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Chapter 1 -

"Albus!" Deputy headmistress Minerva McGonagall barged into the headmasters office, shock and panic on her face

"Minerva?" Headmaster Albus Dumbledore blinked at the way his deputy and close friend barged into his office "what, may I ask, is the matter?"

"Harry potter!" McGonagall replied

"Mr Potter?!" Dumbledore jumped to his feet, Harry Potter was the boy-who-lived, the boy responsible for stopping Voldemort and Dumbledore knew he was the boy of the prophecy. He had last seen Harry when he had placed him with his relatives, the Dursleys. Dumbledore had great hopes for Harry, if all went well then Harry would be his successor and the next leader of the light. He was such an adorable baby. "What has happened to him?"

"He has sent his Hogwarts letter back, saying he does not wish to attend" McGonagall replied "Albus, imagine that! Harry Potter, son of Lily and James, not wishing to attend Hogwarts!"

"Worry not Minerva, I shall deal with this" Dumbledore promised her, all the while he was wondering what would cause Harry to refuse. He knew that the boy would likely not have a brilliant life at the Dursleys and expected him to jump at the opportunity to attend a school of magic, even if the Dursley's did treat him kindly he should still want to attend, after all what child wouldn't want to learn magic?

"And another thing" McGonagall continued, not the least bit calmed down by the headmasters words "you had left Mr Potter at the Dursleys?"

"Yes?" Dumbledore nodded

"Then why is the address registered to an orphanage?!" McGonagall slammed the letter on the desk, showing the shocked wizard that it had indeed been registered to an orphanage.

Dumbledore, dressed in a green suit, accompanied Minerva McGonagall, who was dressed in muggle clothing as well, to the orphanage that Harry Potters letter was addressed to. Both had walked up to the first available staff member they could find.

"Greetings my dear" Albus smiled at the woman "I am Albus Dumbledore and with me is Professor McGonagall, we were hoping to talk to Mr Potter"

"Mr Potter?" The woman blinked "Harry Potter?"

"Yes" McGonagall nodded

"Are you two...positive that you want to meet him?" The woman asked, her tone of voice and face suggested that the answer should be 'no'

"Absolutely" Dumbledore nodded "you see, we are hear to offer Mr Potter a place at our school"

"Right, good luck with that" The woman said, making it clear that she thought they needed it "follow me then"

"Tell me, my dear, is there anything about Mr Potter that you'd like to tell us?" Albus spoke as they followed the woman

"Well" The woman sighed "for the most part he just wants to be left alone, he sticks to his room as much as possible. The younger kids like him, most of them anyway, he's had a few problems with the older kids"

"What sort of problems?" McGonagall asked

"Well, from what I and the rest of the staff have been able to gather, the other kids bothered him in some way and ended up hurt"

"Hurt?" Albus repeated

"Burnt, injured" The woman replied "now, most of the kids leave him alone. The younger ones keep him company sometimes but I just think he has a soft spot for them, he doesn't hurt anyone unless they bother him too much. A few weeks ago, one new kid came and tried to 'assert his dominance' on everyone. From what I've heard he tried that on Harry and the next day he was found crying in the basement. Jumps whenever Harry enters a room. The only other people Harry talks to is a family that lives nearby, he visits them from time to time and from what I understand, he is good friends with their daughter. Alright, Harry's room is the third on the left. Have fun" The woman turned and left

"Something doesn't feel right about this" McGonagall said as they walked to his room.

Eventually they found Harry's door, it was a wooden door with the words 'keep out' scratched into it. Needless to say, that did not fill either Professor with confidence. Dumbledore knocked once, no answer. He knocked again, and again, yet no reply.

"Harry?" He called "Mr Potter? We're coming in" He waved his wand and the door unlocked, he slowly pushed it open and entered the room, followed by Professor McGonagall.

The room wasn't very big, on the left was a cupboard and a bed while on the right was a desk, a chair and a shattered mirror above the desk. The floor boards were wooden while the walls and ceilings were a very plain white. Opposite from the door was a window, they found what they were looking for as he was currently sat on the window frame.

