Gargoyle took Bruce and Kate outside where they ran into one of Leader's scientists. The scientist panicked upon the sight of Bruce and was about to back away before Gargoyle reassured him that Bruce was no longer a threat.

"How can you be sure?" the doctor asked unsurely.

"Because the Leader is the one who shot me and is out there and showing off his power." Gargoyle showed him his wounded stomach as a way to get the scientist to trust him. "We have to get the capsules back online, otherwise Leader will kill millions of innocent people and trust me, I did the calculations."

The scientist nods to Gargoyle before looking at Bruce and Kate, "What of them?"

Gargoyle looks at the two before turning back to the scientist, "Friends. They are no longer enemies, but our only friends."

"Okay," the scientist nodded before extending his hand out in a slightly apprehensive manner. "Dr. Banner, Ms. Waynesboro, I heard a lot about you two. I'm Dr. Miles Warren."

"Doctor," Bruce returned the gesture and shook his hand.

Gargoyle groans in pain and falls to his knees again. Miles quickly grabbed him and lead him inside the room with the capsules. The controls were set on fire and Bruce and Kate grabbed a fire extinguisher to douse the flames out.

Bruce ran up to Gargoyle as Miles set him down in the corner and used his lab coat as a way to soak up Gargoyle's blood. "Gargoyle, how do we repair the machine?"

"Leave that to me," he reassured before jolting in pain as the coat touched his wound, "Damn it, Leader!"

Miles looked over his shoulder at Bruce before saying, "I'll build the machine, all Gargoyle has to do is instructions."

"He's going to bleed out."

"I'll call my wife in and she'll help." He picks up a walkie-talkie from his hip and says into it, "Monica, I need your help in room 705. Gargoyle is bleeding badly and he requires your medical assistance." He hands the walkie-talkie to Gargoyle before instructing, "Keep pressure on your wound and give me instructions while Monica heals you up." A few moments later, Miles' wife came into the room and wasted no time in helping patch up Gargoyle. In a pained manner, Gargoyle gave instructions to Bruce, Kate, and Miles as they put the machines back together.

"I'll need a crowbar," Miles ordered as he bit down on two wires to keep his palms open when working with the control panel in the back of Bruce's capsule. Bruce grabs a crowbar from a red box that Monica had brought with her and he held out his hand for Miles to grab it until a painful sensation gnarled at him in the back of his skull. He turned his head to the right and listened carefully to the sounds of faint footsteps. His rage was boiling up and he made a fist with the crowbar in hand. He almost left a dent in the tool before he turned threw at the threat that stood at the door.

The crowbar struck the female Grady sister in the chest and she went flying back. The male Grady brother's eyes followed his sister as she flew across the room before turning back to shoot Bruce with his pistol. Bruce rushes the Grady brother and slapped the pistol out of his hand before grabbing him by his neck and slamming his head into the door jamb above him and knocked the brother out instantly. Bruce threw the body to the side before he looked forward to seeing two more mercenaries standing in front of him with assault rifles. "Wait," Bruce held up his hands in appeasement, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"You're deHulked," the mercenary on Bruce's left said. "You are no threat but Leader did give us instructions to eliminate everybody in Room 705 after he absorbs the Hulk's powers."

Bruce's eyebrows arched after hearing that statement. He recalls facing a villain with the ability to absorb the physical properties of anything object he touched. Let's just say he absorbed the wrong thing at the wrong time and it cost him his life. "Gargoyle is helping to fix the machine, two of your allies are in this room with me. Don't hurt any of them." His eyes glowed greener than before, a symbol that his rage was boiling hotter. "Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Both of the mercenaries offed every single bullet in their assault rifles into Bruce. The bullets bounced off but he still stepped back from the impact. Bruce roared in anger before picking up a table behind him and throwing it at the two mercenaries. The table smashed through the wall the door was part of and it hit both mercenaries painfully and left a mess of debris behind.

"What the hell?!" Kate cursed as she held up the fire extinguisher as a weapon. "That was awesome, Bruce!"

Bruce smirked at her sentence and nodded, "Thank you." He looked back outside at the mess he created to see that the mercenary from his left was still conscious and slowly reaching for a gun. He said to Miles, Kate, Monica, and Gargoyle before walking out of the room, "I'll buy you time, just get the siphons back online."

Bruce angrily walked over to the still conscious mercenary and with a flick of his wrist, smacked him across the room and sent him flying into the wall. Down the hall, from the elevator, he took with Kate, came more mercenaries, a lot more and each one had was loaded with a light machine gun. There were at least fifteen of them. The eight in front crouched down to fire at Bruce while the other seven waited for their turns behind them with their guns drawn. Bruce shrugged off the bullets before turning to two soda machines. He grabbed the first one and threw it with one hand at the large group of people and knocked them over like bowling pins. He took the other soda machine and planted it in front of the room with the capsules as a way to ensure that no mercenaries would be getting inside without a fight.

