She was leaning on the side railing of the boat watching the sea in the distance as she traveled in her thoughts. It was fortunate they were alive, unharmed, without any scratches. They were in the cabin when the frequency of the radio began to oscillate and Patterson warned them that something was wrong, so managed to convince them to open the trapdoor and enter the tunnel where they remained just long enough for Mr. Ice Cream to send help and transfer them to a safe place where they would spend the night.

It had been two days since the explosion had happened and everything seemed so far away. It was very strange to be running away. All of them have had their moments of slip, but then to the point of wanting to arrest them or kill them like thugs, it sounded rather cruel.

"Hey, is everything okay?" Reade leaned over the grate beside her.

"Yes. It all seems rather unrealistic. It's like a nightmare that I'm going to wake up at any moment." Tasha kept staring at the horizon.

"I wanted it to be a nightmare, too, but it's real. We are being hunted and there are people who want us dead." Reade was reflecting in his own words.
The only good part of all this is that they were together. They were more than a team, they were really family and everyone knew they would defend each other until the end.

"I wanted to apologize for the things I said on the plane. I was stupid, I was nervous and so much going on. " He tried to look at her, but then he looked down.

"No, Reade." She shook her head in denial. "You won't soon forget that. You'll always throw it all in my face again when you're angry."

"Tasha, please don't say that. I really want to forget everything that happened."

Reade looked regretful, but Tasha knew it was not that simple. What she did while she was with Madeline was for a noble reason and she sacrificed herself, leaving everything behind. While she was there she leaned on what she believed was right and where she wanted to go. Tasha was aware that she wouldn't be greeted with flowers, but hoped that eventually everyone would forgive her, especially him.

"Let's just forget about it for now. The time will take care of fixing things a bit." She looked back at the horizon.

Tasha relaxed as Reade took her hand and laced her fingers in his. She let herself be carried away by this contact that was enough to give her hope in the future. Future that was uncertain in every way, but that together could become lighter for all of them.