A few months later…

"Peter, what trash music are we listening to right now?" Jade asked, laughing as Peter poked her side. He leant his head against his arm, scrolling through the music when he suddenly looked up. "Peter?" she asked, watching as he looked behind them. She followed his gaze, and gasped when she saw a giant metal ship in the sky. Peter looked around, noticing only he and Jade had noticed it.

"Hey, I need you to cause a distraction," Peter whispered to Ned, tapping him so he turned to face them.

"Oh my god, we're all going to die," Ned shouted, noticing the metal thing in the sky over their shoulders. Everyone began panicking, moving to the back of the bus to look at the thing hovering in the sky. Jade made sure everyone was looking away as Peter shot a web to the emergency window, flicking it open. He jumped across the seats, Jade hurrying behind him.

"Peter," she said, stopping him from jumping out. "Please, promise me you'll come back," she whispered, knowing that this was serious. Peter smiled at her, pulling her in for a hug.

"I'll be five minutes, tops," he promised, glancing behind her shoulder before putting his mask on.

"Go get 'em, Spidey," she said, kissing the top of his head before he jumped out the window.

A few days passed, and Jade had heard nothing from Peter. She was sat in the living room with her mum, watching the news as it broke with word of an alien army attacking in Wakanda. Jade was being held by her mum, her phone in her lap in case Peter called. The both of them jumped when it began to ring.

"Oh my god, Peter?!" Jade cried happily, her mum watching on her as her daughter stood, walking to the kitchen window. "Where are you?"

"On a planet called Titan. It's a long story," Peter said, and Jade hesitated as she heard the defeated tone of voice. "I'm only able to call you from a spaceship telephone," he said, chuckling without any laughter. She was about to ask what happened when she heard a crash outside, and she looked up to see a helicopter falling into a building.

"Oh my god," she whispered, watching as cars drove into one another, people screaming in the streets. "Peter, something's happened," she said.

"Jade?" Peter asked, panicking at her words. "Where's your mum?" he asked, and Jade glanced over her shoulder to see her mum turning to dust in front of her. Peter jumped when he heard Jade's scream. "Jade? Jade! What is it?"

"Sh-she's-she turned to dust, Peter. I-I don't understand, she was-" Jade trailed off, noticing her hand breaking into dust. "Peter, it's happening to me," she whispered.

"Jade?" Peter asked, hearing the phone drop to the floor. "Jade! Please, answer me!" he shouted, tears falling as he received no answer. He stayed on the phone for a minute, listening to the screams in the distance until he couldn't take anymore. Peter stumbled off the ship, trying to make sense of what happened.

"Kid?" Tony asked. "Did you get through to her?"

"She-" he began, but the two looked up as the others around them began turning to dust. Peter's hair stood up on end. "Mr Stark," he called, holding his arms out. "I don't feel so good."