In this epic and tumultuous battle, the ancient, desolated city bore witness to a confrontation of epic proportions, where titanic beings clashed with cataclysmic force. The remnants of a once-thriving civilization served as a haunting backdrop, echoing the city's tragic past.


The Platinum Dragon Lord, a formidable and majestic creature, found himself brutally thrust into the ground by the monstrous might of Broz. Buildings and palm trees were flattened beneath his colossal form, a testament to the sheer power behind the blow. Had he been a mere dragon, Broz's punch would have reduced him to a million shattered fragments.

But in this tumultuous melee, lying on the ground like a vulnerable victim was not an option, for any of these legendary beings seized any opportunity to strike at a weakness.

Tsa, a dragon of unparalleled destruction, snatched a two-story building with his tail and flung it through the air like a makeshift catapult, hurling it at Broz. Yet, such a ferocious attack was mere child's play for someone of Catastrophe Dragon Lord's caliber. Like Tsa, Broz used his tail as a whip, tearing the building asunder mid-flight.

At that moment, the Deep Darkness Dragon Lord, Zigur, unleashed his wild and chaotic magic. While ordinary dragons breathed fire, Zigur exhaled pitch-black darkness, as if swallowing the very sunlight itself.

In response, Tsa's colossal form was bathed in an intensely bright ray known as the "Imperial Shield." The [Endless Abyss] was a powerful assault, but the shield held fast, successfully deflecting the darkness.

As the battle raged on, Tsa found himself facing yet another threat from above. The Vampiric Dragon Lord, Mortis, conjured a sinister sphere composed of blood. This eerie orb released a barrage of blood spikes that sought to pierce their target. Tsa, recognizing the danger, raised his arm to shield his eyes. Although his scales were robust and resilient, two of the spikes managed to break through, pricking his arm.

"Delicious," Mortis taunted. "Haha, I'm going to bathe in your blood today, Tsaindorcus!"

But Tsa, with unwavering determination and defiance, retorted, "Don't think you can take me down so easily, Mortis!"

As Tsa unfurled his mighty wings, the force of his movements created a ferocious sandstorm, which, if directed at an enemy, would feel like a hurricane tearing through them. In this desert battleground, it became a tempest of swirling sand, a potent attack capable of laying waste to an entire city. However, Broz swiftly countered Tsa's sandstorm with a wave of his arm, dispersing the elemental fury. The shockwave rippled through the area, leaving Tsa at a significant disadvantage. Sensing the urgency, he realized his best chance of survival lay in escaping this perilous situation when the opportunity arose.

"Shame!" Tsa's voice rang with disappointment.

"Huh?" Broz questioned.

"It's a shame that my own kind has become lackeys of a damn skeleton," Tsa lamented.

"Haha, these lackeys are going to rip you to shreds, Tsaindorcus! Whatever tricks you play, it will fail!" Zigur taunted.

"I don't need tricks to fight you, traitors!" Tsa shouted in defiance, slamming his tail into the ground in frustration.

Then, with determination and resolve, Tsa unleashed a powerful attack, the [Divine Breath]. A glowing white wave surged toward his adversaries, but Broz stood firm, ready to counter it without fear. Zigur, however, warned against attempting to block it.

"Don't try to block it, Broz! That divine elemental energy will turn your arm into dust!"

In response, Broz leaped into the air with the assistance of his wings, creating a massive electro sphere in his hand, which he hurled at the Platinum Dragon Lord. Tsa, his tail shrouded in a white mantle, used it to strike the electro sphere, resisting until the moment the sphere changed direction. It plummeted into an artificial lake, created five centuries ago by the infinite waterfall of the flying castle.

Then, in a sudden and unexpected move, Broz employed [Teleportation], appearing right in front of Tsa's face, catching the Platinum Dragon Lord off guard. The battle between these legendary beings continued to unfold with stunning and unpredictable twists.

In the midst of this chaotic battle, Broz's fists struck Tsa with relentless power, landing two heavy punches on both sides of the Platinum Dragon Lord's face. Momentarily dazed by the blows, Tsa sought to counterattack, but before he could react, he noticed another deadly threat. An electro sphere was hovering near his stomach, and he had no means of defending himself.