Bruce quickly picked up the crowbar he threw and tossed it to Kate. "Stay down while I take care of these guys." He moves over to the downed mercenaries. There were fifteen of them and all of them were injured badly but only four were put out of commission. One of the mercenaries got up and aimed his LMG at Bruce but didn't get the chance to fire. Bruce grabbed him by the shoulders and jumped into the air, taking the merc with him. He slams the merc into the ceiling above him and put him out of commission when he returned to the ground.

Ten left.

Bruce grabbed two more mercenaries that slowly crawled to their feet and he threw them over his head without even looking and took them both out of the game.

Eight left.

One of the mercenaries jumped onto Bruce's back while another one stepped in front of him and punched Bruce. It felt like his knuckles connected to a brick wall and he yelled in pain. Bruce grabbed the merc on top of him by the foot and swung him like a baseball bat at the merc that injured his fist and disabled both of them.

Six left.

Bruce looked at his feet and saw a mercenary crawling away but he picks him up and tosses him over a counter. He jumps over the counter after the mercenary and finishes him off by grabbing him by the throat and throwing him into the ceiling above him.

Five left.

One of the five remaining mercenaries attempted to make a run for the door but Bruce caught up to him and picked him up above his head. He turned to the hallway and threw him down the long and continuous hallway and the mercenary slid across the floor before he lightly hits the wall at the very end in a soft manner but he decided to stay down.

Four left.

One mercenary throws a punch aiming for Bruce's face. Bruce catches the fist with his super reflexes and slowly crushes the bones in his knuckles. The merc winces in agony and contort. Bruce swatted him away and sent him flying into the air before he fell onto the couch in the waiting room. He attempted to squirm away but Bruce grabbed one of the couch's end and threw it through a wall with the mercenary still on it.

Three left.

One of the mercenaries picked up a vase and shattered it over Bruce's head. Bruce slowly turned around and saw the fear arise in the merc's eyes and tried to run away but Bruce kicked him in the back of his spine as he tried to get away and sent the mercenary falling forward and landing hard on his front.

The two mercenaries were smart enough to pick up their guns and fire at Bruce. The bullets just bounced off of Bruce and he growled and snarled at them in anger.

The two mercenaries' facial expressions froze in terror like a mask as Bruce clenched his fists tightly and made one big step towards them. They both cowered back in fear and Bruce knew at the drop of a hat that if he took another step, then they would be running. For Bruce, he would've let them getaway. But since he had Hulk controlling him (partially), he refused to let them get away without some kind of repercussions.

The mercenary he kicked, Bruce picked him up by the belt and threw him to the mercenary on his left. They both went flying back and hit the wall behind them and both put out of commission. The still standing mercenary quickly surrendered with pleas of mercy and dropped down to his knees.

"Please," he begged, "Show some mercy." He threw the gun away and raised his hands to show that he was for real. Bruce still walked up to him and he cringed in fear. Bruce contemplated just whacking him and leaving but that would've been too cruel even for him and he decided to let him go until he heard the elevator door beside him to his left open and four more mercenaries revealed themselves with heavy machine guns. Before they could draw their weapons, Bruce grabbed the merc by his jacket and threw him into the elevator and knocked the four down like dominos that he did to the larger group. He then kicked the elevator button and the door closed on them, trapping the poor mercenaries inside. He turned around to make sure that all of the mercenaries were taken care of.

Bruce was about to return to Kate and the others before he felt the presence of another mercenary in the room with him. He looked over his shoulder and among the unconscious bodies, stood Emil Blonsky, staring intently at Bruce, showing no fear in his eyes. Bruce glared at him in the eyes before walking up to him and stood face-to-face with Blonsky.

Both beings observed each other but neither one making a single move.

Blonsky was studying Bruce because he was envious of his powers.

Bruce was studying Blonsky because he saw something within Blonsky. He didn't see a man.

He saw an abomination.

For the longest time in the staring contest, not a single person batted an eye. In the, he decided that Blonsky wasn't worth it and walked away to help out the others. Blonsky was almost offended but he quickly took his opportunity to turn and deserted the hospital.

Bruce pushed the soda machine out of the way and headed back into the room. Both capsules were being worked on with Miles on one and Kate on the other Monica had successfully patched up Gargoyle's wound.

"Dr. Banner," Miles called out, "The machines are almost back online. But I can only get them working for a limited time."

"No need to worry," Kate told Miles, "Bruce can summon the Hulk back here, right?" Bruce nods. "How much time do we even need, doctor?"

"Ten minutes," the nervous doctor answered. "You think we can get Leader back in this capsule and siphon the energy back into you?"

"We won't have to make Leader sit in the chair," Bruce said, confident about his answer, "He'll come to us and beg for the process to be reversed."

