The group soon ran out of the hotel to get to work.

"We're not gonna jump roof-to-roof all the time, are we?" Cherry asked.

"You've been hanging around Cath too long." Atticus replied.

"Well, that's a trope she enjoys using when it comes to superheroes." Cherry said.

"Let's just cut to the next scene at the warehouse," Mo replied. "That way it saves us time."

"I got it!" Thor said like he was turning a page to change scenes for them which was like what Patch did the Looney Tunes: Back in Action story.

At the warehouse hideout, a large, muscular man was walking down a hall with two of his flunkies.

"It was a sweet score, boss. We grabbed all kinds of high-tech goodies." said one lackey.

The boss glared, swatting at a fly in annoyance.

"But the real prize is right in here." The lackey then said.

Another lackey put in the secret passcode before opening the door as they came inside to their hostages.

"We got them, Boss. We finally got them," The lackey soon announced, showing their hostages. "Say hello to the Ninja Turtles."

Lionel casually chewed on a carrot. "Eh...what's up, Doc?" he asked.

"Whoa, who's the musclehead?" asked Michelangelo.

The boss looked confused.

"You were expecting maybe somebody else?" Michelangelo smirked to his confusion.

"I don't know who these freaks are, but they're not the turtles," The boss told his lackeys. "Especially that kid who's there with them."

"Bucko, if those aren't the Ninja Turtles, I dunno WHO is!" said Mangaverse Lionel.

The Turtles chuckled to that as they found that to be funny.

"Good one, buddy!" Mangaverse Thor chuckled himself.

"We, uh, found this on them." One lackey said, showing weapons.

"Ninja-type stuff, right, Boss?" The other added.

"Hmm..." The boss pondered in thought as he checked the contraband closely.

Donatello glared. "Last I checked, we're owed one phone call."

"I know who I'm calling!" Michelangelo replied. "PIZZA DELIVERY!"

He and Thor chuckled at that.

The boss glanced over before grabbing Michelangelo's face with a glower with a capsule. "What. Is. This?"

"That's just ooze," Michelangelo replied calmly. "We fight Ol' Bucket Breath over that stuff all the time."

"'Old Bucket Breath'?" The boss asked.

"You know, Old Frying Pan Face?" Michelangelo replied.

"Chrome Dome." Leonardo added.

"Metal Mouth." Donatello added.

"Tin Teeth!" Raphael added.

"He means The Shredder, you muscle-headed stooge!" Lionel yelled.

"Baka!" Thor smirked.

"What does this have to do with The Shredder?" The boss asked.

"Like Michelangelo and the kid said," Donatello replied. "It's just some mutagen we stopped Shred-Head from getting his claws on."

The boss shook the capsule, looking curiously as a fly came over and took some sips from it.

"One, I'd be careful with that if I were you," replied Mangaverse Lionel. "And two, where are my friends?"

"Are ya lost, little buddy?" Leonardo asked.

"You could say that," Mangaverse Lionel explained. "My friends and I came to help you fight those bad guys, but now we're in here and I dunno where THEY are!"

"I'm here though, bud." Mangaverse Thor pouted.

"Yeah, I know," Mangaverse Lionel nodded. "I'm just worried about the others."

"Yeah... Me too..." Mangaverse Thor replied.

The boss soon flicked the annoying fly away.

"Bad move." Mangaverse Thor soon said.

The fly then mutated and grew in size, snarling like a monster as it flew out to the boss man. Mangaverse Lionel and Thor then unlocked their chains as the boss man was distracted by the mutant fly-beast. The mutant fly-beast flew out at the boss man only to get knocked out onto the floor.

"This could really come in handy," The boss smirked as he held onto the capsule. "Especially if The Shredder is back."

"Interesting theory." Lionel replied coolly.

The boss man began to leave with the capsule.

"What do you want us to do with these guys, Boss?" A lackey asked as he left.

"I've already got four turtles to worry about," The boss replied on the way out. "These guys are superfluous."

"He's telling them to kill us." Mangaverse Lionel told the others.

The others soon gulped out of fright from that. Eventually, the boss man was kicked back into the room which made the other Purple Dragons look over in alarm.

"Looks like the rescue party just showed up." Michelangelo remarked as Lionel helped break him out of the shackles.

"Hope you don't mind, but we let ourselves in." A voice said, coming in.

"Actually, it kind of looks like we're already here." Another voice added.

"Whoa... My brain hurts..." Mangaverse Thor sweat-dropped as he looked like he was seeing double.

"These must be the Ninja Turtles of THIS universe!" Mangaverse Lionel remarked. "This is some excellent timing!"