Sat with his head looking out the window and away from them was Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived and the boy they were searching for. He was wearing black shoes, blue jeans, a black hoodie with the hood up. His left leg was hanging down as he couldn't seem to fit both on top of the window frame, on top of his left arm was a bird, specifically a raven, which he gently stroked with his right hand.

"Mr Potter?" Dumbledore spoke again but Harry didn't respond "Mr Potter, I am Albus Dumbledore, I am currently the Headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, with me is Professor McGonagall"

"I thought" Harry spoke after several seconds of silence, still not looking back towards them, his voice slow with a deceptional calm added in "that I made it very clear that I wasn't interested in attending"

"And why ever not?" McGonagall asked

"I'm not fond of people" Harry answered

"Mr Potter" Dumbledore spoke after sharing a glance with his deputy "Hogwarts is the best magical school in the world, now I understand that it may be hard for you to believe in magic..."

"Oh, I believe" Harry interrupted with an amused voice "I believe in magic, I do, I just don't want to attend your school"

"But Mr Potter, we are the best..."

"Says you" Harry interrupted again "but you'd be slightly biased in that opinion"

"Mr Potter, it is required for you to attend at least five years of magical training" Dumbledore said, trying an alternative method

"Says who?" Harry asked curiously

"The magical equivalent of a government" McGonagall answered "you are required to proceed with at least five years of training, though nearly everyone continues with seven so they can complete their education and maximise their..."

"What happens if I refuse?" Harry cut her off "Will I be forced to attend?"

"Mr Potter" Dumbledore sighed "I do not know what action will be taken as I don't ever recall anyone ever refusing Hogwarts, it is something I can look up later though I imagine that it won't be something either of us would like, would you please look this way?"

Harry stopped stroking his raven, the bird turned and glared at Dumbledore and McGonagall, clearly blaming them for upsetting its human. That cost it some, frankly well-deserved, attention and caused problems for its human. It expressed its anger by unleashing a shrill sound at both members of the Hogwarts staff, who were shocked by the sudden outburst, how dare they cause problems?! It only proceeded to stop when Harry started stroking the bird and giving the bird some attention again.

"So, what you're saying is I have to go?" Harry asked

"Yes, Mr Potter" McGonagall nodded, silence took over the room as it appeared that Harry was thinking.

"Mr Potter?" Dumbledore said after a few minutes, wondering if the boy would speak

"In that case" Harry turned his head towards them, McGonagall and Dumbledore let out a small gasp of surprise when both of them saw that Harry was wearing a plain white mask that was shaped like a skull. The mask had two eyeholes, which allowed them both to see his green eyes, Dumbledore noted that his left eye was slightly smaller than his right. The higher straps of the mask started from the eyes of the mask and rested on his ears, while the lower straps were just under his ear, among some black hair that could just be made out from under the hood "I will attend under protest"

"Mr Potter?"

"I will attend your damn school, but be warned that I will not do anything I do not wish to do"

"Mr Potter, please remove your mask" Dumbledore requested

"No" Harry refused "unless you have more business with me, I'd like you to leave"

"Mr Potter, you will need to get to Diagon alley to get your school supplies. Professor McGonagall will accompany you"

"No, I will go on my own" Harry turned his head away and looked at his raven

"You do not know where it is" McGonagall pointed out

"I would ask you to kindly stop making assumptions about my knowledge and tell me what else I need to know before you take your leave" Harry said as the raven nuzzled his hand

"Mr Potter" Dumbledore spoke as it seemed McGonagall was trying to maintain a grip on her anger "this is your Hogwarts letter, in it are a list of supplies" Dumbledore placed the letter on Harry's desk "you will need a key to access your trust vault at Gringotts banks, your key is in my possession, I insist that one of us accompany you so..."

"Why is my key in your possession?" Harry's head snapped towards Dumbledore at the same time as his raven

"Mr Potter, your parents left it to me before they died and..."

"A mistake on their part" Harry interrupted "or a lie on yours, I don't care which. Do you have my key on you?"

