"Ooh... Cliffhanger chapter ending..." Zofia shivered from what her and LJ's goduncle said in the final part of Chapter 1.

"Let's keep going!" LJ exclaimed. "This is getting AWESOME!"

Two-Tone and Furball decided to wait by the door, expecting Cherry to show up any minute now.

"This isn't so bad," Zofia told the pets. "You made it sound like we were gonna go into the story or something like that time Mother played Jumanji with those kids and that guy who was lost for like 30 years."

"We were thinking your mother was gonna show up and bust you two." Furrball replied.

"Mm-hmm... You do that..." Zofia replied. "Maybe the next chapter can show us this manga world that Father was envisioning about, LJ."

"Well, then let's see!" LJ replied as he turned the page. "Elsewhere in a parallel universe, Lionel Schwartz of the Mangaverse was watching his favorite anime: Darkwing Duck, Super Warrior of Justice!"

"This is gonna be great!" Lionel beamed to himself. He then sang along to the opening theme. "Champion of fighting evil, Darkwing never quits! When the villains get super tough, he never loses his nerve!~ With his sidekick and daughter on his side, fighting for justice is an endless ride~! Darkwing Duck! Legendary hero~!"

That universe's Atticus was soon shown in his karate class, striking a wooden board with his foot, breaking it in half. He then chopped against more wooden boards and cinderblocks before bowing.

"Very good, Fudo-san." The teacher bowed to his best student.

"Hai, Sensei!" Atticus bowed back bravely.

Thor was sitting nearby, eating some pork buns. "Way to go, big guy!" he cheered his friend on.

"Thanks, buddy." Atticus smiled to him.

"Hey, no problem!" Thor nodded.

Atticus soon came to sit next to him, holding his hand out. "You owe me one." he then smirked.

"Hmph... Fine... Just one." Thor smirked back, letting him have some food.

Water sprinkled onto a flower bed as this universe's Mo was shown, humming to herself as she was watering her garden while her dog was asleep beside her.

"You guys must be thirsty." Mo smiled to her flowers.

"Sure seems like that." replied Sabrina as she sat nearby, reading a spellbook.

Cherry was shown in her bedroom, studying. That was almost what she always did. Studying all day and studying all night like a very young Twilight Sparkle. Furrball and Salem came inside.

"Hey, Cherry, you okay?" asked Furrball.

"I have to study for my upcoming Math test so I can go to college." Cherry replied, focused on her studies.

"Just saying, it won't kill you to have a little fun," Salem replied. "I mean sure, it's good you're studying, but maybe have some fun, y'know?"

"Uh-huh..." Cherry said.

"Aw, come on, not even Sabrina studies this much for Charm School!" Salem said, popping up on all corners, trying to pull her away. "Come outside! Get some fresh air!"

Cherry then swatted him away so that she could concentrate.

"You study so much, you'll overload your brain and burn it out!" Furrball replied. "You know every time you learn something new, you forget something you learned before!"

Suddenly, a ball of blue energy formed over Cherry's head.

"Guh?" Cherry blinked as she felt something strange.

"Cherry?" Salem and Furrball asked.

"What is that...?" Cherry muttered to herself.

The energy ball spoke. "You have a new mission. Maybe you'll learn to have some fun while you're at it!"

"What is this?" Cherry asked. "Who are you?! I have to study!"

"You can study anytime!" The ball replied. "Drell told me to get you AND your friends and take you to your next mission."

"Heh... I must've studied harder than I thought," Cherry chuckled, walking off. "I'm gonna go now. Bye."

"He told me this would happen..." The ball said before grabbing her and sending her away from her bedroom.

"Waaaaait!" Cherry cried out as she was taken for a ride. She was soon joined by Lionel, Thor, Atticus, Sabrina, and Mo, who also found themselves inside the energy ball.

Lionel blushed. "Oh...hey, Cherry!" he waved to her.

"Lionel..." Cherry said.

"Cherry? I almost didn't recognize ya without your nose stuck in a book." Thor commented.

"Aha!" Cherry sarcastically laughed. "I haven't heard that one before."

Sabrina shrugged. "He isn't wrong...you ARE kind of a study-holic." she replied.

"Well, I'm just trying to get into a good college," Cherry defended. "I might be able to graduate early if I'm lucky and go to a special, prestigious school with independent study programs."

"Sounds lonely." Atticus commented.

"You just don't understand." Cherry replied.

"I kinda get it," Lionel replied. "You wanna make sure you get into a good college, then get a super-well-paying-job and make a ton of money."

"Yeah!" Cherry said. "Is that so difficult?"

"But wouldn't it be nice to share that kind of success with some friends?" Sabrina asked.

"True..." Lionel replied. "I wanna make it to the top, but I wouldn't want to be all alone. What is victory if you cannot share it, anyways? I'd be glad to share that success with all of you guys!"

Cherry looked all around to the group as they all smiled to each other like friends.

"Looks like we're about to land!" Atticus said.

"Take me back to my room!" Cherry cried out.

