This is my first story. Just for fun. English is not my first language.

Ainz Ooal Gown was an evil guild that was feared by everyone. Many guilds that tried to attack this guild, didn't even past the second floor, because of the powerful NPC-s that protected it. The Great Tomb of Nazarick was created by 41 players, all of them belonged to the heteromorphic race.

Of course, this guild was too powerful, because it had a World Champion, World Disaster and their leader Momonga used a powerful world item to turn himself into a World Class Enemy. Momonga didn't tell anyone that he was a World Enemy, because he feared that someone might hack his account.

He and his comrades slew many powerful boss monsters. When they defeated the Devourer of the Nine Worlds and the Eight Dragons, the devs gave Ainz Ooal Gown 2 NPCs that could rival Touch Me.

But year after year his comrades started leaving the game because of their real-life problems, and the saddest thing was about to happen...

YGGDRASIL is about to shut down, Momonga is alone waiting if some of his friends will arrive before the server shut down.

"Only Hero-Hero huh, nobody else." Momonga said with a sad voice.

Momonga got up from his chair and took the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown that he and his friend had worked hard to create it. Momonga left what was known as the Round Table Room and walked through the halls. He reached the 10th floor, the place where he had arrived was a large receiving room, with several figures within. The butler Sebas and the Pleiades were standing here to protect this area from the invaders. However, no player had ever made it this far.

"Follow me."

Momonga led the servants behind him past the magic circle, and laid eyes on the giant doors before him. The majestic set of double doors was over five meters in height and covered in intricate carvings. The left side was shaped into a beautiful goddess, while the right was made to resemble a cruel demon. Momonga touched the large door and it opened by itself.

Momonga advanced through the room, his eye fell on the two females that stood by the right side and the left side of the throne.

One the right side was a beautiful woman who wore a pure white dress and the faint smile on her face was that of a goddess. A pair of curved horns sprouted from the sides of her head. In addition, a pair of black-feathered wings emerged from her waist.

On the left side was another world-class beauty, she wore a deep blue outfit that shows off her impressive curves, she also adorn a crimson cape that billows behind her, she wears silver and blue armor. She had long blonde hair tied on a bun and she wears a golden crown.

Albedo was Overseer of the Floor Guardians of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. She was in charge of NPC Floor Guardians.

The other NPC was The Vice Overseer Guardian, Artoria Pendragon (Lancer). While she might look like a divine beauty, in truth she was a demon.

Momonga commanded the NPCs to stand by. After Momonga gave the correct command, he ascended the final steps and arrived at the throne.

"What kind of backstory was she designed with?"

All he knew was that she was the Overseer of the Guardians, as well as the highest-ranked NPC in Nazarick. Momonga opened up a console and began scrolling through the details of Albedo's flavor text.

"She is also a slut."

He could not help but stare.

''…Huh, she is also a slut, what the hell?!''

Momonga could not help but shout. Holding on to his doubts, he read it several times but it was still the same sentence. Even after several moments of pondering the matter, he couldn't think of any other interpretation.

"Hmm let's change it."

"She loves Momonga."

"Umu, I think this is better, I hope Tabula will not be angry at me for this."

Momonga turned his head to Artoria that was standing at his left side.

"Hmm, what about her?!"

He opened up the console and began scrolling again.

"What the... "She is madly in love with the Guildmaster Momonga?!"

Mamonga was stunned and kept looking at that line. He couldn't think that his friend Blue Planet would write something like this.

"Uhh, let's leave it like that."

Momonga tried to forget this now.

"And the command was "KNEEL."

All the NPCs inside the throne room fell to one knee in raised his left hand to check the time.


"Damn it, this is not fair, I've been here alone for two years protecting The Great Tomb of Nazarick and none of my friends came here just to say hello."

He had sent emails to his old companions, almost none of them showed up.

"Well, of course, they will choose real-life... ahh it was really fun…"

The time on his watch read [23:57]. The server would shut down at 00:00.

That was only natural. Nobody could live in a virtual world, which was why everyone had left, one by one.

Momonga sighed.

He had to wake up at 4 tomorrow. He had to sleep the moment the servers shut down in order not to affect the next day's work.

[23:59:48, 49, 50]

Momonga closed his eyes.

[23:59:58, 59—]

He waited for the automatic logout—


Momonga opened his eyes.

"What the…?!"

He had not returned to his familiar room.

"...What the hell is happening here, the server should be shut down now and why am I in a forest?!''