The electro sphere detonated, sending Tsa hurtling through the air once more, this time by the force of the massive explosion in his midsection.

"Hehehe, how about that, Tsaindorcus?! Will you be able to stand up now, hahaha!" Broz taunted.

Despite the devastating attack, to the surprise of his adversaries, Tsa rose to his feet and continued to fly away from the battlefield.


Broz swiftly activated his [Teleportation] ability, reappearing directly above Tsa, delivering a bone-crushing punch to the Platinum Dragon Lord's back. The impact caused a cacophony of bone cracks as Tsa's massive body plummeted to the ground.

The fall was brutal, as Tsa's body crashed upon the ancient, weathered buildings below. Zigur seized this opportunity, grabbing him by the horn and denying him a moment of respite.

"You look so pitiful, hahaha!"

With a cruel snap, Zigur shattered Tsa's horn, causing blood to pour from the wound. Overwhelmed by pain and fury, Tsa thrashed like a wild beast, flailing his claws and tail with reckless abandon, destroying everything in his vicinity.

"He's angry now, huh," Mortis observed, a grin on his skeletal visage.

Amidst the devastation and chaos, Tsa cried out, "How could you do this to me?! To us, dragons! This world does not belong to those outsiders but to us!" His words resonated with a deep sense of pain and betrayal, reflecting the intense emotions that fueled this cataclysmic battle.

Amidst the tumultuous battle, Tsa's impassioned plea for the dragons to unite for their world's sake fell on deaf ears, as his adversaries remained unwavering in their allegiance to Lord Ainz Ooal Gown, the enigmatic leader of their alliance.

"Here he goes again with his morals. How many times do we have to remind you, Tsaindorcus? We never cared and still do not care about this world! But following Lord Ainz Ooal Gown in his conquest is much more exciting."

"You make me want to vomit, Zigur," Tsa retorted.

Zigur, exasperated by Tsa's defiance, ordered Broz to execute him.

"Oh really? Broz cut his head," Zigur directed.

"Finally," Broz acknowledged as he advanced toward the weakened Tsa, his sharp claws poised for the finishing blow. Tsa desperately attempted to escape, but his feet were held fast by red tentacles, the sinister work of the Vampiric Dragon Lord Mortis and his skill [Blood Vessels].

The grim end seemed imminent, and Tsa's emotions oscillated between panic and a reluctant acceptance of his impending death. In a world where the war had been lost, the prospect of meeting his end at the hands of a fellow Dragon Lord felt, strangely, more honorable than falling victim to the outsiders.

Just as all hope appeared lost, a commanding voice rang out, halting Broz in his tracks. Two formidable female warriors had appeared on the battlefield, one with blonde hair and the other with white hair. Zigur recognized the blonde warrior but not the one with white hair.

"Huh, what are you doing here? And who is that one?" Zigur questioned.

The blonde warrior responded firmly, "That's none of your business! That scum belongs to us!"

Mortis, seeking to maintain control of the situation, blocked their path with his tail, urging them to let the battle reach its conclusion.

"You got your castle back, blondie. Now it's not the time to interfere, so let us finish this," Mortis insisted.

The blonde warrior issued a stern ultimatum. "I said back off! And if you don't back off, Lord Ainz Ooal Gown will have a word with you three."

This unexpected turn of events complicated the situation. Mortis turned to Zigur, awaiting his response to this authoritative command.

"Tss~ Let them pass, Mortis, and you, Broz, come back here," Zigur reluctantly ordered, recognizing the weight of their alliance with Lord Ainz Ooal Gown. The intervention of the two female warriors had disrupted the impending execution of Tsa, leaving his fate in limbo as the battle took an unexpected turn.

Zigur was keenly aware of the delicate balance in his relationship with the Supreme One, Lord Ainz Ooal Gown. He had no desire to jeopardize his loyalty due to personal pride or any disagreements with the two female warriors. It was in his best interest to remain composed and not incur the displeasure of Lord Ainz Ooal Gown, whose favor was crucial.