"I don't think you have a choice," Sabrina said before muttering. "I know I don't."

The group landed on a Manhattan rooftop, as they were approached by a portly man in sunglasses, followed by a two-foot-tall chimpanzee in a suit.

"Great! You guys are here!" The man exclaimed. "Skippy, I told you the ball would get them here quick!"

Skippy merely nodded from that.

"Where are we...?" Cherry groaned slightly.

"You all are in Manhattan!" Drell explained. "Well, at least, the Manhattan of another universe."

The group soon stood up, looking a little sore from their landing.

Drell soon grabbed Cherry and held her out to take a look. "Feast your eyes!" he then told them.

"Uh, that's great, but could you put me down?" Cherry asked nervously. "I'm afraid of heights!"

Lionel took her and placed her nearby. "There! Down on the ground, without a sound!" he smiled...before glancing down. "Hey...there are four guys fighting those crooks down there! We oughta do something!"

"Hmm... Looks like you're right," Drell said before looking over. "Now, get ready because this is your mission."

"Fighting some guys?" Cherry asked wearily.

"Ah, but that's only the beginning," Drell replied. "Looks like your friend has already gotten a headstart!"

The group looked and saw Lionel lunging down to help fight off the thugs. "LET'S GET DANGEROUS WITH BURNING... JUSTICE!" he shouted as he leapt towards the ground.

"Oh, this is crazy..." Cherry groaned a bit. "What do I know about fighting bad guys?"

"When you think your parents are asleep and you practice fighting before you go to sleep." Drell said.

Cherry's eyes widened before looking at him with a slight shiver.

"Oh, relax, I don't keep tabs on you in the bathroom! That would be disgusting!" Drell remarked. "Well? He's gonna need some help, so best go give it to him!"

"Come on, Cherry," Atticus said. "It's time to go."

"I can't go down there!" Cherry yelped.

"Don't make me throw you." Drell said.

"You wouldn't dare!" Cherry replied.

"Look, we'll ALL jump at the same time, okay?!" Sabrina replied. "On three. 1-2-3!"

"Wait! Wait, are we jumping on three or do you say three and then we jump?" Cherry asked.

"The first thing!" Sabrina replied as she made parachutes for them and quickly leapt off.

"Oh, boy..." Cherry sighed before going with them. "Incoming!"

"Look out!" A voice called out from on the ground.

And soon, the sounds of punches and kicks were heard from on the ground.

"Crazy..." Zofia commented.

"Very." LJ replied.

"Try living it." Cherry said right behind her children in a creepy way.

"GAAAAAH!" LJ and Zofia screamed as their hair turned white with shock.

"Called it." Two-Tone commented.

"Oh, same." Furrball nodded.

"Mom... Boy, did the time fly by..." LJ remarked nervously. "This book made the time fly by..."

Cherry just kept looking to them.

"Hello, Mother, how was your day?" Zofia asked. "Uh... Maybe you'd like to tell us all about it on the couch?"

"Hmm... Going through my stuff without me?" Cherry replied.

"It was HER idea!" LJ exclaimed.

"What?!" Zofia yelped. "You wanted to read it too!"

The siblings got into a verbal argument for a good while until...

"SILENCE!" Cherry soon boomed, making lightning flash and thunder rumble.

The kids both shut up, too scared to disobey. Cherry soon took her book from them.

"We're sorry..." The siblings then said softly.

"I just wanted to read about the Turtles." LJ said.

"And I wanted to read about Ms. Sabrina." Zofia added.

Cherry sighed a bit. "You should've waited until I came back home," she then said. "My old stuff is unpredictable, especially in the basement where my personal museum is of stuff from my old adventures like that golden ticket from when I got to meet Willy Wonka."

"Oddly specific..." LJ replied. "I mean, we weren't even THINKING about the basement."

"I'm sure you weren't..." Cherry said mysteriously.

"Are we in trouble?" Zofia asked.

"Only a little bit," Cherry said. "...I'll be happy to read you the rest though... But you have to ask Mommy first~"

LJ and Zofia looked at each other, then back to their mother. "Can you please read us the rest, PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEEEEEEEEEASE?!" they both begged.

"I thought you'd never ask." Cherry smirked playfully.

LJ and Zofia happily nodded as their mother took the book.

"Okay, where were you?" Cherry asked.

"Uh, those manga counterparts of yours were going to jump." Zofia replied.

"Ah, yes..." Cherry said. "Back to the hotel..."

"You and your cliffhangers..." LJ sighed to his mother's writing style.

Atticus and Thor were keeping a lookout for Lionel, just in case he came back, but they didn't see anything.

"He's still out there..." Thor said.

Drell soon came out of the bathroom after a flush. "Well, I'm settled in," he then said. "What're we talking about?"

"Oh, Lionel headed out on a scouting mission an hour ago," replied Thor. "We're keeping a lookout for him if he returns. Maybe someone could check the news?"

"Hmm... All right," Drell replied. "We'll meet the girls on their side. They have a TV."

