They were all in a small house in a secluded area of Toronto Canada. It was a cold night, there was no heater, and there was only one room where they insisted that Jane and Kurt sleep. The others lodged in mattresses in the living room. The blankets were few, but Patterson looked very tired and had already fallen asleep. Tasha couldn't sleep because of the cold that reached her bones. She had already changed positions several times in an attempt to warm up, but she wasn't solving.

Reade was lying on a mattress next to Tasha's and despite the dark he realized she was restless. It had been a few days since they were in Canada trying to get some contacts to enter the US and they were doing their best to go unnoticed, staying in the outskirts and leaving as little as possible during the day, they changed their city at dawn. They were living as fugitives they were.

"Can't you sleep?" Reade called out.

"Sorry. I'm kind of restless and I didn't let you sleep. It's kind of cold in here." She could feel her feet ice cold.

"I'm a little cold, too. Patterson doesn't seem to care." He pointed to the mattress where Patterson slept.

"I don't know how she can sleep. I don't think she slept last night."
Last night Patterson spent trying to get in touch with Boston, but he couldn't take the chance without proper protection because they knew he should be being watched. She sent several coded messages but received no response.

"Do you want to lie here? I can help you warm up." Reade thought for a moment before making this proposal, but both were cold and he knew that Tasha couldn't sleep like this, and they needed rest, because tomorrow was uncertain.

"Reade ..." Tasha wanted to, but she knew she shouldn't, no matter how close they had been in the last few days, that didn't include body contact.

"Seriously, Tasha, you're cold and can't sleep as soon as I know. Come here."
"It's ok." She picked up her blanket and lay back on his mattress.
Reade wrapped his arm around her waist to warm her, taking care not to get too close.
"You're cold." Reade scoffed at her.

"You are Funny." Tasha soon felt the warmth of his body warm her.

She was so close that she slowly breathed in the soft scent of her hair. It was so sweet to feel her by his side.

"It's better?" He asked referring to the cold.

"Yes, thank you."

Tasha closed her eyes and fell asleep feeling the comfort of his closeness. Reade in turn relaxed with her at her side, letting herself be cradled by the movement of her breath until they fell asleep.