A.N: Hi guys, just wanted to let you know something about this Harry. Instead of making an entirely different Harry, I decided to basically copy my Harry from the Lightning Curse. An over powered Harry Potter who was trained by Merlin and the founders. Basically the same story as the lightning curse but it's just with a Harry who never got with Ginny, consider it an alternate version of the story. So it's basically the same as the lightning curse except without being with Ginny.

For those who haven't read my lightning curse story (why not?!) I will highlight the key points from it:

* Harry inherits the real deathly Hallows from Merlin

* Merlin and the founders rescue him from the Dursleys when he is young and train him for a million years in a world that is outside of normal time, so Harry's knowledge and magic increased by a million years of use and training. It was also a million years from his perspective but it was only a few seconds in the real world

* In each universe there are 'secondary hallows' like the elder wand that Dumbledore has and if someone unites all three of the secondary hallows then they can become an immortal servant of the master of death unless the master of death takes away their powers

* Harry is overpowered (don't complain, I'm telling you now so nobody should be writing comments about how they don't like how he is so 'perfect' or anything like that), immortal and essentially a god/god-like being.

*In the lightning curse series Harry gains the ability to do whatever he wants without getting punished by the law because magic has gifted him that ability after he gains a soul bond with Ginny, in this story he will be allowed to do whatever he wants thanks to being the master of death. Why? Well, he is the master of death, do you think rules apply to him?

If I've missed anything out then tell me and I'll write it in the next chapter. Also there will be some differences from the lightning curse, I'd tell you but spoilers.

Also I will be releasing an epilogue for my 'I'm not a hero' story soon, I just haven't decided when.

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Chapter 1 -

Harry Potter, master of death, opened his eyes. Ever since becoming the master of death, Harry realised one thing amongst many, he was immortal. He didn't die, he eventually just had enough and moved on to the next world. In truth, he had lost count of how many worlds he had traveled in, in his first life he was Harry James Potter.

Shortly after his first defeat of Voldemort and becoming the boy-who-lived, Dumbledore decided that he thought the bloody Dursleys where a good place for Harry to live. In truth, the old man wanted to mold Harry into his perfect little weapon/martyr. The old man wanted Harry to fight Voldemort his way then die, freeing both of them from the prophecy so Dumbledore could swoop in like a hero and end him. Like that would have worked.

But thanks to his training from Merlin and the founders, plus the knowledge he gained from his parents will and Gringotts, Harry knew not to trust the old man. So the second that Harry saw him he read the guys mind, Dumbledore had great mind shields but he was the master of death, he got around them so easily and quickly that Dumbledore didn't even notice. And Harry saw enough to confirm that the old man was not to be trusted.

Anyway, that's in the past...or the future, depending on where and when he has woken up. In one of his former lives he had woken up in the twenty-fourth centuary, in another he was born during the stone age. Hah, funny cavemen, so interested in fire. Hmm, anyway, Harry looked around. He was apparently in a hospital, judging from what he saw. He stretched his magic out to sense his surroundings, yes, he was in a magical hospital. Good, hiding magic was always a pain.

At this point Harry noticed that he was being held next to another baby, 'hmm, must be twins', he had never be born as a twin sibling before. Guess there's a first time for everything, though he was glad that his twin decided not to cry too much.

He saw the healers scanning him, he looked up at the woman who was holding. Red faced and crying, though she had just given birth so he's going to excuse her for that. Thank whoever is listening for the fact that they already cleaned him up with cleaning charms. The woman had brown hair that was currently tied up in a bun even though some strands fell out.

"Ma'am" One of the healers said "your husband will be here shortly" A minute or two later the husband did arrive, a tall man with a nice build and a lovely beard. He had black hair and was quite rich from what Harry could see.

"Euphemia" The man said as he walked over "how are you? How are the children?" He asked in a worried tone

"They're fine Fleamont" The woman, now identified as Euphemia, replied "so am I. Twins! Two beautiful twins! We thought we'd never have children and now we have two beautiful and brilliant babies"

"That we do" The man chuckled as he now looked at the children, both were as his wife said, brilliant and beautiful. He could tell that they would certainly be fending off the women with stick when they grew, or maybe his mind was clouded with happiness. Either way, he loved them. Both had brown eyes, just like his own, though he noticed that one of them had a flash of another colour in them. Hmm, maybe he's just imagining things.

"Congratulations on your twin boys Mr and Mrs Potter" One of the healers said

'Potter?!' Harry blinked and realised who he was with, these were his grandparents! That meant that his twin brother...was actually his father...wow. Nothing's ever half-arsed when it comes to him.

"Hmm, what do you want to name them?" Euphemia asked

"Well Mia" Fleamont responded, so happy that he had no problem using his wife's nickname in front of others "I think we could names this little one James" He pointed to Harry's twin "and this one..." He pointed to Harry, Harry sent a few mental nudges into the man's head to help him choose the name that Harry wanted "will be Harry" And that name was Harry. What else would it be?