"Yes, Mr Potter" Dumbledore removed the key from his pockets "though I would like to assure that I am not lying, your parents..." Dumbledore was cut off when the raven jumped from Harry's arm and flew towards the headmaster, it yanked the key out of his hands with its claws and flew straight back to Harry and landed on his shoulder. It dropped the key into his hand.

"Good boy" Harry said to the raven before looking at the headmaster "I believe that our business is concluded, goodbye"

"Mr Potter, I..."

"I...said...goodbye" Harry said slowly

"Young man, that is no way to talk to the headmaster" McGonagall told him off, appalled at his attitude. This was not what she expected from the son of Lily and James

"Lady, I talk however I damn well want now leave please unless you happen to have something else of mine that you shouldn't"

"Very well" Dumbledore sighed as he and McGonagall stood up "you are sure you do not require our assistance?"

"Positive" Harry nodded

"A good day to you" Dumbledore nodded and walked out of the room along with McGonagall, they both walked out of the orphanage and as soon as they were in a safe spot Dumbledore apparated them both back to Hogwarts. Both were left thinking about a certain green eyed boy

Harry soon found himself on the Hogwarts express, he had chosen an empty compartment, he was wearing a hoodie, jeans and trainers. His raven had chosen to fly and meet him there, he had no problems with that though he cursed whoever made going on the Hogwarts express a rule. Suddenly the compartment door opened and a red headed boy leaned in.

The boy was about to say something but the words were lost when he saw a boy in muggle clothing wearing a mask, staring back at him.

"Yes?" Harry drawled

"Uh...why are you wearing a mask?" The boy asked with a confused expression

"Because it's comfortable" Harry said as if it was obvious "now can I help you?"

"Yeah, I was wondering if I could..." Ron cut himself, he changed his mind, he didn't want to sit in a compartment with this guy "uh...never mind" He turned and left

"Hmm" Harry said before pulling out a book, he started reading

"Harry!" A voice exclaimed

"Delphi" Harry nodded without looking up

"What? No hello?" The girl said as she sat down, the girl in question was slightly smaller than Harry and had blue eyes and shoulder length blonde-white hair with blue tips

"I have an entire five years worth of school for me to say hello to you, forgive me if I lack the effort to do it now"

"So...you're looking forward to Hogwarts?" Delphi said in a way that made it clear it wasn't really a question "I still can't believe you willingly came here"

"Well apparently all students have to board the train" Harry shrugged

"I meant Hogwarts" She sighed

"They were going to try and force me to go" Harry sighed "might as well save myself some effort, besides I might actually learn something useful there"

"Excuse me" A voice called, Harry looked up to see a brown haired girl standing nervously in the doorway "I was...wondering if I could sit here, please?"

"Sure" Delphi shrugged, not noticing Harry giving her a glare for inviting people in without asking him "my name's Delphi, what's yours?"

"It's Fay" The girl said as she sat down next to Delphi "Fay Dunbar, and he is?" Fay gestured to Harry who returned to reading his book

"That's Harry" Delphi introduced him "don't worry about him, he's not much for social interactions. He's a nice guy, really, he just doesn't really like most people"

"Huh...uh, what about me?" Fay asked nervously

"You haven't done anything to piss me off yet" Harry spoke in front of the girl for the first time "so you're fine at the moment"

"O...kay" Fay replied "if...you don't mind me asking, what's up with the mask?"

"It's comfortable" Harry said in a way that made it seem like he had said it a million times

"You know you'll have to take it off when you get to school" Delphi said "I know you don't like it but you won't be able to wear it all the time, we'll be living there for the better part of the next five years"

"Fine" Harry bit back a growl "I'll take it off when we get there"

"So..." Fay said after a few minutes of silence "any idea which house you guys want to be? I think I'll probably be in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff"

"I'll just go wherever Harry goes" Delphi answered

"Ravenclaw most likely" Harry replied

"Why?" Fay asked, Harry looked away from his book and looked at her

"I own a raven" He answered

"That's it? Not because you like books?"