As Jeanne and Alter continued their approach towards Tsa, they exchanged words with the enraged Platinum Dragon Lord.

"We meet again, lizard!" Jeanne declared.

Tsa, in a state of intense emotion, vehemently rejected the situation. "No... I will not accept this humiliation! NEVER!" he cried out.

As the confrontation reached its zenith, the sky darkened ominously, and the very air seemed to pulse with power. Tsa's body radiated a brilliant glow, and with a thunderous roar that reverberated to the very depths of the earth, he tapped into his innermost reserves of power.

Jeanne and Alter were forced to halt and shield themselves from the immense wave of energy unleashed by Tsa's newfound strength. The sheer force of his power was overwhelming.

The sky continued to darken, and as Tsa inhaled, it seemed as if he were drawing in the essence of the entire world. His chest expanded with a blinding, otherworldly light, resembling the heart of a star. The very elements of the world appeared to bow in deference to his unimaginable might.

Amidst the mounting tension, Mortis, who had been restraining Tsa with his [Blood Vessels], recognized the impending danger. "This is not good, you two! My blood vessels can't hold him any longer!"

"Damn it, we could have killed him earlier, but now we have to endure his most powerful attack!" Broz exclaimed.

They found themselves with no means of escape, forced to stand their ground and bear witness to one of the most potent and awe-inspiring attacks the world had ever seen, as Tsa harnessed his full, unstoppable might.

As the Platinum Dragon Lord Tsaindorcus freed himself from Mortis's [Blood Vessels] and soared into the sky, a deafening explosion of power shattered the eardrums of all who beheld it. With a display of indomitable force, Tsaindorcus unleashed his attack. A scorching beam of incandescent energy, as radiant as a thousand suns, surged forth from his gaping maw, slicing through the heavens with blinding speed, leaving a trail of brilliance in its wake.

In a desperate bid to protect those below, Zigur, the Deep Darkness Dragon Lord, soared forward to intercept the devastating attack. As the dragon with mastery over wild magic, he was the only one who might be able to halt the onslaught.

"[Into the Abyss]!"

With a thunderous roar that resonated with the tormented cries of the damned, Zigur summoned his most formidable power. From his yawning maw emerged a titanic, obsidian vortex of darkness, a swirling maelstrom that threatened to devour all light and hope in its path.

The two colossal forces collided in a cataclysmic battle that shook the very foundations of the world. Tsaindorcus's radiant platinum light clashed with the Deep Darkness Dragon Lord's engulfing shadow, creating a cosmic struggle of unimaginable power. The city below trembled as the titanic forces clashed, and the very earth quaked beneath the fury of their battle.

Meanwhile, beneath the depths of a nearby lake, another monstrous entity stirred from her deep slumber, awakened by the incredible forces at play.

In this clash of powers, Tsaindorcus's energy was marked by its extraordinary purity when compared to the abyssal might of the Deep Darkness Dragon Lord.

As the cataclysmic battle between Tsaindorcus, the Platinum Dragon Lord, and Zigur, the Deep Darkness Dragon Lord, reached its climax, the full extent of Tsaindorcus's unleashed power became evident to Zigur. The Deep Darkness Dragon Lord, witnessing the overwhelming magnitude of Tsaindorcus's energy, was left in awe.

"To think that you were holding this much power, Tsaindorcus."

Zigur realized that he could have potentially prevailed against this force if he had been alone, with no one to protect. However, the fear of standing before the Supreme One, Lord Ainz Ooal Gown, as a failure for not safeguarding his comrades was more terrifying than facing any opponent.

"I'm sorry... my Lord..." Zigur murmured, acknowledging the weight of his failure.

With Zigur's intervention, the vortex was dispelled, and the force of Tsaindorcus's attack pushed Zigur back to the ground. The energy unleashed by Tsaindorcus engulfed the city in a maelstrom of incandescent fury. Buildings crumbled to dust, and the streets were consumed in an inferno that surpassed the wrath of any volcano. The very earth quaked as the sheer might of the attack rocked the foundations of reality itself.

