Bangkok, Thailand

Clark and Diana were called in to help rescue the crew of a floundering oil tanker in the Gulf of Siam. They also helped the local government with the containment and clean up of the resulting oil spill. With their mission done, Clark and Diana decided to have dinner before returning to the Watchtower.

After giving the waitress their orders, Clark noticed that Diana was listless. "Is there something bothering you, Di?"

"Oh, I was just thinking about Bruce."

"How is he? I haven't seen him on the Watchtower or anywhere lately. Don't tell me you two have been fighting again."

"Actually, we haven't been seeing each other at all and the times we do we always end up fighting over something," Diana sadly replied.

"Oh. That bad, huh? Don't worry you and Bruce will get through that," said Clark as he gently squeezed Diana's hand.

Diana gave Clark a sad smile and said, "I hope so, Kal."

"By the way, Can I ask for permission to visit Klara this weekend?" asked Clark.

"You don't have to ask permission, Kal. She's your daughter."

"Yes, but Klara is the ward of your mother and the last time your mother and I spoke to each other, she mentioned something in the lines of castration or was it dismemberment," Clark replied.

"You're so funny, Kal. My mother was only joking. I love it when you make me laugh!" Diana said as she giggled.

Before Clark could offer a reply, the waitress arrived with their orders.

Clark and Diana's dinner conversation went on longer than they expected and instead of going back to the Watchtower, they decided to turn in for the night at their respective cities. Clark and Diana flew together towards the Themysciran Embassy in Washington, D.C.

As Clark and Diana hovered over the embassy. Diana said, "Thank you for dinner, Kal. I really missed talking to my bestfriend." She embraced Clark and gave him a kiss on the cheek. They remained in that embrace for some time until the sound of a police car's siren got their attention and forced them to break the embrace.

"It was my pleasure, Di. If you ever need someone to talk to, you know I'm always around," Clark replied as he flew off to Metropolis.

Diana waved Clark goodbye. She stayed on the embassy's rooftop until she could no longer see Clark on the horizon.

The Watchtower

Shayera and Zatanna where on their way to meet up with Wally at the cafeteria when they heard shouting coming from the inside.

After a few minutes, Shayera and Zatanna saw Diana storming out of the cafeteria. After walking a few feet along the corridor, she let out a cry of frustration as she turned and punched the steel wall leaving a huge dent.

Shayera and Zatanna quickly entered the cafeteria. They saw Wally sitting alone at a table. "What the f*ck was all that shouting about?" asked Shayera as she and Zatanna sat with Wally at the table.

"Bats and Wondy had an argument," Wally replied.

"We already know that. What we want to know is what were they fighting about!" said Shayera.

Wally looks around and says, "Supes and Wondy had dinner in Bangkok last night!"

"So? Clark and Diana are friends and they could fly anywhere around the world. That's nothing new," said Zatanna.

"Bats had been using Brother Eye to keep tabs on Supes and Wondy for some time now. Talk about the jealous billionaire boyfriend," Wally added with a smirk.

"What the f*ck? That's so creepy!" Zatanna exclaimed.

"Are you sure you're not making this up, Wally?" Shayera said as she eyed Wally suspiciously.

"I am not! You forget I was here the whole time they were arguing!" said Wally with mock indignation.

"Wow! That's a pretty juicy bit of gossip," said Zatanna.

"You think Supes is moving in on Diana? I always thought they were the better match," asked Shayera.

"Nah! Clark is a boy scout. But I have to agree with you. Clark and Diana are perfect for each other," Zatanna said.

Wayne Manor

Diana pressed the doorbell beside the ornately carved front door of the Wayne Manor. After a few minutes, Alfred Pennyworth opened the door. Motioning Diana to the foyer, Alfred said as he helped Diana out of her overcoat, "It is so good to see you, Princess Diana. Master Bruce is expecting you in the Batcave. I believe you know the way?"

"Yes, I do Alfred. Thank you," said Diana as she walked towards the hidden staircase connecting the mansion to the Batcave.

"Bruce we have to talk," Diana said as she negotiated the remaining steps into the Batcave.

"I know you care for me, Bruce. I care for you too. But I can no longer stand your mistrust. I understand that for our relationship to work, we have to make compromises. But why is it that I am the only one doing the compromising? Enough is enough, Bruce. We have to end this before we end up hurting each other more," said Diana to Bruce who was sitting behind his workstation.

"Did Kent put you up to this?" Bruce asked.

"What does Kal have to do with our relationship? Stop bringing him into our arguments. He hasn't done anything!"

"By the way you defend him, I'm beginning to think there's something going on between the two of you!"

"For the nth time, Bruce! Kal is my best friend! Let's just put a stop to this! I'm don't want to argue with you anymore!"

Diana storms out of the Batcave as Bruce looks on. He supressed the urge to call out to Diana. This hurt and this was all Kent's fault. He would make Kent hurt. Much worse.

The Watchtower

Clark had arrived early for monitor duty. He went to the cafeteria for a quick bite when he saw Diana sitting alone. After picking up a coke and two pizza slices, he went over to Diana's table.

"Mind if I join you, Diana?"

"Oh! Hi, Kal. No, of course not. Please have a seat."

Clark noticed Diana's eyes. She had been crying, he told himself.

"How is my bestfriend?" Kal asked as he took a bite of his pizza slice.

"Kal, Bruce and I. Uh. Bruce and I have decided to end our relationship. Actually, I was the one who decided for the both of us," Diana said as tears welled up in her eyes.

Clark went over to sit next to Diana. He put his arm around Diana's shoulder as she leaned into him and sobbed.

"There, there. I know the two of you will work this out. You just have to talk this out. If you want me to, I could go talk to him," said Clark as he tried to soothe Diana.

"I don't want you to talk to him, Kal. Just leave it as it is. It was never meant to be."

"If you say so, Di."

Diana looked up into Clark's face and just smiled. Clark smiled back at Diana as he rubbed her shoulder. Clark and Diana just sat in a comfortable silence until it was time for Clark to leave for his shift at monitor duty.

The Daily Planet

Clark arrived a bit late for work as he had to assist with a pile up along the interstate. As he got off the elevator, Jimmy Olsen called out to him, "Hey CK! Have you heard the news? Bruce Wayne has bought the Planet! He'll be dropping by this afternoon to personally meet the staff."

"Kent! In my office!" Perry White called out to Clark.

"Please have a seat, Clark." said Perry motioning for Clark to sit facing him. "I guess you've heard Wayne Enterprises' media arm has bought the Planet."

"Yes, Mr. White. Anything I could do to help?"

"I dunno how to say this, Clark. No thanks to new management's supposedly cutting edge approach to news, you, Chloe and Jimmy were the ones chosen by management to be let go. Effective ten days from now. There will be a hefty severance package. I fought for you, Cat and Jimmy but new management won't have any of it. Bunch of f*ckwits!"

"Do Chloe and Jimmy know they're being let go?"

"Not yet, Clark. You were the first one I talked to."

"Well, in that case, it was a pleasure working for the Planet, Mr. White. I'll get my things in order. Thank you." said Clark as he stood and headed for the door.

As Clark closes the door, Perry sits behind his desk. He reaches for the bottle of scotch at the bottom drawer and pours himself a double shot as he takes a puff of his cigar. "Goddamned f*ckwits!" he says out loud.