He was not in the Great Tomb of Nazarick but he was in a dark forest.

"My voice sounds different"

"Is this YGGDRASIL 2?"

"But I'm still in my high-level avatar."

"And I can't log out."

Momonga was filled with panic, frustration, and suspicion, but he was also surprised by how calm he was considering the circumstances. Forced connections that did not require a console, the chat function, a GM call, a forced logout—

None of them responded. It was as though they had been deleted from the system.

"uuuhhhh forget it, I need to get out of this forest."


Freed from the shackles of gravity, Momonga floated lightly into the sky.

Momonga looked to the heavens and he could not help but sigh. He shook his head, as though unable to believe his eyes.

"Amazing… the air here is so fresh that it must never have been polluted."

He had never seen such a clear night sky in his life.

"Beautiful... absolutely beautiful. Blue Planet... this world is like a chest of jewels."

And then he turned his eyes below.

"Wow, this forest is damn huge?"

He had seen similar forests in YGGDRASIL, but this forest was more...real.

Momonga aimed for a point on the ground and landed.

"I have to go to work later and I still can't log out. This's so real and Nazarick…AAAAHHHHH WHY THE FUCK IS THIS HAPPENING!?

As Momonga shouted the area around him died. All the grass, all the trees rot because of the aura that Momonga released.

"Oh shit, my Despair Aura, I should be more careful."

Suddenly Momonga saw something. It was the body of a small creature.

"Damn, he was inside my Despair Aura range."

Momonga approached the creature to verify it. The creature was small and its skin was green.

"A goblin huh, I'm really sorry little guy."

But Momonga found something strange.

"His body should disappear now and live his items behind."

Momonga waited ten seconds and still, the body of the goblin did not fade away.

"Hmm, all right, I should confirm this once and for all."

He took out a black sword from his inventory and stabbed the goblin. Blood began to flow out of the place where he had been stabbed by Momonga.

"No way... This...This is...Not game…"

He stepped back from the dead body of the goblin.

"Holy shit. This is real. This is ALL real. This is actually happening.

He couldn't bring himself to think of this as a game or a dream. This was a real world and was apparently now living in it. If it was real, his body should have felt really tired. Yet' he felt nothing.

"But I can still use my magic, my skills. I can still access my inventory and I am so calm even after I killed a living being… It is because I am an undead…?"

Thinking about this made his nonexistent brain to hurt. He needed information about this new world.

The beautiful sunrises and Momonga have been walking for several hours, he could have used [FLY] but he thought that would be dangerous because he didn't know if undead beings like himself were welcomed.

Suddenly Momonga heard some, screams. He ran fast in the direction where the screams were coming from. Momonga cast [Perfect Unknowable], a 9th tiers spell, and now he was completely invisible.

Momonga reached where the screams were coming from and he saw a small village, there were two houses burning and many armored knights on horses slaughtering villagers that were running for their life. Some other villagers got stabbed in front of their children without mercy.

"Yep, I feel nothing, If I were human I would have vomit right now." Thought Momong while watching this massacre.

"Touch Me would just go there and help these villagers...All right, I should save them and get information about this world."

Momonga went to the center of the village where the knight has gathered the surviving villagers. He was walking among the knights, nobody could see him.

"All right then man, these peasants are all here now, let's kill them all haha."

"As you command captain Belius." The knights obey and got ready their long swords to butcher the villagers like lambs.

The villagers with tears in their eyes begged for mercy and prayed to the gods to save them from this nightmare.

"Hahahaha prayers will not save you from us, even your king doesn't care about you hahaha." Said Belius while laughing.

"I think that's enough." The knights heard this voice and were looking at each other. None of their comrades had a voice like that.

And the owner of that voice revealed himself.

Two points of crimson light burned brightly within the empty orbs of a skull. It wore an elaborate, jet-black academic gown with golden and violet edges. Each of his skeletal fingers had a beautiful ring on it.

It was death himself, that has come from the world of darkness to take their souls.




The knights shouted in terror. The undead that has appeared in the middle of the village was so terrifying that the knight wanted to flee as fast as they can.

"Oh God, please save me…" One of the knights prayed.

"Hoo, how ironic, the villagers begged you for mercy, but you didn't care. Now you are praying to God to save you… pathetic.

The undead being raised his skeletal hand.