The ensuing explosion was of nightmarish proportions, surpassing even the destructive power of a nuclear detonation. It created a monstrous conflagration that painted the sky with an eerie, ominous glow. The shockwave rippled through the land, sending debris and devastation cascading outward for miles.

The cost of such a devastating attack weighed heavily upon Tsaindorcus, who, in a moment of exhaustion, declared, "I... won..."

With consciousness slipping away, he fell into the destruction he had wrought. His body ached, but not as painfully as when he was tortured by the three Dragon Lords. Tsaindorcus opened his eyes again but remained immobilized due to the immense energy he had expended. Regaining his lost strength would take a considerable amount of time.

The once-thriving city had been nearly leveled, now hidden beneath a shroud of white smoke and dust. Visibility was so limited that one could barely see their own hand.

As Tsaindorcus contemplated the consequences of his actions, he realized the need to escape immediately. The scene of absolute destruction he had wrought was a grim testament to the true extent of his power, an ability he had hoped never to unleash.

As the thick white smoke continued to dissipate and the sun began to reappear, Tsaindorcus found himself in a precarious state, well aware that he would be an easy target for the undead servants who might be converging upon the scene.

In the midst of his contemplation, an unknown voice abruptly pierced through the remnants of the smoky haze, speaking words of admiration.


The voice was in close proximity to Tsaindorcus, but his disoriented state made it challenging to pinpoint its source. The lingering smoke would take some time to completely disperse, leaving him exposed.

Suddenly, someone emerged from the fading smoke, a figure that Tsaindorcus had hoped to avoid encountering in his current condition. Before him stood a towering, skeletal being, its skull crowned by two glowing crimson orbs in place of eyes. The presence exuded by this skeletal entity transcended mere bones, and the orbs radiated an otherworldly intelligence, serving as a testament to the being's immense magical prowess and cunning intellect. These crimson orbs burned with a malevolent, eerie glow, revealing the depth of knowledge that had spanned centuries.

Tsaindorcus, though shaken by fear, managed to stammer out a recognition, "You are... Ainz Ooal Gown..."

"Correct," Ainz Ooal Gown confirmed. The macabre sight of his skeletal visage, adorned with the glowing crimson eyes, sent shivers down Tsaindorcus's spine. Ainz Ooal Gown represented death itself, an undead overlord who had transcended mortality.

In the face of such an entity, Tsaindorcus felt utterly powerless, his heart heavy with dread.

"That was an amazing last stand. Definitely, it goes on my list of one of the most powerful attacks I have ever seen," Ainz commented, his tone composed and analytical.

With his voice trembling, Tsaindorcus managed to ask, "Were you the one who blocked it?"

Ainz Ooal Gown replied with a simple affirmation, "Yes." The acknowledgment of his intervention in the cataclysmic battle left Tsaindorcus in a state of awe and unease.

As the thick smoke gradually dissipated, the scene revealed the three Dragon Lords and the two female warriors, all seemingly unharmed and in good health. The Platinum Dragon Lord, Tsaindorcus, felt a profound sense of futility as he realized that his efforts, including his last powerful attack, had been in vain. With no viable means of escape this time, he had no choice but to face the possibility of death, provided the undead would allow it.

Tsa, in a final acknowledgment of Ainz Ooal Gown's power, voiced, "You are the most powerful outsider that I have ever fought."

Ainz, intrigued by Tsa's perspective, inquired, "That you have ever fought, huh? Tell me, Dragon Lord Tsaindorcus... what do you know about outsiders?"

In response, Tsa provided some insights. "That you come from a world, called YGGDRASIL, and you have powerful servants and weapons. And also... a guild."

Tsa then directed his gaze toward the flying castle, Eryuentiu, which had a significant presence in the world.

"Eryuentiu, a very nice flying castle, but not the best idea to build this type of guild in YGGDRASIL. It's a very easy target," Ainz remarked.

Seizing the opportunity for a more personal conversation, Tsa asked, "Seems like you have fought against them."

Ainz explained, "Not really! After the War of the Nine Worlds, they were one of the many guilds that got destroyed by our allies, so I was not that interested after some nobodies."

Jeanne, hearing Ainz's words, wrestled with the realization that Ainz Ooal Gown was indeed unbeatable. Despite the blow to her pride, she had no choice but to accept this truth.