"Harry and James" Mia smiled "I like it"

Eventually the Potters had returned to Potter manor. Fleamont held James while his wife had held Harry, she insisted on holding at least one of them and Fleamont knew better than to argue with her.

"Slinky" Fleamont called out and a house elf popped into the room

"Yes master Potter?" The house elf nodded

"Have you prepared the room for my children?"

"Yes master" Slinky nodded

"Good, you may leave, I shall call you if I need you"

"Of course master" Slinky replied "Slinky is happy for you and Mistress Potter"

"Thank you old friend" Fleamont smiled as the house elf popped away "take a seat dear" He added to his wife, she sat down and began cooing at Harry. Harry decided to play along, and would kill before he admitted that he rather enjoyed the attention. "Fleamont dear, where is my wand?" She asked

"Your wand dear?" He raised an eyebrow

"Yes, I'd like my wand to entertain my children. I know you took it before we went to the hospital"

"Yes, I figured it'd be best just in case you decided to start hexing the staff...or me" He replied "it's in our room"

"Well, I don't really feel like walking all the way there at the moment so..." She was cut off by a whooshing sound, two seconds later a wand flew from upstairs straight towards her. She closed her eyes out of fear of it crashing into her. A few seconds later, nothing had happened. She opened them, she looked around but she couldn't see the wand "Where did it go?!"

"D...dear...look down" Fleamont pointed at Harry, she looked down and blinked in surprise when she saw her wand, and it was her wand, in Harry's little hands. Harry pushed his little arms forward and pushed the wand towards her, she blinked again and slowly took the wand from him

"T...thank you...Harry" She said, unsure what else she should do. Harry clapped his hands and giggled, he could play a surprisingly convincing baby.

"That was amazing" Fleamont whispered "you wanted your wand and he brought it to you"

"Yes dear...I can see that"

"He summoned it from our room"

"Yes dear...I can see that"

"He used magic at such a young age"

"Yes dear...I can see that"


"Fleamont, if I have to repeat myself one more time..." She ended with a hint of warning

"Uh...right, right, sorry" Fleamont apologised "wonder what else he could do?" Any further response was cut off by the sound of a small bark, the Potter parents turned and saw a small black puppy standing in front of them. It had big green eyes and wiggled it's tail excitedly as it looked at Harry.

"Hello?" Euphemia eventually spoke, Harry laughed loudly, a baby laugh but still, he laughed. This was Ares, Harry had named him that after he had helped him destroy an entire army in one of his previous lives. Hmm, good times, Ares was his most faithful friend and companion. He had met Ares after becoming the master of death, Ares follows wherever he goes and listens to whatever he says. Truly, never has there been a more loyal canine.

Harry floated out of the shocked arms of his mother and towards Ares, he pulled the small wolf, yes he was a wolf, into a hug. Ares rubbed his head against his masters head. Meanwhile the two Potters shared a look that clearly said they had no idea what was going on.

"Dear" Fleamont said

"Yes?" She replied

"Our son is special"

"Yes...Yes he is"

"I don't know what to do now"

"Me neither...me neither"

"Harry, James" Euphemia called out for her two five year old sons "it's time for breakfast"

"Coming mom!" Came the voice of two children. James came down the stairs, riding Ares, Harry's wolf. The Potter parents were very surprised to learn that Harry's familiar was magical and could change size at will, currently it was big enough for James to ride.

"Whoa, thanks Ares" James grinned as he hopped off of Ares and took a seat at the kitchen table

"Where's your brother?" Mrs Potter asked

"Coming!" Came Harry's voice as he jumped off the railing from the second floor and glided down before safely landing on the floor "sorry, I was in the toilet" he said before sitting down

Of course stunts like that definitely frightened the Potter parents at first but eventually they realised that they just couldn't stop him and Harry seemed to be somewhat of an expert. There was rarely a day where they wouldn't see him do something like a double frontflip, cart wheel or handstand, though he usually just did them when he was bored.

The Potters had taken some time to get used to the fact that Harry was different from other children, he was far more intelligent than other children and seemed to pick things up rather quickly. At times they wondered if he pretended to not be as smart as he could be. As for magically, well, they were blown out of the water. Harry had apparently been doing wandless magic since birth, the day they brought him home they realised that he had a warming charm placed on him and soon realised that he did it himself.

It was common in the Potter house (mansion) to see Harry performing wandless magic, James was a bit jealous originally when he learnt that Harry could do wandless magic that he couldn't. But he soon got over it when he realised that Harry would be up for doing pretty much anything James wanted to do.