"Anyone can like books" Harry pointed out "I doubt that they are forbidden in any of the other houses" Fay's response was cut off by the compartment door opening, revealing a bushy haired witch about their age

"Has anyone seen a toad?" The girl asked with an irritated tone "A boy named Neville has lost one"

"No" Fay answered

"Well..." The girl was about to say something when she noticed Harry "why are you wearing a mask?"

"Because I feel like it" Harry said in a tone that barely remained polite, he was going to stop wearing the mask for no other reason than to stop people asking.

"You can't wear masks" The girl said "it's against the rules"

"I am far too tired to deal with this" Harry put the book down and pushed his fingers against his temples as if he was trying to push the headache away

"Hey, don't ignore me, you..."

"You" Delphi interrupted "barged into our compartment and you're still here, now would you please leave? You're bothering my friend"

"Hmm, fine" The girl huffed and left

A few hours later, Harry found himself being led down the middle of the hall along with the other first years. Thanks to wearing his mask, most people looked at him, a few of the other kept a small distance away from him as they thought he was probably crazy. Delphi had no problems standing by him, Fay stood nearby as well. From what she observed, Harry was alright, apart from being a little anti-social. The only problem so far was a blond boy who had insulted Harry for wearing the mask but Harry just ignored him and eventually the boy got bored when he realised he wasn't getting a rise out of him.

Soon the sorting began, Harry mentally tuned out everything until Fay's sorting when he saw the girl get placed in Gryffindor. A little while later, it was Harry's turn.

"Harry Potter" McGonagall called out, Harry bit back a groan and started walking forwards. Many people were surprised to realise that the masked boy was actually the boy-who-lived. Every eye turned to look at him as he sat down on the stool. Many of the teachers looked at him with curiosity mixed with concern.

Severus Snape, resident potions teacher and sworn enemy of all things Potter, sneered at the boy. He couldn't believe the arrogant little brat was so desperate for attention that he needed to wear a mask just to stand out in front of all the other students. He, no doubt, got that from his miserable and arrogant father. The only positive side to this was he was able to not look at the brats face...hmm, perhaps he could convince Dumbledore to do the same with some of the other students.

Dumbledore, meanwhile, was watching with twinkling eyes that masked the concerns he was feeling. He desperately hoped that Harry did not go to Slytherin, while he did not agree with the wizarding world's opinion of the house of snakes, the problem was that many others did. It would make everything much more difficult, not only for himself and for the boy. He hoped the boy would go into Gryffindor, if not that then at least a neutral house like Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.

"Mr Potter" McGonagall said once Harry had sat down "please remove your mask"

A mental war raged on in Harry's head, one side debating if he should remove it while the other arguing for him to tell everyone his honest opinion of them and then keep it on for the rest of his school life. Eventually logic won out, he realised that people would see his face eventually, it wasn't like the orphanage where he could hide it from everyone. There was too many people in this bloody school.

Harry wore a mask, not because he thought it was cool, nor because he thought it was ugly. He wore the mask to hide what he had felt was a weakness, at that moment he realised something, he hadn't felt weak in a long time. He covered his face, to hide that, but now...now he didn't need it. He was no longer weak! He knew damn well what he was capable of and he knew that he didn't need to hide anymore

"Mr Potter, please remove your mask" McGonagall repeated

Harry's right hand twitched, before it slowly rose up. His fingers touched the mask, he saw Delphi give him a small nod of encouragement. He mentally sighed, but decided to just get it over with. He removed the mask and placed it on his lap, just as gasps filled the great hall.

Dumbledore couldn't see what was going on as he and the teachers next to him could only see the back of his head, the rest of the hall was a different story. From the reactions of the other students he assumed it was something big. Meanwhile Snape shook his head in disgust, they are all probably surprised their saviour has a small spot on his nose or some other crap.

The hall fell silent as they saw the face of Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived. His entire left eye was scarred, it was clearly burnt and stood out against his pale skin. There was also what looked to be claw marks, three marks/lines from the right side of his jaw going diagonally upwards to where his eye had been burnt and ended just above the eye. The marks near the eye weren't as noticeable thanks to the burnt skin that covered everything from his cheekbone to his forehead along with his left ear to the side of his nose. The only proof that this was Harry Potter was the green eyes and the lightning bolt scar on the right side of his forehead.