Inwardly, Tsa pondered the nature of YGGDRASIL. "YGGDRASIL seems like hell on earth," he mused.

Ainz, understanding the complex nature of YGGDRASIL, responded, "It is hell and heaven at the same time. That's why those who came before me were strong enough to leave a massive impact here. Dragons like you are bugs compared to the ones of YGGDRASIL. But enough of that, why did you have to go this far? Why did you not seek an audience with me so we could have talked this out and prevented all those massacres?" The Sorcerer King's query was one of genuine curiosity, seeking to understand the motivations and actions of the Platinum Dragon Lord.

Tsaindorcus, the Platinum Dragon Lord, provided a resolute answer to Ainz Ooal Gown's question about his motivations. "Because I hate outsiders like you who want to conquer our world! I wanted to prevent another chapter of the Greed Kings! Also… I wanted to fix the crime my father committed."

Curious about the nature of the crime, Ainz inquired further, "A crime? What did your father do?"

Tsaindorcus began to reveal the dark past. "My father, The Dragon Emperor, possessed all the treasures that this world had to offer, but to him, it was not enough. He wanted something more precious, more valuable than any type of treasure, so he used his powerful wild magic to summon the treasures he wanted. He actually achieved that, but the treasure did not come alone…"

Ainz interjected, identifying the enigmatic objects, "World-Class Items."

Tsaindorcus was taken aback. "What?!"

Ainz elucidated, "Those are YGGDRASIL's most powerful items that can change the rules of the world. I believe it was one of the Twenty that brought tier magic into this world and collapsed the wild magic. Additionally, another World Item might have been used to auto-translate every language barrier, hence the reason why we understand each other. These items are so potent that they can disrupt the balance of the world, for better or worse. Does this explain everything?"

Tsaindorcus, shocked and in awe of the newfound knowledge, admitted, "…Yes…"

Ainz further shared his theory regarding the arrival of beings from YGGDRASIL in this world, suggesting that they had been transported at different periods, with some arriving centuries ago. He speculated that his own arrival had been at the final moment of YGGDRASIL's existence, just before its erasure.

Tsaindorcus acknowledged, "Whatever your theory is, everything that has happened so far is to the detriment of the inhabitants of this world."

Ainz, aware of the impending fate of Tsaindorcus, responded with a chilling remark, "I should have kept that theory to myself. I mean, you are about to die anyway." His tone made it clear that he had no intention of showing mercy.

The Sorcerer King, Ainz Ooal Gown, conjured a black sword from thin air, preparing to deliver the final blow to the Platinum Dragon Lord, Tsaindorcus.

Tsaindorcus, undeterred by his imminent fate, declared defiantly, "Mark my words, Sorcerer King! One day you will meet your end at the hands of a Dragon Lord. This is not the end of my duty! This world will never bow to your feet!"

Ainz responded with a simple, "We'll see about that."

As Ainz was poised to execute the dragon lord, something extraordinary occurred. Out of thin air, a colossal, monstrous entity plummeted from the sky, descending right behind Tsaindorcus. The sheer size of this creature was staggering, to the extent that it blocked the sunlight and cast a shadow over the surroundings, shrouding everything in darkness.

Ainz was taken aback by the unexpected turn of events, while Tsaindorcus, in stark contrast, was overwhelmed with joy and disbelief. The source of his salvation had arrived.

It was a seven-headed dragon, a majestic and awe-inspiring creature. Each of its seven heads represented a different elemental affinity—fire, ice, lightning, poison, earth, darkness, and light. The dragon's scales gleamed like burnished armor, and its enormous wings cast a vast shadow over the land. Its colossal claws dug deep furrows into the earth, underscoring its titanic presence.