"My brain still hurts..." Mangaverse Thor groaned. "I want Uncle!"

"We can get him AFTER we save our friends!" Mangaverse Lionel replied.

"Hm!" Mangaverse Thor then nodded before dropping to the floor, making a crack in it due to his weight as he narrowed his eyes.

Donatello blinked. "Hey... Those guys look almost like us!" he remarked.

"Heh. Don't flatter yourselves." The other Raphael scoffed a bit.

The Purple Dragons soon began to attack. Mangaverse Thor soon halted the flying bullets in the air with his hands before making them fly right back against the Purple Dragons, making them run out of the way as his eyes seemed to glow as he growled like he was channeling his inner chi.

"Looks like that's our cue," Leonardo said, taking out his swords. "TURTLES FIGHT WITH HONOR!"

The Purple Dragons continued to fight while the other Ninja Turtles soon got free from Lionel.

"Don't have too much fun without me." Mangaverse Lionel told his friend.

"Can't help it," Mangaverse Thor replied in a dramatically serious tone. "When my chi calls me, I must answer."

"Yeah, you're right," Mangaverse Lionel replied before turning into Darkwing Duck's super shogun armor mode. "Slicing through villainy like lightning!"

Mangaverse Thor soon yelled out as his hair changed color as he floated in the air before shooting energy beams at the Purple Dragons, nearly looking all Super Saiyan.

"Whoa... These guys have belt buckles on their belts, like superheroes!" Mikey exclaimed.

"Maybe you'd like to give us a hand?" Mangaverse Thor suggested to the other Turtles.

"That IS why we came here," Leo replied. "So I guess it's fine."

"This is gonna be juicy..." Mangaverse Thor smirked.

Some Purple Dragons soon shot at him and he dodged the bullets with his hand, making them fly around other places.

"Fascinatin'. Little help here, Mikey!" Raph said as he was confronted by the boss.

"You got it!" Both Mikey and Michelangelo replied.

"Cowabunga!" Michelangelo shouted before throwing one of his nunchucks at the ceiling fan which fell from its spot and landed right on the boss of these grunts. "Cool off, dude!" he exclaimed.

"Heheh," Mikey chuckled from that. "Cool off, he says."

Raph grunted and groaned from his fall.

"How can you not love these guys?" Mikey beamed to his and his brothers' other counterparts.

Lionel chuckled. "That IS quality wordplay."

"Do I know you?" Mangaverse Lionel asked.

"Maybe in some way." Lionel winked.

"Don't confuse me while I'm working!" Mangaverse Thor cried out, but luckily his energy lasted so he could take down the Purple Dragons with his special power rather than accidentally harming his friends.

"GO, GREEN MACHINE!" The turtles shouted as they raced into the fray.

"Did someone say Green Machine?" A boy in green and black soon flew in with a grin.

"This story has enough crossovers as it is!" Mangaverse Thor punched away Butch the Rowdyruff Boy.

The Turtles shrugged as they raced into battle, fighting as many thugs as they could. Both Mangaverse Thor and Lionel did their part as well as the Lionel we all know here and now. Eventually, the wall came breaking down and the boss of the Purple Dragons yelled out as he was soon crushed, along with his men, as they didn't make it out of the way in time.

"Whoa! Now that was off the wall." Michelangelo beamed.

"Come on!" Raph said, grabbing his arm and running with him.

"Let's stay in touch." Donatello smirked, raking up the remaining mutagen capsules in the bad guy's clutches.

"NOT!" Mangaverse Lionel chuckled as he bounced through the roof. "Now where are my pals...they gotta be here somewhere..."

"I'm not mad at you or blaming you, but you did suggest we split up." Mangaverse Thor commented as he soon calmed himself down.

"...Actually, I leapt down first," Mangaverse Lionel replied. "I never said anything about splitting up. I was waiting for you guys to come with me!"

Mangaverse Thor soon looked sheepish.

"Maybe they're being held in here!" Mangaverse Lionel replied as he checked the room above. "Think I found something! Or maybe someone."

"Dive! Dive! Dive!" Mangaverse Thor saluted.

"It's the others!" Mangaverse Lionel exclaimed. "Yo, guys! You dead?"

"Heeeellloooo?" Mangaverse Thor added.

"Ugh... Lionel...?" Mangaverse Cherry's voice replied. "Is that where you ended up?"

"We found them!" Mangaverse Thor beamed.

"Cherry! OH, THANK GOD YOU'RE ALIVE!" Mangaverse Lionel exclaimed, hugging her. "I'm SORRY I GOT YOU GUYS CAPTURED! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I'LL DO ANYTHING!"

