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Chapter 68 -

"DIE!" Alex screamed as he sent a large fireballs at Harry. Harry dispelled the attack with a roundhouse kick, he didn't drop his foot, and instead kicked his foot out towards Alex, a blast of fire shot out from his foot and charged towards Harry's opponents. "Why..." Alex blocked the fire before he responded with a fire blast, "...won't you die?!" he yelled as he continued firing at Harry.

Harry avoided Alex's attack when he shot up into the air thanks to flames shooting out from under his feet, once he was in the air he span several times, a wind blade shot out from Harry with each spin, the wind blades were barely dodged by Alex. Alex stomped his foot down, a large ball of rock shot up out of the tower before it was sent at Harry, Harry changed into his animagus form and dodged it.

He flew down to another tower whist dodging several attacks from Alex, Harry landed on another tower before he transformed back and shot several quick fire blasts at Alex who responded by blocking them all before sending two large waves of fire at Harry. Each wave was at least ten feet high and thirty feet wide. Harry had to put a bit more effort into dispelling the wave but he was able to get rid of the first one.

Harry dealt with the second one by sending a wave of his own, the two waves of fire crashed against each other in the air before disappearing.

"You tired yet, asshole?" Harry asked as he licked his lips.

"I've got enough energy to deal with you!" Alex growled before he flew towards Harry by using flames from his feet as jets, Harry flew towards him using the same method.

If either of them had bothered counting then they would have noticed that they had been fighting for more than an hour, neither of them had noticed that two of the mirrors had followed them down and that their battle was being shown live to the whole world.

Harry and Alex landed on top of another rock tower and immediately continued fighting, Harry had blocked a kick before he responded with a flurry of punches, he managed to get one hit against Alex's face but the rest were blocked and dodged. Alex avoided a left hook before he span and hit Harry in the face with a back fist, he followed up with a right uppercut that sent Harry to the floor. Harry quickly rolled to his feet, barely avoiding a kick from Alex.

Once Harry was on his feet he blocked a fire blast but was caught by a jumping knee to his head that pushed him back several steps. Alex tried to hit him again with a side kick but Harry span out of the way and managed to elbow Alex on the back of the head, Alex stumbled forward but managed to stay up. He turned around and blocked a second elbow strike but in doing so left himself vulnerable to a punch to the stomach, before Harry could punch him again Alex was able to spin and throw Harry over his head.

Harry landed hard on the ground, Alex raised a foot to stomp on his head but Harry was faster and span around, kicking Alex's legs out. Alex landed on the floor next to Harry, the two adversaries kipped up to their feet, Harry immediately sent out a kick while Alex responded with a punch, Harry's kick connected with Alex's body while Alex's fist connected with Harry's face, both of them were sent straight back down to the floor.

They both got up, Harry sent two fire blasts at Alex before he jumped towards him. Alex dodged the first blast and blocked the second before getting hit in the chest. Harry's kick was strong enough to send him flying off the tower. Harry moved over to the edge to see what had happened to Alex when the ground underneath him exploded, sending him backwards, Harry was luckily able to get a wind shield up in time to absorb most of the impact and protect him from the flying rocks, but it still sent him flying back.

Harry landed harshly on his back, he let out a soft groan before he opened his eyes just as he saw Alex drop down from above him. Harry's eyes widened and he quickly rolled out the way, just in time to avoid getting his head stomped on. Harry quickly got up to his feet and the battle continued.

"Come on Potter," Alex taunted after blocking a punch and dodging a kick. "is that the best you got?"

"You couldn't handle my best." Harry said after ducking under a right hook, Harry managed to hit Alex with an upper cut to the chin that sent the man a couple of steps back. Alex growled before he moved back towards Harry and the two continued to exchange punches and kicks, most were blocked or dodged but each of them managed to get a few hits in on the others.

Harry managed to dodge one of Alex's punches and quickly grabbed Alex's arm by the wrist, he kneed Alex in the stomach before he jumped up and wrapped his legs around Alex, a few seconds later Harry was able to get Alex on the floor and in an arm bar. Alex struggled to get his arm out of Harry's grip and could see that the green eyed fighter was going to break his arm if Alex didn't escape. Alex growled before he bit down on Harry's leg.

"Motherfucker!" Harry cursed but didn't let go of the lock, Alex bit down again and Harry let go of him and quickly kicked Alex in the face. The leader of Libra let out a pained noise as he rolled away, Harry rubbed his leg before he stood up. "You bit me, you fucker!"

