Alice POV

"Alice calm down, she'll be here soon," I heard Jasper murmur from the living room. I glanced at him to see him lounging on the sofa, tie loosened and sleeves rolled up. On any other day, I would be joining him on the sofa, enjoying the way his body felt under his shirt, but today wasn't any other day.

Today was the day.

"How much longer?" I asked, looking outside the window.

"About five minutes," he sighed. I heard him get up and move to stand behind me. He wrapped me in his arms and pulled me back into his chest. I melted into his body, feeling some of the tension already leave.

"Don't worry. She'll show up. She's been assessed and she is the best candidate. Plus, I'll almost always be here so nothing will go wrong," he reassured me.

"I know Jasper. I'd still be bummed if she ends up being a total faker who wants to leech off my family. I just want a shot at normal. God knows how long it took to convince Edward I give this another shot," I frowned, thinking of the fight me and my brother had. Mom had to step in before it got ugly.

"Look at me," I turned around to face my boyfriend, meeting his powder blue eyes. He exuded a calm relaxed vibe that eased my worries and I smiled, leaning in for a kiss.

Before our lips could touch, the doorbell rang. I jumped out of his arms and ran to the door, taking a quick second to fix my hair and straighten my blouse. I pulled the door open and smiled brightly. A beautiful brunette stood at the door. She smiled at me unsurely, quickly glancing down at the paper in her hands.

"Hello. I'm Isabella Swan, I'm here for the room available," She greeted. She had a smooth soft voice with silvery English accent and I just couldn't wait to get to know her more.

"Of course come in! I'm Alice, your new roommate," I tried to reign in some of the excitement I felt so as to not scare her off. She didn't seem to mind much though, walking in and smiling at me politely. She glanced around, catching sight of Jasper, her lips pursing and her brow furrowing.

I took a moment to assess her while she started at my boyfriend. She was dressed casually, in a pair dark skinny jeans and tight black turtleneck. They emphasised her lean and willowy figure and I vaguely wondered what her work out regimen was to have such a defined figure.

Shaking myself from my distracted thoughts, I introduced him to her.

"That's Jasper, my boyfriend, he'll be around a lot. You'll get used to him," I assured. I watched her watch him for a second, a little uneasy, before she turned back to me and gave me a charming smile.

"That's fine. It's nice to meet you Jasper," she nodded her head at him and he nodded back, still leaning on the doorway and not moving. I was glad though that she didn't seem to mind him.

With Jasper there were only two types of people; those afraid of him and those attracted to him. Most people fell into the former and they had every right to do so. He was tall and well built with a sharp jaw that seemed to always look clenched. His eyes were a light powdery blue that always seemed to look through to your soul and read your every emotion. He also had scars littering his skin from his neck to his arms.

It didn't help that he liked to stare a lot.

He was quite intimidating to say the least and he had every right to be in his line of work.

The latter category, however, I found most of my 'friends' falling into. They liked flirting with my Jasper and tried seducing him. However, he was stoic with their advances and had it not been infuriating watching my friends betray me, the scenes I walked into would have been comical.

I was brought out of my thoughts by Isabella speaking.

"Well, I'm gonna get my stuff out of my car. Can you show me my room please?" She asked.

Bella POV

The girl led me to my room while giving me a rundown on the house dynamics. She worked six days a week and would hardly be at home. She rarely cooked and ordered takeout and didn't have any household chores as a cleaner would come twice a week.

It was information I already knew, but I nodded and hummed appropriately during her chatter.

"Well thanks for giving me a rundown. I work part time at a club and study part time so I will be in and out the house. I hope you don't mind," Of course she didn't but I had to play the part of shy and overly sweet Isabella Swan.

"No no it's fine. You're just like Jasper then. He shows up at random times in the night and leaves too so I'm used to it," she giggled. I laughed along with her.

"Well this is it, your new home," she waved a manicured hand around the room and I looked around, impressed with the space. There was a large queen sized bed, a vanity set, a large desk with a computer, a walk in wardrobe and an en suite bathroom. It was spacious with plenty of storage.

"I'll let you get unpacked, if you need anything, just ask me or Jasper," she gave my arm a gentle squeeze before almost skipping out the room.

It was hard not to like the girl. She was so sincere and welcoming, it warmed my chest and her optimism gave me hope.

I shook my head and headed out to my car. It was an old BMW M5, so typical that it blended in with everyday traffic. Although, it did stick out like a sore thumb in this uptown neighbourhood with their flashy sport cars and sleek Mercs. I vaguely wondered if I should upgrade my car.

I pulled out two suitcases and a duffel bag from the back, quickly heading inside with my luggage. I hauled them up the stairs, grunting slightly with the effort before pushing them indoors. Before I could carry them to my room, two strong hands pulled the suitcases from my arms.

"Let me help you with those," a quiet voice murmured. Jasper had grabbed them from me and began walking towards my room. I followed him silently, a little surprised by his sudden appearance.

"Thanks for the help," I let out in an awkward breath. He eyed me for a moment, before nodding once again and disappearing.

I quickly began sorting through my things, shoving the smaller suitcase at the back of the wardrobe and covering it behind my newly hanging clothes. Once that was out of the way, I let out a breath I hadn't known I had been holding and collapsed onto the bed.

My aching body begged for rest and soon, I found myself drifting off to sleep.