There's also the fact that he gained a familiar, Ares the wolf, the day he was born. Originally the Potters were a bit concerned and unsure about having Ares, that had changed rather quickly. Once they realised that Ares was the boy's familiar, they ordered a few things for him such as dog toys and they had instructed the house elves to provide him with food. They didn't need to worry about the children as the wolf rarely spent a moment not in the company of Harry or James.

Fleamont was also rather fond of him, especially after the first time the puppy had retrieved the morning post for him. It became something of a daily routine for Ares to hand Mr Potter the newspaper, even Euphemia couldn't resist the wolf's eyes and succumbed to it's impossible levels of cuteness and began petting it. Yes, this wolf, was a family wolf.

With that being said, the Potters still made sure to divide their time equally between their children. They didn't think it was good for James to be left out and they made sure that they were both treated equally. As of the moment their biggest concerns were what their world would be like when they discovered Harry's true abilities, in truth they suspected that even they didn't know Harry's true abilities. All they did know is that he would be very desirable for a lot of people.

Especially since Harry decided that he didn't want to hide his abilities, he made very logical arguments such as the fact that people would find out eventually and it was very likely he would slip up one day, the parents understood that but they were still worried.

"Where's dad?" James asked as the elves placed their food on the table

"Your father is at work dear" Mrs Potter answered "he'll be back later this evening, I should inform you that later tonight we will have to attend a ball and I don't want no trouble from either of you"

"Trouble?" Harry asked

"Us?" James asked

"How dare you?" They both said in unison, yes, Harry had confirmed that the twin speech wasn't just limited to the Weasley's. Though Harry and James only ever did it for fun instead of the way they kept doing it for life.

"Harry, James, I know the kind of mischief you two get into, after all, I am your mother" She said with a raised eyebrow, as if challenging them to disagree

"You know, most people would be delighted to have angels like us" Harry said

"I know, people wish we were their children" James added

"Some people are so unappreciative" Harry replied

"Enough with the twin talk" She sighed

"Okay" Both boys said at the same time then grinned at each other, Ares let out a bark of dog laughter

"No, not you" Mrs Potter put her foot down "I need you on my side at least" Ares continued to laugh "traitor" she added with a glare. Not that Ares was intimidated, he walked closer and rubbed his head against her leg. "No" She said to herself "no, don't do this to me" She added to Ares "curse you and your cuteness" She said as she handed him some food from her plate and rubbed his head "why such a cute thing was named after the god of war, I will never know"

Now, Harry felt tempted to point out that Ares had once ripped out a hundred throats in a single day but that was likely not a good idea.

Later that evening the Potters found themselves attending a ball and standing a great big hall, there were many different people around, Harry and James stood by their parents. Not that they were scared or anything, Harry could destroy everyone in this room and still have energy to spare. Meanwhile James had his parents and Harry with him so he wasn't worried.

"Ah, good evening Fleamont" A voice called, Orion Black approached along with his wife Walburga Black and their two children, Sirius who was Harry's godfather in his previous life and Regulus who was his younger brother.

"Ah, it is a pleasure to see you here Orion" Fleamont responded before turning to Harry and James "I'd like to introduce you boys to Orion and Walburga Black, Lord and Lady of the most ancient and noble house of Black." He turned back to the Blacks "with me is my heir Harry Potter and his twin brother and my secondary heir James Potter"

"My primary heir is Sirius Black" Orion placed a hand on Sirius's shoulder "and my secondary is his younger brother by two years, Regulus. I must say, I..." Harry decided and the kids cut out the adults and began talking with each other.

"So, I'm Harry" Harry introduced himself to Sirius who was holding a three year old Regulus's hand "and this is James" He introduced his brother

"Sirius" Sirius replied "and this is Regulus"

"Hi" Regulus gave a shy wave

"So..." Harry said after a short silence "I'm guessing you didn't want to be here either"

"Nah" Sirius smiled for the first time that night "but mum and dad made me go"

"Ah, we understand your pain" James said in the most serious voice a five year old "adults are evil"

"Are they really?" Regulus asked

"No" Harry said quickly before James could reply, to make sure that James understood he nudged him

"Uh...yeah...I mean no, they're not" James said "we were just kidding"

"Oh" Regulus said, looking more than a little relieved

"Ah, and here is my brother and his family" Orion Black said, everyone turned to see Cyrus Black walking towards them along with his wife and his three daughters. The Black sisters, triplets if Harry remembered right. Though he remembered that Bellatrix was the oldest, followed by Andromeda and Narcissa. He also remembered that they became rather good looking when they got older.

Bellatrix, with the curly black hair wasn't as attractive but then again she had been an insane escaped prisoner after years in Azkaban, she'd have probably looked a lot better without that. Andromeda with the straight brown hair ended up looking like the perfect attractive wife, mature yet still so very beautiful. Narcissa looked very much like the trophy wife that all men wanted to show off, she had a few wrinkles but she had been with the Malfoys so they were probably from a combination of age, stress and resisting an overwhelming urge to facepalm, not that the wrinkles did much against her beauty.