"You ruined my life long plan!"

"You bit me!"

"You're the one who tackled me down here!"

"You wanted to come here!"

"No, I just wanted the powers that I could get from here!"

"You picky motherfucker!" Harry roared before he charged towards Alex.

"Fuck!" Harry blurted out as he landed on his back. He pushed himself up to his feet, at this point it would be harder to find parts of his body without bruises. He was pretty beaten up, and had several cuts on various parts of his body, but he was happy to notice that Alex was more or less equally damaged.

"You won't beat me." Alex said, panting as he was stood opposite Harry.

"You're not the first to say that to me." Harry said as he glared at him from under his mask. "I'm going to kill you."

"What are you going to do? Sing another song?" Alex scoffed. "What the fuck is up with that anyway?"

"Your dad gave me it," Harry grinned. "it's a code that unlocks one of the limiters I have on my powers."

"One?" Alex repeated.

"Yeah," Harry nodded. "I have one more, I've been saving it just for you, just for today. the end of Libra."

Nicolas Flamel looked around as his men sorted the bodies of the dead and unconscious Libra men, he had done his best to pull as many people as he could away from Alex, though it pained him to see every person that he couldn't pull away. Once Alex was taken care of (god that pained him) then the remaining would follow him if Harry let him retake control of Libra, though if Harry wanted to get rid of Libra all together then they would do that as well. Alex didn't care for what Libra was about, it was about keeping the peace, keeping the balance. Alex had tried to use it for his own goals, in the past Nicolas had done his best to try and teach Alex the right way, that power was only temporary, but sadly he failed.

The boy had tried to kill him, his own boy tried to kill him, Nicolas had to fake his own death or risk more attempts on his life. After that he infiltrated Libra, it was hard...but he had done it. When Potter resurfaced, he had tried to help the boy from the shadows, help as much as he could. If Harry beat Alex and let Libra stay then Libra would need a new leader, Flamel hoped that Harry would take that spot but he knew that that was just wishful thinking on his part.

"Mr Flamel," A voice said, he turned to see one of his men approach him. "our mission is complete, sir. What do you want to do now?"

"Now? We wait for Mr Potter to return." Flamel responded.

"Sir, forgive me but your son is a formidable opponent, how sure are you that Mr Potter will win?"

"He'll win," Nicolas sighed, he was in no way looking forward to the death of his son, even if the boy was a power hungry bastard. "where they are fighting...there's no way for him to lose. Potter took him right to the source of his power."

Harry's back crashed into the rock tower, the two opponents were now down on the ground and continued to fight. They were both tired, sweaty and both more than willing to do whatever it would take to kill the other.

"One more song left." Harry said in a quiet voice. It would be easy to say the words, but he hesitated. He had spent so long keeping this part of him locked down just so that he wouldn't accidently burn down a building. His green eyes looked up at Alex who was walking towards him. Harry let out a deep breath, before he looked around, he could let loose here without hurting anyone since there was nobody left to hurt. And if he couldn't use this power against Alex then who would he use against?

"You're done!" Alex shouted before sending a fire blast at Harry.

"Bellows of pain," Harry softly sang as he blocked the blast, the force of it pushed him back and he crashed into the rock tower again. "scraping of chains, roars of the demon, anger that I am feeling."

"You're fucking singing again?!" Alex said with disbelief before he sent another fire blast at Harry.

"Skin is burning," Harry continued as he ducked under the blast. "eyes are blazing, fire is rising..."

"The other song was better. That's just shit." Alex snorted before he sent a large blast of fire at Harry, the flames shifted and turned into the form of a dragon. The fire dragon charged at Harry who stood still.

"Let the flames rise, and enemy will die. Let the flames rise now, unleash the demon inside." Harry finished just as a bright light briefly glowed from him. Harry aimed his hands towards the flames that were approaching him, Harry pointed a single finger at it, from that fingertip shot a massive blast of fire that easily engulfed the flames that Alex had sent.

Alex's eyes widened, shit song aside, those flames were very, very dangerous. Jets of fire shot out from Alex's feet, he decided to fly to the side to the side instead of going up and was able to dodge the flames.

"You wanted the power of the demons, Alex?" Harry asked, breathing heavily. "Take it...take it all." He said before he aimed his right hand into the air.

