splayed out around her—she looked like a celestial angel. Her eyes darkened, and a purr rumbled from her. I hovered over her and began to kiss her heatedly. Her tongue slipped into my mouth entwining with mine.

We quickly undressed one another, being careful not to tear them this time. My hands ghosted her curves. I left a trail of kisses down her silky soft skin then pushed her legs further apart. I flicked out my tongue and played with her clit. Bella moaned and lifted her hips off the ground. I continued to suck, nip, and tease her, pausing just before she peaked.

"Why did you stop," she complained, lifting her head.

"Who said I was stopping? I'm only changing positions." I kissed her navel.

I repositioned myself over her. She looked up at me with wanton desire. Her fingers raked up my abs then grabbed me tightly, pulling me down on top of her.

"Whoops, sorry." She giggled.

I laughed. "I like it when you get carried away," I confessed.

I hitched her legs over my waist then pushed into her, she felt tight and warm around my cock. I slid in and out, gradually building the force of my thrusts. She wrapped her legs tighter around me, locking her ankles together. Her body arched back as she came, I let myself go before her orgasm waned.

I rolled over, bring her with me so she rested with her head on my shoulder. She sighed dreamily and snuggled into my side.

"I think we can safely say we've christened our new meadow," I said.

"Mmm… we have. It will be a nice place to get away and enjoy alone time." She nuzzled my cheek.


A short time later, we ran home together, only pausing to take care of Bella's earlier kill. As we got close to the house, we heard peals of laughter coming from the river that ran by the house. Bella beamed as she pulled me along. We stopped beside a tree to watch the scene before us.

Jasper was squatting by the edge of the bank. Next to him was a small girl, with bronze colored curls and her mother's deep brown eyes. Her head turned when she heard us approach.

"Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Jasper is teaching me to fish. I can't wait to show Grampa Charlie when he comes to visit," she shouted excitedly.

"Have you caught anything yet?" I asked her.

Renesmee stuck out her lip in a small pout and shook her head. "Not yet."

"Give it time, you just started. Remember fish hate loud noises," Jasper said calmly.

"Renesmee, why are your clothes wet?" Bella asked.

"Uncle Emmett pushed me in." Renesmee started to giggle then slapped a hand over her mouth to keep quiet. Jasper winked at her and grinned, ruffling her curls.

"Where is he now?" Bella's eyes darkened and looked like an angry lioness.

"Running from Alice." Jasper snickered. "It was an accident. They were playing tag and Emmett got carried away. Nessie was laughing the entire time."

I think everyone in the house was amazed with how quickly Nessie took to him. He enjoyed having her around because she was always filled with pure joy and laughter. She often followed him around, asking him to tell her stories.

"Auntie Alice is mad because this is my brand new dress, and I haven't gotten to show it off properly yet." Nessie frowned.

Bella rolled her eyes. "I'm sure she'll buy you a dozen new ones."

Nessie turned to Jasper. "Maybe it's Uncle Emmett's fault for scaring the fish off."

"You might be right, darlin'." Jasper nodded.

"You know your Grampa Charlie always goes fishing first thing in the morning. Maybe it's too late in the day," Bella told her. "How about we get you dinner and to bed, and you can try again in the morning?"

"Okay." Renesmee shrugged, then looked at her uncle.

"I'll be ready to take you by sunrise," he promised, taking the rod from her.

Nessie skipped to Bella's side and took her hand. Together they started up the path for the house.

Years ago, I never thought I would find anyone to love, like my siblings loved their mates. Now I didn't have one but two, whom I loved more than my own life for the rest of my existence.

"Are you coming, Daddy?" Nessie asked. She and Bella had paused on the path.

I hurried forward and swung her up in my arms to carry her, then wrapped my other arm around Bella. Nessie started to explain to me all about fishing and how she hated to touch worms. At the moment, my life felt perfect, and I couldn't imagine being happier.


We reached the end. I did add Renesmee because it was a canon story after all. However, I decided to save everyone the heartache(Edward especially) of having to go through another high risk pregnancy.

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