"Hello" Harry greeted them once the adults had returned to talking to each other "I am Harry Potter, heir Potter" He extended his hand

"B...Bellatrix Black" Bellatrix slowly extended her hand, Harry took it and placed a delicate kiss on her knuckles.

"Andromeda Black" Andromeda extended her hand and Harry repeated the action

"Narcissa Black" Narcissa extended her hand and Harry kissed it

"This is my brother James" Harry gestured to James who extended his hand and kissed all three of their hands like Harry had done "he's not as good looking but that's not his fault"

"Hey!" James objected and Harry could see the sisters trying to hide some amusement.

"Quiet James" Harry said before turning back to the girls "it's turned into such a fine evening, I am glad to be in the presence of such beautiful girls" He finished his sentence with the most charming smile he could manage, it seemed to work as all three girls turned bright red and were looking anywhere but him, meanwhile the other boys just looked confused at their reactions.

"T...thank you" Bellatrix eventually spoke up

"No thanks necessary, I merely spoke the truth" Harry replied

The families talked for a while longer while the children also conversed, just as the families were nearing the end of their conversation, Harry noticed something.

"Father" He pulled on Fleamont's sleeve

"Yes son?" Fleamont looked towards him

"Stealing is taking something without permission and it's wrong, right?" Harry asked, as innocently as he could possibly look

"Yes, yes it is" Fleamont raised an eyebrow in confusion as the other adults also looked at him

"Oh, good" Harry smiled before pointing his hand out, all of a sudden a small brown bag flew into his hand

"Hey that's mine!" A voice shouted, all of the people were divided between looking at Harry for his display of wandless magic and looking at the man who just realised he should have kept quiet

"Harry, what are you doing?" Euphemia hissed

"Stealing is wrong, so I stopped it" Harry shrugged "he was stealing so I've stopped him from doing it"

"I wasn't stealing!" The man tried to deny, though it ended up coming out as a squeak

"Oh yeah, what's this then?" Harry opened the bag and gently poured the contents on to the floor "let's see, we have a few galleons, some cutlery from a nearby table, a watch with a yeti symbol on the back..."

"Hey that's mine!" One person shouted after looking at his wrist

"We also have a necklace with a bird symbol on it" Harry continued

"Is it a dove?" A female voice asked

"I believe so" Harry nodded

"Oh good" The girl who owned the voice said calmly, before losing her calmness entirely "that's mine!"

"Thought so" Harry went back to searching the contents "we also have a few knuts and sickles, a gold thingy, not sure what it is and a silver ring with a red diamond"

"What?! That's mine!" The hostess of the ball shouted

"Wow, this went from zero to a hundred really fast" Harry muttered as he stood back up "anyway" Harry continued out loud "the point is, he's a thief" Harry pointed at the pale man who was visibly shaking "I'm a hero and I wouldn't object to a thank you"

"Arrest that man!" The host said just before a swarm of aurors grabbed the thief and carried him out

"I think that's enough excitement for one night" Euphemia whispered to her husband

"I agree" He agreed "perhaps it's best if we be off, come along now"

"Uh...bye" James said to Sirius and Regulus, both of which just awkwardly nodded

"Goodbye ladies" Harry gave the three sisters a wink that would have made most woman blush, and it worked just well on those three

"You know something" Harry said as they got back home

"What?" James asked

"I never got that thank you"

"Bark!" Ares barked

"Your welcome" Harry smiled

"What is he thanking you for?" James asked

"No idea, but I never look a gift wolf in the mouth...that's how you get eaten"

"True" James said, looking as if he just learnt the secrets of the universe

"Yep" Harry nodded "now I got to go the toilet"

"Wait, I need to go too" James said

"Okay, you can go"


"After me" Harry shot him a grin before running off to the bathroom

"Hey no fair!" James ran after him with Ares following "I want to go first!"

"Bark!" Ares added

"You know, I love my sons" Fleamont said to his wife "but Merlin, if life wasn't simpler before they came along"

"Hmm" She thought on his words "true"

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3) Harry and Bellatrix: I like the idea of Harry changing the life of Bellatrix, so she avoids ending up in Azkaban and the death eaters and becomes a loyal and loving person to Harry instead

4) Harry and three sisters: The black sisters are described as beautiful, powerful, smart and dangerous. This fits perfectly with my version of Harry, it makes sense to me for all three of them to want to be with him. Bellatrix because she likes power, Narcissa because she likes his looks and money and Andromeda because he could give her a life where she isn't just married to some pureblood she doesn't know. I don't see a lot of Harry paired with all three, unless you count those ones that are essentially written porn (I don't count those ones). My only problem about this is I've never done a multi-relationship before so I am worried about messing it up.

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