The afternoon was quiet, they had returned from the daily mission that had been repeated for the past few months, living on the run was no easy task, tension and anxiety hung over them all. After successfully rescuing Rich last month, they began to live trying contacts and evidence that could help them prove their innocence. It was a constant search and in the midst of all this work they got a few moments to relax.
They were staying for a few days in a small house in the middle of the woods, living together was an exercise in holiness, as they all had their shortcomings that weren't always easy to bear.
Jane and Kurt were even more united and whenever possible they had shows of affection in front of their teammates. Kurt didn't think twice about trying to spare Jane from putting herself in any danger, but knowing her well he couldn't always.
Patterson was calmer after they found Rich again, the friendship they had built over time working together became very solid, and the two often just talked at each other's eyes.
Tasha and Reade, ah these two! Sometimes they even got on the nerves of some other team member, as they were near and far at the same time. At times they treated each other harshly only to regret later, all of which was the result of so much restrained feeling that neither of them had the courage to make the first move. Even with the feelings on the skin and so much talking about the complicity and concern for each other was genuine, no matter where they were always taken care that the other was within their sight and ran side by side. when a danger was imminent.
"Hey, have you ever been outside to see what you got?" Reade addressed Tasha when the other members were distracted.
"Actually, I didn't go out very close here."
"Come on then, see if we found anything interesting." He called her getting up.
They walked around the back of the house, there were many trees, but it was possible to walk between them. They moved a little farther from the house when Tasha heard a noise that made her startle.
"We'd better get back, it's almost dark." She tried to mask the tremor in her voice.
"Are you afraid? It's just birds getting ready for bed." He reassured her in a playful tone.
"It's just not good to get too far away." The brunette justified herself.
Reade, who had his back in front of her turned around and came across those two deep brown eyes that could mesmerize him, he dipped his gaze into hers and they remained immobile for a long time. In the midst of this magical moment that enveloped them, he brought his hand close to her face only in an attempt to remove a lock of hair that had been ruffled by the wind. The brunette seized the moment when the touch lingered a little longer than necessary.
They were interrupted by a loud noise coming from the house that made them startle and run back to their friends. Just to note that in an attempt to cook Rich had destroyed a pressure pan.