"Gotta go…so many people to kill, so little time!"

Letting out a laughter of happiness, Poison Ivy regains her control, and her pleasure. As much as she wants to enjoy the suffering of the Bat inflicted by her many obedient sentient vines creeping on the ceiling, she knew has no time to spare for her own desires to be fulfilled. As she declared her rush in purging the world of humankind for flora, she experienced an orgasm, breaking her pitch of laughter, as she attempted to keep focus. Keeping her eyes on "Bat-face", she lowers her hands, although maintained her hands of worship.

I am worthy of worship, and I will win.

Lowering her hands completely, Poison Ivy resumes her escape…

I have enraptured Bat-face and Bird-brain in my love. My trap worked. Now, Phase 2.

Poison Ivy was clad in a secondary skin: an anatomically correct rubber latex suit of crimson that hugs her perfect ivory complexion, with a collar of ivies and her wrists of razor-sharp thorns. Her legs are enhanced with black leather boots heels, with thorns extending out at the back of her legs. Her Ivy belt, with a red Ivy symbol, wraps around her torso. Her facial complexion remains minimal of makeup, with red and orange eyeshadow accentuating her venomous nature, in addition to her nails. Finally, her hair is styled to represent two pistils, the female reproductive part of a flower.

She remains confident and evil, as she heads towards the exit, dreaming of her Eden coming to fruition.

I am Gaia! I am Mother Nature!

Nature always win!


Ivy looks up, a face of shock registering towards the source of the sound.

A black figure descends from the expanse, through a circular window, towards her garden. Glass shatters, falling onto the plants…hurting them. As she lands, Ivy takes note of her appearance: her blonde hair, her Bat costume, her black heels, and her eyemask blocking a part of her face.

The stranger looks defiantly at Ivy, angry eyes meeting her own. Yet, Ivy smiles.

"You're about to become compost!"

Ivy throws her first kick, missing the blonde. She kicks and kicks, until an unexpected casualty catches her off-guard: her babies!

No! Ivy's hands, on instinct, rushes to grasp her babies. Taking her chance, the heroine kicks a distracted Ivy, and Ivy hits the ground, breathless and wondering what just happened.

"Using feminine wiles to get what you want. Trading on your looks…"

Ivy smirks with glee, relishing every accusation from the female Bat as praise. Her form of worship from the nocturnal pests, and she delighted in it. Ivy smiles.

"Read a book, sister. That passive-aggressive number went out long ago. Chicks like you give woman a bad name."

Ivy reacts to the female Bat's attack, rolling to the right. In an attempt to defend herself, she grabs a nearby vine, and uses it like a whip. Although inexperienced, Ivy swings with as much haste as possible, increasing the distance between herself and the female Bat. She swings, with as much desperation as possible, longing for a miracle.

Mother Nature, help your daughter! Liberate me!

Suddenly, Ivy's vines caught onto the opponent's leg, causing her to fall. Ivy smiles.

"As I told Lady Freeze when I pulled her plug…THIS IS A ONE-WOMAN SHOW!"

Ivy bloats with glee, knowing she will win in the end. However, the blonde merely shrugs it off.

"I don't think so."

The female Bat retracts her leg, pulling the vine and Ivy's balance along with it. Ivy dives, avoiding any impact to the ground, over her enemy. She turns back, preparing her defense from the blonde.

Time to end this.

From her boots, Ivy reveals her blade, smiling. She uses it as a mirror, reflecting her good looks, remembering the disheveled look of her hair, before sternly facing the source of the dishevelment.

She swings…and swings…

Until the blade went loose, kicked by the Bat-Bitch!

Ivy's face turned to horror, her weapon flying in the air. NO!


All of a sudden, she feels a kick to her torso, leaving her breathless!


And finally, a kick to her head, as Ivy lost focus, flying into the air…landing into her baby!

Ivy lands, reacts with fear over her predicament.


Ivy screams. Mother Nature has lost!

Ivy cries, and cries, until she had no energy. Her kicks gradually gets slower, until her legs are motionless.

The last thing Ivy could hear brought a glimpse of joy.

"Bruce, it's me: Barbara!"

Ivy smiles, and she dives towards the emptiness.