"The power," Leader Hulk cheered to himself as he swatted a car away with one hand and sent it flying into a building. "I've never felt such power before." He steps onto the hood of a car and caused to fly up and he catches it over his head. "I'm a GOD!" He slams the car into the ground like one would do a body slam to a person. Police arrived at the scene and started shooting at Leader Hulk. Unlike the OG Hulk, Leader Hulk was not annoyed by the shower of bullets bouncing off his green skin. He moved over to the little police officers and kicked them away. He grabbed one of the police cars and ripped it in two with both hands. He uses both hands like boxing gloves on the incoming police cruisers and totaled the vehicles. "Thank you, Dr. Banner!"

Then he felt something hit the back of his head and he went falling forward on his front. He jumped to his feet and turns around, expecting to see someone with a rocket launcher but he never expected to see...the Incredible Hulk standing in front of him. He does not hide the shocked expression that crosses his face. "What, that's not possible!"

The Incredible Hulk said nothing but tilted his head upon studying Leader Hulk.

"Who are you?!" Leader Hulk demanded, raising his hands and spreading his feet shoulder length in a fighting position. "I demand you tell me who you are or so help-"

Leader Hulk runs up to Hulk and throws a punch towards his face. Hulk seemingly vanished into thin air as Leader Hulk's fist collided with a building wall. He should've punched a hole in the wall but the outcome of the result was nothing but a pair of knuckles with an agonizing sensation that caused Leader Hulk to scream.

"What the hell is going on?" He looked down at his wrists to notice blood on them. He spotted the wound in his knuckles and expected them to heal but they didn't. "What's happening to me, who are you?"


"Who said that?"

Hulk did.

"You're not hulk," Leader Hulk shouted at the voice and struck the air blindly. "I'm the Hulk, you're nothing but a speck of imagination."

If Hulk was your imagination, could he do this?

A green fist appearing out of nowhere connected to Leader Hulk's jaw and sent him flying back hundred of yards, rolling down the street like a ball down a hill. Leader Hulk was stopped only when he went rolling down an empty canal and far away from the city limits. "What the hell was that?" Leader Hulk groaned in pain as he slowly sat up but as he sat up he searched around him for the Hulk. When he got to his feet, he did another thorough sweep around him and still found no signs of Hulk. "This isn't real, none of this is real."

Do you believe that, Sterns?

Leader Hulk's eyes widened as he recognized the sound of that voice speaking in his head. "Banner?!" He shook his head in disbelief, confused as to how the lifeless husk was still alive. "You're dead, you should've died when all that gamma was sucked from your body."

You thought that I would give you this power because I'm sick and tired of you? That is partially true, but I have a bigger reason for it.

"You're just a hallucination," Leader Hulk laughed, "Nothing but a figment of my imagination."

If I was a figment of your imagination, then could I instruct you to punch yourself in the face?

"I'd like to see you try," he mocked before a fist plowed him in the face and he fell on his back. Leader Hulk yelled in pain as he clutched his jaw and spat out several teeth. His eyes widened in horror as he got back to his feet and looked around for Banner. "What the hell is going on? What the hell is happening to me?!"

Sterns, you may be the smartest person on this planet, but there is one detail you overlooked: Hulk is not a force of nature, he is a person.

Leader Hulk, being the brains he was, deduced what Banner meant and his eyes widened in terror. "Oh no…"

And since he has likes and dislikes, he doesn't like you and is going to make your life a living hell. Since Hulk has both hands on the wheel, have fun being locked in the trunk.

The sky above Leader Hulk darkened as he looked up. The ground around him was set on fire and there was fog that entrapped him from all directions. In both directions of the empty canal, there were red lights that lit up the entire area. Leader Hulk's forehead began sweating and he wiped away the sweat but more and more sweat came raining down.

Hulk was creating a personal hell for Leader Hulk and it was working perfectly. He materialized himself in front of Leader Hulk and walked forward. "Sterns," Hulk said in Banner's voice. "Welcome to your hell."

Leader Hulk cowered in fear and acting off of instinct, rushed at Hulk to throw a punch but he vanished into midair and he ended up punching the air.

"I think you're going to like it here."

Leader Hulk turned around and punched the source of the voice behind him but his fist collided with a solid object and he winced in agony. Now both pairs of knuckles on both hands were bleeding and not healing. Before he could even move a muscle, he suddenly went flying into the air, thousands of feet above the ground, before he went falling. He fell through flames that burned his back (or so he thought) and when he hit rock bottom, the ground rumbled like an earthquake and the spine in his back snapped in two. Leader Hulk winces in agony for the longest time before he rolls over on his side.

He felt his spine heal back into place but he was still hurt enough to stay still and continued to groan in pain. "None…" he slowly wheezed as if he had a collapsed lung (and probably did), "of real…"

"Really," Bruce's voice expressed doubt, "Is that what you believe?"