[Despair Aura level 5]

The dark aura spread like a storm. 30 knight falls to the ground like puppets whose strings have been cut. The 20 remaining knights saw how their comrades fall to the ground, they were about to piss themselves from fear and terror.

"You, you lot, go and kill that monster!" desperate Belius shouted.

"I'm not someone who should die here! All of you, hurry up and protect me! Be my shields!"

None of the remaining knights made a single step. Nobody wanted to throw their lives in danger for this fool.

Suddenly the undead being started to rise slowly both his arms. A cloud of black fog appeared. The cloud headed straight for the bodies of the knights and then enveloped them.

The mist slowly expanded and melded with the knight's bodies. After that, 30 knights that had fallen lifeless to the ground, started to rise on their feet like zombies.

"Back in YGGDRASIL this process was different ..." thought Momonga.

The black fluid flowed out without end until it covered the entire bodies of the knights. Completely surrounded by the black liquid, the bodies of the knights began to twist and change.

After several seconds, the black liquid fell from their bodies, and now they appeared.

They were now 2.3 meters tall, and their bodies were bulkier. They were far from looking like humans.

In their left hand, they held large shields, and in their right hand, they held a wavy-bladed flamberg. Their bodies were sheathed in a suit of full plate armor. Demonic horns sprang from their heads, their armor was also covered in spikes and they had a black cape blowing in the wind.

"Exterminate all the knights." the undead being commanded.

"I hear and obey oh supreme one." proudly replied on of the Death Knights.

"Holy shit, did he just talk, that's amazing!" thought Momonga.

The Death Knights advanced like a storm towards the remaining knights.



Their panicked squeals echoed through the air. One of the men fled with a scream. It only took four steps and one of the Death Knight transformed into a dark mist and appeared in front of the man that was trying to flee. The Death Knight cut his body in two. The bisected left and right halves of his body collapsed in opposite directions. His pink internal organs spilled out.

[Go kill the knights that are around the village.] commanded Momonga.

Ten Death Knights took different directions, the other Death Knights were butchering the false knights. Rags of meat, heads, arms, legs were flying everywhere. The grass from green turned red because of the sea of blood.

In the blink of an eye, the hunters had become the hunted.

"P-Pl-Please, I-I come from a rich family from Slane Theocracy, I-I can offer you plenty of money, p-please let me go!" begged Belius crying out.

"I want nothing from you mortal, but I can give you only one thing…"

Belius on his knees and tears in his eyes was looking at the Death Knight that was in front of him.

"DEATH" the Death Knight stabbed Belius with his wavy-blade flamberge.

Belius screamed: "Leh, leh me guh! Ah beggehg yeh!"

His flesh and armor were cruelly torn open, and fresh blood flew everywhere. Belius died brutally, the Death Knight raised his head, with his dreadful eyes, he was looking at the villagers that were frozen in fear.

"All right that's enough, good job Death Knights." spoke the undead being.

The Death Knights knelt down before their master.

"We live to serve you Oh God of Death" stated proudly on the Death Knights.

"Umu, I'm pleased with your loyalty." replied the undead being.

He walked through the Death Knight and went to the villagers. They were shaking and they thought now was their turn to die.

But suddenly the undead being spoke.

"Hello there good people, you have been saved. Be at ease." he spoke in a kindly tone.

The villagers were confused. A terrifying undead saved their lives.

What would happen if the word spread about this undead that saved the villagers from the human knights?

"I saw these knights attacking this village, so I came here to help."


As the noises spilled out, looks of relief dawned on the faces of the villagers. Even so, they could not be completely at ease.

"Without your help, we would all be dead by now. You have our deepest thanks!" said an old man.

"Ma-May we know the name of our savior?" asked the old man.

"My name…"

"My name is Ainz Ooal Gown." he proudly stated his name.

"My lord, how can we pay you for saving us?"

"I have been in a deep slumber for thousands of years and this world has changed a lot, so the only way you can pay me is information." answered Ainz.

Villager's eyes went wide while staring at Ainz.

Thousands of years?

This Ainz Ooal Gown was an ancient entity.

"Y-Yes, as you wish my lord."

The old man that turned out to be the village chief told Ainz first about the neighboring countries. He told him about the Re-Estize Kingdom,Baharuth Empire, and the Slane Theocracy.

The Re-Estize Kingdom and the Baharuth Empire were on different sides of a mountain range, and to the south of those mountains was a sprawling forest, and at the edge of that forest was this village, under the Re-Estize Kingdom, and the fortress city of E-Rantel.