"Anything?~" Mangaverse Cherry replied.

"Cherry-chan..." Mangaverse Mo said sternly.

"Uh, just help us out here." Mangaverse Cherry then said.

"Okay! Whatever you want!" Mangaverse Lionel nodded as he leapt up and smashed their chains.

The group soon fell together.

"I tried to let my own chi out, but for some reason, it didn't work." Mangaverse Atticus told his friends in concern.

"Maybe you're just tired!" Mangaverse Lionel replied as he turned into a gigantic cat. "Now let's get moving! Get on my back."

The others soon began to climb up to go with Mangaverse Lionel.

"Where to?" Mangaverse Sabrina soon asked.

"There was this other guy who looked like me... But different," Mangaverse Lionel replied. "Maybe he can help us!"

"Really?" Mangaverse Atticus asked.

"Yeah!" Mangaverse Thor replied. "I met him too. I'm not sure what we can do, but I feel like we'll need all the help we can get on this adventure."

"Why not," shrugged Mangaverse Sabrina. "We may as well get going!"

And so Mangaverse Lionel leapt down. "CLIMB ABOARD, TURTLES!" he shouted. "Next stop, Saving your Ass-ville! Whoo-whoo!"

They then traveled together for a while, though they tried to avoid being seen by the public eye since it was daytime.

Eventually, they climbed onto a rooftop to reconvene.

"Alright, time for some answers. Who the shell are you guys?!" asked Raph.

"Now, now, Raphael," Lionel advised. "That IS your name, right? These are your dimensional counterparts, and besides, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar!"

"Look, we just risked our shells rescuing you from Hun and the Purple Dragons. So, I think we're entitled to some answers." replied Leo.

Leonardo looked at them with mild curiosity. "Well... I suppose that's fair." he replied.

The other Turtles agreed, though they didn't say anything just yet.

"So... SPILL!" Raph demanded.

"Wait a second..." said Don. "Anybody seen the other Mikey?"

"You turn your back on that guy for one second!" Raphael remarked sarcastically.

"Don't worry, he has his disguise." Donatello replied as Michelangelo was walking down the street, now clad in a trench coat and fedora.

"Nice outfit." Lionel commented from what he saw.

"Too bad it's not exactly working..." Mangaverse Atticus noted as the people were looking at Michelangelo in surprise.

"Either the humans are getting smarter, or Michelangelo's become a walking fashion disaster!" Raphael remarked.

"Could it be both?" Mangaverse Cherry smirked sardonically.

Mangaverse Lionel sighed. "Let's just go and get him before he causes a scene," he replied. "Climb on, Cherry."

Mangaverse Cherry soon climbed on without another word as she pressed up her glasses.

"Hang on tight!" Mangaverse Lionel replied as he leapt down, seeming to glide on the wind before landing on the ground. "Aaaand...done!"

Mangaverse Cherry's hair waved up before she flattened it down a bit.

"It's about time!" A black and white chibi cat came out of Sabrina's bag.

"Yaugh! Salem?!" Mangaverse Sabrina gasped.

"I must've come along for the ride..." Salem replied with a yawn.

"I told you to stay with my aunties!" Mangaverse Sabrina told him.

"Yeah, I know... I just had a hard time getting to sleep last night so I tried reading the most boring thing I could find, but not even your diary could do that~" Salem smirked.

"If that's how you feel...then maybe I should've just LEFT you on that stupid rooftop!" Sabrina snapped as she slammed him down like a football.

Salem yelped from that.

"Ouch... Harsh..." Atticus said from that.

"If you're done being a wiseass, we have work to do!" Sabrina snapped. "Let's just go get Michael-whatever-his-name-is, and get to safety."

"Alright, alright, I'll help out," Salem said, rubbing his head. "Ugh... I can see you're not gonna win Cat Owner of the Year anytime soon."

The group soon went to get back to Michelangelo since he tried to blend in, though it didn't seem to work as well as he planned.

"We better help him." Raphael soon told the others.

"Yeah, this could be dangerous." Atticus said, coming beside him.

Meanwhile, in the pizzeria, Michelangelo was placing his order. "I'll take five pizzas with chicken, peanut butter, and extra cheese!" he exclaimed. "Better yet, just a large with all of what I said!"

The cook soon looked at him before running off in a fright since he saw a giant talking turtle.

"Well, I didn't order jelly beans that time," Michelangelo shrugged. "Ah, well," he shrugged before seeing the others entering the pizzeria. "Hey, gang! You want some pizza? It's a-comin'!"

"We need to talk," Atticus told him. "Michelangelo, I think this disguise of yours isn't going to work in a city like this."