In a state of exultation, Tsaindorcus roared with mad laughter and proclaimed, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I TOLD YOU, AINZ OOAL GOWN! I TOLD YOU THAT YOU WILL MEET YOUR END AT THE HANDS OF A DRAGON LORD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The arrival of the seven-headed dragon, named Kulshedra, was a moment of salvation for the Platinum Dragon Lord. He continued to shout in triumph, "KULSHEDRA, OOOOHH THANK YOU VERY MUCH! THERE HE IS! THIS IS THE UNDEAD MONSTER THAT WANTS TO CONQUER OUR WORLD. DESTROY HIM NOW! END HE's…"

Before Tsaindorcus could finish his sentence, the massive hand of Kulshedra descended upon him, crushing him beneath its immense weight. Ainz's intention had been to swiftly end the dragon's life, but the manner in which Tsaindorcus met his fate was far more abrupt and brutal than he had anticipated.

Ainz Ooal Gown found himself facing yet another enigmatic foe, one whose motives were shrouded in mystery. The dragon's immense power and complete indifference toward her slain ally left the Sorcerer King intrigued and cautious.

"Hmm, what was that?" the dragon spoke, her actions seemingly casual.

The dragon withdrew her hand from the lifeless Platinum Dragon Lord, revealing the gruesome sight of his disemboweled body. Ainz couldn't help but address the apparent betrayal, "You killed your own ally."

"Ally? What ally?" she replied nonchalantly, showing no remorse for her actions.

All seven of her fearsome heads surrounded the Sorcerer King, yet he remained steadfast and unperturbed by the immense presence that loomed over him. "Are you an outlier?" Ainz inquired once more, seeking to understand her purpose and the source of her extraordinary power.

"Maybe..." she answered cryptically.

Ainz, never one to back down, boldly declared his identity, "My name is Ainz Ooal Gown, the Sorcerer King of the Kingdom of Nazarick. What's your name and your purpose here?"

In a display of self-assuredness, Kulshedra introduced herself, emphasizing her unparalleled might. "My name is Kulshedra! My purpose is to do whatever I want because I am the most powerful dragon in this world, while bugs like that filth over there tremble beneath my feet."

Ainz couldn't deny the truth in her words. Her might was unmatched, and this encounter posed a significant challenge.

Amidst the charged atmosphere, Kulshedra, the awe-inspiring dragon, confronted Ainz with a challenge in her eyes.

"So you are the next outsider, hmm? You look strong, skeleton. But I have to crush your dream of world conquest here," she asserted with a hint of mockery.

Ainz, ever the confident and enigmatic figure, responded to her with calm determination. "Thank you for the compliment, Miss Kulshedra... But I'm not going anywhere," he declared, unwavering in his resolve.

A hint of intrigue and perhaps a trace of amusement colored Kulshedra's reply. "Oh really?" The battle between these two formidable beings was about to commence, and the fate of the world hung in the balance.

A shimmering darkness enveloped her colossal form, shrouding her in a swirling vortex of obsidian and starlight. From within this enigmatic cocoon, a new figure gradually took shape, emerging as a petite silhouette of profound darkness. Midnight-black tresses flowed like the endless night sky, their lustrous strands woven from pure obsidian.

Two exquisite, iridescent horns spiraled from her forehead, casting an aura of regal mystique upon her countenance. A lengthy, sinuous tail, matching the ebony hues of her hair and horns, swayed with serpentine elegance, a testament to her latent power, even in this smaller frame.

In this second form, Kulshedra radiated an enticing blend of allure and might. Her petite stature, long onyx locks, golden eyes, graceful horns, and sinuous tail wove together a mesmerizing presence—a Dragon Lord whose strength transcended her compact appearance. Her transformation was more than skin deep; it was a revelation of her multifaceted nature, capable of captivating all who gazed upon her newfound allure.

Kulshedra's voice, though petite in this form, retained a hint of her earlier gravitas as she inquired, "So, what do you think of my mighty form?"

Her voice bore an uncanny resemblance to Keno's, and it left Ainz astounded. Clapping his hands in admiration, he admitted, "Impressive. This transformation never ceases to amaze me."

Kulshedra responded with a teasing tone, "Flattery won't help you, undead. I've taken this second form to make it less bothersome to swat a mosquito-like you. Like that one over there," she jested, her gaze directed at the defeated Dragon Lord.

With unwavering confidence, Ainz replied, "Worry not, Miss Kulshedra. I assure you, I won't disappoint."