McGonagall gasped and unintentionally dropped the hat right on Harry's head.

'Hmm' The hat's voice echoed into Harry's head 'difficult, very difficult, plenty of courage I see. Not a bad mind either, there's talent, lots of that. Lots and lots of that. Hmm, you have no real ambitions but that does not mean you aren't cunning and you can be ambitious when you have a good enough goal. Loyalty? Hmm, as of right now your loyalty extends to three living beings, one of which is a bird.'

'Hey, that is a smart bird, thank you very much' Harry mentally replied 'he makes for better conversation than most the idiots I have to deal with'

'Yes, yes' The hat chuckled 'that is true, that much is very true. Ah, let me continue here, I see intelligence. Lots of it, witty, sarcastic, strength gained from your own imagination. Hmm, what a delightfully interesting mind you have Mr Potter. Tell me Mr Potter, if I offered you a choice then where would you go?'

'Ravenclaw' Harry answered 'from what I understand they have their own rooms and they would be likely to bother me less than the other houses or learn to not bother me faster than the other houses. Besides, if I have to be here then I am going to learn as much as I can and where better to do that than the house of knowledge?'

'Good points' The house agreed 'however, I will ask one last time, are you sure? You could be great in the other houses as well'

'Maybe but there's one crucial thing that you've forgotten that will cement my reason for being in Ravenclaw'

'What's that?'

'I own a raven' A silence fell amongst the two for several minutes, Harry was beginning to wonder if he had perhaps broken the hat somehow. Ah well, as long as he didn't have to pay for it.

"Ha" The hat began laughing out loud, surprising everyone in the hall "I like you Potter, have fun in RAVENCLAW!"

"This is yours" Harry handed McGonagall the hat as he stood up and made his way to the Ravenclaw table while shoving his mask into one of his pockets. He sat down, doing hid best to ignore the rather obvious stares coming from everyone else.

The Slytherins were surprised, they had expected Harry Potter to be a typical Gryffindor, instead they got a damaged Ravenclaw. The Hufflepuff's didn't seem to mind that he was in Ravenclaw, though they were still surprised by his face. The Gryffindor's were divided between being shocked by his face and horrified by the fact that Harry Potter wasn't a Gryffindor. Meanwhile, the Ravenclaw's were ecstatic at having the boy-who-lived be part of their house, so much so that they temporarily forgot about his face. After a few minutes, McGonagall gave Dumbledore a glare that translated into 'we WILL be talking later' before clearing her throat and continuing. Until she reached the only other name that interested the headmaster

"Delphi Riddle" McGonagall said, Dumbledore's eyes widened as he saw a young girl make her way to the stool and sit on it, a few minutes later the hat shouted out "RAVENCLAW!" His eyes widened further when he saw the girl sit opposite Harry Potter like they were old friends.

What on earth was happening?! Dumbledore didn't know Tom had a daughter, though now that he thought about it he had heard some rumors regarding Tom and Mrs Lestrange. Unfortunately he spent so much time worrying about Harry that he didn't think about any other kids.

Speaking of Harry, this Harry was very different from what Dumbledore had imagined. Now that he had a clear chance to see the boy's face, he quickly memorised as much of it as he could. Harry still had the Potter hair that was present in both his father and his grandfather, his eyes were also the same as his mothers. That was fine, Dumbledore expected that. What he didn't expect was the burn mark on Harry's face, nor the claw marks. What on earth had happened to damage the boy so much?

Hmm, perhaps he should have Madam Pomphrey take a look at him. Yes, it might even improve their relationship if he got her to heal his face. The poor boy must have suffered so much, it tore at Dumbledore's heartstrings but what was done is done. All he can do now is plan for the future, hmm, he should probably look into what happened with the Dursleys while he was free. He had gotten so busy and lost in his thoughts about Harry that he forgotten to do that.

"I'm proud of you Harry" Delphi whispered to Harry "I'm glad you took that mask off"

"I was thinking about it" Harry said in a soft voice "and I realised something, I don't need that mask anymore. It was going to come off sooner or later, I wore it when I was weak. But now, now I'm not weak anymore, I don't need it."