" might be right." Michelangelo replied before hearing police sirens.

"Uh-oh, the boys in blue," said Leonardo. "Let's slip out the back!"

The turtles soon went to escape while dodging out of the police's sight. As they came in the back, a giant net was thrown onto the group and snared them away.

"The Turtles!" The Mangaverse group gasped before a magic bubble trapped them next and teleported them somewhere else in the city.

The Cherry we all knew was soon shown, shooting magic from her special medallion that she had with Atticus, Mo, and Patch, and recently, Lionel.

"You used your Equestrian medallion?" Zofia asked.

"It was the only way I could bring them all over to the hotel to talk things over." Cherry replied.

"Gadzooks!" Lionel exclaimed. "Is everyone alright? Other me? Others? Turtles?"

Cherry soon teleported herself to the hotel with a small smirk and came over to see Drell and Hilda. "Hey, guys? Drell! Hilda! We did it!" she then came into the bigger bedroom of the suite which they shared right now without knocking. "Guys, I brought over-AUGH!" she then turned away, looking a little sickly. "I should've knocked first..."

"Hey, guys, nice to see you," Lionel replied.

"Close the door!" Drell and Hilda said.

Lionel shut the door, coming beside Cherry. Cherry shivered as she looked traumatized from what she just saw.

"You want me to mindwipe that scene from your brain hole?" asked Lionel calmly.

Cherry nodded without saying anything.

Lionel then snapped his fingers as she looked better now. "A hint for next time..." he then said. "Remember to knock."

"Of course." Cherry then said as she felt much better now.

"Well... I got kidnapped today," Lionel replied casually. "Also, I met that other me...and there was another you. I had to pinch myself cuz I literally thought I was dreaming."

"Oh, boy..." Cherry said as she waited for Drell and Hilda.

Eventually, the couple came out with messed up hair, though they had their clothes on this time and came to see the two.

"Alright, Cherry, what's up?" Drell asked.

"I found our other selves." Cherry replied.

"And also the Ninja Turtles," replied Lionel. "Both teams!"

"Hmm~..." Drell and Hilda smirked to each other.

"Great, so where are Atticus, Mo, Sabrina, and Thor?" Hilda asked. "The ones we know?"

"I... Uh..." Cherry said before her eyes widened. "Uh-oh."

"Damn it! They're still out there!" Lionel exclaimed. "No wonder they never showed up to save my ass. But where could they be?"

"Hmm... We'll need something of theirs to track them down..." Drell said. "Cherry, you're the closest to Atticus. Where would he go?"

"I know a gym, but I doubt he'd go there straight away." Cherry replied.

Lionel pulled out one of Atticus' sweaty gym shirts and put it into the tracking device. "Got it."

"Ugh... Sweat..." Cherry grimaced again.

"All right, this shouldn't be too hard," Hilda said. "Oh, good job, Cherry on rounding up your counterparts."

"I did what I had to do." Cherry said, trying to sound cool and brave.

"Now we need to find the others..." said Lionel. "But first...maybe we can learn WHY these versions of the Turtles are here?"

"Do you know where they are?" Drell asked.

"Pretty sure the other Turtles tried to grab them." Cherry replied.

"And I thought you got them along with our counterparts..." Lionel replied.

"I grabbed who I could, okay?!" Cherry replied.

"Cherry..." Hilda said firmly from that outburst as it sounded crude.

"Sorry." Cherry then murmured.

"It's not your fault," Lionel told her, hugging her. "I'm sorry if I made it sound like that. You're the most important person in my life."

"Hm..." Cherry paused a bit with a small blush.

"It seems... They were taken... By a certain foe..." Drell said in a haunting tone.

"But who could it be?" asked Mangaverse Lionel.

"Gah!" Drell yelped as he seemed to come out of nowhere.

"Hi." Mangaverse Lionel said.

"How did you get out of my bubble?" Cherry glared.

"I'm not. I'm still in it. But like I'd ever deny Cherry...even if it IS one of her counterparts," Mangaverse Lionel replied. "This is like a portable bit that I shaped into a bubble."

Cherry let out a small annoyed grumble anyway.

"The Shredder appears to have your friends hostage." Drell said.

"Of course," Cherry said. "Any other surprises like King Sombra teaming up with him?"

"That loser?" Mangaverse Lionel replied. "Puh-lease! We defeated him months after Sabrina and Harvey got together!"

"...Shredder or Sombra?" Cherry asked him.

"Sombra!" Mangaverse Lionel replied. "We managed to use the power of the Mana Tree to sever his connection to Atticus and make sure he could survive without his magic!"

"That's... Interesting..." Cherry replied.

