The Crown of Salazar
by Sir Brandin of Salazar

Glorious Salazar - land without king
Remember your past
Free Salazar - folk of serpent's sting
Remember my last

Three heads of the serpent divine
Three tribes unified in time
Long, our journey from lands afar
Now we live in Free Salazar

Glorious Salazar - land without throne
May your future shine bright
Free Salazar - let it forever be known
The secret behind your might

Guided by elves - the eldar most wise
Built by dwarves - our nearest allies
But one man above all - our guiding star
I speak, of course, of Harry of Salazar

Glorious Salazar - land without crown
Be true; no matter what fate may bring
Remember, even when I'm dust in the ground
Of Harry - our once and future king.

The Roaring Lion
by King Farin of Khazad-Dum

He came from afar; beyond our reality
Bringing gifts; worthy of a dwarven king
Killed wargs; saved dwarves; always to victory
Oh, Gabilion, Great Lion, with mighty wings

Craftsman; magician; warrior; singer
He played with mithril; made it brighter still
With magic; in his voice and in his fingers
Oh, Gabilion, Great Lion, with a mithril will

He drank our mead; he told us tales
We jumped up in joy; we roared in glee
Dwarves and elves and man - many a tale regaled
Oh, Gabilion, Great Lion, Dwarf-Friend for all eternity

We were lost; banished from our twilight hall
He faced hell; saved dwarves; once again to victory
In his name - we honour - and come beyond our walls
Oh, Gabilion, Great Lion, how we miss thee

A Peculiar Lament
by Arwen Evenstar

The sea that once intrigued me - it does not anymore
The songs that once inspired me - I no longer recall
The stars that once enthralled me - I look at them no more
The light that once exalted me - it answers not my call

The trees that once delighted me - they look so very old
The birds that once befriended me - they look at me appalled
The sun that once absorbed me - it feels now very cold
The light that once exalted me - it answers not my call

The wind that once caressed me - it leaves me all alone
The hills that once impressed me - they may as well all fall
The love that once eluded me - I wish my heart I'd known
The light that once exalted me - it answers not my call

The light that once exalted me - it answers not my call
The light that once exalted me - He answers not my call.

How Galen-Galad Saved Durin the Deathless
by Lindir of Rivendell

Listen now, all ye folks, to the tale I have today
A man like no other - I called him my friend
Alas, now, I must write a song of his end
But lose not hope - I tell my heart
Miracles, after all, are a wizard's art
Listen now, to this tale, I have to say

Galen-Galad - a child he was, when arrived in Imladris fair
In the House of Elrond and Celebrian
Who saw a bright flame inside him burn
Friend he became to dwarf and elf
And friends he put ever before himself
As he walked into the Balrog's lair

Glorfindel - true of heart - who crossed the grinding ice in yore
He would not abandon his friend Galen-Galad
No hope, no hallowed weapons, no plan in hand
The twain made their way into the pits of hell
Where to save his friend - the wizard cast a spell
And went alone to face the beast of lore

Durin the Deathless - his body burnt and spirit ready to depart
Tarried a moment, for he heard the great lion's roar
As man faced monster in a mine of mithril ore
Fire and shadow; and magic and might
Oh - it must have been quite a sight
Now Durin lives again by the wizard's art

Arwen Undomiel - who shines brighter than starlight
Rushed in - wielding fire of magic-forged
With Glorfindel - to whom appeared a wizard's sword
No orc or troll could withstand the twain
And she aroused the Balrog's bane
For her, Galen-Galad vanquished the night

But now this tale - alas - must come to a rest
A pause - mind you - and not an end
As the next verse is not yet penned
While others may take to despair
I warn my heart - don't you dare
For we are yet to see Galen-Galad at his best.

Author's Note: Galen-Galad will return.