"No fair!" Thor pouted from that.

"Ah, you'll get over it." Drell teased him, ruffling up his hair.

Meanwhile, Cherry, Mo, and Sabrina were more or less forced to watch a soap opera with Hilda.

"Can we please change the channel?" Cherry asked. "I've seen this one, his lover is his long-lost half-sister!"

"That doesn't even make SENSE!" Mo replied as the soap was interrupted by a news bulletin.

"Oh, thank Garth." Cherry muttered from the news bulletin.

The boys soon came by to see what was going on.

"There was a daring robbery earlier tonight at a high-tech midtown laboratory," The news reporter reported. "A nearby surveillance camera captured this image of four bizarre green creatures along with a party of unknown juveniles."

The group took a look at the surveillance photo.

"That might explain why Lionel hasn't reported back..." Sabrina replied.

"We're doomed..." Drell sighed.

"Aw, come on, Drell," Cherry said. "It's not like we're all superheroes with secret identities and stay hidden like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

"So if mortals see your magic being used, that'll compromise your eligibility for magic with the whole Witch's Council, and I'LL be forced to deal with it?!" Drell replied, turning sharply to her.

Cherry's face paled a bit. "I guess that is kinda rough..."

"That settles it then," Hilda replied. "We'll just have to go after him and get him out."

Cherry then gulped to regain her natural skin color. "Fair enough."

"But wait! This doesn't make any sense!" Atticus spoke up. "That other group looks like us, but it isn't us."

"Isn't it though?" Drell narrowed his eyes. "What have you kids been doing since we got here?"

"Unpacking, watching TV, Lionel went out to explore." Mo replied.

"Maybe those versions of us are from that other universe Lionel mentioned back in Massachusetts?" suggested Thor.

"Hmm... Perhaps..." Drell replied thoughtfully as he scratched his chin. "There must be a rip between the alternate realities."

"Alternate realities?" Cherry asked. "You mean like the ones you sometimes show us of us living in different universes?"

"Yes," Drell said to her. "They're all very different, and I suppose that Lionel has been envisioning about them which led to us coming here for a new adventure."

"Well, it's as good an explanation as any," Mo replied. "Could we track his magical energy to find him?"

"Sure thing!" Drell said before taking out a random tracker.

"You just pull that out your butt or something?" Cherry crossed her arms cynically.

"No, Zelda invented that actually." Hilda replied.

"Funny how we've never used that until now," Atticus replied. "Ah, well...better late than never."

"All right, I need something of Lionel's." Drell told the others.

Everyone then instinctively looked at Cherry since she was the closest to him.

"Oh, sure... Why not?" Cherry rolled her eyes before taking out Lionel's hairbrush and plucked out a hair to put in the device.

"That'll do, kid." Drell smirked as he put the hair in the device.

Cherry then put the hairbrush back. "I thought the Ninja Turtles were supposed to be hiding too," she then said. "How did they end up on the news?"

"I guess they were being careless?" Hilda shrugged. "I'm sure Master Splinter taught them better than that though."

"Hopefully," Thor replied. "This is two birds with one stone."

"Please tell me you know what that means." Atticus said.

"That's when you try to do two things at once, right?" Thor asked.

"Yep!" Atticus smiled proudly.

"Hey, I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid." Thor rolled his eyes.

"Let's just go get Lionel back already." Cherry rolled her eyes.

"Aww... I thought he was your Sweet Baboo~..." Drell smirked, ruffling up her hair before checking the device. "Hmm... He seems to have gone to a dark and sinister lair, along with that new group. The Turtles appear to be there too."

"Oh, no!" Hilda gasped.

"But they look different." Drell continued.

"Huh?" The others asked out of confusion.

"I'm not sure how to explain it, but... It seems to be a different group of Ninja Turtles along with the other versions of the kids." Drell said as he held his head as that hit his head a bit, feeling like he overwhelmed his brain.

"Maybe their universe came with its own version of the Ninja Turtles?" suggested Mo.

"Probably..." Drell replied. "I'm just getting other readings. This whole thing is really crazy so far."

"I think smoke is about to come out of my ears..." Cherry said, feeling a bit numb in her brain too.

"The sooner we save Lionel, the sooner everything will be cleared up," Atticus replied. "Now let's GO!"

"Superhero Mode?" Thor asked.

"Pretty much." Atticus replied.

"Okay, just wanna make sure," Thor said. "Let's go!"

The group soon zoomed off with a sonic boom, making Drell and Hilda's fly through the air a bit.

"Why don't we have a little fun while the kids are out?" Drell smirked to Hilda as a saxophone played in the background.

Hilda flashed a dark smirk at Drell. "Well... What did YOU have in mind?"

"Oh, I dunno..." Drell replied, springing one of his fingers in his hair, getting it curled up a bit from his long dark and curly hair. "Most mortals do roleplay... Some punish each other..."

Hilda chuckled. "Well, then..."

But before this story gets inappropriate, let's get to the actual story!