Relations between the Kingdom and the Empire were bad, and they fight against each other every year.

The Slane Theocracy was below, this nation was very religious and it was ruled by six cardinals.

The village chief started talking about other races and monsters.

The nearby forest was filled with were also Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, Beastman, and the like.

There were people called adventurers who drove off these monsters for money. These adventurers had guilds of their own in all the big cities.

To Ainz they sounded more like mercenaries.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door. It was a Death Knight.

"My lord, the village is surrounded by mysterious individuals." reported the Death Knight.

"How many are they and how far from here?" asked Ainz.

"They are 200 meters away from this village and we believe they are around one hundred of them, also they have summoned flying monsters." replied the undead warrior.

"Summon flying monsters?!" thought Ainz.

Ainz turned his head again to the chief village and spoke.

"It seems there's a lot of visitors today village chief." said Ainz.

"I'm sorry my lord but we really don't know why is this happening, the only people that visit this village are the tax collectors and sometimes the adventurers." said the village chief worried.

Ainz came out from the house of the village chief to verify the enemy. He looked at the direction were his enemy was standing.

"Those guys can summon Archangel Flames...does that mean that they can use magic from YGGDRASIL!?" thought Ainz while looking at the angels.

The villagers were shaking from fear and they were looking at Ainz worried. The nightmare has come back again and the only one who can protect them was this undead god.

Ainz returned to the villagers and spoke "Do not worry good people, I will go and defeat these fools.

The faces of the villagers turned from worried to calm. They bowed down before this Supreme Being that had descended from heaven to protect them from the evil 'humans'.

"Oh Supreme Being, thank you very much for protecting us again, without your help, we would all be dead by now. You have our deepest thanks!"

The villagers bowed their heads so low that it nearly touched the grass.

Ainz was quite surprised. When he looked back on his past life, he had never been thanked like this before.

"Think nothing of it, now I will go and deal with these bastards."

Ainz returned to the Death Knights that were observing the enemy.

"Two of you will stay here to protect the village, I will approach the enemy with

teleportation magic. You others will reach me to the battlefield, but slowly.

Do you understand?"

"YES!" proudly replied the Death Knights

Ainz used teleportation magic and appeared in front of the enemy.

"Damn, that Gazef isn't coming to this village, did he change direction or something?" murmured a man with a scar on his face.

"Sir none of the knights has returned." said another man.

Hours had passed, and the knights haven't returned from their mission. It was just a village, what could have gone wrong?

The man that was the leader of a black ops group from the Slaine Theocracy was tired of waiting.

The commander of the Sunlight Scripture, Nigun Grid Luin, was observing the village one more time, but still, Gazef was not there. He returned back to his man.

"I don't know what is happening, but we must advance, Gazef might be on the other side of the village." said Nigun.

At the moment they started to advance, someone appeared in front of them.

Niguns eyes went wide, the person that has appeared in front of them was not a human. This being was clearly an undead, the enemy of all living beings.

Nigun thought that this undead was an elder lich, which means a magic caster like himself and his men. In his life, he has seen and killed many elder liches, and they all had disgusting rotten faces, but this one was undead did not have flash or skin. He was dressed like an arcane magic caster.

"Who are you elder lich?" asked Nigun straight-faced.

"My name is not important, but what do you plan to do with those villagers?" asked the undead being.

"They are sacrifices, so we are going to kill them all." replied with a grin on his face.

"Hoo, you have a lot of balls mortal. I saved that village and now you want to massacre them. I cannot think of anything that is more offensive than that." spoke the undead as he looked at the mocking Nigun.

In the Slaine Theocracy, nobody would dare speak to him in such a way.

The robe of the undead being rippled in the wind. That same wind blew across Nigun and company.

"And what you gonna do about it elder lich? Hmm?" asked Nigun with a mocking voice.

After a period of silence, the undead being spoke again-

"I'm going to massacre you all." spoke the undead being with a serious tone.

A thrill of cold ran from the bottoms of Nigun's feet to the top of his head.

"Order all the angels to attack him! Hurry!"

Every one of the Archangel Flames shot toward Ainz like bullets.

The undead being was calm and did not care that he was surrounded by so many angels.

It looked like he would be impaled by countless blades, but his skill took effect before that.

"[Negative Burst]."

A wave of black radiance erupted from the undead being, like the negative image of a camera flash. It only lasted for an instant, but it had an immediate and obvious effect.