"There IS someone with Shredder, but I'm afraid I can't make out who it is." Drell said as he looked at the tracker.

"Must be Krang, that flipped-out brain creature from Dimension X," said Mangaverse Lionel. "Those two are evil teammates!"

"Maybe," Drell replied. "It's not Sombra though."

"Okay, that's good." Cherry said, turning away with strong relief.

"Besides, Shredder considers Sombra an even BIGGER loser than Bebop and Rocksteady combined!" Mangaverse Lionel replied. "But then again, it could be that group of no-good troublemakers who always follows us around."

"I guess we'll find out later, but hopefully they'll be alright." Hilda said.

"Ah, I'm sure they'll be fine with Nancy with them," Cherry replied. "He always finds a way out of sticky situations like this. Um, but what's this group you guys know about?"

"You don't mean Amy, do you?" Mangaverse Sabrina complained to her Lionel.

"Nope. I meant Gem, Cassandra, and Slugbait-er, loaf," Mangaverse Lionel replied. "Also Gem's ugly dog."

Cherry soon turned from those names.

"Did I say the secret word?" Megaverse Lionel asked.

"Did you say... Gem, Cassandra, and Slugloaf?!" Cherry asked.

"Yeah, I did," Mangaverse Lionel replied. "They're always trying to make trouble for us...but we kick their butts on the daily."

"D'oh..." Cherry groaned from those names. "Those guys..."

"You know them too?" Mangaverse Sabrina asked.

"You bet I do," Cherry replied. "The jocks/cheerleaders to our nerds/geeks... The roadrunners to our coyotes... The Popluars to our Off-Beats!"

"The Robotnik to your Sonics!" Mangaverse Lionel added. "We'd better go find the others...maybe they found the Turtles!"

"Depends on if we can get out of this bubble..." Mangaverse Thor said.

"Eeehh... Not so faaast..." Cherry told them. "You may be our counterparts, but I need to know if I can trust you guys."

"And you may be me, but if you don't get me out of here, I'll judo throw you." Mangaverse Cherry said.

"HA! Hahaha... The idea of me fighting like that!" Cherry then laughed at her counterpart. "...Other than those times with Chun-Li from Street Fighters, as seen in Atticus and the Samurai Sword, or Luna from Mortal Kombat, I'm not the fighting type."

"Hey, if you let us out, I personally promise that we won't hurt you guys," Mangaverse Lionel replied. "You have our word!"

Cherry glanced at them. "Ah, what the heck?" she then shrugged, taking out a needle from hammerspace and popped the bubble to free them all.

Mangaverse Lionel sighed. "Ah...a bit crude, but effective," he replied. "Where does your tracker say your friends are?"

"In an evil lair..." Drell said, a bit grim and serious. "Shredder had to had taken them."

Cherry sighed as she felt depressed now. "Some friend I am! I just let them get taken like that."

"Now, now, don't go doubting yourself," said Lionel. "You can always fix your mistake."

"And we can help!" Mangaverse Lionel added. "We'll all do it together!"

"Hm... I guess that would be a good idea," Cherry said to them. "Only... What do I call you guys? You share the same names as my friends."

" about Wayne, Kyle, Dan, Rachael, Stephanie, and Ronnie?" suggested Mangaverse Lionel. "I'm Wayne, by the way."

"Uh... Okay... Anyone else?" Cherry asked.

"I'm Rachael." Mangaverse Sabrina decided.

"Mm... I like Ronnie better than Stephanie." Mangaverse Cherry smirked to Mangaverse Mo.

"Whatever, names are names," Stephanie snorted. "Not like it matters!"

Ronnie just chuckled a bit.

"I'm gonna have to write this down." Cherry said, taking out her notebook.

"Totally!" Kyle beamed in a surfer dude accent.

"Wrong Kyle." Drell told his inter-dimensional nephew.

"I know, it was a joke." Kyle chuckled.

"Alright, we got our names!" Wayne exclaimed. "Now let's go find your friends!"

"I guess that would be alright," Cherry said. "Hopefully they're okay."

"Time to go underground!" Lionel exclaimed. "That's where Shredder's lair is!"

"Just say the words and away we go!" Wayne added.

"Oh, Drell, should they?" Hilda cooed, taking her husband's arm.

"Hmm... I guess we can trust them to go on their own..." Drell replied.

"Can I be in charge, Uncle Drell?" Thor asked cutely.

Drell rolled his eyes. "Sure, Tiny."

"Sweet!" Thor gushed.

"Ooookay then!" Lionel and Wayne smiled, snapping their fingers and teleporting underground, finding both turtle teams facing the Technodrome.