Leader Hulk was still laying on the ground when the OG Hulk's feet materialized in front of him and his heels connected to Leader Hulk's nose. The villain clutches his nose and watches blood drip down in his hands. "All of this is psychosomatic," he retorted to the Hulk. "What you need to learn, Hulk is that I'm the leader."

Suddenly, without warning, another version of Leader Hulk appeared in front of him. He was shaken and he jumped to his feet only for his counterpart to grab him and start hammering his face into the concrete. Leader Hulk tried fighting back but he disappeared before he could get a chance at relation.

Then, all of Leader Hulk's worst nightmares came rolling at him like a bullet train. He experienced the most horrifying, most hellish experience of his life. He was tortured physically and psychologically form within from weird hallucinations ranging from beating beat up by Hulk, to even being burned by glowing green fires. He experienced all of Bruce's horrid memories of Hulk only the physical pain was much greater, three times more painful. He started running for his life but Hulk would always catch up to him and the endless cycle of torture would continue. Pretty soon, all of his strength had vanished from his body and his skin had been removed of its green color. Now, he was just Samuel Sterns, without the enlarged cranium. That still did not stop the torture. He just saw visions of what Hulk was seeing when he fought all of his mercenaries and he experienced all of their pains only double. When Igor stepped on the landmine and blew up, Sterns' body was torn in half only to be repaired instantly. The painful attacks from the Hulk robots were passed onto him and he saw blood pour out from his chest.

Then he experienced the most hellish experience of it all. His body was swelling up with gamma radiation like a balloon and he screamed in agony. As he swelled up, faces inside the swelling were shown and they were faces from Burce and Hulk's past and they were all his enemies. As the swelling grew larger and larger, the pain became more and more painful to the point that he felt like he was going to explode with gamma radiation. The pain was too much for him to bear and the worst of all was while he was swelling up, he saw visions of Intelligencia laughing at Sterns' expense and people started forgetting about Leader completely. Even his men and Gargoyle ended up spitting on his grave. That was the last thing he felt before he blew up like an atomic bomb.

Sterns screams in physical and emotional agony, unable to take more of this torture. "Take it back!" he shouted at the top of his lungs, "TAKE IT BACK!"

"If you can't stand the heat, Sterns, then get out of the kitchen."

"I can't stand the heat," Sterns cried, "I'm getting out of the kitchen! Just take it all back!"

You know what, Sterns, no. You're going to live with this for the rest of your life.

"NO!" he panicked, "Please take it back! I swear on my life that I will leave you and Hulk alone. I'll do anything for this pain to end, please!"

Hulk: Hulk likes torturing you though.

"I can't take anymore, I'm going to go insane. Please, just take it back!"

Bruce: You promise that you end this chase with me and Hulk?

"I swear!"

Bruce: And you'll use your intelligence for good and never hurt another living soul as long as you live?

"Yes, I promise."

Bruce: That was half-hearted at best, give me your sincere word.

"I promise!" Sterns cried. "I swear on my grave!"

Bruce: That's what I wanted to hear because we're just starting up the machine.

The Leader opened his closed eyes and looked in front of him to see that he was back in the hospital and his hands were being held down by the restraints he designed to keep Hulk at bay. He was in the capsule that he put Bruce in and Bruce was in the capsule that he was in. He tried freeing his hands but his strength was zapped from his wrists and then he noticed that his knuckles had healed. Actually, there was never any blood on his knuckles and he was still in his green body and his cranium was still enlarged. Leader looked up at Bruce and glared at him. He quickly deduced what had happened and he growled in anger, "You son of a bitch, you tricked me."

Bruce put the orange wires in his mouth before pulling them out to answer, "Did you enjoy your hellish experience?"

Leader tried breaking free and struggled in his seat but he couldn't move. "You cheating son of a bitch, I'm going to murder you."

"You gave him your word," Kate sings mockingly to Leader as she walks into view, holding the crowbar in her hand. "Are you welching on your deal?"

"Don't blame him," Gargoyle told as he walked up to Kate's side. "He's a sore loser because he doesn't like being outsmarted." Even though he was bound by restraints, Leader still tried to attack Gargoyle. "Who's so small now?"

"Gargoyle, you said you would help me defeat Banner!"

"I lied," Gargoyle smirked, remembering that Leader said the same thing when he promised Bruce alive long enough to cure him. He looks over at the Warrens and nods to them, "Turn on the machine."

Bruce bit down on the wires as he heard the humming of the machine and felt a vibration surge through his mouth. His eyes were still green but he closed them as he felt the energy surge throughout his entire body. He could hear Leader yelling in defeat as he felt his body expand and grow. He kept his anger in check and made a fist with both hands. He growled and the wires fell from his mouth. By the time he opened his eyes, he was one hundred percent Hulk once again.