The members of the Sunlight Scripture could not believe what was happening before their eyes.

The angels had been annihilated by the black wave.

"What, what the hell!"

"It's a monster!"

They felt like we're trapped in a nightmare.

"P-Principality of Observation! Get him now!"

The armored angel drew up in front of the undead being and raised its shining mace. The undead being raised his skeletal hand and stopped the attack.

"It's my turn now. [Hell Flame]."

A small, wobbling mote of flame emerged from one of his fingers. It touched the body of the Principality of Observation. Nothing happened for a moment.

But then...

The Principality of Observation was consumed by a black fire, so intense that even Nigun, a good distance away, could feel the heat. He could barely keep his eyes open.

The angel's body melted and vanished amidst the sky-scorching black flames, without so much as a chance to resist. The flames that devoured the angel vanished with their target.

"This-this can't be…"

"In just one hit…"

"Im-im-impossible!" Nigun shouted amidst his confusion

"It's impossible! Nobody can defeat a high-tier angel with just one spell! Who are you elder lich! What is your name!"

There was no trace of the calm left in Nigun, just his wild screaming in the hope of denying reality.

"There is no need to tell my name to someone that is about to die." said the undead being with a firm tone.

His heartbeat had become louder, he was breathing heavily, like he had been running for a long time.

"Cap-Captain, what, what should we do...?"

"Protect me! I am going to summon the highest angel!"

Nigun brought the crystal out, the magic sealed within the crystal could summon the most powerful angel known to man. This angel had killed a Demon God 200 years ago.

"So they have a YGGDRASIL item like that as well… "

The legendary angel descended upon the earth. The blood of Nigun's men boiled with excitement.

"Behold! The highest angel! Dominion Authority!"

The legendary angel descended upon the earth. It had many wings, on its arms, it held a scepter, but the weird thing is, there was no head or legs visible. In the moment it appeared, the surrounding air turned bright and clear.

But suddenly the undead being raised his hand.

"Ugh, It turned out to be just mere garbage."


Before Nigun could say something...

"[Black Hole]"

A small point appeared on Dominion Authority's shining body. It slowly enlarged into a yawning black void.

The black hole swallowed everything. Darkness was victorious.

Nigun, and his comrades were dumbfounded in silence.

"Who… are you…?"

"You really are an annoying mortal. Playtime is over, Death Knights kill them all, but capture their commander."

Armored undead warriors with huge shields came out from the darkness and started slaughtering all the members of the Sunlight Scripture. Nigun was shocked by this scene. He saw how his comrades were brutally slaughtered like lambs.

Nigun was captured by the Death Knights and brought him in front of the undead being who was looking at him with dreadful eyes.

"P-Please d-don't kill me!" begged Nigun.

The Death knight put his sword near the throat. Nigun was frozen in fear and was looking at the undead being hoping if he would let him go. At that moment death spoke…

"Now tell me, mortal, why are you attacking this village?"

"W-we were ordered by the cardinals to lure the Warrior Captain of the Kingdom in a trap and kill him." reply Nigun with a shaky voice.

"Hmm, I see, so you had to destroy many villages to lure him out. Now tell me mortal, who taught humanity tier magic?"

This question was strange for Nigun. Has this undead been in a deep slumber? But he didn't want to anger him, so he answered as quickly as possible.

"The Six Great Gods that descended on earth 600 years ago introduced tier magic, but 100 years later it was spread by the Eight Greed Kings." said Nigun.

"Hmm, now these six gods and greed kings were clearly players like me, but 600 years ago… "

"Are these six still alive?

"N-no five of the Six Great Gods vanish to the haven, and the last one, their leader, The God of Death Surshan that was an… undead… stayed behind to protect humanity."

Nigun was telling the truth, he really was afraid to tell lies to this powerful undead.

"The five of them must have been humans and they died from old age." thought Ainz.

"Is this undead still ruling the Slane Theocracy?" He asked.

"No, the god of death Surshana was slain by the Eight Greed Kings."

"You mention them before, who were they?"

"They appeared 500 years ago, they slew Lord Surshana and almost all the Dragon Lords. After they did this, they conquered the world, but their rule was not very long. Because of their greed for more power, they started to kill each other until none of them was left."

"What a bunch of fools, so that's why they are called greed kings."

"Did they have a base or something? Asked Ainz with curiosity.