Seconds later flames shot out from his palm and moved upwards before taking the shape of a bird, specifically a raven, except these were no ordinary flames. These flames shot upwards and stopped at about three hundred feet up in the air. The body of the bird was about a hundred meters wide with the wingspan being a total of six hundred feet.

"You..." Alex's breathing became heavy, the sheer power radiating from Harry caused him to drop to his knees, he lost the ability to move. " possess the power of the demons?" He breathed, looking at the boy he had tried to recruit, the boy he had tried to kill, the man who had the power that he wanted.

"Yeah, and now I'm going to share it with you." Harry said just before the fire bird reached down and charged towards Alex.

"No! No! NOOOOOO!" Alex screamed as the flames engulfed him, the flames also engulfed the mirror, ending the live feed. The last thing that the people of the wizarding world would see was the power that Harry possessed, and after that...there was most definitely not a single person willing to mess with him.

"Oh, when will we they be back?" Fleur said to herself, pacing back and forth in the kitchen in Grimmauld Place. The others were sat at the table, all in varying states of worry, Delphi looked the calmest and that was not a good thing since she was in a fetal position and rocking back and forth on the floor. The group had originally been at the Ministry and were watching the battle live along with everyone else, as soon as the feed stopped they quickly rushed home in case Harry would come back.

"Well...this is interesting." A voice said, everyone turned to see Nicolas Flamel standing there, in his arms there was something big that was covered with a blanket. Fleur drew her wand while the others stood up and did the same.

"How did you get in here?" Bellatrix demanded.

"Easily," Nicolas shrugged, "you don't live as long as I have without picking up a few tricks." He said before he took a slow step forward. "I believe that this young one belongs to you." He said as he removed part of the blanket to reveal James's face.

"James!" Fleur exclaimed.

"Shush," Flamel said in a quiet voice. "don't wake him up. The kid's tired." He said as he held James out. Sirius flicked his wand and levitated James out of Flamel's arms and brought him over to his own.

"Where is Harry?!" Delphi demanded, narrowly beating out Fleur.

"We were luckily able to get Mr Potter out of the demon world, he left so he could cool down. He should be back here within a week or so." He answered.

"What do you mean?!" Fleur demanded, sparks shooting from her wand.

"Well," Flamel sighed. "it's like this, when Mr Potter was younger he had unintentionally interrupted a ritual to bring the demons to our world. Now demons are near impossible to kill, but the interruption of the ritual had killed one. Now, when demons are killed they release their energy from their bodies into the nearest organic life form, which would usually be other demons. However...since Mr Potter was the nearest, he had absorbed the demons power. When he was younger I was able to place several blocks on him to keep that power restrained, right now he's doing his best to cool down so the blocks could reactivate, if they don't then he could accidently level at least three streets by sneezing."

"The demons, they were dead, we all saw them." Bellatrix spoke up. "You said that they're near impossible to kill."

"Ah, I have a theory about that." Flamel admitted. "Demons have one known weakness; they obey and live for the king. It's my belief that the demon that Mr Potter absorbed was in fact the demon king. Without him they either died naturally or killed each other without him around to keep them in check."

"The king?" Delphi gasped.

"That's my theory." Flamel shrugged. "You'll be pleased to know that after today Libra is no more, I'm helping the remaining members find a new path in life, a better one. I just hope it works out. Goodbye, it was nice meeting you all." Flamel said before he turned and vanished.

"Show-off." Sirius muttered under his breath.

Six days later a tired Fleur and James made their way down to the kitchen once they woke up, both had gotten much closer thanks to the fact that they both really missed Harry.

"You two look like shit." A voice said, the two looked up and saw Harry standing in the kitchen, their eyes widened as they looked at him. Fleur's heart started pounding as she looked at him, she knew within an instant that this was no fake, that this was the real Harry. "I'm back." Harry said in a quiet voice.

Fleur practically leaped at him as she pulled him into a hug, James quickly followed and ended up hugging his waist.

A second later several footsteps were heard as Sirius, Bellatrix and Delphi rushed into the room. Their eyes widened before they all quickly joined the hug, Shadow flew in a moment later and landed on the top of Harry's head to complete this happy picture.

Harry smiled as he looked at everyone, he was quite happy that Voldemort was gone, he was happy that Dumbledore was dealt with, he was happy that Libra was no more but mostly…well…he was just happy that he had his family.

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