"E...excuse me" A voice interrupted, the pair turned to see a Chinese girl looking at them "Uh...hi, I'm Cho...Cho Chang"

"Is that Cho-Cho Chang or just Cho Chang?" Harry asked and if it wasn't for his voice than Cho might've thought that he was making fun of her

"Uh...just Cho Chang but you can call me Cho. I just wanted to say welcome to Ravenclaw"

"Thank you" Delphi smiled

"And uh..." Cho continued nervously "if...if you want...you could probably see Madam Pomphrey, she's the school nurse. She can fix pretty much anything from broken bones to scars in like a day. I don't mean to be rude or anything but..."

"It's alright, I understand" Harry nodded reassuringly

"So...what happened to your face?" Another girl asked out of the blue and the whole table turned to look at them

"Marietta!" Cho scolded the girl

"What?" The girl asked, unsure about why she was being yelled at "just tell us Potter" The girl demanded

"I could recreate what happened with you if you're really that curious to know" Harry said, his eyes narrowing on the girl like she was a bug he was about to squash

"Hey! I..."

"Sorry" Cho cut Marietta off "about her" She said to Harry

"Don't bother apologising for other people, you'll be here all day" Harry said as he continued eating

"Ha" Delphi snorted "glad to know that you still have your sense of humor"

"Do you two know each other?" One Ravenclaw asked

"I'm his carer" Delphi smirked

"Yes, she cares so I don't have to" Harry replied

"Plus, he's pretty useless without me" Delphi added, sending Harry a grin

"You can spend the next month doing homework on your own" Harry said as he ignored the fact that her grin was replaced with a face filled with horror

"You wouldn't!" She blurted out

"Do you want to test that out?" Harry raised an eyebrow

"I'll behave" Delphi said in a quiet voice. Any further response was cut off by the sound of a birds wings, everyone looked up to see a black raven fly down and land on Harry's shoulder

"Hello boy" Harry said, his calmness and lack of surprise showed he didn't see this as anything out of the ordinary "are you hungry?" The raven nodded and Harry fed him some food from his plate

"Hello Raven" Delphi greeted the bird

"Who is that?" A boy, Terry Boot, asked

"This is Harry's Raven" Delphi answered

"What is he called?" Cho asked while her friend looked at the raven with disgust

"Raven" Harry answered

"You...named him Raven?" Cho asked with disbelief

"I never claimed to be creative" Harry said with a slight shrug

"Why on earth would you keep that thing when you could have an owl?" Marietta said, only to be met with two glares, one of which came from Raven

"He's cooler" Harry said and Raven raised his head in agreement

"Debatable" Marietta sniffed

"Besides, I'd think that as ravens, he'd be welcome here" Harry sniffed right back

"Well, we're technically called eagles" Cho pointed out

"What?" Harry's head snapped to Cho's direction "Why?"

"Don't know" She shrugged "but we're called eagles"

"But it's Ravenclaw" Harry pointed out in a confused voice "why are we called eagles?"

"You do realise that the Ravenclaw symbol is an eagle?" Another Ravenclaw said, Harry looked down at his badge

"So it is" He said with surprise in his voice "does the eagle have raven claws?"

"Uh...don't think so"

"Well that's just false advertising bullshit" Harry replied and a few people gasped at his choice of language

"Language" One member scolded

"Most of my face is hideously ruined and I will have to deal with people grilling me about that for the next few years. I chose my house for the next few years, in a school that I was basically forced to come to, based on an animal, only to find it's named after the wrong fucking animal. What makes you think that I care about language?"

"Just give him a night, he'll get over it" Delphi assured the rest of the table "Harry, eat your food, you'll better". Harry returned to eating, all the while mumbling about being false advertisements and killing the first person who referred to him as an eagle

"You do know that we use Eagle and Raven interchangeably?" One Ravenclaw said

"So I could be called either?" Harry asked

"Yes" The Ravenclaw nodded

"Oh brilliant" Harry said before he continued to eat, either unaware or purposefully ignoring the incredulous looks from the rest of his house mates.

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