"Ye-yes it's called Eryuentiu, it's a flying castle, located in the middle of the desert far to the south, but now the Platinum Dragon Lord protect it."

"So these guys came with their guild huh"

So why didn't Nazarick came with him?

"Tell me more human."

"O-of course my lord, 200 years ago the Demon Gods appeared, and spread chaos and destruction until the were defeated by the Thirteen Heroes."

Ainz asked him more and more questions and Nigun answers them without hesitation.

"M-my lord, ca-can I go now? Asked Nigun shaking in fear.

"Hmm...did I say that I would let you live?

"Bu-but I…" Nigun was interrupted

"It would be really foolish to let you go, so you have to die here." said Ainz while raising his hand.

"P-please don't, I-I will never tell anyone about…"

[Grasp Heart]

In instantly Niguns body dropped to the ground lifelessly. Ainz observed his body with curiosity.

[Create High Tier Undead, Crypt Lord]

Niguns body raised like a zombie and started to change. Now in front of Ainz stood an undead being, he was 195cm tall that was dressed in a tattered purple robe which was once magnificent. On his skull, he wears a crown that shone uncharacteristically bright.

The Crypt Lord bowed deeply on his knees in front of his master.

"My Lord, I am ready to serve."

"I want all of you to collect their money, items, and other valuable things." commanded Ainz.

The Death Knights took everything valuable from the dead members of the Sunlight Scripture and brought them to their master.

There was plenty of gold, silver, and copper coins. This made Ainz happy, he won't be worried about money for some time. Then he started to study the items. Only the spell-sealing crystal was interesting, the others were trash but he still put them in his inventory so he might sell them.

Later, he and his Death Knights returned to the village. The villagers were happy that their savior had returned victorious from the battlefield.

"I destroyed the enemy, so there is no need to be afraid." said Ainz.

The villagers were bowing deeply, they folded their hands into a gesture of prayer. This undead being was their hero, their GOD. From now on they will worship him to their last breath.

"My lord, the people of this village will always be loyal to you!" said the village chief with tears of joy.

"I'm pleased with your loyalty." said the Supreme Being.

Ainz turned to the Death Knights and spoke.

"Death Knights you will stay here and protect this village. Crypt Lord you will be their commander, stay hidden when the tax collector and the adventurers visit this village and start to build a wall around it so that you will not be seen from afar." ordered Ainz.

"It will be done, my lord." replied Crypt Lord.

"Good, now I can leave this place."

Two little girls were approaching Ainz. He remembers them from when they were mourning the dead villagers. Ainz believed that their parents must have died.

"Lord Ainz are you leaving?" asked the little girl.

She was 10 years old little girl with blonde hair and brown eyes, she was wearing woolen clothes. Behind her was another girl that was smaller. She had reddish-brown hair and brown eyes.

"Yes I have to leave for some time little one." said Ainz.

"But the bad knight that kill papa and mama might come back." she said worriedly.

"Do not worry little one, my knights will protect you all." said Ainz.

"Thank you very much Lord Ainz, you are a merciful God."


"What is your name? '' asked Ainz while patting her head.

"My name is Enri Emmot, this is my little sister Nemu."

"I will give you these items, these are called the Horns of the Goblin General. If you blow them, Goblins — in other words, small monsters will appear. Order them to protect you."

This was a trash item for Ainz. The surprise was why he had not disposed of it yet. Still, Ainz felt quite smart for being able to put this trash item to good use.

"Thank you very much, my lord!"

"Think nothing of it child." said Ainz while patting both their heads.

After the girls went home, Ainz called Crypt Lord.

"How can this one serve you, my lord?"

"Crypt Lord, I want you to protect those two sisters."

"The two girls, that you gave them your treasures my lord?"

"Correct, and train all these villagers to become stronger, especially those two sisters?"

"Did you see something strange on the sisters my lord?"

"I don't know, but I think those girls might bring me benefits in the future."

"I see, truly you are wise, my lord, It shall be done."

Crypt Lord put his right hand on his chest and bowed his head.

"Now, I will leave."

"P-Please wait my lord, wouldn't it be better if you created more of servants to protect you on your journey? There are a lot of corpses around the village."

Ainz was surprised, the Crypt Lord was worried for the safety of his master.

"No, It's better to go alone, don't worry Crypt Lord, If things get ugly, I will use teleportation magic to come back here."

"Ri-right, I didn't think about that. Then, my lord, I wish you a safe adventure."