Egon and the other two boys went home for a bit and my friend Jessie had hugged me before she left to go with Egon so it was only me and Peter . " Hey Peter can we go to your house for a bit so you and I can spend time together with eachother ?" I asked curiously as I smiled . "Sure thing let's go ,shall we ?" Asked Peter with a wink so with that we had walked over to his house from wherever we were as we got there he took out his keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door then we went inside as we did he had closed and locked the door as I looked around the house while walking around . " Hey Peter nice house you got here I like it love how you decorated it looks pretty good ." I said as I smiled while turning to look at him for a second . " Thanks ." said Peter with a smile . "You're welcome ." I replied back as I smiled as well . I had then walked over to him and kissed his cheek softly. " Did you just .. did you just kiss me on my cheek?" Asked ,Peter . " Yes indeed I did ." I said as I nodded . "Knew it you definitely like me I know you do ." He spoke once again . " Yes it's true I really do ." I said as I started giggling . "Well I like you too as well." He replied .